Ekim 16, 2021

The Errand Run

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The Errand Run
In my circle of associates, there is none more personable than my friendship with A’khan and his family. He owns a shipping business in the Caribbean and it does very nicely for itself. I, as the computer genius who set up the software for the internet marketplace, am very welcome to their estate. It also helps when you’re college buds with the second in charge, his son A’keith. It also helps with my varied and slow sex life, being it so that being single and very attractive to his college pal who is very gifted with an uncut 11 inch cock. Not to mention, that Dad himself has sampled my goods, not that he is any slouch either at 10 ¾ uncircumcised length but his girth….unbelievable!! So on a recent phone call A’khan tells me that if I could travel to Turks & Cacosis to handle a situation he would greatly appreciate it. Well, knowing it was going to be a paid job, I set out for the island nation by the weekend.

When I got there, I immediately checked into my hotel suite and freshened up. As I went by the front desk, I asked for the clerk to call me a taxi for my destination. Within minutes, it was there and I was on my way. The scenery was absolutely amazing. Almost in a hypnotic way the water dances off the horizon that got me feeling rather hot and sensual. Not that the temp was any different than any ordinary day in Miami. As I got to the office building, I was intrigued by the laid back way they approached me. I told them I was here on behalf of A’khan’s company and then it was the red carpet treatment. I noted the horrible treatment and went to find the computer access room, which was nothing more than the size of a bathroom in a single New York apartment. I sat down and got to work. It was a complete mess and I saw why A’khan sent me. After about three hours, I had gotten hungry and I decided to go grab a bite to eat. It was kinda easy to find a great place. I mean…it is an island resort. I sat down and the wait staff was prompt. I looked over the menu and chose the garlic seafood pasta. It was a great choice and it was closely followed by a dry white wine. When I looked over the water, those feelings of needing some exciting sex came back. As it was time to pay the bill, it was then I noticed the waiter. He was a young guy with wavy hair and he was built rather nice. I caught a glimpse of his ass when he walked away. “Not bad at all” I said to myself. When he returned, I asked what folks do for fun on the island. He smiled and said “We have so much to do here.” I licked my lips towards him, which is a sly way of saying that I like guys. He took the hint and bent over to speak in a low voice. ”We also take in the sights at the bluff. There’s music and food, and it’s very fun.” I smiled back at him and paid him a tip. I patted him on his ass and said thanks. It wasn’t hard to find the bluff, all I had to do is follow my nose and walk by my ears. The fare was very good and the drinks were flowing well. But what really mattered was the guests. Lots of pretty boys and girls with a sprinkling of hedonism thrown in. Sex was in the air and I breathed it in deeply. I found myself dancing with a few girls and it was sexy as hell. Reminded me of a lot of Chicago bump and grind concerts. I had almost called it a night until the waiter at the restaurant tapped my shoulder and said “Having fun?” I turned and smiled and replied “Yeah, as a matter of fact I am.” “Great, that is a hallmark of a good time.” He replied as a very twinkish guy came alongside and kissed him. “Chow friend!” he said as he and his pal went off into the party arm in arm. I laughed as they departed. “Yeah, this is a fun place.” A deep House Caribbean beat had begun and I went to dance by the fire being dragged by a few female partygoers.
The beat was strong and hot. The type of beat that gets the blood going. I lost myself in the music until the voice of a man broke my groove. “Hello there, I saw you from the bar.” I said “There isn’t a bar here.” “No, the one where you had the pasta at.” He took me to his hotel room and proceeded to strip me out of my clothes. He latched onto my cock and began to awaken it with his mouth. I fell to my knees to pay homage to his king sized bone. It loomed ever bigger as I saw it undulate from its hood underneath his pants. By the time he dropped his pants, my buzz was getting me ready to take on his prize. And what a prize that awaited me. “I see you like big cock hun?” “I love it” I replied as I slurped him deeper in my mouth. He picked me up off the floor and laid me on my stomach facing the end of the bed. What I didn’t know was that a hidden camera was recording everything. I was treated to him licking my love hole sensuously. When I was wet enough for him, he stopped and pushed my checks apart. As I looked up at our reflection in the dresser mirror I had gazed at him rising up to enter me. He stood on both feet and told me to hold my cupcakes open. Well, I was so hot for him I just said “I want the dick baby…give me that dick!!” At that he obliged and pushed his fat juicy pole in and in me deep!!! I let a primal scream out that surprised even me. I couldn’t believe he was that big. But he began stuffing that huge thing in me over and over again. He grabbed me up by my throat and made me watch in the mirror. “You still want this dick? …you still want this big fucking dick???” My screams were even louder now as if they were songs of intent to my bed mate. The more he dove in me and the deeper he went, the more I screamed and louder I got. I didn’t care if the whole island heard me. I was getting the best sex I’ve ever had in weeks and I was going for broke. He then pushed a button and turned me towards the television. I saw what the cameras were filming and it excited me even more.
What’s more, I’ve never had a man stand on his feet more than a few minutes digging me out, that’s why it turned me on so much that this guy was still up there. So I arched my back till it hurt to give him my entire upturned ass for him to do to it as he pleased. And please it he certainly did! He locked his hand on my waist and rocked his hips in a wave like motion that had me dizzy with lust with the cameras catching every bit of it. “OOHH fuck!!….SHIT!!!!” I cried out. He drilled me with a precision that I envied from my past lovers. It wasn’t long before my prostate tapped out. “Cum for me baby” I said to him. I wanted to see this monster spurt in my mouth badly. But no chance yet cause I was being flipped over and spread eagle. He pushed my legs over my head and I held onto his neck for dear life. I felt his cock head crush my ring the moment he raised up on his toes. He gripped the end of the bed and let me feel the full force of his manhood. “ Ohhh…Ohhh…Ohhhh …yes babyyyy, fuck me till I cum for you!!!!” I never felt so full or fucked so well in so long that I didn’t know how to react. I just went along and enjoyed the feeling. I was in such bliss that I didn’t know how I was going to stop myself from climaxing. I just played with my nipples and kept going with him powering inside me. “Fuck me baby…fuck me deep!” I urged him as that familiar tingle came over me, beginning at my toes. I spread my legs even wider because I knew this was going to be mind-blowing. I heard him growl and pump me even harder as I felt his cock grow in me. It was like he was in my ribs as he was giving me all his lust. I tightened my ass to milk him for all he was worth. I watched the scene as the t.v. showed me how much my ass was being dominated.”Dayummm….Shit you feel good on my dick!” He said. My ass was getting kinda sore by that time but he wasn’t stopping. He pulled me up off the bed and directed me to the couch. I was kinda tired so I made good on some real sexy cock worship. I lavished his cock and dragged him into my mouth feverishly. I felt him shudder as his helmet tapped my tonsils. Watching his hands cuddle the back of my head as my tongue fucked his shaft made me start pre cumming. When he saw it, he quickly scooped it up and rubbed into my hardened nipples. My mouth came off his dome with a noisy and wet pop. “I want that ass pretty boy” he said as he sat down and pulled my legs over his. I stood up over him and looked at the t.v., the camera began to focus on my ass as he pointed that man dagger straight up. I felt him pierce me to my core as I screamed from part pain, part lust. I threw my hands backward to hold onto the back of the couch and was met by an a****listic man who wasn’t going to be denied. I drifted my eyes to the screen to see his cock tear into my ass over and over again. I howled loudly til my throat hurt but I didn’t care then. That’s when I got a really nasty fuck that I would remember forever. “Take this dick boy! Take this giant dick!!” he commanded over and over again. He grabbed my nipples and flicked them quickly in rhythmic concert to his thrusts inside my wet asshole. I was in a lustful wonderland that I didn’t want to leave. My cock bobbed back and forth like a basketball as he jackhammered me, my cum reaching the boiling point. “Get it baby….get it…fuck me!! Fuck me faster!!…Fuck this ass faster!!!”I said. My ass was burning from the friction but I was in a state of sexual euphoria that dulled common reason. All I wanted was to be nailed by this huge spike. I was being breed to a fault and I wanted it all. “Bang my ass…BANG MY ASS!!! FUUUUCCKK YOURE GONNA MAKE ME CUM HARD!!” I groaned as he continued to pulverize my cakes. He pushed us to the floor with my ass facing the camera. He got up on his feet again and held my face up. “Fuck my ASS!!! BABY FUCK MY ASS!!!..” I screeched from the pain. “Take my giant dick til….I FUCK.. MY NUT…IN YOU!!” And he reared back and banged me real hard twice before giving me an avalanche of cum. He kept on going before he went soft which allowed me to cum for him while I was still on my knees stretched out before him. “OOooo Daddy…OOooo Daddy fuck….I’m shooting it for you!!!” After a brief rest, I went back to my room and went to bed. That sex really wore me out. Satisfied but worn out. When morning came, I showered and went back to the company to finish my repairs and adjustments. When I was finishing up, my cellphone rang. “Jason my boy how goes it?” “It’s doing fine Mr. A’Khan..Just finishing up here. You should have no more problems and get a very big increase in response time to your servers.” I could hear the smile in his face through the phone. ”Marvelous son, marvelous. I knew you would not disappoint me. I’ve wired you your pay and a bonus. So, take the load off and thanks a million.” I smiled and said “No problem Sir, thank you.” And He hung up the phone. I looked in my online bank app and yep…paid handsomely I mused to myself. I then decided to rest the rest of the day til evening. By that time, I was greeted by a knock on the door. I opened it to find a familiar face looking back at me. “Hello there Jason. Long time so see or hear.” I gasped in disbelief. It was the masseuse from the beach. How did he know Mr. A’ Khan?

End of part 1