Haziran 9, 2023

The Auction

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The AuctionLiz was standing naked on the stage with about twenty other beautiful and sexy girls. The men were standing around waiting to bid on the girl of their choice. The money spent went to support the many orphanages around the world. The girls were blonde, brunette, Asian, black and Indian. They all had large tits and a great ass. It was a must to get into the bidding. The men paid thousands of dollars for a week end with the sexy bodies. The auction started with the girls parading around so the men could see all of them and choose the one they wanted to bid on. Any girl was worth the money but some were a private choice. When a girl was bought she was given a short robe to barely cover her and she then went off to a private bungalo with her man. Liz had waist length long hair was very popular with the men. She had been here five years and always raised lots of money. Today a man from India was bidding high for her. It was said he had twelve wives and forty two c***dren at home but he loved her blonde hair as his county did not have blondes. He was very sexy and handsome and kept his body in top shape. Liz imagined he would be a great lover with that many wives and k**s. Liz also was an escort for a high class call service. She could be bought for the night or days, or longer. She had taken several trips with wealthy men and loved the attention. Her body and love of sex brought in a good living. She had been having sex for free from a young age and it all started when one of her dad’s friends took her out to the woods and undressed her and fucked her young body. This ended up being a weekly thing and she then started fucking more men and at the age of sixteen she lied and said she was eighteen and joined the call service. Men loved her young body and she could not believe how much her body could earn for fucking just how she liked. She was a great cock lover and was well known for her cock sucking skills. She loved to suck till Ankara escort she drained him of all his cum. She loved cum and could deep throat a huge cock with no problem. She had been sucking cock since she was just twelve.The man finally won the bid at three hundred and fifty thousand dollars. She was given a robe and she went with him to their private room. They got just down the path and he grabbed her and removed her robe and began to rub her tits then suck them right as they stood there. Then he pushed two fingers in her cunt and as he sucked her big jug he finger fucked her cunt. She spread her legs letting him know she liked it and he then fingered her harder. He then lifted her and began walking with his fingers in her cunt till he got to their cabin. Once inside he stripped and his ten inch cock popped out rock hard. She grabbed his cock and began stroking him up and down and then she grabbed one of his huge balls. She loved a man with huge nuts. As she jerked on his cock she squeezed his big fat balls. He then picked her up and put her legs around him as he slid his fat cock deep into her fuck hole and began really pounding her deep and hard and then grabbed a tit and sucked a nipple. She could feel his long thick cock deep in her hole as he fucked her ravaging her wet pulsing cunt. Then she felt a finger enter her ass and as he fucked her cunt he finger fucked her asshole. She was surprised how long he was able to fuck her before he filled her with his warm cum.He then laid on his back on the bed and pulled her down on top of him and pushed her face into his cock and she knew he wanted it sucked. This was her specialty and she began first licking his cock then his balls then she sucked his balls and went back to the long cock. She spent a lot of time with the head licking her cum off it as she also licked his leaking cum from the slit. 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She was amazed how many times he could cum even if it took him longer some of the times thus making her ass and cunt very sore. She figured his cock was also sore too. When it was time for him to leave he told her he would be back in three weeks. Two of his wives were now ready to be bred and he had a job to do. He also had a c***d bride waiting at his home for the wedding and to be fucked day and night till she was full of his c***d. All of his brides were c***dren and had given birth soon as they were able. Till then he fucked them constantly.