Mayıs 12, 2023

Tasting The Fruit

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I was growing impatient as I stared at the clock, just waiting for the bell to ring, moving in my seat uncomfortably and pressing my legs tightly together. My panties growing moist as they rubbed against my swollen clit, teasing it. For the last hour I had been lustfully watching my English literature teacher, Mrs Stephens. I loved how she moved and that her skirt was skin tight and clung to her body so that I could see the shape of her exquisite bottom perfectly as she turned to face the blackboard. My eyes ran up and down, studying every detail her legs, shapely and clad in black sheer nylon stockings. I wanted to get down on my knees and run my tongue up and down them wetting them. Her white button up blouse with push up bra revealing her ample breasts, her hair red, almost glowing and pulled up in a loose fitting bun. For once in my life I was happy to be sitting in the front row. It gave me the perfect view of her. I always looked forward to this class as it was my last one of the day and my mind would wander to all sorts of delicious fantasies. When the clock struck three Bağcılar escort bayan I would rush to my dorm room to pleasure myself with my wicked thoughts until my room mate Justine got in from her swim meet. The need was growing more and more intense as the minutes ticked by. I could feel my white cotton panties soaking all the way through. Biting down hard on my bottom lip and pressing my legs even closer together to squeeze my clit I was lost in myself. My eyes closed when I felt eyes on me and heard the sound of tap tap tapping on my desk and found myself looking up to see Mrs Stephens standing in front of me, looking a combination of both slightly annoyed and mildly amused with a ruler in her hand. I woke from my daydream to the sound of her clearing her throat. “It is nice of you to wake up and join the rest of us Ms Miller. We were discussing Candide, and I had just asked ‘The old woman has thought about suicide “a hundred times” but has refused to end her life. Why might that be?’ What are your thoughts on it Ms Miller?” I felt Escort Arnavutköy my face burning and growing red as I had forgotten to finish the book and I had wondered if she had noticed a familiar scent in the air the scent of my growing arousal as I burned up. “I don’t know, Mrs Stephens. I fell asleep last night before I could finish reading the book and…” “Excuses! Always excuses with you! See me after class!” she cut me off. Tick tick went the clock as my heart pounded in my chest and she finished her lecture on what was clearly her favorite book. My hands were trembling and sweating and I had never been so nervous in all my life. The bell rang and everyone quickly filed out or rather fled out of the room leaving me with the most gorgeous, intimidating woman I have ever faced. Fuck I felt like I would pass out right there. I looked up to see her slam the door shut and lock it behind her. She walked over to my desk as I sat petrified, unable to move and leaned over me, her breasts only inches from my face and almost spilling Avcılar escort out of her low cut blouse. Smiling at me she said, “You think I haven’t noticed the way you squirm in your seat everyday as you stare at me? With that lustful school girl gaze, your pretty little pussy on fire?” Leaning closer, her fingers lifting my chin, “Look at me when I talk to you and tell me what you think of me. What you really think of me.” I was gulping hard and trying to think of the right words to say. “I think you are the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on…I think about you every day and every night. I love the way you talk and the way you read. Every time I look at you or hear your voice, I feel my pussy melting.” I couldn’t believe those words had just come out of my mouth. “It feels good to say it, doesn’t it Ms. Miller?” Looking at her and nodding I replied that it did. It really did. “I know what you really want right now, and that is to kiss me,” she said, moving closer so that her hand was still on my chin. She brought her lips to mine, her tongue running over my bottom lip as I slowly opened my mouth, accepting her. Feeling it pushing its way into my mouth exploring and caressing my tongue and twirling with it our kiss growing harder and deeper. Breaking our kiss and smiling again at me with an evil glint in her eyes, “You really are a bad little girl aren’t you?” she uttered.