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The Clan Ch. 10

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Chapter 10 – Sean

Sean was another who used Plan A, believing his mother was very open to a more direct approach then Plan B. In fact Sean thought Plan B was too sneaky and would be disrespectful of his mother if he employed it. Sean knew his mother very well, probably better then any of the other young men knew their mothers. Karen talked to her son about everything, like a woman would with her closest girlfriend. She had done so since his birth; as Sean’s father had disappeared once Karen told him she was expecting a child. From the moment he was born, Karen spoke to Sean in this manner, and as he grew he slowly understood the things she talked about.

This had the effect of binding mother and son very close together. As a toddler he would sit on Karen’s lap and they would talk, as Sean played with her many necklaces. Sean did this eight, and becoming a little too heavy to sit on his mother’s lap, he sat on the arm of her chair as they watched TV and chatted.

This became the norm, until one day Karen changed it all — the day before Sean left for that camp. When Sean sat next to his mother on the arm of her chair to watch the TV and talk, he could see she wasn’t wearing her bra and most of her buttons were undone. Although Karen’s shirt still covered the most interesting parts of her breasts, Sean was intrigued.

Karen had been thinking for days about her Sean going to camp for the next two weeks, and as she dressed she deliberately left her bra in the draw. Karen knew this was a very strange thing to do, and she knew what it could signal to her son, but chose to ignore those thoughts telling herself, ‘that was not her intension.’ So as Sean looked at his mother’s breasts were her shirt hung open, but he hesitated to take up her invitation. Karen was a little disappointed, and as Sean travelled to camp he though he may have missed on opportunity that would never come his way again.

However, once Sean was going home after camp as Jeremy’s words still ringing in his ears, Karen asked how camp was and Sean asked,

“Can we talk about this like we did the day before I left for camp?”

Karen knew exactly what her son was asking; he wanted his mother to be unbuttoned and without her bra when they talked. A very strange and yet compelling sensation ran through Karen’s body, and she felt a little warm.

“Yeah sure,” Karen replied.

As she said this, the strange sensation she was felting began to heighten and she found herself wanting to hear her son’s tale of camp as soon as possible. As Karen had dressed to pick her Sean up from camp she had chosen her clothing very specifically, and her bra once again was left in the draw. She thought quickly as they drove out of the camp grounds, down the dirt road to the main road, and by the time Karen turned into the main road she knew what she was going to do.

“Well I can’t wait to hear what you got up to over the last two weeks, I missed you so much,” Karen told her Sean and he smiled to himself and thought that

Jeremy may have been right.

“I missed you too mum, terribly,” Sean told his mother with as much feeling as he could muster.

The no bra of the day before he left for camp he now recognised as his mother’s first sexual signal to him.

“Well there’s a little ‘pull-in’ area just up ahead we can stop there and have a chat, how’s that?” Karen asked her Sean escort bayan hopefully.

“A chat like the day before I left?” Sean asked.

“Yes, like the day before you left for camp,” Karen confirmed and glanced at her son.

Sean decided to push the issue.

“With you not wearing a bra?” he asked plainly, and he saw his mother blush.

However, Karen was not blushing, she had become very aroused at her son’s question — it was so direct.

“Yeah, I’m not wearing a bra,” she told Sean and he could hear the change in his mother’s voice.

Neither mother nor son said a word as Karen drove the few kilometres to where she knew the ‘pull-in’ was on their side of the road; she had seen it each year Sean had gone to camp. As they approached the ‘pull-in’ Karen asked her Sean,

“Do you like it when I don’t wear a bra?”

It took Karen a great deal of courage to ask that question of her son.

“Well yeah, most guys like it when their girls don’t wear a bra, and the day I left for camp I didn’t do anything about it, but today I am.”

Karen was stunned on two accounts. Firstly, her Sean had called her ‘his girl’. Secondly, he was going to do something about her not wearing a bra. She was so aroused she could feel her pussy juices seeping as she drove into the ‘pull-in’. Karen drove to the back of the roadside stop with the front of the car facing the bush, and away from the road. She turned the car off.

“Let’s sit in the back,” Sean suggested and Karen felt like she was on a first date in her teen years again. Without discussion mother and son got out of the front of the car and into the back seat and sat as they always did — leaning against each other. As if in a trance Karen waited for her son, her excitement nearly beyond endurance. She felt Sean’s hand go to her shirt and carefully undo her buttons, and she felt the air on the bare skin of her chest.

Sean began to tell her about this year’s camp. They stared into each other’s eyes as he undid the last of her buttons, and Karen felt an urgent desire for her son to touch her breasts. Her shirt hung open slightly, because both sides were supported by her breasts and obscured them as they did. However, as if to relieve his mother of her urgent desire, Sean reached into his mother’s shirt and cupped her large breast in his hand and squeezed gently at first, feeling her soft spongy flesh — all the while they continued to stare into each other’s eyes and both saw the desire in the other, all the while Sean talked.

“Pull down your jeans,” Karen commanded her son and as quickly as possible Sean complied although his hand had to come out of her shirt, and his mother dropped to the floor of the back seat. Karen reached into her son’s boxers and he nearly came as she gripped his dick, pull it out of his boxers and wrapped her mouth around it.

As his mother sucked his dick Sean raced to his climax, and tried to pull out of his mother’s mouth, but she held him there and waited with excited expectation for her Sean to cum in her mouth — something she had fantasised about for a few years now. Sean waisted no time and he felt himself explode into his mother’s mouth, and Karen not only swallowed as he did, but she continued to suck increasing the length of his orgasm.

When he had finally finished thrashing about, Sean escort bayanlar was spent and Karen smiled at her Sean, knowing he would be good to go again long before they reached home. Sean stared down at his mother and she smiled up at him. After a few minutes Sean replaced his jeans and mother and son resumed their seats and their journey home. Once home the real fun began.

Karen pulled the car into the driveway and helped her Sean with his bags, and as he dumped them in his room Karen went and showered in her en suit, while Sean did the same in the main bathroom. Sean was first out and waited in the lounge room for his mother; Karen walked into the lounge room about ten or so minutes later swinging her car keys around her middle finger of her right hand. She was wearing a short cotton skirt and her light cotton shirt, and as the night was warm, she didn’t need anything else.

“Let’s go,” Karen told her son and Sean’s quizzical look brought a little laugh from his mother, but he followed her out of the car. Once inside the car Karen smiled and winked at her son and drove out of the driveway, onto the street and into the night.

Sean remained silent, left to his own thoughts wondering what his mother was up to, but still very excited. Karen drove to a local reserve which is quite big, and turning into the car park she turned the main headlights off and crawled to the far end of the car park. She turned off all the lights and the engine, turned to her son and said,

“I though you might like to go parking with me. I’m all yours.”

Sean could see his mother’s smile even in the half light. His mind raced, but he knew just what he wanted to do.

“Hop out for a second,” he told his mother and they both got out of the car and shut their doors.

Sean walked around to his mother, spun her around and placed her hands on the roof of the car, and then he tapped her legs apart. Karen thought her son was going to search her intimately, but no. Sean went to work immediately. He ran his hand up the inside of her thigh straight to her panties – a tiny pair, and he ripped them off. Karen was instantly aroused.

Sean groped roughly at her pussy. This was the first time son had touched mother’s pussy, and both felt the surge of arousal in their bodies. Sean felt a thick lipped pussy with short pubic hair on her mound, but no hair on her pussy lips and she was so wet it was slowly running down her inner thighs. In a threatening voice Sean asked,

“Do you like that mum, hey, do you like your son groping your pussy?” and the way he was kneading her pussy lips was hard, but to her great surprise she loved it.

Now Sean groped each cheek of her ass, grabbing a handful of flesh and pulling on it. Again Karen was surprised at how good this felt and she answered how she thought she should.

“No I don’t like it, you shouldn’t treat your mother like this, you’re so bad, so bad,” and her words were punctuated with moans and groans, as her body began to writhe with pleasure.

Sean placed his face close to her ear and whispered,

“Oooh, you know how long I’ve wanted to feel your ass and finger your pussy?” and as he asked his mother this, his fingers were on her pussy once again.

“Stop it you dirty boy, leave me alone, you filthy boy,” Karen hissed at her son as she thrust her ass at bayan escort him, and Sean slide two fingers into her very wet pussy, and Karen groaned loudly and gutturally as she felt her son’s fingers push deep inside her pussy. Her pussy was flooding his hand. “I’ve got my fingers in your pussy mum, and oh you feel so good,” and Sean pushed his mother’s back down and away from him so she was bent right over, as his fingers thrust roughly in and out of her pussy, and rotated around inside her.

“You dirty boy, stop touching your mother’s pussy. Oh stop it,” Karen groaned back at her son writhing in pleasure.

Sean’s fingers found her G spot, and Karen nearly climaxed there and then, she was so turned on.

Sean dropped his jeans and boxers releasing his rock hard dick, and he pulled his fingers out and hammered his dick into his mother’s pussy. The combination of the rough treatment, the words they had exchanged and knowing it was her own son’s dick in her pussy drove Karen to climax.

Sean grabbed a handful of his mother’s hair, but not too roughly as he pumped hard into her, and as he did he grunted loudly. Karen loved what Sean was doing to her; sex had never been better. As he pumped his mother in the dark car park, Sean promised himself that before the night was over, he would see his mother naked in full light.

Sean pumped and pumped his mother for longer then he believed he could; it was just so fantastic, be was still mentally pinching himself. Karen couldn’t believe how well her Sean was fucking her, because she knew it was the best she had ever had as he brought her to another climax. Where had he learnt this, and who had he learnt from. She must remember to ask him later, but right now she had some good fucking to enjoy, and enjoy she did.

Sean felt his climax about to rip through him and he thrust as deeply as he could into his mother’s body. Karen wanted nothing more at that moment then to feel her son shoot his cum into her love tunnel. Sean shot his cum into his mother as she too climaxed for the last time, both making the strangest of sounds. Together mother and son climaxed for each other in a crazy dance, as their bodies writhing together, as if neither knew the dance steps.

Sean stood on wobbly legs and didn’t think anything could ever top that. Karen was panting with her head resting on her arms on the roof of the car. Slowly Sean pulled his boxers and then jeans up. Karen stood up straight and straightened her dress, not even bothering to look for her panties. She felt her son’s cum oozing out from between her pussy lips, smiled and squatted down forcing all his cum out of her pussy.

Once finished, mother and son both breathless and more then a little shell shocked, got into the car and drove home in silence. Both knowing what they had done and not caring who thought what of them. Sean gave Jeremy a silent ‘thank-you’. Karen was so pleased, she was just thankful she had taken that first step the day her Sean went to camp, and thankful her son had the courage to pursue her first move with one of his own.

As she drove home, her Sean had his hand up her skirt, softly caressing her pussy which was already wanting more. Karen liked her Sean’s roughness, but was looking forward to some gentle, slow love making very soon — tonight she hoped.

If her Sean could do that for her, the rough and the smooth, her most compelling fantasy would have come true. Rough and soft sex with her Sean had dominated her sexual thoughts for a few years now. By the time the sun rose the next morning, her Sean would have not only fulfilled her fantasy, but helped her on the way for a myriad of fantasies she never dreamed were possible.