Nisan 24, 2023

“Take off my panties!” Pt. 04

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Dawn. Still mostly dark at 5a.m. but it was time for Don Singer to get going. He nuzzled up to his still sleeping wife Cynthia and placed his morning wood into the crevice of her buttocks. A few little kisses ensued and then Don began to slide his prick repeatedly into his wife’s luscious butt cheeks signaling his intentions. She began to stir.

Cynthia enjoyed this little morning ritual. She knew her husband liked to get an early start to his busy day but he needed pussy first. It was easy to accommodate him. Feeling that big cock rubbing in her anal groove got Cynthia all excited and wet and with no further preliminaries, she reached down and grasped his stiff penis and placed it at the welcoming entrance to her mature vagina. It slid in easily and Don gasped in pleasure as he felt his cock penetrating all the way into his pretty wife’s still nice and tight pussy.

“Ah, married life agrees with me!” He mused to himself. “Nothing like fresh pussy first thing in the morning!” Cynthia knew she didn’t have to make a big deal out of their normal morning fuck. No, she would just accept Don’s always stiff penis and then enjoy being fucked. It seemed to her that when Don achieved complete penetration and had made her take every centimeter of his cock, just a few more loving strokes were all that was necessary for him to give her his essence. And shortly, Don did just that.

The busy contractor gave his wife a quick kiss and then hit the shower, eager to get going before the heat kicked in. Soon, Cynthia heard his truck drive down the street and off into the insufferable L.A. traffic.

This was the time of day that Cynthia got to enjoy herself. Sometimes she pulled out her “Little Friend” and worked the fleshy dildo into her pussy. And sometimes she just lingered in bed and thought about her life. The dark haired beauty gazed around the room and saw the picture of herself and Don at the Mandalay Bay resort in Vegas. What a happy weekend that had been! All the sex she could handle…and that was plenty! Plus she’d won $400 on a Wheel of Fortune slot machine!

Then there was the picture of her and Kristin when her daughter was just a young teen. She couldn’t help but think about her late husband and how tragic it had been when he’d become ill. She was so grateful to Don for arriving in her life at such a crucial time. Both she and Kristin, while financially comfortable, seemed to be drifting off somewhere and she wasn’t sure where they would end up . Don and Matt had given her and her daughter someone to come home to. And that lifted her spirits immeasurably.


Then, Cynthia saw Don’s camera there on the dresser and her mind was transported back to her salacious nude photo session with her step son acting as the photographer. Her pussy tingled at the memory of his big cock plowing into her, giving her the sweet strokes she loved so much. She recalled the sound of his balls slapping noisily into her naked pussy lips while he’d fucked her. He’d even taken off her precious panties which, at first, made her very uncomfortable. She had always had a little trouble being completely naked before a man. She felt so…vulnerable. But his big thick penis had quickly made her forget all about her nudity. He’d fucked her so beautifully. He was such a…a man!

Now, Cynthia’s recently fucked pussy was beginning to reignite and she didn’t really want that. No, it was time to delete those photos from Don’s camera before he stumbled onto them and who knows what would happen then. No, she and Don were happy and she didn’t want to risk their marriage over what she considered to be a one time affair with his son.

The pretty mother padded softly across the carpet and took the expensive camera into her hands.

“Let’s see…how do you work this again?” She wondered. Cynthia turned on the camera and moved the little dial around, hoping to find those lurid photos that Matt had taken of her. Instead, she found something else. Nude photos all right. But not of her! No, these were lurid photos of her virginal little daughter sunbathing naked out by the pool! Each photo became more and more explicit as the zoom feature was obviously being used to record Kristin’s spectacular teen age beauty. Cynthia gasped as the close ups of her daughters hairless pussy appeared. “My God!” She said out loud…”Who would…Who would…?”

But there were only two suspects to consider: Matt, who clearly knew his way around this camera since he’d used it to take nasty pictures of her, and her beloved husband! Don? Did Don take these disgustingly dirty pictures of her innocent young daughter?

Now Cynthia was upset. She had to hope the culprit was Matt who was, after all, about Kristin’s age and the two of them had obviously been building a relationship since the four of them moved in together. Oh, it must be Matt, Cynthia thought to herself. He was at school yesterday but, oh, he must’ve stopped by the house for lunch and saw his pretty step sister out there naked and couldn’t help himself. That must be it!

But denizli seks hikayeleri still. Don was self employed and it wasn’t unusual for him to stop by the house to check the phone or the mail. She knew he kept a collection of nudie magazines around and she’d already discussed this issue with him. He’d assured her it was just that he loved looking at naked women and had done so all his life.

Cynthia shut the camera off and set it down. She made her way downstairs and fixed a pot of coffee. She knew she had to speak to Don about this because either he was guilty of taking those photos or his son was. Either way, someone would have to fess up and apologize at the very least.

A bit later in the morning, Cynthia began to think the entire thing through and realized that she was, after all, living in a glass house and maybe she shouldn’t be throwing stones. She’d known good and well what would happen when she’d asked Matt to photograph her naked as a gift to her new husband. And happen it did! She thought about trying to delete the nude shots that Matt had taken of her but decided at last that that would be dishonest. If there was one point she wanted to make to Don, Matt, and yes, even Kristin, it was that there could be no sneaking around if they were to continue to live together as a family.

“We all have to be honest with each other.” She decided. She came to understand that she would have to admit to posing for the naked pictures her step son had taken. To admit that he’d fucked her afterwards, well, she hoped that might not come up. Cynthia texted the three people involved and set up a family meeting for seven o’clock that evening. Yes, just like Jim Anderson on “Father Knows Best.” She smiled when she thought about that reference. She doubted Jim and Margaret ever had to deal with such a situation!

Seven o’clock rolled around faster than any of the participants in the family meeting really wanted. Cynthia fixed an easy pasta dinner and they all shared a bottle of Chianti with it. The camera was now sitting on the coffee table in the adjacent family room and both Don and Matt were dreading what its presence there might mean. Kristin knew about the nude photos of her mother that she assumed her step dad had taken. The others, the ones of her naked by the pool, she was unaware of.

When everyone was seated, Cynthia, having called the meeting, was obligated to begin.

After looking around the room briefly, she began. “I want to clear the air about something I’ve discovered on Don’s camera and I want to make it clear that I’m not mad about this but, well, I think we have to have honesty with in all of our relationships. We are new to this living arrangement and we all care about each other but…” Now the words didn’t come so easy for the 37 year old wife and mother.

“Listen, there are some photos on this camera…and I’ll show them to you now, that I don’t know who took them but I think I deserve to know. I also must admit there are some photos on here that I’m not proud of and I’m trying not to be standing in judgement of others when I consider myself to be guilty too.” With that, Cynthia turned on the camera and set it to show the pictures on the viewfinder. Don was sweating big time.

“Oh, shit. Here it comes.” He thought to himself. He’d really blown it. All he had to do was delete those shocking pictures he’d taken of his little step daughter and…Okay, well, print some of the pictures and then delete them, and he could have avoided this upcoming mess. But it was too late now for regret. The images appeared on the viewfinder and all four members of the recently formed Singer family saw them. Little Kristin displaying her virgin nudity for all the world to see.

Kristin, of course, was shocked! “My god!” The pretty teenager exclaimed as she saw the photos, one after the other, showing her unspoiled naked body. She knew Matt wasn’t home when she was sunbathing which left only her step father and illicit lover Don as the culprit. Her blue eyes flashed at him but he avoided her gaze, looking down quietly. He was caught. Don paused a moment and then took a deep breath.

“I’m sorry Kris,” He began. Then looking at his newly wed wife he added, “I’m sorry Cyn. I saw her out there and…and I took those pictures. I was wrong and…and I have no excuse. I’m really sorry, believe me.”

Looking on in shocked disbelief was Matt. He assumed the pictures in question would be the ones he’d taken of his step mother. Now, suddenly, he was viewing his gorgeous little step sister completely nude! And then, close ups of her hairless young pussy appeared on the viewfinder! The sweet little pussy that he almost got to taste! And dad shot those? He was stunned!

Then, to the surprise of all, Cynthia continued to scroll through the photos until she arrived at the nudes that Matt had taken of her.

“This…this is hard for me…” She barely managed to say. Then, Cynthia moved through the collections of sexy photos that Matt had taken of her, supposedly to be given to her husband as a gift.

Of course, contrite as he was, Don realized right away that someone had to have taken those photos of his wife. And sexy shots they were! The little teddy he’d bought for her in Vegas, those little shorts she liked so much because her butt cheeks would stick out the bottom, and then that black evening dress. He loved her in that dress. So sexy. But then with her legs hooked over the arms of the recliner, her panties on display, then her fingers pulling the leg band to the side to show off her bare pussy. Then, his gorgeous wife on all fours, her asshole and pussy clearly captured by the camera’s all seeing eye. He looked at Cynthia and then at Matt. Both were looking at the carpet.

Don was mixed up. On the one hand he was furious, on the other he’d been caught shooting naked pictures of his 18 year old step daughter. He finally looked at Cynthia who seemed to be fighting back tears.

“Well Cyn, I was honest. How about you?” Several moments passed before the black haired mother spoke. She spoke softly and averted the eyes of the others.

“I…I asked Matt to photograph me…in those outfits. I wanted to give the pictures to you Don, for your birthday! Well, okay, to be honest, I got excited and I guess he did too. He took lots of pictures and I was enjoying it.” She looked at her husband. “Then,” She sighed, “He took off my panties and fucked me there on the chair.”

Matt buried his face in his hands, unable to face the reality of the situation. He’d known it was wrong but figured nobody would ever know about it. Now, he figured his dad would kill him. Okay, he wouldn’t do that but he would never forgive him for that sin. The strapping young college student looked up at his father and managed to speak.

“Dad, look, I was surprised when she asked me about this ‘gift’ she wanted to give you. But, seriously, when she pulled her panties to the side and showed me her pussy, I was determined to fuck her, I mean…um…have sex with her. She didn’t want her panties to be taken off but I did it anyway. Then I… know. But it’s more my fault than hers! Honestly!

Kristin was stunned to realize that it had been her best friend and near lover Matt who had taken those nasty pictures of her mother. But she knew her hot blooded mother well enough to know that she had gone fishing for cock and managed to reel in a nice catch! So, honesty is the order of the day? Okay. The pretty teen, not wanting to feel left out, interrupted the silence that followed Matt’s confession.

“Look, if we’re all gonna be honest here…” She looked at Matt who brought his index finger up to his lips as if to say “Shhhh! Don’t tell them about that night!” But Kristin continued. “Matt and I had a little party when you guys went to Vegas.” She admitted, “And it was a fun party too! We had pizza and wings and a little of that nasty PBR out in the garage and then, well, then I teased Matt by showing him my white panties. He got all excited but he kept trying to be a gentleman or something and didn’t try very hard to fuck me. Finally I had to ask him to take off my panties figuring then he would just go ahead and spread me open and give me his hard cock. But he was just rubbing his hardon on my bare pussy and, when I tried to get him to put it in, he started cumming! He splashed it all over my naked pussy and my little tits!” The pretty blonde decided the rest of the family didn’t need to know that she’d masturbated in front of her older step brother afterwards. She figured she’d been honest enough for one night.

Both Cynthia and Don were actually pleased to hear Kristin’s words. At least Matt had avoided taking her virginity. He had acted as a gentleman who truly cared about his “Little Sister” and didn’t want to hurt her. But, after finding out that Don had been spying on her while she was skinny-dipping, Kristin felt there was a little more honesty that Don owed the group.

“Daddy Don, if you want I can make another confession but…”

“No.” Don interrupted. “Let me dump my bucket. I started to say this but lost my way I guess. I took those pictures of Kris. I…I think she’s a really beautiful young woman. I got excited and, later I went downstairs to talk to her. We had a little talk and, when we were finished, I went to give her a hug.” At that point Cynthia knew what was coming. She closed her eyes tightly but resisted the urge to interrupt her husband’s narrative. And so he continued.

I went to give her a little kiss! just a little kiss!” He said looking at Kristin. “But, somehow, it turned into more than that. The next thing I knew we were on the sofa together and…and all she had on were these threadbare panties. White panties. I was just going to, you know, dry fuck her. Get off by rubbing my cock on her underpants but…but…”

“But I pulled the leg band of my panties to one side and let him fuck me.” Kristin interrupted. “It wouldn’t be right to sit here and try to pretend I’m totally innocent in all of this. No, I wanted it and I got it. I got the leg band out of the way and Daddy Don screwed his prick into my little bare pussy. I felt a pinch at first, but he went really slow until I was used to it and it just felt really good. Then…then he fucked me good and hard and pulled out at the end and came all over my panties.”

Well, Matt and Cynthia were stunned to hear little Kristin’s confession. Matt found himself angry at his father. Here he’d been out of his mind with lust for his little sister but he managed to stop short of raping her, only to have his father take that precious part of her for himself. Cynthia, meanwhile, was not so much angry at Don as she was angry at her daughter who clearly could have avoided the whole thing but instead played along and then intentionally bared her vagina to her step father. It was hard to blame Don given the circumstances. Tears began to stream down her disappointed face. She knew she was as guilty as any of the others in this situation. She and her daughter were two of a kind really. Both of them saw men they wanted to have and then had them! Don did his best to comfort his newlywed wife but he knew he would be sleeping on the couch tonight, that was for sure.

There wasn’t much left to be said after that. The totally shocking consequences of the meeting were yet to be determined but, in a moment of clarity, Cynthia realized she had to do the best she could to save her marriage. She took Don by the hand, quietly said good night to the children, and then they made their way upstairs.


Yes, it was a long night for all four members of the recently created Singer family. But, eventually, sleep overtook them. The first light of dawn awoke Don but, today being Saturday, he wasn’t under the gun to show up somewhere. He drifted in and out of dreamland for a while and, of course, his morning wood demanded attention. Next to him, and wide awake herself, lay Cynthia. And Cynthia had come to remember something her mother had advised her when she was old enough to understand.

“Sex is the glue that holds you together in a marriage.” Her mother had told her. “All kinds of things good and bad will happen over the course of time, but, if you stick together and continue your sexual life together as man and wife, you will get through the vast majority of these things. You can’t be holding a grudge.” This morning, her mother’s words echoed inside Cynthia’s head. She knew she had to forgive her husband for fucking her little daughter. Just as he had to forgive her for fucking his son.

Accordingly, when she felt Don’s customary “Morning Wood” rubbing up into her butt cheeks, she rubbed right back against him. Don, thrilled that his wife had apparently seen her way to accept his misdeed, quickly reached around to caress Cynthia’s large womanly tits. This always served to warm up her pussy and this morning was no exception.

But, today, Cynthia rolled over to face her husband and planted several soft little kisses all over his face. Both lovers knew the danger had passed and set about to satisfy their physical desires.

Downstairs Matt and Kristin lay in their beds on either side of the bathroom they shared in the roomy hillside home. Matt found himself thinking “All I had to do was shove it in her pussy! Goddam it! That’s all I had to do. But no! No, I couldn’t believe that maybe she could love me too. And I do love her! I have two sisters living with mom but I sure don’t feel that way about them!”

Kristin, for her part, found herself on the verge of tears wondering what was going to happen next. Would Matty and Don move out? Did she want that? Did her mom want that? The answer wasn’t hard to figure out. No! No, of course not! So what do we do now? Then, there was a quiet knock on her door. She didn’t respond but the door opened and Matt came into her bedroom. With just a smile, he climbed into bed with his little step sister.

“Mornin’ beautiful!” He whispered as he settled in next to Kristin.

The pretty blonde teen was so relieved to see her big brother! All that had transpired last night had her worrying that things would never be the same in her life, ever again. At least here was Matty, ready to be her friend. He pushed the hair out of her eyes and spoke: “So, all I had to do was just shove it in? Really?”

Kristin just rolled her eyes towards heaven and sarcastically replied “I asked you to take off my panties Matt…was I supposed to beg too?”

Matt put a little smile on his face and raised his eyebrows a la Groucho Marx and shot back “Well, that would’ve been nice!” And then the two young lovers kissed. Kristin opened her mouth in an obvious invitation which Matt accepted. Then his tongue was all in his little sister’s mouth and the two of them began to really heat up. Kristin felt Matt’s hands pulling her pajama bottoms down and she instinctively stopped him. Undeterred, Matt simply caressed Kristin’s saucy butt cheeks and then slipped his hands under her PJs and felt up her little panties. He could feel her body responding and then he boldly went inside her skimpy underpants and began feeling her lusciously bare ass cheeks!