Mayıs 28, 2023

The Animal Within

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As a student at the local university, I attend classes full-time while working part-time jobs to pay for my tuition and books. So, saving money is essential for me.Because of that, I recently rented a cramped and cluttered attic bedroom in an old Victorian house off-campus. It’s partially filled with dust-covered boxes and old books and has a dangling lightbulb that swings from the vaulted ceiling. Not exactly a showplace.The owner, Mrs. Pilson, or Katherine as she prefers, said if I would help, we’d go through all the stuff in the room and clear out as much as possible. She never said how it all got there, but a precursory scan reveals many old college course books and personal effects perhaps left by previous tenants.Usually, I wouldn’t have considered a room like this, but it’s very reasonable rent and includes full kitchen privileges. Katherine is a widower and the only other house occupant. She seems nice, and her living quarters are on the other side of the house, so there’s no problem with noise. I believe this attic hideaway will be a wonderful quiet place to study and sleep.With classes starting in a few days, I moved in immediately. It didn’t take much effort as all I own fits in a backpack and a duffle bag. Katherine left me two sets of sheets and blankets for the bed and told me I could use her washing machine whenever I did laundry. Working with Bostancı Escort Katherine, we significantly reduced and rearranged the number of boxes and books stored in my rented attic room. I was okay with those left as I only needed space for studying and sleeping. As we move some of the boxes, we discover a door set into a wall with nothing behind it.  Katherine said she thought perhaps when they built the house, they had a spare door and just used it as wall covering. I thought that strange as the door had hinges, a doorknob and a locked lock, but I didn’t argue the point. It didn’t seem important at the time.Strange dreams began that first night I spent in the room. I dreamed I was drifting in a space with no firm structure, surrounded by kaleidoscope patterns of drifting fog and streaks of blueish-purple light. It was always the same dream, except in the more recent nights, I’d began hearing the sound of someone calling out. I also distinctly felt I was searching for someone, but I didn’t know who. One night while dreaming, the voice calling out suddenly sounded very close. It frightened me, and I awoke, immediately sitting up in bed. I quickly noticed that around the door to nowhere, a creeping, glimmering seam of blue light appeared, a sparkling thread which unspooled from behind the door. It sliced the darkness from the Bostancı Escort Bayan top of the door down both sides to the floorboards. The light beams were narrow, but the energy was enough that it seemed to stir the room’s air currents. I took a moment to gathered my courage and crept to the door. There was a slight humming sound coming from behind it, so I slowly reach for the doorknob. The moment I touch the doorknob, I’m sailing across the room, slamming against the far wall, before sliding back down upon my bed.In my cramped attic room, now shrouded in dust and shadow, something definitely disturbs the air. Whatever it is, is oozing into the room like an electrical charge, seeping from around the door—with increasing pulses of energy building, building up for something, something coming.  On my desk beneath the attic window are open books, with their pages flipping one after another in increasing air currents. The dangling lightbulb swings from the vaulted ceiling, back and forth, back and forth, swaying precariously on its cord. The silver seam of light around the door expands on one side as the door slowly fans open with a creak and a mysterious moan, widening to reveal a silver mirror-like portal defying the surrounding darkness. In only moments, something begins to emerge, breaking the smooth mirror-like surface—a Escort Bostancı dark nude human female figure. First one foot and then the other as a pair of black-as-midnight eyes sweep the room before finally settling on me. I find myself lost in those eyes’ dark depth, feeling a sense of peace while at the same time experiencing tremors of panic.She stands tall, her chin high. Her face is classic, framed by long black waves of silky hair reflecting the blue-white flashes of light from the doorway. Full lips along with high cheekbones convey a sense of nobility. Her skin is alabaster, slightly off-white and nearly translucent.Medium size breasts are perfectly formed, with hard nipples slightly darker in color. A tapered ribcage leads to a slim waist before smoothly flaring to hips below, while a small patch of jet-black public hair lies just above partially exposed pouting folds of womanhood. Long, shapely legs finish the picture this strange creature paints, and they appear ready to spring if need be.While beautiful, she is noticeably not of this world. She has no belly button, and there’s something unnatural about her eyes that seem more animal than human. Her fingers also seem a little longer than expected.But even so, I find myself staring dumbly, mouth agape, entranced, as she begins to smile. She raises and spreads her hands to her sides, shoulder-high, palms up with the grace of a dancer. “Are you enjoying the view?” she asks in perfect English, flashing white teeth behind soft, lovely lips. I blush from gawking at her, causing her to laugh an infectious laugh. All I can think is what I can do or say to please her and make her laugh again.