Mayıs 12, 2023

The Family Story Part 1

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This is my first story. To start the story I will give you a little background about myself. My name is Eric and I am 19 years old. I just got out of high school and am planning to join the military in the near future. I have a younger sister named Lori who is a little over a year younger than I am and has recently turned 18. We are from a small town in the Midwest and live in the middle of nowhere in an old farm house. I have been attracted to my little sister for the past two years and my sexual fantasies have been growing. This is the story about how my fantasy became reality. For the past year my sister and I have been getting much closer. She has transformed from a girl to a beautiful woman. She is 5’8″, 110LBS, large C cup breast, and has the body of the track star that she is. At first I thought of it as wrong to have feelings for my little sister until I could no longer take it. It started with me watching her through cracked doors taking showers, and any time I could get a peek at her. This led to me planning time when Anadolu yakası escort bayan I would jack off and keep my door open. At first I thought nothing was working until one day I noticed someone leaving my door after I came. I started to get a little braver in these endeavors. One day my sister was in her room reading a book when I walked in. I jumped in bed with her and started to tease her like any other big brother would. I started to tickle her and joke around with her. My hands started to move from her lower ribs up to under her arm pit. “Oh, Eric, stop…stop…” she said. As I fell back on her bed my hands fell across her firm tits. She did not seem to notice and I was sure she just though it was by accident. She threw a blanket over her head and started to catch her breath from laughing, by this time I had a raging hard on. Just the thought of touching her drove me mad. As she lay next to me under the blanket I pulled out my cock and started to jack off. I was Escort Kurtköy not sure why I did this, but I figured she already saw me doing this once, what would be the difference if she caught me again. I made sure to shake the bed and made light moaning sounds to be sure she knew what I was doing. I moaned her name a few seconds after I started and that was when I saw a crack in the blanket rise. Knowing my little sister was right next to me watching me jack off drove me crazy. “OOOh fuck, Lori,” I said as a hot load of cum shot across the bed. I heard a gasp of excitement come from the blanket and I slid on my shorts and left the room. I went back to her door a few minutes later and now it was mostly shut. I could barely get a view inside were I could only see about half of her. It looked as though she was under her blanket knees apart and moaning. I left there not knowing what just happened but knowing things had changed. The next night I came home from work late at about 2 A.M. I walked into Maltepe escort the living room and there was my sister asleep. This was normal since our rooms upstairs were not heated and it got cold at night. I was still very horny from the night before. Knowing my parents were home I still walked over to her and tried to wake her. I took hold of her beautiful tits and tried to wake her. I noticed something change in her so I decided to see how far I could go. I ran my hands up her shirt and felt her bare breast. I played with her nipples between my fingers as she let out a light moan. I grabbed the bottom of her shirt and started to slide it off her, knowing by this time she was awake. She leaned up and let me take her shirt off easily. “Lori just let me know if you want me to stop.” But she still acted as if she was asleep. I looked down at my little sister with her beautiful breasts and nickel sized nipples. I bent down and put one of her nipples between my teeth as I pinched the other one. After a few seconds of this I ran my hand down her stomach to her waist line. As I started to enter her shorts she rolled away from me and let out a soft moaning “no”. She tucked the thin sheet she was using as a blanket around her waist tight and continued to act as if she was asleep. Once again I reminded her to just let me know if she wanted me to stop.