Mayıs 15, 2023

Surrendering to Temptation

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Sixteen-year-old Grant waited until he was sure that the house was empty before heading to the laundry room in the basement to recover his basket of clean clothes. He needed to be alone because of what happens when he went down there and today would be no exception. However, today was the day he decided to do something about it.  As he switched on the lights and slowly descended the stairs his heart began to beat a little faster with anticipation. Once in the laundry room portion of the basement, he found what he was after. Sitting there on top of the shining white dryer was the basket of clean clothes that his mother had told him about and right next to his was a basket containing his sister’s clean laundry. Once again his eyes were drawn to the panties that Escort Side were always seemed to be right on top of the stack of clean clothing.As usual, the strange butterfly feelings started in Grant’s stomach the minute he laid eyes on his sister’s basket, and soon his whole being was quivering as he took in the sight of his sister’s pretty panties. Then as usual he slowly stretched out his arm and allowed his shaking fingers to gently caress the silky undergarment, this pair was a deep blue in color and shiny and Grant considered them among her prettiest.As fingers glided across the shiny silk his teenage cock began to thicken and he knew that shortly he would have a full erection. He forced himself to pull away and he began manavgat escort to question himself out loud, “What the fuck is wrong with you?” he asked himself out loud.Now Grant had no idea where this obsession with his sister’s panties came from. Maybe he was jealous of the variety of textures or colors? Maybe it was the different styles?  Whatever it was it soon proved too strong to ignore and he graduated from just looking to stroking her silky drawers thus the necessity for no one else being at home.Once Grant managed to convince himself that it wasn’t his sister that he was attracted to but her clothing he felt a little better and his confidence returned. He stepped forward and gently plucked the panties from out of alanya escort bayan the basket and commenced to gently crush and rub them between his fingers.His erection arrived and began pushing against the front of his jeans and that was the signal that he needed to stop, but today he decided to ignore it as he had another idea. He laid the lingerie aside long enough to strip off his jeans, underwear, and t-shirt before he returned to gently caressing the soft and silky panties between his fingers.Standing there naked in the cool basement and rubbing the buttery soft panties between his fingers had him harder than he had ever been.”It’s now or never,” he said to himself as he took the waistband in his hands and prepared to step into this sister’s unmentionables.Grant had given this act much thought and reasoned that if they felt this good in his hands they would feel even better against his body. So Grant slowly and carefully stepped into his sister’s panties. Just the contact of the silky material against his ankles causes his cock to jump.