Mayıs 12, 2023

Superior Genes

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Brad had always been popular with women. He was tall, standing at 6’2” he had a full head of brown hair that was stylishly short yet long enough to run your fingers through and grab a handful of hair if need be. He was quite well built, muscular, but not to the point where he looked like a model. He had abs, but they were not defined enough to be labeled chiseled, rather, he worked out enough to stay in good shape but also indulged himself in alcohol and food when he felt like it. At twenty-eight, he was quite accomplished, being the top salesman of his branch for his company, and with a master’s degree to his name. However, most importantly, he was well-endowed and had large testicles.His friends were often jealous of his ability to attract women, as he would often brag about his exploits to them the day after they would go clubbing on a Friday night. Bragging about his conquests, and making other men jealous of his sexual prowess, made Brad realize he deeply enjoyed the fact he was sexually superior to other men.(Author’s Idea of what Brad looks like)Brad wanted very badly to sleep with another man’s wife, make her his girlfriend, and to get her pregnant, preferably several times, with his children and have the husband raise them while Brad had his way with the wife. In short, Brad wanted very much to be a bull in a cuckold relationship. He found it very sexy that a married woman would choose him, over her husband, and that she would rather bear his children over her husband’s. The last aspect of his fantasy appealed to him the most, as he viewed it as very primal, that it was his biological right and that it was just natural for a woman to pick him, an alpha male, over her loser husband.While he had never acted upon his fantasies before, he decided one night, while surfing the web, that he would at least explore his fantasy. He looked up, “Cuckold dating sites” not expecting to get any results. However, to his surprise and glee, he found several. He clicked on one that interested him. There he found that you could register as a couple, looking to find a bull, or as a bull. He decided to make an account as a bull.After İstanbul Escort spending about twenty minutes on the site, looking through different profiles, he felt distraught and disappointed. Most of the couples were not attractive, and of the ones that were, none were interested in the wife actually becoming pregnant. He was about to leave the site when he found a couple that piqued his interest.Brad saw that the wife seemed to be about his age, maybe a bit younger. She was cute, with blonde hair and a cute smile, and she had a large butt and nice wide hips. By contrast, the husband was barely taller than his wife, with balding hair and a beard, which was most likely an attempt to compensate for his hair loss. He could tell just by looking at their pictures that this woman needed a real man. He read their profile description which read as,“Hello! We are Inga and Josh, and we are looking for a very special man in our lives. We are having trouble conceiving, and after looking around, we think it would be best to outsource in this area since we have been trying for two years. We are looking for a tall, strong professional man who has no family history of hereditary diseases. Plus, we think this would be a great way to spice up our relationship and build trust! Message us if you are interested.”So, Brad indeed messaged them. And to his surprise, it was Inga who did the talking.Brad: “Hello, my name is Brad and your profile caught my eye. I would like to say you are very beautiful and I found your situation to be heartbreaking, I don’t want anyone to go without children that want them.”“Thank you! You look very handsome and after looking over your profile you sound like you are what we are looking for. Have you been a bull in a relationship before?” she asked“No, although I know my way around women. I haven’t had the pleasure of strengthening a couple’s relationship physically before,” Brad said “Unfortunately, we are beginners at this too. My husband isn’t fully sold on the idea either, but after weeks of talking it over, he relented to join this site,” Inga typed“Well, I am most glad İstanbul Escort Bayan you convinced him. I think cuckolding will strengthen your relationship,” Brad replied…Of course, the last message was a lie. Brad reveled in the fact Josh wasn’t fully on board. The more he made a weaker man feel insecure, the better he felt. It’s not that he had anything personal against Josh or any weaker man, and he wasn’t looking to humiliate him specifically, rather, seeing a weaker man squirm when the topic of Brad having sex with his wife underscored Brad’s superiority, and as a result, made him feel better about himself.Brad and Inga discussed details more and got to know each other. Inga was born in Denmark and immigrated to the US in college. There, she met Josh and the two fell in love, and got married. This shocked Inga’s friends, as Inga was beautiful, standing at about 5’8” and with pert, C cup breasts, and a large round butt, everyone considered her to be out of Josh’s league. However, Josh was funny and would make a good provider as an accountant so she married him.  (Author’s Idea of What Inga looks like)Brad and Inga finally decided on a date to meet each other, and if things go well, possibly even have sex. This news delighted Brad, and a week before there set date, he made sure not to masturbate. While there was no guarantee that he and Inga would sleep together on their first encounter, Brad was fairly confident they would, and he wanted to save up his semen so he could spurt bigger loads and wanted to make sure that he got Inga pregnant the first time they had sex.The day before he was scheduled to meet and have sex with Inga, he had read online that, to increase chances of conception, he needed to ejaculate thoroughly, to release old semen and dead sperm that were inside him, leaving only the fresh and healthy sperm left. The best way to do this, was to get a prostate massage, as the prostate can hold seminal fluid, and unless drained through sex or some other method of ejaculation, can get stagnant and old. The most thorough way to cleanse the seminal fluid is to get a prostate Escort İstanbul massage. He decided to keep that in mind, as he was anxious to meet Inga.The day finally came and Brad drove up to the bar that he was scheduled to meet Inga and her husband at. He walked in, and he spotted the two. Inga gave a pretty smile and waved while Josh simply looked at his drink. “This is gonna be good,” Brad thought to himself as he walked over with a smirk. As he neared the table, Inga stood up and hugged him, and he hugged back, getting a good feel of her curves and reveled in the feel of her breasts squishing up against him.“So nice to finally meet y’all,” Brad Said“Same, we are so excited, we have been looking forward to meeting you for weeks!” Inga said with a smile“Nice to meet you, Josh,” smiled Brad, outstretching his hand, “Glad you two consider me worthy of strengthening your relationship”“Nice to meet you too…” Josh said, shaking Brad’s hand limply, “Inga and I would love children…” Josh said“About that…” Brad asked, “Not meaning to pry, but why can’t you have children?”“That’s a bit per-“ Josh was cut off, “Josh has a very low sperm count,” Inga chimed in“Babe, that’s embarrassing!” Josh stammered“Well, it’s true! The doctors said that this isn’t something to be ashamed of,” Inga said reassuringlyHowever, Brad couldn’t be happier. Both he and Josh knew that this was something Josh should be very ashamed about. That he couldn’t get his own wife pregnant and that they would have to appeal to Brad, a superior man, for help with something so basic.“I had a feeling that might be the case,” Brad said smugly, he got a piece of paper out of his pocket and unfolded it and handed it to the couple. “I had my sperm tested, 350 million per ml, higher than average…”Josh and Inga looked at the paper, Josh’s face grew more solemn while Inga’s lit up“The sperm are of higher quality than normal, good shape, larger, faster swimmers,” Brad continued. “Of course, if I was to service you two and bring you a child, I would need to have my prostate drained to get out any old, dead sperm as well as any stagnant seminal fluid. That way we ensure you would be getting only the best, healthiest sperm cells,” he said, looking at Inga with a smile.“You see, Josh, Brad knows what he’s doing, he’s very well educated and this is why I think he would make a great father for our children.” She continued, “How would we go about draining your prostate?”