Mayıs 15, 2023

Tending The Gardens III

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She tore her eyes away, much regretted, but it was the only way she could accomplish the original intent of her trip to the kitchen, and now the thought of a few glasses of wine seemed as much an imperative as a desire. In fact, as to desire, other needs seemed far more pressing. She collected her composure just enough to actually pour the Four Vines Zin (one of her current favorites) into the two glasses. She liked the color and the way the soft light illuminated the velvet red within the glasses, the way the wine sheeted the sides. There was something nearly symbolic there, but she couldn’t think clear enough to linger long on something this subtle, she had other sensibilities to focus on at the moment. She allowed her satin lace bra to slip out from below her low cut sweater and placed it carefully on the counter. She was well aware Escort Acıbadem of her high firm and perky breasts being on display now, nipples pressing hard against the soft flimsy material, obviously in a aroused state. She adjusted her black sheer panties, as they had been bunched up in her wet slit, as she administered loving nuanced attention to herself while she had watched his erotic display from the other room. She wanted to appear extremely sultry on his first full view and needed this drama for full effect. She did not want to disappoint or lose this opportunity. First impressions, dear… first impressions, she kept thinking to herself. She glanced one more time over the counter window to see him fully engaged in self manipulations and dreamily gazing at the fire still. His flush was in full Kaynarca escort bloom as was his engorgement. His hand was lightly and delicately taking his own measure, slow and unhurried. She took that as a most excellent sign of his awareness and control. Mmmmm…. that’s just too damn good she thought. I can’t stand being this far away any longer. It’s time to ramp this up to the next level, dearie, she said to herself. She stepped from behind the kitchen entry and around the corner, and stood with her weight all upon one foot, with the other tipped up and leaning on the opposing ankle, knee crocked to a sensual bend, crotch better exposed this way, sweater short, with hips and belly exposed. She stood for dramatic effect until he slowly became aware of her presence and gradually averted his eyes from Aydınlı escort bayan one fire to the next. His eyes nearly popped out of his boyish noggin. He nearly lost control of his demeanor and fought hard against a sudden urge to ramp up his own administrations and grab a sturdy handful of cock, with an accelerated piston pumping greed, to guarantee the kind of conclusion he yearned desperately for at this moment. She was stunning! She was absolutely unquestionably the most sexual woman he had ever laid eyes upon. That outfit only made his blood boil all the more, his eyes feasting over every inch of her, like some ravenous wolf eyeing some helpless yew. His bulge, while certainly near maxed out, actually accepted a new round of blood flow, and the surge caused an obvious straining and pulsing, like some cobra fighting against the confines of it’s basket, for liberation, eager to spit it’s elixir venom. She fully realized the extent of his need in that moment, as her eyes remained glued to his crotch and thigh. The massive bulge there, seeming so huge, and yet if she wasn’t mistake, it actually grew even more as she stood there.