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the doctor fucked my pregnant lady pt 2

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the doctor fucked my pregnant lady pt 2″Yes, I guess I am,” I replied. Dr. John just sat there and shook his head. His next comment was, “Well, we’ll have to take care of her,” and that was the end of that conversation. He then instructed Jan to get up on the exam table so he could begin checking her over. Jan had worn a pants outfit with a loose fitting blouse. This was her fourth month, third visit for pre-natal, and she was beginning to show a little bit of a paunch in her middle. Dr. John got up off his chair, walked over to Jan and stood in front of her. He then reached forward and started unbuttoning her blouse down far enough so that he could reach inside with his stethoscope, and then started listening to her heart. I was sitting in such a way that I couldn’t see much of what was going on and so I didn’t see him undo her blouse. I just thought that he was just looking her over. He moved his hand side to side and finally stopped and stepped back. It was then I saw her blouse unbuttoned about half way down. That surprised me a little, but not nearly as much as what happened next. Dr. John turned to me and said, “You need to leave and go out to the waiting room.” Jan protested and said, “I would like him to stay,” but Dr. John wouldn’t hear of it. He told her no, opened the door, and ushered me out. I was stunned, but left the exam room as instructed. As I walked back down the hall to the waiting room, I heard a click behind me and I turned and saw a little light by the door change color as the door to the exam room closed. This light was in a group of three just outside the exam door. The three were in a vertical tree: one green, one yellow, and one red. Earlier, as we had walked down the hall together while going to the exam room, I had noticed these lights, but didn’t have any idea what they were for. I also had noticed the one outside the exam room where Jan entered to have her exam, was green. As I looked back while walking away from the exam room, the light changed from a yellow to a red. I guess that the nurse, or Dr. John, had changed it to yellow when we were in the exam room with her, and he changed it to the color red as I left him in there alone with Jan.Jan told me that after I left the exam room, Dr. John closed the door to the room, and then turned to her and instructed her to remove her blouse and bra so that he could start her breast exam. No exam gown this time. She did as she was instructed, and then he walked up to her and cupped a breast in each hand as though weighing them. Jan’s breasts had begun to fill out and enlarge, while being a little tender. Dr. John then began to massage each one again, as though he was really enjoying what he was doing, and then pinched each nipple as he had done before. Jan told me that her nipples were very tender by then, and that it was painful as he pinched them hard. Then Dr. John instructed Jan to get up off of the exam table and remove all of her clothes, including shoes, pants, and underwear. She got up and removed her shoes and started to remove her pants, but then thought better of it and turned and grabbed her blouse off the exam table, covered herself as best she could, and walked over to finish removing her clothing behind the privacy curtain in the room. She then found an exam gown and put it on, tying it so that the slit was in the back as she had done before. As she walked out from behind the privacy curtain, she noticed a 35 mm camera sitting on Dr. John’s desk and wondered what it was for. Dr. John instructed Jan to come stand in front of him. As she did so, he told her to drop the gown so he could get a look at her. She asked, “All the way off?””All the way,” he replied. She did, reluctantly, and then he told her to slowly turn as he admired her top to bottom. Then Dr. John picked up the camera and told Jan that he was going to take some photos for his records. His explanation was that he always did this with his pre-natal patients so that he could follow their physical development as they progressed in their pregnancy. Jan could almost understand that reasoning, and decided that it couldn’t hurt, and went along with his instructions. And there she stood, completely naked and exposed, while Dr. John photographed her full length from the front, rear, and side to side, and also got some close-up photos of her breasts. Then Dr. John instructed her to get up on the table and lie flat, legs extended, and he snapped some more photos, head to toe. Then he told her to raise her legs and put her feet flat on the table. She did so, and then he walked up to her, moved her feet apart, and spread her legs so that she was completely exposed, whereupon he moved to the foot of the exam table and snapped more photos of her privates. Shortly after, Dr. John put the camera away, and started another exam, which included her abdomen, legs, hips, and of course, he managed to perform another extended vaginal exam on her.The entire Escort bayan time this was happening, I sat outside in the waiting room, wondering to myself what exactly might be going on back in the exam room, and why it was taking so long. My understanding of what occurred during a pre-natal appointment was very limited and it never occurred to me that Dr. John would be taking liberties not normally associated with the monthly visits. I just assumed that Jan would be having a very cursory exam, not nearly as extensive as she was having, or had experienced previously. So I sat there, trying to read magazines, but having trouble concentrating on them, or anything else for that matter. It seemed like an eternity, but finally, Jan walked out into the waiting room, made another appointment for the next visit, and we left the clinic.On our drive back home, I asked Jan what she thought about Dr. John making me leave the exam room, and she told me that she didn’t much like it, but she thought that this was the normal practice in the clinic, and she understood why that might be. I then asked her why that was and she explained to me that there were some procedures performed during her pre-natal visits that I wouldn’t understand. When I inquired as to what those might be, she told me that she really didn’t want to talk about it and so I dropped the subject, but in my mind, I could just imagine what those procedures might be.Over the next few months, Jan and I both began to dread the times of her appointments, but her reasons were different than mine. She, of course, had to endure Dr. John’s unorthodox methods of an exam, and I would picture, in my mind, what might be happening while she was in the exam room. Little did I know just how extensive his exams were. And as for our having a sex life, I could just as well have been single.During Jan’s eight month exam, Dr. John seemed especially attentive to her large breasts and enlarged abdomen. Jan told me, much later, that as she stood in front of him, after being photographed completely naked, Dr. John thoroughly massaged her breasts, and milked them, getting small amounts of fluid to seep out, then photographing them close up. She said that he seemed very happy to see that, and then rubbed his hands all over her abdomen as though he was savoring the experience. While doing so, Dr. John worked his hands down her belly to her privates and gently massaged her. She told me that this unnerved her and she moved away, not knowing what to think. But Dr. John wasn’t about to be deprived. He just instructed Jan to get up on the exam table, but Jan, in an attempt to forgo another pelvic exam, told him that she was very uncomfortable lying flat on the exam table and that it pulled on her sides and abdomen. “Well,” Dr. John said, “that’s OK, we can continue your exam while you are standing. Just turn around, put your arms on the exam table, bend over and lay your head on your arms.” Jan did as instructed not having any idea what to expect. Shortly, Dr. John walked up directly behind her, reached underneath her, spread her legs apart, put one hand on her back, and with the other hand, reached up between her legs and inserted his fingers into her vagina. Jan explained later that it seemed normal, but then, she felt him insert what felt like a third finger. She told me that this was very uncomfortable and she told him so. He didn’t stop, just kept probing for awhile longer. Jan did not like this one bit. Finally he removed his fingers and hand and stepped back. Jan was very relieved, but she needed to pee badly. A few photos were taken with Jan bent over the table, and then Dr. John then told Jan she could get dressed. After she was clothed, he told her what she could and could not do as far as sex over the next month until she delivered. He also told her that over the next month, he wanted to see her every week. The one thing he stressed was that she was NOT to engage in any sex that involved penetration of her vagina. After Dr. John left the room, Jan promptly got dressed, left the exam room, stopped in the little bathroom in the hall to pee, then walked out and met me in the waiting area. She then made her appointment for the following week, we walked out of the clinic, and then drove home. Jan didn’t mention the unusual method Dr. John used for her pelvic exam that day until several years later.Jan looked beautiful to me, even though she looked as if she had swallowed a watermelon whole. She had gained only 24 pounds during this pregnancy, and her breasts had enlarged, to my delight, to a size 34C. The only problem was I didn’t get to fondle them much as Jan was getting less and less interested in sex. The next few weeks, we essentially engaged in very little intimacy, and certainly not sex. When Jan told me what Doctor John said about penetration, I asked her if that might include oral sex, or using my fingers on her. She Bayan escort made a face of disgust, and said that she didn’t like the idea of either one, and especially didn’t want me to put my fingers in her vagina. I was curious about that and so I asked her, “Why not?” That is when she slipped and told me, “Because that is what Dr. John does to me. I don’t like it.” This really peaked my interest and I said, “When does he do that?” Jan realized she had made a mistake letting me know and tried to downplay what she had said, but I insisted she elaborate. Jan finally relented after I kept questioning her, and she told me a little of what she had to endure, but she didn’t say anything about her last pelvic exam. Her descriptions were pretty tame compared to what she actually had to endure, as I would find out several years later. What surprised me is that she told me that Dr. John gave her a pelvic exam during each monthly visit. I asked her if this was normal, and she said that she wasn’t sure but assumed it was. Jan had to visit with Dr. John three more times prior to having the b**y. On her second visit, Dr. John told her that she should have someone drive her to her next appointment as he didn’t want her driving anymore. That made sense to Jan, and she arranged to have her sister take her to her appointment. That day came and Jan’s sister drove her to the clinic. After Jan walked back to the exam room, she got settled in and the nurse performed her preliminary duties, and then told Jan to get undressed and put on the exam gown. She did so, and when she walked out from behind the curtain with her exam gown on, the nurse helped her up onto the exam table and told her to turn and lie back. Jan complained to the nurse about how uncomfortable lying flat out made her. The nurse told her that she could solve that problem, and adjusted the top half of the table up slightly so that Jan wouldn’t be uncomfortable. Jan suddenly realized to herself that Dr. John could have done the same thing during her last exams! Shortly after the nurse left the exam room, Dr. John came in carrying a small medicine cup with some type of liquid in it. He gave it Jan and told her to drink it. Jan asked what it was for, and he told her it was a sedative to help her relax for her exam. Jan was somewhat relieved to hear this as she was getting to the point where she was quite tense during the pelvic exams that she had been subjected to during her last visits. She drank it down, and then Dr. John told her it would take a few minutes to take effect, and excused himself and left the room.Jan remained almost motionless for a little while then began to become very drowsy, finally dropping off to sleep. Her next foggy memories were of someone being in the room and that there was someone putting her legs onto some type of leg supports. Jan said she started having dreams, and that they were very nice dreams, but she didn’t remember much about them. After awhile, Jan awoke, but she was still very groggy and still on the exam table. Her legs were still in the leg supports, but when she tried to see the Doctor, she couldn’t because there was a curtain of sorts in the way of her view. She could still feel something in her vagina, but it wasn’t hurting, and in fact, Jan said it felt good. She couldn’t stay awake though and drifted back off to sleep.Jan didn’t know how long it was, but after she finally began to come out from under the effects of the sedative, she realized that her legs were straight out on the exam table, and only the nurse was there in the exam room with her. The nurse helped her to sit up and handed her the clothes she had worn to her appointment, and told her she could get dressed. As Jan scooted to the edge of the table, she noticed that she was very “wet.” Then as she stood up, something started running down her leg, but with her belly being as large as it was, Jan couldn’t see what it might be. She asked the nurse to hand her a paper towel from the desk, which was close to the exam table, and cleaned up as best she could. Jan couldn’t imagine what the sticky fluid could be, and just assumed it had something to do with her pelvic exam. The nurse helped her to get dressed, then ushered her to the reception desk. On the way back home, Jan noticed that her panties were getting very damp and were also very sticky. As soon as she arrived at the house, Jan excused herself, went to the bathroom, removed all her clothes, and took a bath. She wanted to get the smell of the clinic, and the sticky substance, off of her. It occurred to Jan to smell the sticky substance on her panties and she thought it smelled like semen, but she quickly dashed that thought as it would mean that the Doctor, or someone in the exam room, had had intercourse with her while she was under sedation, and as far as she was concerned, Doctors did not do that sort of thing. At least that was what Jan’s mother Escort had always led her to believe. Jan felt much better after her bath, and after she dressed, she placed all the clothes she had worn in the washing machine and washed them.When I returned home from work that evening, I asked Jan how her exam went, and what the doctor had said. She told me that it went good, and that she felt fine, but she didn’t tell me about her experience. I guess she had reconsidered what might have happened to her and decided it wouldn’t be a good idea. Jan knew I was getting very uneasy about her doctor, and didn’t want me giving her the “third degree” over something she wasn’t sure about. Maybe she was right, I don’t know, but I do know one thing, about 11 hours after her “exam,” Jan went into labor.PART IVLABOR, BIRTH, HAPPENSTANCEJan began her labor early in the morning. It just so happened that it was a Saturday, and I was sleeping like a b**y. She told me that at first she assumed it was just indigestion causing her to have back and stomach cramps. We had eaten a pizza for dinner that evening, and Jan just assumed that her stomach was reacting to the spices. Jan lay there for about an hour or so, and then all of a sudden, she felt as though she had to pee really bad. Jan swung her legs over the side of the bed and stood up. As she stood, water came gushing out of her vagina, splattering all over the floor. I was dreaming, and my dream was that it was raining. About that time, Jan woke me up and told me that she thought she had begun her labor. That woke me up! I jumped out of bed and asked her if there was anything I could do and her comment to me was, “Well, you could get a towel and clean up this mess.” Made sense to me! I ran to the bathroom and grabbed the first towel I came to and quickly returned to Jan. She took the towel and wiped herself first, then handed the towel to me so I could mop up all the water on the wood floor. After mopping the floor as best I could, I took the towel back to the bathroom and put it in the laundry basket, then went back to our bedroom as quickly as possible. Jan had returned to the bed and was sitting on the edge like nothing was really happening. That really surprised me. I expected to see her lying down, writhing in pain from the contractions. Nope, she was just sitting there waiting for me, seemingly not concerned about anything. I asked her how she was doing and she said to me, “Right now, just fine.” I took that to mean that she was between contractions, and that proved to be correct. I then sat down next to her and asked her if she needed anything and she said, “No, just hold me.” That was easy enough for me to do. But then the strangest thing happened, I found myself getting sexually excited. Jan noticed my erection and was a little taken back. I tried to explain the erection but couldn’t. She did offer to jerk me to a climax but I declined, stating that I would rather put my penis into her and come into her belly than to lose my seed on the bed. Jan wasn’t sure about that but suddenly agreed assuming that since she was already in labor, it couldn’t hurt the baby, but only as long as I wouldn’t “hump” her too hard. Apparently Jan was aroused too! I was so excited I couldn’t wait! Jan turned around, put her hands on the bed and presented herself to me. I promptly walked up and penetrated her from behind doggy style. My dick was so hard that it was almost hurting. As I pushed my penis into her already lubricated vagina, Jan groaned with pleasure. I hadn’t heard that sound in awhile and that just made me all the more excited and harder! Then I noticed she began backing into me, pushing for all my penis that she could get, and that started my fucking her for all I was worth! It didn’t take long for both Jan and I to climax. It only took about 10 strokes of my penis and when I did, all the cum I pumped into her, and there was a bunch, just seemed to spill out of her enlarged vagina and run down all over her legs and her enlarged belly. At about the time my semen was hitting her stretched cervix, Jan felt her next contraction begin. To hear her describe the pain, there wasn’t much at all. It was more like a bad cramp in her lower back and abdomen. After a few more good squirts of my semen into her belly, I pulled my hardened dick out of her pussy and then she stood up and walked to the living room with a huge load of cum running down her legs. Jan told me that it felt better to be standing and walking. The contraction was short lived, and after she had cleaned herself with another towel, she sat down on a chair in the kitchen.I asked Jan if she was OK, and she assured me she was fine, but somewhat confused as she had not expected to be sexually aroused, and of course, expected much more intense pain. What she, nor I, realized, was that this was just the onset of labor, not the “real thing” so to speak.Jan and I sat around counting the minutes till the next contraction, and the next. What we soon realized was that the contractions weren’t consistent. One time they would be 45 minutes apart, the next 30 minutes apart, then 50 minutes and so on, so we weren’t really able to determine what the time between contractions might be.