Haziran 19, 2023

The beach

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The beachThis is my first try at writing up our experiences, I hope it’s ok! Sarah xWe like to get away to the beach every so often and that’s what we did for a few days so we could unwind. I won’t say where, as it’s our place!We had been to the beach each day, but this day was a bit cooler so there weren’t as many people around as the other days. I decided to where my new white bikini, I always feel sexy in white and it shouted “buy me” when I saw it! I liked it too as the top fastens at the front, which I think shows off my cleavage! As the day was cooler, I took my pashmina scarf just in case my shoulders got too cool.We were enjoying our relaxing day and we both commented that there weren’t as many people about as earlier in the day, he said they were probably working as they wouldn’t need to sneak of from work to here as it’s not a very hot day.Anyway, he started playing around with me, unhooking my bikini top and loosening the ties on my bottoms, just joking around. Nobody could see what we were doing, just a couple being playful! I fixed myself up and he asked if I wanted warming up. I said ok and we had a bit of a kiss and cuddle and Escort bayan his hands were roaming!I said to be careful as there were people around but he said it would be ok as they were far enough away not to see what we were doing. I was unsure but was liking the attention so we kept on going. I could see that he was getting horny (and feel it 😉 ) but I was feeling good. He started to play with my boobs in my top, then put his fingers inside to tweak my nipples! That always gets me going and he knows that!He whispered that we should put the pashmina to good use, I didn’t know what he had in mind, but went along with it. By now, he was rubbing inside my bottoms and I was getting more than a little excited but didn’t want everyone to see! He then took my pashmina, folded it and tied it around my eyes like a blindfold, one thing that really heightens my senses!He continued to play with me, unhooking the front of my top and had his hand down my bottoms, teasing my pussy. I said that if we were going to do anything here, we need to be sure that nobody will see us. He said it was ok and that he would be in front Bayan escort of me so nobody further down Thebes h could see. That was good enough for me.With that he started sucking on my nipples and the ties on my bottoms were totally loosened, then his fingers were working on the outside of my pussy. I could feel myself getting hotter and breathing heavier, then a finger was slipped into me. It was quickly joined by a second and then a third, by now I was moaning a bit loudly as he picked up the pace.He then took his fingers out and put them in my mouth for me to suck my juices. They were removed but replaced by his now rock hard cock, I don’t know how he gets so hard without me touching him! I worked my tongue all around it, licking the tip then accepting his shaft in my open mouth and sliding backwards and forwards on it. He grabbed the back of my head and worked his way further into my mouth, which I know can get him to cum hard and quickly! After a couple of minutes of this, he didn’t disappoint, he pulled out and I felt his warm cum on my exposed boobs, though some did get me in the face.I went to take the Escort pashmina away but he said to leave it, so I did. We don’t normally go for round 2 as quickly, but he was hard straight away, so he went straddled my boobs with his cock, pushing them together and pumping away before going back to my mouth. Wow, does he like blowjobs! He seemed a bit different to before, a bit more forceful and dare I say it, a little bigger! His cock was hitting the back of my throat, which never happens and he was making me gag!I pushed him out again, but I wasn’t sure, was it really him, does he get that big? Before I could think any more about it, the fingers traced down my body, over my boobs and into my soaking pussy, mmm that was nice! A few minutes of that and I was in bliss, the the cock reappeared in my mouth. Again it seemed big, but I was carried away my mouth was working its magic, though still a little gag. Well he pulled out and I was engulfed in cum, all over my boobs! It felt like so much, considering he had not long since cum on me.I went to take the pashmina away but he said we should cuddle like that. We did, he fixed my top and bottoms, though didn’t clean me up! We were in our embrace for what seemed about 5 minutes, then he took off my pashmina. The beach was still quiet, like it was for most of the day, but was it just me or was there one guy a little closer than before who was sneaking glances over at us?