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The Flood Ch. 02

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The setting and events concerning the flood are true. It was a tragic event that struck our community. The sexual encounters are fictionalized. Why not have a little fun even when life is tough?

This is chapter 2. While it can be read as a stand-alone, I recommend reading number 1 first!


The morning brought unexpected sunlight. The flooding that took place last night seemed to be over, at least from where I sat, still rubbing sleep from my eyes. I was alone in the loft bedroom at my mother’s house. My aunt and two cousins had come over yesterday as their road had been washed out. I had slept on the bottom bunk, Cara on the top, and Brad on the sleeping bag beside me.

That’s when the memory popped up in my head. I remembered listening to him masturbate and then… did I? I felt a shudder of shame convulse as I recalled what exactly I had done the night before. I had asked him to cum in my mouth. I had even gotten off on it. Part of me felt a deep shame; how could I do this with my cousin? But part of me was still aroused. He’s probably going home today. And it was fun. No harm, no foul, right?

I shook off the memory and wandered downstairs to see where everyone else had gone. My mom and Aunt Kathy were laughing in the dining room. They had a french press that looked like it hadn’t seen the light of day in decades. Without power, they were trying to find another means to get their coffee fix.

“Morning! Where did my cousins go?” I asked, trying to sound lighthearted.

Kathy waved her hand dismissively, not looking away from the press. “Outside. Cara is on the phone with her boyfriend and Brad… he went somewhere…” She trailed off and quickly picked up her conversation with my mom.

I wanted to head outside but I did a quick assessment of myself and realized I couldn’t be seen in the light of day wearing this tight, short nightgown. I went back to the old bedroom where I had some things stored. Most of the stuff was from my high school days. I found another pair of athletic shorts and a crop top. My breasts were now much bigger than they had been in high school but I’d managed to maintain my waist size so I looked ok, I thought as I checked myself out in the mirror.

He’s your cousin!! Screamed a voice inside my head. I felt a twinge of embarrassment at my own foolish reflection. It was like I was checking out my outfit to wear on a date. I gave one last push-up of my C-cup tits before I walked outside, just in case.

Cara was in her mom’s car. It was running and she was charging her phone while she talked on it. I tapped on the window. She was crying and it sounded like she and her boyfriend were arguing. I didn’t want to interrupt, and frankly I didn’t care what was wrong with her. There was only one thing on my mind. I really wanted to see Brad. I wondered if he would play it cool, like nothing happened the night before. Or would he secretly pursue me more now that I had his dick in my mouth for the second time in our lives.

Cara pointed down the street then resumed her argument. It sounded like she was trying to convince her boyfriend to pick her up despite the “no travel” advisory. Most of the roads leading to this development were flooded out. In fact, that’s where I found Brad. He was standing at the intersection, looking across the highway to the reservoir.

“That’s going to burst” he said, without even looking over his shoulder at me. I thought up a joke about how he burst last night but I caught his eye and he was very serious. “We’re going to have to relocate” he said. “This place is going to be an island in an hour or two. Jess’s house won’t flood but there won’t be any way in or out of here when that dam breaks.”

We walked back up the road and warned the others. Cara was still upset about something but she and the mothers decided to go look at the reservoir for themselves. Brad was working on connecting a small propane tank to a camp stove. When I realized we were alone, I felt embarrassed the way a middle schooler feels around their crush. Brad was wearing a tight black wife beater this morning. I could see his tattoo clearly. It was a Celtic cross outlined in barbed wire.

I tried to catch myself but I made a small sound while trying to stifle a laugh. He looked up quickly. I don’t think escort numaraları he heard me behind him.

“What?” He asked earnestly, his mouth turning into the slightest bit of a smile.

“Nothing, nothing” I muttered shyly.

“If it’s about last night…” he broke eye contact and blushed.

“What about last night? I was laughing at your tattoo.”

“Oh this” his hand went to cover it up instinctively. “We were all 18 and stupid once, Marie. I’m sure you have one somewhere.”

I laughed. “How did you guess?” I rolled down the band of my athletic shorts to reveal a butterfly on my pelvic bone. He stepped closer and bent over to get a better look. His closeness made my breath catch. I had the worst thoughts in my mind at that moment. Thoughts about him bending me over the kitchen table. Thoughts about pulling down my shorts and pressing his face into my wanting pussy…

“It’s cute… predictable” he said. His tone was quieter and the smirk was replaced by a want-you smile that I remembered from our very first encounter all those years ago. He stepped even closer, so that our mouths were millimeters apart. “I won’t tell if you don’t tell.” He whispered with his lips so close to mine that I could taste the hint of menthol. I didn’t move. I wanted him to be the one to take action if he wanted it. After all, I had taken plenty of action last night.

He brushed his lips against mine. He didn’t kiss me like lovers do. He barely touched me like he was shy, playful, maybe even nervous. His lips were soft and I couldn’t stand the tease. I pressed my lips into his and instantly snaked my arms around his waist. He kissed me so passionately, it felt like we’d been leading up to this moment for years. He pulled me close and I could feel his boner pressing against my pelvis. His tongue dipped into my mouth and I moaned softly into his kiss. I moved my hands from his waist to his butt and pulled him as close as I could so I could feel every inch of his cock pressing against me through his jeans. He was moving his hands to my ass when…


The front door slammed open and the screen bounced off the inside wall. Cara was yelling. Brad jumped away from me and I turned toward the shelf where I busied myself with flashlights and batteries. He resumed tinkering with the camp stove. While Cara and her mom argued, Brad caught my eye and winked.

By mid-afternoon it was decided. Cara’s boyfriend would come pick her up- much to both mother’s chagrin- and the rest of us would wait out the flood at my mom’s no matter how bad the connecting roads became. As awful as it sounds, I had a hard time focusing on the flood situation at hand. I was preoccupied with Brad and the possibility of catching him alone again.

It was late when Devin, Cara’s pot-head boyfriend, showed up. He was rude and crass but he had a surprise for us that was actually a good thing today. He hopped out of his Ford F150 and picked up a small generator. He carried it up to the porch and left it, calling over his shoulder that his grandfather had an extra. He took Cara and peeled out of the driveway before we could even say thank you.

Mom, Kathy, and I played marbles. I was hoping Brad would join us. I wanted to see him again. Just to make eye contact or sit close to him or something. I longed for more after our intense kiss this morning. But Brad was busy with the generator. He couldn’t get it running. It had, unfortunately, started to rain again so he was under the porch roof trying to rev it up. Eventually, he took the gas can and started to walk down the road to see if the gas station was accessible. It was 10 pm by this time and the moms wanted to go to sleep. “Brad can handle it” they both agreed. I thought it would look odd if I stayed around waiting for him so I told them I was going to bed too.

I found a tight cami. I pulled it on without a bra and admired myself in the mirror. I took my ponytail out so my long brown hair would cascade down my back. Now, to wait until Brad comes back.

I heard him on the porch half an hour later. He was cursing and kicking the generator. I could smell his cigarettes through the crack I’d left in the window. I didn’t mean to, but I began to drift off. After all the anticipation gaziantep escort bayan numaraları of Brad and I sharing a room alone, and the memory of that kiss still fresh on my mind, I couldn’t believe I had fallen asleep.

I awoke to the gentle, constant rocking of the bunk beds. It took me a minute to comprehend what was happening. I almost forgot I was even staying at my mother’s house but the realizations washed over me in waves. And the rocking continued. I listened closely and realized he was doing it again. He must have come in and found me asleep and decided to take care of it himself. My pussy throbbed with the thought of him touching his dick up there on the top bunk.

I wanted it in my mouth again. I wanted to bob up and down along the whole shaft. He was speeding up his pace so I knew it was now or never and I didn’t want to miss his cum. I sat up and climbed the ladder in one swift movement. He was laying on top of his blanket with no shirt. His dick and balls were pulled over the top of his gym shorts. “Oh!” he gasped in surprise, “I thought you were sleeping!”

I didn’t say anything, I just settled right in. I straddled his lower legs and put my hands on the bed on either side of him. I lowered my face to his hard cock and kissed the tip. I swirled my tongue along the head and then all the way down the shaft. It was long and thick. I could taste the pre-cum and it made me want more. Slowly, taking it all in, I lowered my head all the way down his dick until the whole thing was deep in my throat. I slowly slid up again and started to find a rhythm. He moaned in pleasure.

“Yesss” escaped his lips. He began to thrust his hips to the motion of my mouth so that each thrust was deeper and deeper. I gagged a little and pulled back, out of breath. I was about to go back for more when he grabbed me under my arms and pulled me up toward him.

He dove in for a kiss. My body melted into his. This kiss was far better than the tentative one we shared this morning. His tongue flitted in and out of my mouth. His lips were soft and full. I could feel his dick press against my skin where the cami didn’t cover.

Suddenly he reached up and pulled the shirt down so that my tits popped up over the lacy top. He pulled me up and sucked one nipple into his mouth. I gasped and recoiled. I hadn’t planned to go this far with my cousin. I had only hoped to give him the blowjob of his dreams. Or did I want to go further? I couldn’t clear my head right now. All I could feel was the sensation of Brad sucking on my nipple. He nibbled, sucked, licked, and kissed one nipple. It felt like he had all the time in the world and wasn’t in a hurry at all. He eventually moved to my other tit and flicked the nipple with his tongue before beginning to caress it passionately.

I leaned in to his mouth, loving every second of this. He kissed and played with each nipple until I could feel his dick pulsing and I knew he wanted more. I started to shimmy back down to suck him some more but he stopped me. He pulled at the waistband of my shorts as if asking me to take them off.

“No way!” I protested. “I just want your dick in my mouth until you cum like last night” I whispered.

“No, no, I just want to touch. Just like you’re doing to me” he said. He smiled his sexy want-you smile and I couldn’t resist. I slid my pants and underwear down to my ankles and then pushed them off the side of the bunk. I suddenly felt very self-conscious. He murmured something like “nice” as he ran his hand along my ass and thigh. I straddled him again but this time I leaned forward so he could touch me while we kissed. I’m not going to lie, this kiss and caress was the best so far in my life.

He touched my inner thighs and pubic area but was careful not to touch my pussy. It throbbed in anticipation. When he finally placed a finger gently on my clit, I had to stop kissing him to catch my breath. He touched so lightly but in just the right spot. I knew if he stayed in that area for any length of time, I would cum. I didn’t want to let loose in front of him, I was too embarrassed. I wanted to slow him down but he seemed like he was on a mission.

He made small circles on my clit, then he dipped the tip of his finger gaziantep escort numaraları into my pussy and used the wetness to lubricate my clit some more. He played gently until I had to stop kissing him. I leaned into his neck and focused on his touches. My breath was coming heavily and I knew I was close. Just at the right moment, he thrust his fingers into my dripping slit and started to finger-fuck me. Gone was the gentle caress. Now he was thrusting his fingers in and out so quickly that I had to bite his neck to keep from screaming.

Just when I thought I would cum, he pulled his hand away and pushed me by the shoulders in a motion that would have led me right onto his throbbing cock if I had allowed it. “No, no! Not that!” I pulled my head away from his neck and met his eyes. “I can’t do that with you!” I whispered. God his eyes were so sexy and his smile was coy and playful.

“Nothing serious, just the tip” he whispered. He reached down and scooped up my tits and brought one to his mouth. He sucked and played and I became distracted again from the internal conflict I was experiencing. Should I actually let my cousin fuck me? I wanted to know more than ever but would I be able to live with myself in the morning?

I lowered my hips so that my pussy was touching his stomach, about an inch above where his waiting cock stood erect. I moved down so our lips touched again and I kissed him, all while thinking about what to do next. Finally, I decided this was a once in a lifetime thing and I would never allow it to happen again but tonight… tonight was ok. Just the tip.

I moved just a bit lower with my hips until I could feel his dick so close to my waiting pussy lips. I didn’t have to help it find the right place, it was like a magnet. His head pressed right on my slit and I gently rocked back and forth, enjoying the feeling of our parts touching. I was so forbidden, so naughty, and he was so big and thick, I wanted nothing more but knew that this was wrong at the same time.

I pressed down just a little more and my lips parted and I felt him thrust upward just a little. His head entered me. I sat up, away from his kiss, and swayed. I could feel him inside me and it felt amazing. I bobbed up and down just the slightest bit, never allowing more than just the tip inside me. I reached down and stroked his shaft with the head in my pussy.

This time it wasn’t him requesting more, it was me. “How do you feel about a little more than the tip?” I asked him. He had closed his eyes to enjoy the feeling of my strokes but he opened them at this question.

“I don’t know, Marie. Right now I want you so bad that I can’t think” His smile was gone and a look of complete lust covered his face. “Let me fuck you. We will never talk about it again. Tonight and tonight only.” I wanted this too.

I leaned my face close to his, with the head of his dick still inside me. I kissed him again and slowly sat further and further down on him until his whole cock was buried inside me. We both shuddered. I broke of from his kiss and sat up. I slowly sat up and back down to feel the length of his cock inside me. Again I pulled it in and back out slowly. I watched his face and I could tell he was both enjoying it and tormented by the pace. He grabbed my waist and thrust me down over and over again. He was fucking me so hard I couldn’t slow him down if I tried. He pulled me up and back down, digging in to my hips with his fingers while I matched his motions so we thrust in harmony.

He fucked me so hard I had to bite my lip to stop a scream from escaping. “I’m going to cum” he whispered fiercely.

“Go ahead” I urged him and I leaned into his movements as I felt my own orgasm wash over me. I moaned as I reached my peak, shaking in my legs from the intensity. Then I felt his cum. Warm and thick, he came into my pussy. His thrusts slowed down as he sent spurts inside me. I moved with him to catch every drop.

I sat up, his dick still buried deep inside me, and looked at him. “Don’t worry” he said when he had caught his breath “I won’t ever bring this up again.”

“I am not sure I can go the rest of my life without feeling that again, though” I admitted. Before I could think about what I was feeling, we heard a crashing sound downstairs.

“Oh fuck!” he said and he pulled his pants up. I jumped into my own bunk and struggled with my pants. I slipped under my blanket just in time, but without my pants, when my mother came busting through the door.

“The generator is making a weird noise, Brad. Can you look at it?”

“Sure” he answered, and he hopped down. On his way out the door he mouthed “that was a close one” and winked.