Ekim 16, 2021

Surprise Surprise part 2

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Surprise Surprise part 2
We’d been fucking for hours and I’d lost count of the number of times I’d cum and which holes I’d filled with my cum. Her arse, pussy and mouth had each received at least one load and she hadn’t cleaned up at all yet. Her lower region was covered with cum and despite working the load I’d shot all over her face into her mouth with her fingers her face still glistened from the earlier facial she had happily received. It was a huge load that had shot onto her pretty face and naturally some had ran down her chin and onto her pert little tits but after so much intense fucking it had long since disappeared. It had been a fantastic few hours that had seen me get hard repeatedly. There was very little left to do that would surpass the filth we had indulged in. As a young lad you always imagine what you’d do if you found yourself in the position with a girl who had no limits and by this point I had done everything imaginable and much more.

I had once asked if she’d ever had a threesome and was amazed when she replied no. She went on to say that she would only ever consider one with another woman but even then would probably be too scared. I decided to ask again and, once again, she declared that she had never partaken. I hadn’t either. I had told a close friend about what a dirty slut this woman was-the things we had done even before tonight were too good not to share and he made it clear how jealous he was. In fact, after sharing some of the pics and messages she had sent to me he had developed somewhat of an obsession to also experience this wonderful slut. Nervously I directed the conversation towards the idea of him coming round to join in. Had I not been pissed and so horny I would never have dreamt of bringing it up but as we had now gone as far as two people could go whilst still being ready for more I decided there was nothing to lose. Her response surprised me.

“Let me see a pic of him” she asked.

I grabbed my phone that had captured so much of our antics and found a social media profile for him. She looked and appeared nervous-I could see she quite fancied the idea but probably didn’t want to be known as the girl who got fucked by so many lads all in one night. After much deliberating she whispered “send him a message and see if he’d like to join in”. I couldn’t believe it and immediately I was overwhelmed with nerves. I’d never done anything like this-how do you text your mate inviting him round for a threesome?! I checked the time, it was 3am-chances are he’d be long asleep and would only see my message in the morning leaving me extremely red faced but I began to type regardless.

Christine is here. Come round ASAP and join in.


The reply came through almost immediately.

On my way.

Fucking hell, this was actually happening! This could ruin a friendship forever-how would we ever look one another in the eyes again?!

The slut had gone to the bathroom to clean up and returned a few moments later cum-free. She immediately began sucking my dick once more and within seconds I was rock hard. I was lay on the bed looking down at her as she deepthroated me again and again, her arse pointed in the air towards the end of the bed. She spent at least 5 minutes sucking and licking my manhood when I eventually heard a knock on the door. She stopped sucking and made her way to the bedroom door, beckoning me to follow as she did. We made our way down the stairs completely naked and opened the door for my friend. His eyes lit up as she invited him in before locking the door behind him.

“Fuck me on the sofa whilst your mate takes his clothes off” she demanded before getting onto all fours on the settee. I positioned myself behind her and stuck my dick deep into her arse, fucking away as hard as I could. Within seconds she had taken my friend in her mouth and we thrust in and out of our respective holes in unison.

“Which hole are you fucking there mate?” My friend asked as the slut deepthroated his cock as passionately as she had mine only moments earlier.

“It’s up my arse” she replied before I could answer the question before continuing to suck his dick. “Want to swap and have a go?” She said.

No response was necessary and instinctively we pulled our cocks from the holes they were filling before swapping ends.

“Fucking hell, that’s an arse made for fucking” my friend said as he slid his shaft into the hole I had been fucking seconds earlier.

It became clear that this first fuck wouldn’t take long for anybody and I felt her stop sucking momentarily as she came, her eyes closing as she savoured the moment. After the orgasm she immediately began sucking my cock again and my mate groaned as he unloaded his spunk deep into her arse. He pulled out his cock and made his way back to her mouth so she could suck the last of the cum from his dick and I made my way back behind her. I could see her arse was full of cum and as I thrust my shaft into her pussy it began to trickle out. It took merely seconds before I filled her pussy with a second load, watching her suck my mate off as it did.

We made our way upstairs-we all wanted more.