Mayıs 15, 2023

The Fast Lane

ile admin


  I feel out of character as I leave the house to meet you.I’m looking around me to see whether any of the neighbours curtains are twitching, as the skirt I’m wearing well it’s short and if the wind blows they’ll get an eye full and I will laugh silently in my head. I waited until dark like you asked, I guess you knew I’d be self conscious, normally I’m a jeans kind of girl, and that just makes this whole scenario much naughtier. Okay so I’m wearing the black knee-highs, the white blouse and the skirt, the short pleated tartan skirt that I bought last year when I was having a brave shopping moment. My hair is down and I don’t have any make-up on other than a deep red lipstick, which isn’t my colour. I approach your car and open the passenger door, you look at me with a serious expression. I know that look it means your Fikirtepe escort cock is stirring, instantly I am aroused by it. It doesn’t take much to arouse me because I feel sexy as hell. I feel like a whore, a cheap nasty whore ready to please you. “Where are we going?” I ask you with a smile as I climb in, you pull my seatbelt across me, slowing as it brushes across my full breasts, and you say nothing as you start to drive. We drive for ten minutes before you finally give in to the urge to stroke my leg. I watch your hand as it shifts up my skirt an inch at a time. My pussy is soaking in anticipation and I wonder whether you can smell my arousal. I decided to wear plain white panties even though you asked me not to wear any, and I can feel them growing moister by the second as Sancaktepe escort bayan your hand continues to creep. My hand doesn’t consult me when it reached across to feel how hard you are through your jeans, and my tongue finds your neck and your ear. I would have liked to tease you, but apparently I am unable to resist. Your cock strains through the fabric and I have to feel it, I need to feel how hot it is to touch. You don’t complain as I release it, in fact you gasp at how good it feels now that it’s free. I’m impressed and I look up at you with big needy eyes as if to ask permission I know I don’t really need. Leaning over you I take just the tip of you into my mouth and use my tongue on you. The pre-cum that greets me is a welcome sight and I am desperate to taste it. Escort üsküdar My sluttiness takes over and I take all of you to the back of my throat like a pro, I’m rising and falling with my mouth and I can hear your breaths become quick and heavy. I am on all fours now working at removing my wet panties while still I continue to suck the length of you. We’re on the motorway I think though I’m not sure, but car lights are becoming frequent and now and I have my bare ass up in the air facing my window for all to see. My sopping cuntglistens under the lights that pass us. I’m losing control as I know I’m on full view and I moan around your cock loud desperate pleas for the taste of your cum. A lorry draws alongside us and it’s headlights fill the car so brightly. Surely from up there he has a bird’s eye view I think as I continue to slurp enthusiastically, andfeverishly at you. In just a few moments I feel the car accelerate before pulling over and you let out a moan so intense that I wonder whether you’re having a heart attack, that is until your hot sperm shoots into my mouth satisfying my hunger and freeing you of your electricity.