Eylül 18, 2023

The Beast’s Prey – Chapter 12: Prelude To War

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Zafael and Hunter were surrounded by mer-creatures, including the old one that hovered over a large podium. The creature glared at them, its gills oscillating as it spoke in a foreign language to the beings around it. The other beasts motioned wildly as they communicated. Sometimes their limbs extended toward the direction of the imprisoned guests, Zafael and Hunter. Some of the creatures seemed to speak slowly, their movements gentle and composed. Others, though, seemed to move angrily, their movements exaggerated and quick.Zafael felt exposed in the chamber. Goosebumps rose over her skin. Her nipples became hard and erect in the cold room. The eyes of the creatures wandered slowly over her body. No part of her was hidden. She felt bare and on display for her captors. Her perk breasts with pink nipples were barely covered by a slender arm. Her other hand rested delicately above her pussy. Her fingers were splayed over her delicate mound. Despite her predicament, she could feel herself beginning to become aroused, her labia began to moisten, and she could feel the beginning of a drip begin to form on her inner leg.Zafael could see several prominent bulges on the male creatures as their members pushed against the confines of thin apparel. The beasts that wore no lower clothes had exposed cocks that were beginning to spring to life. Before Zafael’s eyes, they were becoming rigid and hard. The members were large, blue-grey trunks with powerful veins running along their length. The appendages swelled at its base, into a bulbous circular shape, not unlike the cock of canines. The outside of the member had small nubs dotted throughout.The creature at the podium, the one Zafael assumed was in charge, began talking again. The others stopped their movements. Their attention was immediately drawn to the elder. The leader’s eyes rested on Zafael momentarily before quickly motioning toward Hunter.In an instant, two guards appeared. They quickly grabbed Hunter by the arms, leading him outside of the chamber before Zafael could protest. She scanned the room, noting the calm expressions of the creatures that had them imprisoned. There was no movement of their faces, bursa escort no indication of any feeling or temperament. They were just still, silent, waiting.Another set of guards appeared. However, they did not enter the bubble. These guards were wearing gold armor that covered thick chests of muscles and arms the size of tree trunks. Although their torso and upper body were covered with armor, their cocks were left unadorned. Tufts of dark thick pubic hair floated freely above their large members, with heavy balls that floated just below.Zafael was amazed at the creature’s exposed nakedness. She couldn’t make any sense as to why some were covered and others exposed their sex. But she had to admit she didn’t mind the view. Their large cocks caused Zafael to blush fiercely, imagining what it would be like to take the creature into her. Interrupting her thought, two female mermaids appeared behind the male guards.These creatures were completely nude. Their bodies were the pale blue of their male counterparts, though their lips were painted in the most brilliant shade of sparkling gold that Zafael had ever seen. Purple mascara highlighted their eyes, and gold jewelry hung from their ears. Both mermaids had ample breasts that swung freely as they moved through the water. Their nipples were perk, an even lighter shade of blue. Each was pierced with gold jewelry with chains that flowed down to another piercing at the creature’s lower opening.The mermaids ran their hands lustfully over the guards. Their fingers delicately glided over the metal material and scaley skin of the mermen. Eventually, the females reached their prize. Their fingers disappeared under masses of pubic hair, eventually emerging along the male’s erect cocks.The merman released a deep growl as the mermaid began to message their huge members. Zafael was shocked to see the females pick up speed, jerking the beast’s cocks up and down rapidly. The mermaids were eagerly working the male’s cocks over in an exciting display of public masturbation. Their thick members swelled rapidly, their nubs extending to double in length as the merman grew more and more altıparmak escort excited. White whisps of pre-cum leaked from the creature’s tips, drifting lazily in the water.The mermaids smiled as they both added their other hand to the task. Squeezing the giant shafts, they jerked the penises harder, back and forth, increasing in pace as the members fully swelled. The two females picked up their pace, their movements becoming swift and desperate. Their goal was quickly approaching. The mermaid’s breasts swung as they masturbated the creatures, nipples a hard point, pieced with chains that bounced along with their movements.Finally, the male creatures came. It was a gush of white translucent semen, a quantity that seemed to go on forever as it spurted out in gushes. Stream after stream of warm cum spread like thick syrup into the cold water.The mermaids, now having completed their task, stepped away from the guards. To Zafael’s surprise, a small tentacle began to wrap itself around one of the women. Other tendrils soon joined it, wrapping around the creature’s breasts and messaging her wet pussy with a particularly large sucker. The mermaid creature gasped in pleasure, her body gyrating as she rubbed herself along the large tentacle.The other mermaid was not left alone for long. Zafael could see another tentacle spread from between her legs, parting her labia folds as it squirmed past her. Other tentacles slowly expanded as they unfurled around her.The mermaid that was humping the tentacle picked up her rubbing, thrusting her hips wildly as she approached an orgasm that had her gasping for breath. Before she could finish, a new tentacle wrapped around her throat, violently pulling her back and out of Zafael’s sight. In the void that the mermaid left, a giant creature approached. Its blurry shape became clearer, and Zafael realized it was a giant octopus creature!The giant octopus’s arms wrapped around the remaining mermaid. A tentacle snaked around her breasts, squeezing and playing with her nipples. Another slid down her stomach before disappearing into her lower mound. The mermaid’s lips parted wide, görükle escort a silent gasp of pleasure as the appendage explored her private tunnel.The tentacle continued to slither into her wet mound, lifting the mermaid several feet above the ground. The octopus wrapped its other tendrils around the captured mermaid’s arms, drawing her back roughly, causing her back to arch and her breasts to point straight up, erect and excited. At the same time, the octopus’ lower appendage proceeded to pound in and out of the mermaid’s exposed pussy.Two other tentacles joined in, wrapping over the mermaid’s backside, spreading her butt cheeks, and exposing her ass to the enthralled audience. Her puckered rosebud offered little resistance to the stiff prodding of a third tentacle. A gentle push was all that was needed. The mermaid’s sphincter relaxed. In an instant, the appendage disappeared into her anus.The mermaid let out a scream as the tentacles worked in and out of both of her holes. They moved quickly, spreading her openings wide as they explored deeply. The other tentacles held her tight, denying her any form of escape. Its appendages worked quickly, molesting the captured female’s breasts and nipples. The other guard floated up to the mermaid’s mouth, his exposed rigid cock inches away from her open lips. The mermaid was so overcome with pleasure that she did not notice him until it was too late. Before she could resist, the guard plunged his massive member into her screaming open mouth.Caught off guard, the mermaid could only squirm as the guard penetrated her throat mercilessly. He would pull his member almost completely free from her lips before bucking forward and throwing the entire length of his cock down her throat again. Repeating over and over, he refused to give the mermaid even a moment’s rest. The guard’s cock swelled to a massive erection, his knot expanding to fill the female’s mouth.The guard bucked wildly atop the mermaid’s face. Her lips pressed against the base of the creature’s cock as she was forced to take his full length. Her scream was muffled as the penis exploded into her throat. A sudden wash of ejaculation erupted into her captive mouth. The guard shoved his cock down her throat a final few times, cum pouring unimpeded into her mouth.Now satisfied, the merman slowly removed his massive member from her mouth. The now limp cock, still impressively large, trailed semen into the water and past the mermaid’s swollen lips.