Mayıs 6, 2023

The Closet Hideaway

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Chuck had been working for his Uncle Gino in the family’s private investigation and security business for the past three years since dropping out of college. He had been sent by Uncle Gino to install some video and electronic surveillance equipment in an apartment. Hiding and setting up surveillance devices is what Chuck did best and he loved what he did.He had been slightly nervous as he encountered the doorman at the entrance of the apartment building but a quick nod by the doorman assured Chuck that his cousin Tony, had already done his job, which was to bribe him into letting Chuck, dressed as the cable TV installer, pass without confirming that he had an appointment with a resident.Chuck walked in the front door carrying his tool box and went up the elevator to the fourth floor. If everything went as planned no one would be at home. He had been told that the lady that lived in the apartment would be at work. The job was considered routine. It was for a pharmaceutical corporation that regularly kept surveillance on certain employees that had access to certain research on drugs with patent potential.Chuck glanced at his note for the apartment number and right away located apartment number 407. He slipped the long pin out of his pocket and slid it into the lock. It only took about ten seconds and he had the entry knob and the deadbolt unlocked. Chuck was proud of his ability to open locks.He slid quietly into the apartment. There was plenty of light being as it was the middle of the afternoon. Chuck noticed that the apartment was lavishly furnished with original oil paintings and expensive furniture. He wondered how much a fancy apartment in an upscale apartment building like this would cost. After looking around for good places to conceal his devices, Chuck began to go about his task. He soon had a camera lens installed in the alarm clock by the bed, a microphone hidden behind the painting hanging on her wall behind the bed. He moved into the living room and quickly installed a microphone in the silk plant on the coffee table, another camera lens went into the control Ataşehir Escort panel of the stereo and he then installed the bugging device into the cordless telephone.Just as Chuck had tightened the mouthpiece back onto the telephone he heard voices at the door. He then heard keys. Panic set in. His heartbeat felt like it would come through his chest. He quickly grabbed his tool satchel and made a quick dash for the bedroom and slid into the closet pulling the louvered doors shut behind him.This had never happened to Chuck before and he was actually feeling angry at his cousin Tony who had told him the apartment would definitely be unoccupied and that he had all the time necessary to do a thorough job of installing the surveillance equipment.Chuck could hear voices in the living room, a woman and a man. Then he saw the woman, who had straight medium length blond hair, turn the corner into the bedroom then walk over to the bed turning to face the man. Chuck could see that she was dressed in a dark gray pin striped lady’s business suit and seemed quite sophisticated. The skirt she wore was short and she wore black heels and tan stockings. She was a very attractive lady, probably in her early thirties. The man wearing an expensive looking gray suit, tailor made by the look of the cut, nonchalantly, leaned against the door with his shoulder, both hands in his trouser pockets, one leg crossing the other heel up with the tip toe of his shoe touching the floor. He looked to be mid-forties, prematurely silver-haired, his hair somewhat long and wavy.The woman said do the man, “Well, is this when we consummate the deal?” He looked at her and paused before he answered, “Yes.”Chuck knew he was onto something but his off-location receiving equipment was not set up. He thought quickly and remembered that he had a microcassette recorder in his tool satchel and very quietly reached for it and was lucky enough that a cassette was already in place. He quietly squeezed the record button and placed it in the front chest pocket of his jump suit.Then Ataşehir Escort Bayan the man said to her, “When you all work out the final formula you are to call me at the number I gave you and leave a message. You are to retrieve the exact ingredient list and a sample of the drug. I will contact you where to make the drop.”She asked, “And the money?”“It will be wired to the account number you gave me,” The man answered. “In fact I will wire the down payment this afternoon after I leave.”He went on, “You are not to spend any of it for at least six months after. He paused and started back in a serious tone, “that is very important. You do understand don’t you?” The woman removing her suit jacket and tossing it over the back of a nearby chair replied, “No problem.”Chuck could not believe what he had stumbled onto. He was hoping that this information could get him a pay raise or a bonus. He would be sure to ask Uncle Gino for that once he got back to the office, but most of all he just wished to get out of that apartment undetected.Then Chuck watched in amazement as the blond lady unbuttoned her white silk blouse and tossed it also over the back of the chair and then immediately removed her bra revealing her firm breasts, most likely implants from the look of them and large silver dollar nipples. The man stepped forward and took her breasts in his hands and caressed them softly as he looked into her eyes.“These a very good work,” he said to her.“Thanks,” she answered.Then the man stepped back and removed his suit jacket tossing it to the edge of the bed revealing a large pistol in a shoulder holster, possibly a .45 semi-automatic. Chuck could feel his own adams apple jump up and down and his heart felt like it would stop as renewed fears of panic overtook him.The man removed the holster and dropped it on his jacket on the bed. Immediately he then grabbed the woman and kissed her. Chuck watched but could not move.As the couple kissed the man’s hands dropped to her waste grabbing her by the buttocks and squeezing them firmly. Escort Ataşehir He then pushed her almost violently back onto the bed.She looked back at him and nervously laughed. Then she spreads her legs apart wide for him to look up her skirt. She giggled then asked, “Is this what you want?”“That’s what I am going to take,” the man said firmly. He then started to undress removing his tie shirt, trousers and boxer shorts as the woman lay on the bed but maneuvering just enough to remove her skirt. Chuck saw that the man was remarkably built for his age, very well muscled with a six-pack stomach and he had what looked like it might be a military special forces tattoo on his upper arm at the deltoid muscle and some scars on his back.The woman looked at them man and said, “You have quite a body.”“You do too,” he responded. And Chuck looking at her thought to himself that he wholeheartedly agreed.She lay there now in only her very sheer white bikini panties, garter belt, stockings and black heels. She was looking at the man with a seductive expression while running her hands slowly and erotically over her body, squeezing and pinching her own nipples.The man stood at the foot of her bed watching her. By the time he started toward her his cock was straight out in front of him already fully erect. He quickly pounced on the bed over her then began to kiss her passionately.They rolled over side-by-side on the bed while french kissing and his hands went into her panties. Chuck gulped hard as he watched. Chuck could feel his own sweat beading up on his forehead in disbelief that he was stuck hiding in the closet watching this. The thought of dashing out of the closet and out of the apartment did cross Chuck’s mind but he realized that the man’s gun was too close for him to retrieve and besides if Chuck could stay as quiet and not utter a sound he may never be discovered and can slip out after the man and woman finish having sex and vacate the premises.Chuck then watched as the man rather violently ripped the woman’s panties from her and he tossed them to the floor. It rather took her by surprise and Chuck could not tell whether she gasped in fear or arousal at that. The man then sat up at the head oh her bed his back to the headboard and took her face in his hand and led it down to his cock while he said, “I want you to give me the best head of my life.”She began to suck his cock.