Mayıs 15, 2023

Supermarket Sweep

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Jess shifted uncomfortably on the chair as she scanned the tin of beans and slid it along for the customer to place in their shopping bag. She was six months pregnant and everything was beginning to ache.She was grateful that Brian, the store manager had suggested she work on the cash tills rather than her usual job of stacking the shelves and stock rotation. She saw a group of girls from the year below her at school walk past outside. She was thankful she wasn’t still there. Even without getting pregnant, it was unlikely she would have gone back to do her A levels. She’d managed to turn her Saturday job into a full-time position but now she really wished she could just lie on the sofa all day.She glanced at the clock. Only five minutes to go till her shift ended. She scanned through another customer’s shopping; a six-pack of beers, a bottle of wine, two bags of crisps and a grapefruit. As she weighed the grapefruit, she made eye contact with the customer who grinned back, almost apologetically.“Not the healthiest shop in the world.”Jess smiled and was about to agree with him when the intercom chimes sounded followed by a request for Jessica Martin to go to the Manager’s Office.The shift supervisor walked up and told Jess that she would close the till and go and see what Brian wanted. Jess swung around on the swivel chair and slowly lowered herself to the ground. She reached out to hold onto the side of the booth for support. Her sense of balance was all over the place. The bump was getting quite noticeable now, especially Ankara escort on her petite frame. She placed a hand under her belly to support it as she slowly walked towards the staff area.Jess dressed for comfort rather than style these days. She hadn’t worn any of her little strapless dresses in months. Elasticated jogging bottoms were her new friends. Her breasts ached. She unzipped the blue Kwik-e-Save fleece and gently massaged the left boob through her blouse.She knocked on the Manager’s door.“Come!”She pushed open the door. Brian was hunched behind his desk, typing furiously on the keyboard. He glanced up, saw it was Jess and smiled.“Shut the door then.”He started typing again until he realised jess was still standing just inside the room.“Sit, sit,” he signalled and waited until Jess had sat down on the hard grey plastic chair before continuing to type.Jess had time to study him. He was always a bit manic but he was a nice guy. He wasn’t sleazy like some of the teachers at her old school. He reminded her of some kindly uncle in one of those soppy American family movies. He finished typing and closed the laptop lid with a satisfied grin. He leant back in his leather executive chair. He had a pen in his hand and was tapping it against his teeth as he ran his eyes over her. Jess shifted in the seat. It was getting harder to sit comfortably at all anymore. He put the pen down and leant forward, his head cocked slightly to one side.“So, how are things?”“How are things?“ Jess Ankara escort bayan thought. Should she tell him about the aches and pains? How her boobs were so swollen she kept having to buy bigger and bigger bras? Or that her clothes didn’t fit, that her tits ached, that she was leaking colostrum, that her feet were swollen or that she couldn’t see her fanny anymore when she looked down because of the bump? Or maybe she should tell him about the money stresses? Or that her mum had disappeared again and she was trying to look after her little brother and make sure he went to school every day, and all the time she was feeling like a beached whale?In the end, she looked up and shrugged.“It’s ok, I suppose.”“How would you like to earn a bit more? You must need loads of stuff with the baby coming.”Jess snorted with laughter. Who wouldn’t want more money?“I’d love to, but I can’t do any more shifts. I’m exhausted as it is.”“I was thinking fifty pounds a go. How would that suit you?”Jess nodded.“That would suit pretty well. But I’m only on £6.56 an hour. I couldn’t work another seven or eight-hour shift.”“Well, I don’t see how anyone can survive on minimum wage but this wouldn’t go through the books. It’d be a cash bonus”Jess sat back in her chair.“What exactly do I have to do?”He got up from his chair and walked around the desk. He leaned back against the edge of the desk and looked down at her.“Can I tell you a secret, Jess? Do you promise you’ll keep it to yourself?”Jess nodded. Escort Ankara “Sure.”Brian blushed a little.“Promise?”Jess nodded again.“You’re looking really pretty these days, Jessica. What is it they say about pregnant women… you’re blooming.”Jess smiled. He was right. Her skin was looking flawless and her hair had thickened up and had a gorgeous sheen to it. Almost without thinking, she reached up and ran her fingers through her long dark hair.“I’ve got a thing for pregnant women. It’s their shape… I mean, your shape. I love how your belly is growing and your breasts are getting fuller. I’ve been watching your body changing, Jess.”Jess swallowed. This was not what she was expecting at all. She glanced at the door, then back at Brian. She felt unsure about what was going on.“I won’t touch you, I’ll keep my hands to myself, I promise. But I’d want you to show me your belly and your breasts.” He paused briefly. His face had gone the colour of a ripe tomato. “And… and… I want you to let me put my cock between your breasts and give me a tit wank with them.” He put his face in his hands. “Fuck, I’m sorry. I know it’s a stupid idea, but I had to ask. Just please don’t tell anyone.”Jess stared at him, open-mouthed. True, he wasn’t the most attractive man in the world but she’d given plenty of titty fucks and more in the past to uglier blokes than him after downing a bottle of vodka. And the extra fifty quid would come in very handy. She could maybe get that Phil and Teds buggy she’d seen in Mothercare after all. She imagined herself pushing the lime green designer buggy through the park. Her take away cappuccino coffee would rest in the cup holder accessory she knew you could buy. She was just thinking about what outfit she’d wear to show off her post-baby boobs when she realised Brian was staring at her.