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The Family Reunion Ch. 00-01

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Prologue: The night before the reunion

19 year old twins Jessie and Timothy were trying not to rock the house the way they were rocking their bed. Jessie was on her hands and knees on the bed while Timothy thrust passionately into her from behind. “Oh fuck me big brother.” Jessie moaned as she felt Timothy’s 9 inch cock slam deep into her body.

Being twins, Jessie and Timothy had always been closer then normal brothers and sisters. Both were 5’8″, Jessie had a more slender build with 34B tits, while Timothy took after their father with a more medium build. Both had bright red hair and brown eyes.

When Timothy had crept into Jessie’s room the night of their 18th birthday and told her he wanted to fuck her, Jessie had been shocked and surprised. Of course that didn’t last long as he stripped her naked then brought her to orgasm four times with his mouth before he slammed his cock into her taking her virginity and his.

Their parents had been surprised when the twins came to them the next day and told them that they wanted to move into the attic together. When their mother asked why, Timothy had told her that he thought the downstairs bedrooms should be for guests since they usually had so many and since the twins were so close anyway, why not share a bedroom to?

The truth was though that the twins wanted a place they could fuck each others brains out without alerting their parents to what they were doing.

Crystal and Patrick agreed, so the twins had moved up to the attic. Over the last year, Timothy had taken not only his sister’s pussy virginity, but also that of her mouth and ass.

Now though, he was burying his cock deep into her pussy while he felt her muscles clench around him. “Oh sis, I love your sweet pussy.” He growled as he thrust hard into her while his hands gripped her hips, pulling her roughly back against him.

“Oh Timothy, your cock is so big, I love it.” Jessie cried burying her face in her pillow as she pushed hard against him. “Fuck me so good.”

Timothy did just that. He rammed his cock repeatedly into her depths while he reached beneath her body and gripped her clit with his fingers. He pulled at it painfully and heard his sister cry out in both pleasure and pain. “I’m cummmminnnnngggg…” She screamed as she suddenly convulsed around his pounding cock.

“That’s it sis, coat my cock.” Timothy moaned as he increased the power of his thrusts. His sister’s pussy was milking at his cock and he knew that he wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer from filling her. “You want my cum sis?” he panted as he thrust into her. “You want me to cum deep inside you?”

“Yes…Oh yes…Flood my pussy with your delicious cum Timothy.” Jessie cried ramming her body hard against him. “Make me cum again.”

Timothy lowered his body over hers, grabbing her tits in his hands as he impaled her body with his hard shaft. He knew that Jessie loved to feel him cum deep inside her. He still thanked god every morning that their mother had put Jessie on birth control as soon as she turned 16. True she hadn’t needed it for two years but better to be prepared.

Timothy hammered his cock deep inside her as he felt his cum start shooting up his cock. “Here it cums sis, take all my fucking juices.” He yelled as he emptied himself deep inside her.

“Timothy, yeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssss…” She screamed as she felt him coat her pussy with his jizz. Her body convulsed around him as he pushed her once again into orgasm.

When it was over, Timothy collapsed on top of her sweaty back as he kissed her lovingly on the neck. “Tomorrow starts the family reunion.” He said softly as he pulled his limp cock from her body and collapsed on his back beside her.

Jessie curled up against him with her head lying on his chest. “Yea I know. I don’t know why mom and dad have to throw this thing every year. I mean we see most of these people practically everyday.”

Timothy just wrapped his arm around her, holding her close. “True, but I hear that uncle Nicholas and Aunt Brenda are coming with their kids.” He said softly. A picture of him fucking his aunt Brenda ran through his mind. He had always thought she was beautiful and would love to stick his cock deep in her snatch.

“That’s true.” Jessie yawned as she thought about her cousin Nathan. She had the hots for him for as long as she could remember. She wondered if maybe she could convince him to fuck her while they were in town.

As the twins fell asleep in each others arms, dreaming of a relative they wanted to fuck during the reunion, the didn’t realize that their parents were standing right outside their door, thinking the same thing.

Chapter 1 Fun with mom and dad

Early the next morning, our family was sitting around the breakfast table chatting about all the relatives they would be seeing and spending time with over the next week. Crystal and Timothy were going to make up the spare bedrooms for the guests while Jessie went into town with her dad to get the rest of the roll away beds.

As they ate their escort haberleri breakfast, Jessie looked at her parents. Patrick was an older version of Timothy in a lot of ways. His red hair was starting to thin, but she thought that made him look more handsome. His face was covered with a bushy mustache and beard. Unlike most men his age, Patrick didn’t have a beer belly. He was slender and tall.

Crystal on the other hand was a bit chubby around the middle but no one seemed to notice that. Standing at 5’8″ and 160lbs, Jessie thought her mother was one of the most beautiful women she had ever known. Unlike the rest of her immediate family who had red hair, Crystal’s was a dark brown color. It was almost black in color. Her amber eyes were always full of laughter. In her 19 years of existence, Jessie didn’t remember a time when she ever saw her mother cry.

“Nicholas and Brenda should be here around 2.” Crystal was saying as they ate their breakfast.

Patrick glanced at his watch, and then wiped milk off his mustache and beard. “In that case,” he looked at his daughter. “We should get going. It’s already a little after 9.”

Jessie took one more bite of her cereal then pushed away from the table. “Sounds good to me dad.” She smiled at Timothy then followed her father out of the house.

Timothy finished eating his own cereal as he watched his mother clean up. “So only Uncle Nicholas and his family are staying here at the house?”

Crystal, who was putting the empty bowls together smiled at her son. “Yup, they are the only ones in from out of town.” She carried the empty bowls into the kitchen.

Timothy watched the way her butt wiggled when she walked and got a hard on. He sighed knowing that he wouldn’t be having any fun with Jessie until tonight when they went to bed. He drank up his milk then followed his mother into the kitchen only to drop the glass bowl on the floor, shattering it into a thousand pieces. “Mom?” He asked stunned as he looked at his mother.

Crystal was leaning against the counter, naked from the waist up. Her 40D, pert tits were pointing out from her body as she looked at her son. “You know, you used to love to suck on mommy’s titties when you were a baby.” She cooed as she ran her hand lightly over her tit.

Timothy’s mouth dropped open as he watched her caress her own breast, then take the nipple between her fingers and pinch it. “Want to see if you still like it?” She asked with a smile on her face.

The broken glass was forgotten as Timothy dove at his mother. His mouth locked on one of her nipples, sucking it deep into his mouth as he made slurping sounds. “Mmmmm, that feels good baby boy.” Crystal purred running her fingers though his hair.

Timothy sucked hungrily at her tit as his hand moved over her other one. He took her nipple between his fingers pinching it lightly while he grazed his teeth over the one in his mouth. “Oh yes. Suck momma’s titties baby boy.” Crystal moaned as he took more of her tit into his sucking mouth. He sucked hard at her for a minute then moved his mouth to the other one.

While he nursed at her breasts, Crystal moved her hands over his body. She moved them down over his chest, and then when she came to the opening of his jeans, she pulled them open. Timothy moaned against her breast when he felt her push his pants and underwear down exposing his hard cock. “Touch me mom.” He breathed licking at her flesh.

Crystal smiled as she exposed his hard cock. He was a little bit bigger in length then his father. She pushed his clothes down past his hips, and then wrapped her hand around his hard cock, stroking him lightly. “Oh yea.” Timothy moaned lifting his mouth from her breast to claim her mouth with his own.

Crystal moaned into his mouth when he pushed his tongue into her eager mouth. She jacked his cock slowly while squeezing it each time she pulled upward. When she felt Timothy suddenly lift her body up onto the counter, she squeaked. “Timothy.” She gasped pulling her mouth from his.

Timothy just smiled at her, and then worked at her jeans. When he had them open, she lifted her hips so he could slide them off of her body. When she was completely naked, he moved between her spread legs, lowering his mouth to her snatch. “Mmmmm…Suck mommy’s pussy baby.” Crystal moaned when she felt his tongue touch her.

Timothy licked at her outer lips, and then spread them open with his fingers to find the treasure inside. He ran his tongue lightly over her clit, making her cry out even as her body shivered in pleasure. “Oh baby.” She moaned when he took her clit between his lips, sucking gently.

Timothy lifted her legs up over his shoulders as he lovingly ate out her pussy. He sucked at her clit while he teased her slit with his fingertip. When she moaned, he let his finger slide into her. “Oh fuck.” She moaned leaning back on the counter until her back hit the wall behind her. Crystal pulled at her tits as she closed her eyes. “Feels so good.” She moaned lifting her body against gaziantep escort haberleri him.

Timothy wrapped his tongue around her clit while he slowly fingered her pussy. Crystal was moaning and crying out as she humped her pussy against his face. When he bit gently at her clit, Crystal screamed and flooded his moving fingers.

He kept at her pussy as she came, then pulled his fingers from her wet hole, shoving them into his mouth. “Mmmmm…Mom you taste good.” He moaned around his fingers.

Crystal ran her fingers through his hair. “Want me to suck on you baby?” She cooed.

Timothy smiled at her with passion filled eyes. “Later.” He growled locking his mouth roughly against hers as he brought his cock against her entrance.

When Crystal felt his cockhead press against her, she moaned into his mouth, lifting her hips even as he slid smoothly into her depths. “Oh yes. Fuck me.” She cried as he thrust slowly into her body. She moved her legs off his shoulders, wrapping them tightly around his waist as she pulled him hard against her.

His mother’s pussy wasn’t as tight as Jessie’s but it still felt great around his thrusting cock. “Oh mom, you have such a nice pussy.” Timothy moaned as he pushed hard into her. He pulled out until just the head of his cock was buried inside her then slammed hard into her body.

“Fuck…Yes…” Crystal cried as he rode her. “Fuck me…Ride my pussy with your hard cock.” She screamed. She lifted her hips against him, meeting him thrust for thrust.

It didn’t take long for the fucking couple to pick up a rhythm. When Timothy pounded into her, Crystal pulled back, when he pulled out, she slammed her body against his. Both people were crying out in pleasure and desire as they fought for release. “Oh mom…So hot…” Timothy cried when she suddenly tightened her muscles around his thrusting cock. “Hold me inside you. Yea…Just like that.”

“Deeper baby…” Crystal cried pushing herself tightly against him. She felt him digging deep into her depths. “Oh fuck me…”

Timothy locked his mouth on her breast, sucking hard on it as he slammed into her body. He needed her to cum and soon. He felt the cum building in his balls and didn’t think he would be able to hold back much longer. “Oh mom…Cum for me…Please.” He cried reaching between their thrusting bodies to grab at her clit. Her clit was out of its hood and pulsing madly. When Timothy dug his nail painfully into it, Crystal screamed in pain and pleasure.

“I’m cummmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg…” She screamed as her body tightened around him.

“Fuccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk…” Timothy screamed as unable to hold back with the way her pussy was milking him; he slammed his cock hard into her eager hole as he emptied his balls of his juices.

When he was empty, Timothy pulled out of her and collapsed with his back against the counter beside her. Seeing his limp cock hanging from his body, Crystal jumped off the counter and onto her knees before him.

Timothy barely had time to react before he felt her mouth engulf his cock. “Oh mom.” He groaned as she cleaned his cock of his juices and hers. He felt her tongue whip around on his flesh and moaned. “Mom, yes.”

“Mmmmmm…” Crystal moaned as she sucked him back to hardness. This time he took her with her arms resting against the counter and him behind her pounding wildly into her body.

As she felt Timothy’s cock reaming her hot pussy from behind, Crystal wondered if Patrick had fucked Jessie yet.


At the moment Crystal wondered that, Patrick was actually slamming his 8 inch cock into Jessie’s pussy while she had her face braced up against the passenger door.

When Patrick and Jessie left the house, Patrick headed towards town. Jessie was chattering about all the relatives she was going to see when suddenly he pulled off the main road and onto a deserted dirt road. “Where are we going dad?” Jessie asked in wonder.

“I want to show you something sweetheart.” Patrick replied continuing down the dirt road until they were about 2 miles from the main road. When he felt they were far enough from civilization, Patrick turned of the engine then looked at his daughter.

“What do you want to show me dad?” Jessie asked looking out at the deserted area around them.


Jessie’s eyes widened when she looked back over at her father. He had his 8 inch cock out of his pants and was stroking it slowly. “Hungry baby girl?” he asked with a grin.

Jessie smiled at him. “Starved daddy.” She moved on the seat so she could lie down while Patrick lifted the steering wheel so she would have access.

Jessie replaced her father’s hand on his cock. She jacked him a couple of times then lowering her head, licked at the base. “Oooooohhhhh…” Patrick moaned closing his eyes.

Jessie just continued to lick at his hard cock until she came to the tip of it. Opening her mouth wide, she took him deep into her mouth. When she had escort gaziantep haberleri about half of him inside her, she closed her lips and started bobbing her mouth up and down over him while she ran her tongue lightly over his flesh. “Oh honey, yes. Suck daddy’s cock.” Patrick moaned pushing up with his hips.

Jessie let him push his cock into her throat, and then held him there while she massaged him with her muscles. Patrick started crying out as he shot precum down her throat. Jessie pulled her mouth back and was able to taste the next bit. “Mmmmm…” She sighed as she tasted his essence. She swallowed it, and then dug at his piss-hole looking for more.

“Oh god.” Patrick grunted as he tangled his fingers in Jessie’s hair. “Eat my cock baby. Eat daddy’s hot cock and I’ll give you a prize.

He thrust hard into her mouth as he shoved her head down over him. Jessie just groaned around his thrusting cock as she let him fuck her face. She grazed his flesh with he teeth and Patrick just about jumped out of his skin. “Fuck…Yes…” He growled slamming hard into her sucking mouth. “Oh baby. Don’t stop.” He begged as he forced his shaft in and out of her throat.

While Patrick fucked her face, Jessie lowered one hand down her body until she could get her jeans open. Once they were open she slid her hand inside and attacked her clit with her fingers. “Mmmmmm…” She groaned around her fathers pistoning cock.

Patrick was so lost in his own pleasure that he didn’t realize his daughter was playing with her pussy while she sucked on him. He thrust wildly into her mouth, forcing her to accept him. His hands dug into her scalp as he forced her head down over his hard shaft. “Oh fuck…I’m gonna cum.” He suddenly cried as he slammed her head hard against him.

Jessie’s finger was manhandling her clit. With the way she was laying, she couldn’t get her fingers into her hot slit, so she dug at her clit. “Mmmmmmmph…” She cried against her father’s thrusting cock as she suddenly came.

When she came, Jessie accidentally dug her teeth into Patrick’s shaft. The feeling of her teeth digging into him, made Patrick howl as he flooded her mouth with his juice. “Take daddy’s cum baby.” He cried as he shot deep inside her.

Jessie swallowed his cum as fast as she could. When he was empty, she ran her tongue lovingly over her teeth marks then once again dug at his piss-hole. When she was sure she had gotten it all, she let his semi hard cock slip from between her lips. “You taste good dad.” She said with a grin.

Patrick was breathing heavily as he looked at her through lowered lids. “Take your pants off.” He said leering at her.

Jessie smiled then quickly shed her jeans and panties. Lying back on the seat, she rested on leg on the back of the seat while she rested the other one on the floor. She rested her head against the passenger door as she spread her pussy lips open to her father’s gaze. “Hungry daddy?” She asked huskily.

Patrick smiled at her as he pushed open his door and moved to his knees outside the car. Grabbing her legs, he pulled her squealing body towards him. When she was close enough, he lowered his mouth to her hot snatch. “Oooooohhhhh daddy,” She purred when she felt his tongue move over her pussy. “It feels so good.”

Patrick growled against her snatch but didn’t lift his face. His fingers replaced hers on holding her pussy lips open. He flicked his tongue over her clit and heard her moan. Taking her clit between his lips, he sucked gently on it while he teased her slit with his fingertip. “Oh daddy.” Jessie moaned lifting her hips towards him.

Accepting the invitation willingly, Patrick let his finger slide into her. He felt her muscles tighten around him as he slowly moved it in and out. Jessie was mewling with desire as he sucked at her clit while he slowly fingered her hot slit. He heard her juices squeaking as he pushed his finger deep inside her. When he pushed a second and then a third into her depths, Jessie squealed and humped her body hard against him. “Daddy…Oh daddy, finger my pussy.” She screamed pulling at her tits while her head whipped back and forth on the seat.

Patrick growled against her flesh as he went to town on her pussy. His tongue was flying over her clit even as he sucked hard at it. His fingers were driving hard and fast in her hot little hole. Jessie was flooding his hand even as her body clung to his moving fingers. “Daddy, I’m gonna cum.” She whimpered humping hard and fast against his face.

Patrick just sucked harder at her, even as he heard her cries. He wanted her to flood his face with her juices. His hands moved like a bullet being shot out of a gun. His hand was coated in her juices as her body raced towards release. When he suddenly replaced his soaked fingers with his tongue, Jessie shrieked as her body convulsed suddenly around him. “I’m cummmmiiiiinnnnngggg dddddddddaaaaaaadddddddddddyyyyyyyy…” She howled shoving her pussy tightly against his face.

Patrick held her body tight against his face, as his tongue dug deep inside her. His face was coated with her juices from when she came but he was digging at the source looking for more. When she started to cum down from her orgasm, he rammed his tongue hard and fast inside her until she started panting as he pushed her once again towards release. “Daddy…yes…tongue fuck me…Make me cum again.” She begged as she pulled at her nipples.