Nisan 24, 2023

Sugar Boss

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Author’s note: The narrator is a young man, but his identity is left up to interpretation, just like in Bottomless Wedding. This is for if you want to imagine yourself as the main character of the story.


One cold and rainy Monday morning, I headed off to work. My job is being an admitting clerk at a hospital. It’s pretty boring stuff, so I’ll spare you what goes on with my job. My boss is a large, somewhat fat woman named Kim, whom I estimate to be in her early-mid 30s. She has shoulder-length straight black hair, sometimes wears glasses, and has a very big ass that’s probably twice the size of my head. Since this Monday and continuing throughout the week, I noticed that Kim was more bitter than the first few weeks I had been there. She was easily irritable, sad, impatient, and demanding of her employees. By Friday I had enough of it, so I decided to talk to her about it when our shift was over.

“Why are you acting like this?” I calmly asked Kim as we walked over to our cars.

Kim replied, “Well… my boyfriend cheated on me for a woman with a slimmer body. He then proceeded to use verbally abusive language toward me, saying that I’m ugly, that his new girlfriend is richer than I am, and that no man would want me. This came just two days after we had a big fight, and I would prefer you do not ask me about it.”

“So did you feel you had nobody to talk to about this?” I asked.

“Well, I have some friends of course, urfa seks hikayeleri but it’s just the heartache from no longer having a boyfriend,” Kim responded.

Desperate for some company, Kim invited me over to have dinner with her that evening. When I arrived at Kim’s address, I noticed she had this big three-story house, but all I had was a small apartment in the city. She probably had a spare bedroom that I could stay in. I rang the doorbell, and heard Kim say “Come on in!”

Inside Kim’s house, I briefly glanced at her nice furniture, assortment of novels, and some art portraits on the wall. She clearly had a well-paying job whereas I only had a minimum wage Kim greeted me, still in somewhat of a bad mood, but said I arrived the minute dinner was ready.

For dinner me and Kim had mashed potatoes with gravy and fish. As I was eating, I told Kim that the food tasted really good. Her mood lightened a bit and she thanked me, especially because she went through the effort herself of preparing the food for us.

Me and Kim spent the next hour getting to know each other as we talked about our hobbies and interests and shared some laughs together. Though she was still sad that her boyfriend cheated on her, Kim felt a lot happier and quickly took a liking to me. I saw a smile on Kim’s face, and could tell that she began to show a romantic interest in me. I had a crush on her too, and I had been daydreaming of her facesitting on me for most of the day.

After our dessert, Kim asked me, “Want to stay the night?” I was quick to accept the offer. I was also correct — Kim had a spare, unused bedroom that she allowed me to use.

“Oh, sorry, this is a bit messy. Let me organize and clean it up for you,” Kim said.

It was only the two of us that night. As Kim was preparing my room, she noticed me stare at her ass and saw that I had a rock-hard boner. I noticed her increase in confidence as she smiled seductively and said in a ticklish, sensual voice, “Do you perhaps want a second serving of dessert?” I was sweating a bit, knowing that she was talking about her ass. I nodded excitedly.

Kim giggled and took off her pants, revealing her pussy and giant naked ass. In the same voice, she continued, “I feel pretty dirty after a hard day of work. Do you want to help wash me off?”

“Yes!” I excited replied.

Kim walked bottomless with me through the hallway as we made our way to the master bathroom. It was large and had a nice, luxurious feel to it. There was a large shower stall and a large bathtub with built-in hot tub functionality. Both had more than enough room for two people. “Come, we’re going in the shower,” Kim told me. Both of us got naked, and Kim turned on the shower.

Me and Kim went into the shower stall. My penis was hard as a rock, and I was so horny that I thought I would get blue balls. “Kim,” I said as I was about to ask her a question.

“Mama, call me mama, dear,” she interrupted. I immediately knew what was going on, Kim decided that she would be my sugar mommy.

As the shower water splashed on us, I continued my witty question, “Ok…mama, do you have a large bathroom to fit your large ass inside of it?” She then giggled and called me a naughty boy.

For the rest of the shower, me and Kim kissed and I got to stick my dick in her giant Jupiter-sized ass. After cumming in Kim’s ass, I had the honors of being able to wash it with fragrant body soap until it became beautiful, squeaky clean, and have a great smell.

When we were done showering I asked Kim if she could go bottomless at all times. She said, “Well, admittedly I don’t like wearing pants for me, I decided that I would continue to wear pants.

Kim was serious, she actually did start a fire and threw all of her pants, panties, and skirts into a fire. She cheered loudly and laughed with me as they burnt.

“Only thing I wish now is that I admire you and your naked ass at work. Since you’ll be wearing that necklace, nobody, including me, will be able to see it,” I said.

“Nope, you have to focus on your job while you’re still on duty!” Kim said, followed by some laughter from the both of us. “But you can enjoy it to your heart’s content whenever we’re off-duty or not in public.”

The end result is that I got to move out of my apartment and in with Kim. Not only do I no longer have to live in a shitty apartment, it also meant that I didn’t have to be lonely in my apartment AND that could continue being spoiled! Not only did Kim feel happy that she could forget about her shitty old boyfriend, she also felt happy inside that she made a difference to my life by allowing me to move in with her. This effectively meant she is my adoptive sugar mommy, and I can’t wait for all the adventures that await us next!