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Tempting Trevor: Part Two

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An hour later, Trevor nervously sat on his bed staring at the door. His poor penis was so hard just thinking about what was about to happen. When had he become such a pervert, sitting alone with a hardon, waiting for his sister to come in and jerk him off? He told himself it was for a good cause. He was learning how to be a good lover. It wasn’t just for him. It was for him and Mary.The door opened, and Stacy let herself in. Trevor watched, slack-jawed, as his sister approached, casually texting on her phone, as though she was not dressed only in a bra and panties, preparing to play with her brother’s penis. She stood in front of him, ignoring him as she typed, smiling to herself as she treated him to the sight of her hidden curves. Trevor’s eyes wandered up and down her body. Finally, she put the phone aside and put her hands on her hips.“You should probably take off your shorts,” she said.Trevor nodded and quickly stripped himself. Stacy crawled onto the bed, and lay on her side, head resting on one of his pillows. She patted the space next to her. Trevor joined her. She took his hand and placed it on her heart, then did the same with hers.“Get your head in the right place first, just like we practiced.”Trevor shut his eyes and got into his mental space again.“Good,” Stacy said, “That’s so good, baby.”His heart calmed, became steady, and then he felt Stacy’s lips on his. He kept his eyes closed and recalled the first lesson, taking things slow, teasing her mouth with his, until he felt her little tongue snake out and begin to explore his mouth. His hands went to her hip, where the thin fabric of her panties stretched across her warm skin.“I want you to touch me, just like that. We’re going to combine both lessons, this time. Remember your breathing.”Trevor nodded and let his hands roam over her body. Stacy cupped her hand and let saliva pool into it, then made a fist and grasped his penis. She kissed him again as her hand began to stroke his cock. Trevor made his circuit on her skin, up her back, to her neck, down her arm, and back again, tracing her curves lightly as she jerked his cock.“That feels so good. I love the way you touch me,” he said in her ear and felt her quiver under his touch. He felt proud of himself for remembering his lesson.“I love your cock so much,” she whispered back, and stroked him faster, “Were you thinking about last night?”“Yeah… ““You shot cum all over your sister, didn’t you?”“Yeah… “She fisted his crown until she felt his body tense, and then stroked down and gripped his shaft, her fingers playing lightly with his balls.“You did so good,” she said, “You held off for so long, even when I was being a naughty tease.”They locked lips again and made out hotly, while Stacy worked him up to the edge. When she felt him begin to pant into her mouth, she backed off and slowed her movements.“Did you think I was being serious, when I said that I’d let you fuck me if you weren’t my brother?”“No…“ Trevor said, a hint of disappointment in his voice.“Good. You know that we can’t fuck, don’t you?”“Yeah… ““It’s wrong to fuck your sister.”“Yeah… ““Why can’t we fuck?”“You’re my sister,” he said.Her hand pumped his shaft faster, the slick saliva squishing between her fingers.“There are other brothers who get to fuck their sisters.”He nodded.“How come you can’t?”“I… You wouldn’t let me,” he said, his cock aching in her hand.“Why not?” She asked, stroking back his dark hair lovingly.“It’s wrong,” he answered.“It’s so wrong.”He nodded as she worked her fist around his cockhead.“Is it wrong to touch your sister’s body, and let her stroke your cock?”“Yeah… ““Then why are we doing it?”“So… so I can learn… how to do it right.”“I’m teaching you how to be a good lover, aren’t I?”He nodded. His cock leaked on her hand, and she backed off. For long minutes, she kissed him, her tongue writhing sensually in his mouth as she repeatedly brought him to the edge of cumming, then backed off.“Why am I teaching you, baby?”“So, I can be good at it,” he answered, his brain in a sex-fog.“I want you to be good at fucking,” she whispered in his ear, “You can’t fuck me, though, can you?”“No.”“You want to, don’t you? You want to push your Girne Escort fat cock into me and see what it feels like, don’t you?”“I… I don’t… ““What if I wanted it? Would you fuck me if I really wanted it, baby?”“No… I can’t.”“If you weren’t my brother, you could fuck me. Would you like that?”“Yeah…“ he groaned and nearly lost it. His penis was right on the verge, again, and he knew that Stacy was ramping up the dirty talk to try to get him to blow. He fought it, focused on his breathing, and made it through.“Good. That’s so good,” she praised him, “You shouldn’t cum yet. This is so much fun, isn’t it?”“Yeah… ““You’ve been thinking about fucking pussy all week, haven’t you?”“Uh huh… ““Why can’t you fuck your girlfriend?”“She’s… she’s afraid.”“You have a big dick, and she’s afraid of it,” Stacy agreed, a hint of pity in her voice. “Do you think I’m afraid of it?”“No.”“You have a beautiful cock. Sometimes I think about sucking it. I think about sucking my brother’s cock like the girls in the pornos, and it makes my pussy so wet.”She smacked her lips against his again and took him to the edge, backed off. Trevor pumped his hips, fucking her fist as he thought about how it would feel to have his penis sucked.“I love sucking cock,” Stacy said, “Why won’t you let me suck your cock, baby?”“It’s wrong,” he breathed.“What if I asked you to let me suck it? Would you let me suck it for you if I asked really nice?”“I… I don’t know!”“Lots of boys let their sisters suck their cock. I’m really good at it. Do you want to see how good I am, baby?”“Y…yes! Oh, fuck!”After nearly half an hour of having his cock edged by Stacy’s expert hand, while she played with his mind, Trevor couldn’t hold back. He growled and blasted Stacy’s stomach with thick ropes of semen, coating her hand. She directed his spurting cock toward her crotch and kissed him hard as he sprayed his remaining load onto her panties, covering her hidden pussy in hot jizz. Stacy continued milking him dry, her tongue in his mouth as he squeezed her breast in his hand.She, at last, pulled away and stroked back his sweaty hair.“Good job,” she said clinically, “You’re getting better. Just remember your breathing, and don’t let all that dirty talk get into your head. Girls like to fuck with your mind. They want you to get super hard and horny until you can’t take it anymore and just push their legs open and pound them good.”Trevor stared back at her in awe, his mind drifting lazily in post-orgasmic bliss.“I’m super hungry. Do you wanna order Chinese?” she asked, wiping his cum from her hand onto her bra.He nodded robotically.“Great! I’m going to change, and then I’ll order. You might want another shower.”She bounced off of the bed and left, leaving his door open.A few hours later, suitably dressed in a nice polo, Trevor sat on the couch texting with Rob. Stacy made her entrance, and he couldn’t help but gawk.“What do you think?” She asked and did a quick twirl.Her body was encased in a tight black dress that had long angled slits along her body, showing off plenty of skin, while keeping all the best parts hidden. It was truly boner-inducing. The doorbell rang, and she hurried off without waiting for a verbal reply. The sound of excited girls greeting each other and jabbering from the entryway signaled the arrival of her friends. It sounded like more than just two of them. Curious, Trevor edged his way toward the door.“Hey, Trev!” Tara cried and clicked across the floor to wrap her arms around him.“Hey, Tara,” he replied, hugging her back awkwardly.He looked over her shoulder. Yes, there were certainly more than two friends. He saw Amy, Stacy’s other bestie, a sexy brunette who he’d heard had something of a slutty reputation. She hugged his sister, filed in, and was followed by three more girls. Trevor had rarely seen so many gorgeous women in one place, and all of them dressed in similarly sexy dresses or miniskirts to Stacy’s.Tara followed his gaze and said, “I think your arrival at the party is going to be an event.”He nodded. He was going to be heralded like Jesus feeding the masses. Stacy watched each of her friends make little cooing noises Magosa Escort over her handsome brother, pawing at his hair, giving him flirty pats and pokes, and making him turn red with embarrassment. When they’d had their fill of teasing him, they bundled into a pair of SUVs.Trevor found himself stuck in a middle seat in the back row of Tara’s Lincoln, wedged between Stacy and Amy. A blonde girl named Rachel rode shotgun with Tara. Trevor gave her the address of the lake house, which she punched into her GPS, texted to the second car, and the journey began.Trevor had never been in this situation, packed into a vehicle with four extremely gorgeous women, a few years his senior, all of whom were party veterans. He soon learned that girl talk did consist of a lot of dicks and clothes. Amy, in particular, seemed to have a lot to say about a lot of dicks. Dicks without clothes. On her, in her, over her, under her. Her reputation as a slut seemed to be well-deserved. The other women ate it up, squealing and laughing, joking about her filthy adventures.Stacy leaned in toward Trevor’s ear and whispered, “Amy has seven brothers, and they’re all fucking her.”Trevor stared ahead, his hands in his lap. Oh, God! He glanced at Amy out of the corner of his eye. Was Stacy just fucking with him again? Stacy leaned across him, pressing her tits into his side, and caught Amy’s attention. The blare of the music was such that it was hard for the girls in the front to hear.“I was just telling Trevor about your brothers,” Stacy said and grinned at him.“Oh, yeah!” Amy exclaimed, “They call me Airtight Amy,” she winked, “Your sister is super-hot, Trev. Are you two fucking?”“That’s so dirty!” Stacy said and slapped her arm. “Don’t try to corrupt my sweet little brother. He’s a good boy. We can’t fuck, can we, Trev?”He shook his head, his cock hard.“It’s just some sexy family fun,” Amy pouted. “God, I used to tease the hell out of them, wearing miniskirts with no panties, playing with my pussy in the living room, all kinds of things. They eventually just got tired of it, and gang banged the shit out of me.”Trevor had no idea what to say to that.”You know what they say,” Amy added, “Incest is best!””She’s a total slut,” Stacy whispered in his ear. “She’ll seriously blow you if you ask. Or give you pussy. You could have that sexy pussy wrapped around your cock right now if you just asked. She’d climb right over the seat and fuck the life out of you.”Stacy’s hand stroked up and down his leg, perilously close to his cock.”Your sister is so sexy,” Amy suddenly whispered in his other ear. “Why aren’t you fucking?””I have a girlfriend,” he said, knowing how lame it sounded.”Is she as hot as Stacy?” Amy asked.”She’s… she’s really cute,” Trevor mumbled and looked away.”Quit trying to cocktease him,” Stacy said with a wicked smile. “He’s a loyal virgin boyfriend.”The word virgin was like tossing raw, bloody meat into a pool of hungry sharks. All of Stacy’s friends looked at him. Tara turned the music down.”Shut the fuck up!” Rachel said, “He’s so god-damned cute! Jesus, Stacy. If he were my brother, I’d be riding him nightly. Just look at that puppy dog face.”Stacy laughed and wrapped her arms around him protectively.”Back up, bitches!” she said, “I’m not going to let you corrupt him.” She turned to him and continued, “Trev, just ignore them. They only wish they had a guy that was actually sweet and kind. They just get dumb studs with more dick than brains, who only know how to pound pussy. You’re fucking perfect the way you are.”She kissed his head and kept her arms around him.”Awww!” Tara cooed. “She’s right, Trev. You always were a sweetie. I’m sorry I called you a drooling pervo that one time,” then, turning to Rachel, she said, “When we were freshmen in high school, Trevor picked flowers for both of us for Valentine’s Day and made us both cards.”Trevor thought he might die of embarrassment.She went on, “Do you remember, Trev?””Um, yeah.””He wrapped them up and gave one to Stacy and me, then told us that we were way prettier than all the girls in his class.”Stacy added, “And he saved change that he found all year Lefkoşa Escort so that he could buy us chocolates.””Oh my God!” Rachel said, “That’s so cute! Trevor, you have an open invitation to get your dick sucked tonight. Pick any girl at the party, and I promise you, they’re swallowing anything you want to give them.”Trevor looked at Stacy. The look was actually one of fear from the press of aggressive sexual energy buffeting him from every woman in the car, but the girls seemed to take it as his choice of whose mouth he wanted to cum in and broke into a fit of squeaks and laughter.”Not me, baby,” Stacy said, “Your sister can’t suck your big cock off.””I didn’t… “”Did you say he’s got a big dick, too?” Tara asked.”How would you know, you slut?” Amy asked good-naturedly.”His girlfriend told me,” Stacy lied and winked at him.”Lucky girl,” Rachel said and sighed.“That’s the pretty redhead you were with the other day, right?” Tara asked.“Yeah,” Trevor answered.“Is she into girls? If she’s not, I’d like to get her interested!” Tara said.“Uh, no. She’s not like that.”“Can we see it?” Amy asked, and the girls got quiet.“What?” Trevor asked, as Amy dropped her hand to his lap and stroked his cock through his jeans.“See it,” Amy repeated. “Can we see how big it is?”He looked at Stacy.“It’s your cock, baby,” Stacy said and shrugged. “No one here is gonna object if you wanna whip it out.” She leaned in to whisper, “If Amy sees that thing, she’s not going to be able to keep her hands off it.”“Stacy should pull it out,” Rachel said with a challenging smirk.“Yeah, Stacy!” Tara cried, “Pull that dick out for us. Please, Trevor?”Amy’s hand fondled his cock through his jeans, making it harder. Oh, shit! What was he supposed to do? Stacy’s friends were practically salivating at the idea of seeing his penis, and Amy was really making it difficult to say no. Stacy’s hand stroked the back of his neck teasingly, and her other hand was on his leg. Her big breasts were pressed against his side, and her breath was hot in his ear.“Do you want me to pull your cock out for my friends?” she whispered, “Three hot girls are begging for your dick, baby. Four, because you know how much I love that sexy cock.”Stacy’s hand joined Amy’s, rubbing his bulge.“That’s so fucking hot,” Rachel said.Amy snapped the button on his jeans, and Stacy unzipped them. Trevor tried to enter his mental space, to control his rapid breathing. The situation was quickly getting out of control. He could practically feel the heat of four aroused women all eager to get his pants off. What the fuck was happening?Stacy reached into his pants, while Amy pulled them down a bit to give her more space.“Do it, Stacy,” Rachel pushed, “Pull your brother’s cock out for us.”Stacy toyed with his hard dick, wrapping her hand around it and stroking it through his boxer shorts. She slipped her hand into the flap in the front, and he felt her warm hand touch his naked flesh. His mental space was a distant dream. There was just too much happening. His heart beat like a drum, blood pounding in his ears. Stacy pulled his cock free of the confines of his shorts, out through the flap, and held it in her hand, stroking it up and down.“Wow! Nice!” Rachel exclaimed.“Oh, Trev!” Tara agreed.“I guess she wasn’t lying,” Stacy chimed in.“You have such a sexy cock!” Amy whispered, “Will your girlfriend mind if I suck it?”“I shouldn’t,” he said. It was one of the hardest decisions of his life.Amy took his cock away from Stacy and began to fondle it, pushing his loyalty to its limits. With one word, he could be having his first blowjob, and not from some girl with no experience. He’d be getting sucked off by a veteran blowjob queen, in front of a car full of gorgeous college girls, two of which would eagerly switch places with her just for the fun of it.“Okay,” Stacy said, “That’s enough.”She put her hand on Amy’s hand and gently removed it from Trevor’s boner.“Yeah,” Amy said sadly, “I know. If anyone should suck it, it should be you, anyway.”All of the girls cackled with delight, until Tara finally said, “Trevor, you really are a special guy. Your girlfriend is super lucky. That’s some kind of will you have, to turn that down. Amy always wins the cum races.”“C… cum races?” He stammered, and Stacy put his cock back into his shorts.“To see who can make a guy cum the fastest with nothing but their mouth,” Rachel explained. “Want to know who usually gets second?”“That would be me,” Stacy whispered in his ear…