Mayıs 1, 2023

The Hack, The Hung And The Heavenly

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I found myself with a few hours to kill before the day’s scheduled book signing, so I thought I would pay a visit to my new friend, Rick, and his younger sister, Carol, who was eighteen.We first met in the restaurant of the hotel where I was staying during this leg of the tour. Rick’s sibling’s attire seemed unusual for the location and in fact, was quite intriguing. I invited them to my table, where I learned that her church’s school bus had broken down, and Rick had to pick her up after her classes. They had stopped at the restaurant for dinner on their way home.I found Rick to be somewhat reserved at first, but Carol was quite talkative, eagerly regaling me on a wide range of topics. Following the consumption of a considerable amount of alcohol, Rick’s lowered inhibitions revealed our mutual taste for the unconventional. They both extended an open invitation to stop by. We said goodbye, and I assured them I’d find time to visit soon.The following week, I was descending on the final approach to their helipad, I noticed a brand new yellow bus pulling away from the curb in front of their sprawling estate.”I do hope that signifies young Carol’s return from her lessons,” I said to my pilot as we touched down.”You’re a real piece of work, Dave,” he yelled over Magosa Escort the blast of the rotors as I got out, adding, “Watch your head, fool.”It’s touching, how he holds me in such high regard, I thought, watching the craft turn and roar into the sky. Always concerned for my safety.I walked into the master bedroom where sure enough, Carol was on all fours with her brother’s massive cock halfway down her throat. Rick was fully undressed, but Carol still had her school uniform on.”Knock-knock,” I silently mouthed, while making a motion in mid-air with my knuckles. They were too preoccupied to notice my arrival. I pulled up a chair in the corner and politely allowed them to finish what they were doing.Rick stroked her ear while gently instructing her. “Hold your lips-oh my God… yes… that’s it… yes…” She watched him with obedient eyes as she slowly slid up and down several spit-covered inches of his massive pole.She was captivating in her crisp white blouse, plaid skirt, wool knee socks, black ‘Mary Jane’ shoes, and a pretty red ribbon in her long brown hair. They were resplendent on a bare, brand new Simmons Beautyrest mattress in the middle of the room, supported by a platform of plastic milk crates.”I guess love Kıbrıs Escort means never having to say ‘box spring,’  am I right?” I said, instantly drawing their full attention.The room was silent. Mind you, it is not every day one finds a world-renowned writer in their very own home.”I didn’t know you were… how did you get in?” Rick asked.”Oh, don’t worry,” I replied, “The front door was unlocked, so I allowed myself in. It was no trouble at all.”Carol seemed quite overjoyed about my visit, jumping up and shuffling with rapid, tiny steps to where I was sitting,”Hi, Dave! Guess what? Guess what happened? You want to know what happened?””Do tell, child,” I replied.”I wanted Rick to butt fuck me, but his cock was too big! Can you believe it? We slowly pushed against each other, and I wiggled my ass for him, but it wouldn’t fit! We could only get the head in!”She looked down at my pants and then at her brother.”Look, Ricky! Look at how turned on he’s getting! Can I tell him the rest? Can I? Can I?” Her softball-sized breasts jiggled as she bounced up and down.Rick removed his thumb and forefinger from the bridge of his nose.”You might as well, Carol. Go ahead.”She turned back to me and continued her absolutely obscene Lefkoşa Escort narrative. “So anyway, what he did was, he pumped his cock with his hand, and I clenched and unclenched the head with my ass until I felt it squirting cum! And then, you know what?”Suddenly unable to speak, I silently shrugged my shoulders”Some of it leaked out! But when he pulled it out, it all leaked out and ran down the insides of my legs!” She put her hands on her hips and proudly beamed.I looked up at her brother, and I tried to communicate some form of a ‘what the fuck?’ message with my eyes. He somehow picked up on it right away.”I know, Dave. I know. Believe it or not, you ain’t seen-“”Ricky! Ricky!” his sister shouted. “I want to do it with me lying on my back, okay? Can we do it like that? You know, with my head over the side? Can we, Ricky? “”Sound good to me, Sis,” he replied in a voice of complete surrender.Carol climbed onto the mattress and began unbuttoning her blouse. She patted the spot next to her and beckoned.”Dave. will you please feel up my tits and suck on them while my brother fucks my mouth?”  Rick encouraged me. “Go for it, Dave, it’ll help her get off.””I-I would love to,” I stammered.I climbed up to join them as she laid herself on her back and lowered her head over the side of the mattress. I covered her hand with mine to slow her undressing and began sucking her hardening nipple through the fabric. I reached under her blouse and squeezed her breasts while her brother began pressing the fat, mushroomed head of his cock into her mouth.