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The Disobedience of Aunt Julie

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I sat alone in the bar nursing my beer, thinking about the night before. Will I ever do anything that wild, that exciting, that completely ‘out there’ again? I couldn’t stop a guilty smile creeping over my face. ‘Shit, I hope so’ I thought. I shouldn’t feel guilty, we were both consenting adults but it felt wrong – sinfully, deliciously wrong – and all the better for it.

I live just outside Bristol but got the offer of a job in London with one of the top advertising agencies. An entry level job and the initial salary wasn’t mind blowing but still, a step on the ladder and too good an opportunity for me to turn down.

The only fly in the ointment was that I’d have to re-locate and London house prices and rents are stratospheric. Fortunately I have an Aunt in Ealing, west London who is constantly complaining that she doesn’t see enough of me – why do I never visit etc etc…

I’m sure she didn’t have in mind that I would stay for any period but I thought I’d chance my arm and ask if she would mind me crashing at her place for a short time while I sussed the job out, made some contacts and arranged a possible place to live.

Aunt Julie was only too pleased. She’d be glad of the company – stay as long as you like, she insisted.

After being there a week or so we were beginning to relax in each other’s company – she even seemed mildly flirtatious in a safe, non-serious way.

We were in the kitchen preparing a bit of lunch when she nudged me conspiratorially and said in a sort of stage whisper.

“I’ve got a date tonight.”

“Wow, lucky you.” I replied.

“Lucky him don’t you mean.” She laughed loudly and nudged me again. “Seriously though, I’m as nervous as a kitten, it’s been 30 years since I went on a date. He’ll be the first man I’ve been out with since Jeff left.”

That was 2 years ago. Jeff, mild mannered, wouldn’t say boo to a nervous goose Jeff, had shocked the family, especially his wife of 30 years, by announcing he was gay, had been in a relationship with his 24 year old lover for 3 years and was leaving to live with him in Portugal.

Julie, understandably, was badly broken by this but gradually she’d put herself back together and this date seemed to be the culmination of that process.

Now, Aunt Julie wasn’t a bad looking woman. She was still in reasonable shape for a 52 year old. She had a pleasant face and hadn’t run to fat but she seemed to have given up trying to shine. Dressing for comfort was something she’d embraced with a vengeance.

“I’ve got nothing to wear of course.” She complained. “I don’t suppose you’d come out shopping with me this afternoon? I badly need a man’s opinion.”

“Sure.” I said, trying to sound as enthusiastic as I could at the prospect of traipsing around a succession of clothes shops with my middle aged Aunt.

We set off for a long afternoon of retail therapy/torture. To be honest it was nowhere near as arduous a task as I was fearing – in fact, at times, notably when she dragged me into a lingerie shop and asked for my opinion on a variety of lacy ensembles, it was positively uplifting. We settled on a pretty pair of pink panties and matching bra which I insisted on buying for her. If she noticed the huge swelling at the front of my trousers as we meandered around the shop she was far too discreet to mention it.

She was more adventurous in her choice of outfit than I was expecting and as we headed back I couldn’t suppress a feeling of anticipation at the prospect of seeing her dressed up.

When the time came she spent an absolute age getting ready but when she finally emerged escort forumları into the living room my jaw bounced off the floor. She wore a short, tight fitting black pencil skirt with a slit up the side and a pretty white top that did everything it possibly could to enhance her best assets – her large breasts. Her pink bra could occasionally be seen tentatively seeking the limelight above her top.

She was perched atop a pair of black shoes with heels so high and pointed they couldn’t fail to compliment her stocking clad legs or quicken the pulse of a poor unsuspecting nephew. Her make up – pink nails and lipstick set the look off to perfection.

“What do you think cowboy?” She smiled and struck a provocative pose in jest.

“She-ite! Someone hold me back.” I spluttered.

“Behave, cheeky boy. Seriously, will I do?” She asked.

“You’ll do me. He’s a lucky man, whoever he is.”

“Doug, his name’s Doug. I met him at work. Recently separated. He’ll probably bore me rigid with all the details and spend the whole time wishing he was with her but, heh-ho, it’s a night out with a man and that’s rarer than rocking horse poo for me.”

Doug arrived at about 8 o’clock to pick Aunt Julie up. He seemed ok in a dull, uninspiring way, though I didn’t much like the sight of him having to reel his tongue back in when his date emerged. I could tell he was thinking this could be a completely different night to the one he’d been anticipating. I tried, with little success, to squash down the ugly ogre of jealousy that was rising up in me.

So, an evening of boredom and frustration, wondering what Julie and deadly Doug might be getting up to, stretched out before me.

Inevitably I ended up in Julie’s bedroom and it goes without saying I paid the obligatory visit to her underwear drawer. There was some quite nice stuff in there and I had just decided, in my horny state, to investigate her laundry hamper for the prize of a less fresh pair of panties when I noticed a book at the back of the drawer.

The cover left nothing to the imagination. A naked woman, bound and gagged, leaning over a big table while a naked, masked man stood behind her wielding a cane. Further rooting around the drawer yielded two more books on a similar theme and a DVD entitled ‘The painful journey of Miss Stella’.

‘Not such a dull evening after all’ I thought as I walked back to the living room and started to play the DVD.

Miss Stella, it turned out, was an enthusiastic and willing Governess, particularly attached to the practice of being slapped, caned and whipped before being fucked senseless by the master of the house. Not necessarily my type of thing but the thought that this was what floated Aunt Julie’s boat had my cock straining to be released from its confines.

I unzipped myself and eased my eager cock out. I decided I would, after all, visit the laundry hamper and grabbed the only pair of panties in there. They must have been the one’s she was wearing before she changed this evening – a nice white satin pair with a lace around the top and sides.

I settled back to watch the film, bringing the panties up to my face to breathe in my Aunt’s aroma. I then wrapped the fragrant fabric around my cock and began slowly pumping the shaft. I knew I wouldn’t last long in my heightened state and sure enough less than a minute later I was arching my back and gasping as the first jet of warm semen sprayed out. I tossed the panties down and emptied my twitching cock over them, soaking the white satin.

I was just starting gaziantep escort forum to clean up when I heard a car door slam. Opening the curtain I peeked out and saw Aunt Julie leaning into the passenger window of a taxi handing over money.

“Shit, shit, shit.” I said, trying not to panic. I quickly turned the DVD off, ran the soaked panties into my bedroom and made myself decent just as the key was turning in the lock. Trying hard, probably too hard, to seem relaxed and carefree I inexplicably waved my hand in greeting when I saw her.

“You were quick, what happened?

“I’ll tell you what happened.” She tottered unsteadily into the living room, suggesting a few more drinks than were strictly necessary had passed her lips. “I’ve just spent an hour in the company of the most boring, self-centred, whining little specimen it’s ever been my misfortune to encounter. Why I didn’t notice this at work I’ll never know. I had to get hammered quickly just to get through it but in the end I gave up. I just picked up my bag halfway through dinner and said ‘Gotta go, sorry’ and left him there. Phoned for a taxi and came home. Christ I need a drink!”

She walked into the kitchen and came back with an open bottle of wine and two glasses. Filling both glasses up practically to the rim she handed me one and sat on the other sofa at a right angle to me.

“I’ve been dying to take these shoes off too, they’re killing me, do you mind?”

I considered lying but I was feeling bold


“I do mind as it happens. Keep them on a little while longer.”

“Oh.” She exclaimed, a mildly puzzled look on her face. “Ok, that’s fine.” She smiled faintly then crossed her right leg over her left and let the shiny black shoe jerk upwards.

“You like?” She asked coquettishly, slowly rotating her foot.

“I like.” I confirmed. My heart was hammering so hard in my chest I thought Woody Woodpecker must have sneaked under my ribcage somehow.

She took a long sip of her wine and leaned back.

“You know what I crave when I’ve had a few drinks?”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“A cigarette.” She stated.

“‘Fraid not – not in the house.” I said in a deadpan way.

“What!” She laughed. “This my house and I’ll do as I please.”

“I don’t think so – they’re your rules remember ‘No smoking in the house’. You told me when I first arrived.”

She took another long drink then reached to her right and opened the drawer to the cabinet. She pulled out a packet of cigarettes and a lighter. Putting a cigarette between her lipstick covered lips she sparked the lighter into life and lit the tip. Never taking her eyes off me she pulled deeply on the cigarette. She opened her mouth and a thick plume of smoke threatened to escape before she inhaled deeply and drew it down into her lungs. After repeating this undeniably erotic act she point to my left.

“Fetch me that little plate on the side – I’ll use it as an ashtray.”

I looked at her and slowly shook my head.

“Fine, I’ll get it myself.”

She struggled up and started to walk unsteadily toward me. When she was adjacent I suddenly reached out, grabbed her arm and pulled her down over my lap.

“What the hell… what do you think you’re doing?” She asked, clearly shocked at my actions.

“I said no smoking. You’re being disobedient.”

At that I pulled my hand back and slapped her hard on the bottom over her tight skirt. I expected her to possibly scream out or protest in some way but instead she gave a guttural grunt and descended gaziantep escort forumları into shocked silence. She was still holding the cigarette in her right hand. I reached to my left, grabbed the plate and let it drop on the floor in front of her.

“Are you going to put that out?” I asked.

With defiance burning in her eyes Aunt Julie placed the cigarette between her lips, sucked deeply on the tip and slowly shook her head while exhaling the smoke.

I smacked her bottom again, harder this time, then harder still. Another drag on the cigarette followed. I pulled her skirt upwards to reveal those pretty pink panties.

“You will learn obedience.” I said and smacked her panty clad bottom hard three times. Her bottom quivered under the smooth pink fabric as my flat hand smacked against her cheeks.

Aunt Julie took one last drag of the cigarette then dropped it on the plate – without stubbing it out.

She must have been only too aware of my huge erection beneath my trousers pressing against the bottom of her stomach. At that point I eased her off me and taking her by the wrist I pulled her over to the other sofa which was longer. I lay her on her front, lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down to her ankles.

“Stay there.” I commanded, while I went off in search of my prize. Aunt Julie didn’t ride a horse and quite why she kept a riding crop in her bedroom was a mystery to me until this point.

When I returned with the crop I was stunned to see that Aunt Julie had lit another cigarette but was lying back on her front.

“You know you’re going to have to be seriously punished for this don’t you?” I said, indicating the cigarette. She responded by taking a huge drag and blowing the smoke toward me. I was playing my role but I was more turned on than angry.

I put the plate on the floor, stood beside her and raised the riding crop.

“Put it out.” I demanded.

She closed her eyes and gently shook her head.

I brought the small paddled area of the crop down on her bare cheek – quite hard but not with all my might – I didn’t want to do her any serious harm. She let out an involuntary yelp and buried her face in the sofa. I spanked her twice more with the crop bringing angry red marks to the flesh of her bottom.

Just then I noticed her buttocks rise up slightly and her hand disappeared under her. She was holding the cigarette in her left hand and surreptitiously stroking her pussy with her right while I continued to spank her bottom.

This was more than I could take. I debated whether or not I should try fucking her where she lay but in that hazy fog between mutual fantasy and reality I didn’t want to overstep the mark. Instead I freed my straining cock and eased her pink panties from her ankles.

I stood over my Aunt Julie feeling waves of pleasure wash over me as I rhythmically worked her pretty pink panties over my throbbing cock. Meanwhile she was moaning softly between drags of her cigarette as her fingers drew her to the verge of a crescendo.

She turned over on to her back, parted her legs and worked her fingers faster. Her cheeks began to flush and her breathing became heavy and coarse. With one last draw on her cigarette she lifted her bottom and her body convulsed into loud, climactic spasms.

The sight of my Aunt bringing herself to an orgasm in front of me was too much. I felt my knees begin to give way as my pleasure soared. I tossed the panties on to her body and felt the first wave of explosive ecstasy followed by an arc of hot, white seed. It splashed over Aunt Julie’s stomach and her pink panties. My cock continued to jerk and spray until the panties were covered with spent semen.

I couldn’t tell what Aunt Julie was thinking as she tilted her head forward and considered me through lazy, hooded eyelids.

“Disobedience will always be punished – that’s a promise.” I said as I turned and walked out of the room.

The end