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The Experiment Ch. 03 – 12.9″ DDD

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This is the third installment of “The Experiment” series – it’s recommended that you read the first two chapters before you read this one, but it’s not necessary.

All individuals involved in sexual activity are consenting adults 18 years old or older. All events and people within this story are fictional and created solely as a work of erotic entertainment.


Jennifer was a terrible mother.

She stood in the bathroom, leaning against the wall wondering what she’d done; In the past two hours alone, she had fingered herself right in front of Chris – her only son – and she wasn’t even discreet about the fact that she obviously came. She then said that she used to love rawdogging with his father and then told him that he should try it?

She shook her head.

That was enough to make anyone think of her as a bad parent, but there was more – way too much more.

She looked down, seeing her big, firm and most importantly bare breasts hanging high on her chest that she’d been teasing him with almost all day. She coughed a little causing her long, erect nipples to squirt two small rivulets of milk, each in opposite directions.

She sighed, smiling weakly. But she couldn’t help but admit it, she was pretty hot. She thought about the club-sized cock he swung around as he walked, the cock that jumped every time she bent over in front of him, the cock that had come out of her pussy almost twenty years ago, the very cock she wanted to return to its place of creation. She could almost excuse it…

But she simply couldn’t.

Lost in her thoughts, Jennifer was taken by complete surprise when the door that was supporting her had opened. She fell back, weightless, flailing her arms for something, anything, to break her fall. She closed her eyes, waiting for impact… but it didn’t come.

She came to her senses, opening her eyes and feeling a pair of strong masculine arms cradling her from the side as she sat on something very sturdy, hearing a very familiar voice:

“OhmygodMomI’msosorryholyshit,” it said.

She looked to confirm who it was, and she was right: it was Chris.

“Nono, baby, don’t apologize. I should be the one thanking you!” She smiled and hugged him squishing her breasts up against his chest, ending his sputtering.

“Oh,” he said, surprised but welcoming the unexpected hug. “It’s really no problem,” he said, trying to recover from the intense sensation of her silky boyshorts rubbing up against a part of him it shouldn’t be rubbing. “It’s really ok! I love touching you!”

She loosened my hug and turned her head to meet him eye to eye. “I’m sorry, you what?” she asked coldly. “A son shouldn’t say something like that to his mother. It’s totally inappropriate.”

But right after saying it, Jennifer instantly regretted it. She watched his face go from happy, to confused, to sad, to guilty. “No, nothing, Mom I- I didn’t mean-“

“Chris it’s okay,” I hushed, trying to calm him. “It’s only natural for such a handsome young man like yourself to like touch someone!” She reached up and playfully pinched his cheek. “Especially someone as sexy as your mother,” she winked, cupping a breast.

That made him smile as she giggled, squirting some milk from the boob she held onto his chest.

The son watched her mother’s milk escort gaziantep drip down his adult chest. He sighed. “I love you so much, Mommy,” he said as he met her eye, giving her the most loving smile she had seen only today. He blinked. “By the way, hey, Mom, wanna see how I caught you so easily?”

Jennifer sighed, feigning disinterest. “Well, you’re gonna tell me anyway, so sure.”

“Right.” He chuckled again. “Well, I’ll show you,” suddenly, without warning, he let go of his mother.

At first, she thought that she was going to fall for sure… but then she didn’t. She looked down to see her ass and thighs resting on a thick shaft that protruded from between her son’s legs.

Jennifer gasped, smiling.

“Babe?” was all the words the single mother could muster, as she looked to her son’s face, clearly impressed by the abilities of her big baby’s big baby-maker.

Chris chuckled at his mother’s response. “I know right? I was amazed too, now come on, test it out,” he smiled.

She broke the eye contact and looked down at her cylindrical seat, still flabbergasted by how it was barely even fettered. She gave it a couple of test bounces before lifting her feet up from the ground and resting her entire 130-pound frame atop his cock: rigid as a branch – maybe even more rigid. Jennifer couldn’t believe her eyes.

She looked to her son in disbelief. “Doesn’t this hurt, Chris?”

He shook his head. “No, actually. That’s the crazy part. Wait a sec…” with his mom still sitting on his lap-extension, he started walking.

Both their eyebrows shot up as stupid grins spread across their faces. Up and down the hallways they went, gingerly at first, then faster and less cautious the longer they went.

Chris got to the steps and started descended when Jennifer started shaking his shoulder.

“I not cool with this,” she told him.

“What? Why?”

“I-I’m scared I’ll fall off,” she said with the timidest little grin Chris had ever seen.

He smiled back at his mother, just looking at her pretty face, almost ignoring her bare, busty bosoms. “Well,” he started. “I guess there’s only one thing to do then,” he said, caressing his mother’s cheek in a way that only a son could do.

She cocked an eyebrow.

“Giddy up, cowgirl?” He reluctantly asked with a chuckle.

Jennifer gasped, jaw dropping and completely taken aback by Chris’s directness, yet smiling at his brazenness. “Oh my god! You- you pervert!” His mother playfully scolded as she slapped him on the arm repeatedly with each following word: “You. Mother. Fucking. Perv!”

“Hey, don’t you mean ‘wannabe mother fucking’?” he laughed, surprising himself with his serum-induced vulgarity towards his motherly figure.

“The fuck? I-you-we-” she sputtered before sighing and joining in his laughter.

Eventually, the laughter subsided.

“So,” Chris started, finding his mother’s eyes once again. “Giddy up, cowgirl?” he repeated.

Jennifer looked back at her son, this time with a smile. Her eyes trailed down his naked body starting with his deep eyes to his sharp, rugged jawline. They slide down to his square shoulder that led to his pythonesque arms that seemed to go on forever. Her gaze shifted to his B-cup pecs connected escort gaziantep bayan to his perfect six-pack by a splash of her very own breast milk that accentuated his muscles in the most delicious way before she looked down at the long, throbbing piece of meat that her son called his genitalia.

She could ogle that thing for hours on end before she’d move on to bigger and better things, but her son was watching her. It would be completely inappropriate for a mother to stare at a cock while her son was standing right there. No. She’d have to wait for when he wasn’t watching. And besides, her son was waiting for her to do something. She best not keep him waiting, she thought.

She reluctantly ripped her eyes from between this man’s legs to meet her son in the eye. Seemingly, she paused to think for a fraction of a second before she swung her other leg over his rod of a cock so that she straddled it, her back facing him. She looked over her shoulder at her son, eyes twinkling with mischief and a smile to see him wearing a look similar to hers; “Ride on, buckaroo.”

And ride on they did.

Chris was quick to test the safety of Jennifer’s new seating position by hopping onto the banister and sliding down it without any restraint keeping her in place though his hands were very much free.

His mother yelped at the sudden movement, squealing and, as he watched over her shoulder, milk spurted from each breast: one stream connecting each step with a white river whilst the other flew over the railing and onto the main floor.

Jennifer was scared for her life; fearing a fall, she held on tight to her seat. However, in this instance, her seat happened to be a man’s veiny, veiny dick.

Chris quickly realized the unintended consequence of his actions as he felt his mother’s small hands grip tightly around his shaft, but he was far from complaining. That, coupled with the silky firmness of her boyshorts-clad ass fearfully clenching around the base of his cock was an exquisite sensation. He gasped, firing a jet of precum onto the stairs to join his passenger’s milk.

After the most blissful seconds of his life, Chris reached the bottom step, landing gracefully, with Jennifer not inching a muscle on her seat and gasping.

As he waited for his mother to calm down, Chris glanced back at the stairs, smiling to himself. On the steps were a river delta of milk and his precum, flowing from the highest step, to the bottom in the most natural, unnatural way possible that he found to be beautiful.

He then turned to the mirror facing them at the base of the staircase to be utterly blown back by the sexiness that flowed through his and his mother’s conjoined reflection: his cock was strong and proudly over a foot long, supporting his mommy’s entire weight as she straddled it, her big beautiful thighs squeezing it from either side as his cockhead dripped with precum where they stood. Also dripping were his mother’s huge breasts, not onto the floor, but onto his shaft, each drop warm and inviting. It was a taboo masterpiece.

This is my new reality, he thought.

“That,” his mother started, bringing him back from his thoughts. “Was insane!” She said, craning her head to face him, still seated where she sat, not yet letting escort gaziantep kızlar go of her seat.

“I-I’m sorry, mum, I- I’ll put you down now-“

“No, no!” she said, her eyes widening.

“No?” he asked, puzzled.

She paused. “No,” she said, blinking. She took a deep breath, almost not believing the words she was about to say. “I’m getting old, y’know… and… I could use some help getting around,” she let out, looking up at him with an almost pleading look.

Chris was taken aback, knowing his mother was only thirty-seven and definitely did not need any help whatsoever. But then why would she say that? He stood there, looking into her eyes, thinking. Wondering. But as he felt another warm drop on his shaft, it hit him. “So,” he said slowly, trying to piece everything together. “You want me,” she nodded. “To be like… your Private Taxi… Cock? Or-or something like that?” he asked, not believing this was happening.

She smiled. “Yes, baby, boy,” she replied looking up at this handsome young man. “My Private Taxi Cock,” she giggled.

His lips parted.

“I want you to be there for me, hard and large, for me to sit my ass down on your penis whenever, and wherever, regardless of what I’m wearing…” she glanced down at her boyshorts. “Or not wearing.”

His eyes glazed over.

“So,” she leaned in close, peering deep into his eyes. “What’ll it be?” she whispered as she tightened her grip on his shaft.

Suddenly, for the first time since she sat on his cock, she felt it move, as it slighted raised her before launching a huge gush of precum onto the mirror, staining their reflection.

Jennifer grinned, watching her mirrored tits get covered in her son’s precum as he repeatedly spewed copious amounts of it, in a seemingly never-ending rope. She turned back around to face him, beaming. “I’ll take that as a yes,” she breathed before gently pressing her lips into her son’s, kissing him tenderly, yet with vigour. She felt the wide, strong pair of hands she knew to be her son’s on her tummy, pulling her into him as as his tongue parted her lips. She sucked on it lovingly like a mother should as she rose and fell with the spurts of her son’s cock like she was on a rocking ship. She squeezed her hands on either side of it, stroking back and forth as she felt her son moan into her mouth, hearing his fluids splatter against the mirror. That’s it, baby, let it out, she thought, not slowing her kneading at all. That’s it, baby, Mommy’s got you.

It was at that moment when Jennifer realized that this was the fantasy she didn’t realize she had. This was what she needed. This was all she craved since she first laid eyes on her raw, mature, sexy son. But as she felt her son’s hands on her tummy, just holding her tight, she knew there was something about it that wasn’t quite right. Something she could easily change.

She interrupted the kiss for just a second, and whispered to him one word: “Higher.”

As her loving son followed her orders without hesitation, she sighed in love, comfort and love.

There. Now it was perfect.


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Mothers Happiness

As I started reading this story, it reminded me of when I was younger and started reading a book and liked it so well could not put it down until I finished the book. You have me hoping the next chapters come out for us to read and hope the plot keeps going, and going, and going.

Thank you.