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The I-Room Ch. 04

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I hope this comes as a pleasant surprise to fans of the I-Room, I sure was pleased to see this story, long incomplete, finally allow itself to be written.

As always, I hope you will send me your comments, be they positive or negative – critiques are always welcome. Enjoy!

All the usual enjoinders – this is a work of fiction with all characters existing only within the confines of the story and my imagination.



And still, the so called experts bandy opinions on what is my purpose, what are the dark, underlying motivations of my actions and when will my actions spiral out of control into deeds unspeakable. Their pontifications provide me amusement as I continue on my mission to bring truth to those who have had blinders placed upon them, to bring vision to those who cannot see. When the debating is done and all has been revealed, I hope to be remembered as nothing more than an instrument of illumination.

The torch of my illumination is a simple room twelve feet by twelve feet — stark and almost empty, save for a queen size bed, a simple wooden chair and a small refrigerator. The room has but one exit, a steel door locked from the outside. Adjoining the room is a small alcove housing the barest of necessities — a shower and a toilet. Here the blinders of peoples’ lives are removed so that they may confront the truth about themselves — so that they may live the lives they were meant to live.

The Fourth: Dennis, Lori, Teddy and Taylor

Never has the I-Room been so crowded, albeit peaceful. In a tumble of bodies, sleeping peacefully rests a family, about to be thrust into the glare of truth — forced to confront the realities they have refused to acknowledge. A perfect nuclear family, Dennis and Lori — husband and wife and their son and daughter, Teddy and Taylor

Dennis is a white male in his late forties. He is in good health, not having had many bad habits and hence the bad health that strikes so many of his age. He is a minister of a conservative protestant church and he has spent his life protesting the decadent world about him. His hair, once black is now pepper gray, giving him a distinguished air.

Lori is slightly younger, having turned forty-two just this past year. She is a small petite woman with short, blonde hair and blue eyes. She works out and her body is trim and tight, her breasts little apples that still are firm and ripe. I suspect the hair between her legs is as blonde as the hair on her head. Lying on her stomach, I cannot help but admire her firm ass. Even in sleep, there is an air of disapproval about her, as if she has been raised to object to the actions of everyone around her. .

Taylor is the oldest of the two children At twenty years of age, she is a tall, buxom young woman, her bright head of long, blonde hair and her blue eyes so much like her mother’s, but there the resemblance ends. My research indicates she physically resembles Dennis’s mother. At five foot, nine inches tall, she is slender with firm, prominent breasts that strain the 38DD bra she is currently wearing and her skin a pale, flawless ivory. Her long legs are muscular and shapely.

The younger of the two children , Teddy is a healthy eighteen year old male. He stands five foot, eleven and has his father’s black hair. He is a bit stocky, muscular from years of lifting weights and playing on his high school wrestling team. Between his iron-muscled thighs, a considerable bulge is nestled in his jockey shorts.

All are clad in only their underwear, mother and daughter in plain cotton panties and bras, the father in boxer shorts and the son as mentioned earlier, in white jockey underwear. They are a handsome family, brimming with health.

Teddy, the son stirs first, coming awake abruptly and rising up. He is quickly on his feet and checking out the surroundings. His eyes widen as he spies his family on the bed. He moves to wake his father, but I smile as he pauses to openly ogle his sister and mother as they lay sleeping, their bodies at best only partly covered.

“Dad? Wake up, Dad. Something is going on!” He says softly, giving his father a shake on the shoulder.

Dennis snorts and slowly begins to wake, but the commotion brings his wife, Lori awake as well. She is sitting up and looking about the room and her family while Dennis is still shaking off sleep. She seems calm, albeit concerned as she realized that things are not what they should be. The frown she wore in sleep now deepens as she slips off the bed and gasps as she stares at her son staring at her. “Teddy — shame on you, put some clothes on!” she snaps turning away from her son and then comprehension slaps her hard as she realizes they are all clad only in their underwear.

“Dennis, wake up now!” Lori barks and her husband responds to the urgency in her voice, sitting straight up, eyes wide open and awake. He takes in his partially clad wife and his eyes widen even more as he takes in the shapely, lithe body of his daughter gaziantep escort pornoları who is still asleep. Lori rushes around the bed to her daughter, fear in her voice as she shakes Taylor’s shoulder. “Honey? Taylor, baby, wake up!”

The young woman moans and mumbles softly, rolling over to face her father who is easing out of bed now. Her breasts shake and quiver as she moves and both Dennis and Teddy cannot help but stare at her magnificent chest.

Lori’s face is quickly turning red, her frown now a fierce scowl. “Dennis, what’s happening? Where are we?” She turns back to Taylor and says in a loud and strident voice. “Taylor, wake up right now, girl!”

Taylor’s eyes snap open and she snaps right back, “All right, Mother! I’m up! Are you happy no…” Her voice fades away as she realizes she isn’t in her own bedroom in her own four poster bed, nor in her dorm room at college. “Mom — what is this, where are we?” She becomes aware of her own lack of clothes and as she scans the room, stops to stare at her brother and father, both now examining the steel door. Her brother’s legs and arms bulge with effort as he tries to wrench the secure door open and fails.

I am not surprised when she lunges off the bed, past her mother and hurries to her father, arms wrapping around his waist. “It him, isn’t it, Daddy?” she says in a hushed voice. “The guy they talk about on the news and the tabloid shows — the Creep!” I have to choke down a chuckle. My research has shown me that there is a big following of my exploits among college age girls — no doubt speculating on my evil doings.

Dennis looks down at her daughter, trying to keep his gaze steady on her face and away from her mostly visible breasts and failing terribly. He finally tears his eyes off her and looks at his wife, still standing by the bed. She stares back, fear and anger dueling for control in her face. Lori seems so vulnerable and unsettled in her unclothed condition, arms crossing over her bra covered breasts. A tent begins to take form in Dennis’s boxers as he instinctively responds to the sweet sensation of his daughter’s womanly flesh pressing against his and he quickly disengages himself from Taylor’s arms.

Stepping away, he musters his best calm and confident voice, born of many years in the pulpit. “Let’s all stay calm and not give into to panic. The Lord is with us and will see us through this trial.” He reaches out a hand to Teddy who is still attempting to force the door open, his effort so intense, the muscles in his neck are knotting up. “Let it be, son. Save your strength.”

Lori comes up and puts an arm around her husband’s waist, discretely separating him from Taylor — his erection not going unnoticed. “What in the world do we do, honey?” she whispers. “What will this…Creep do to us?”


Taylor lets out a little squeal as my voice surprises them all. As befits a close knit family, they instinctively move towards each other, huddling together in support of each other. Taylor takes both her mother’s and her brother’s hands in hers, squeezing so tight that her knuckles quickly whiten. Dennis stays calm despite the anger in his voice. “What do you want with us?”


Dennis shakes his head, frowning at the vagueness of my words. “I implore you. If you must, keep me and my wife, but the children, do not subject them to your madness. Please release the children.”


“You are this Creep person, aren’t you?” hisses Lori. “You are a foul pervert and you want to corrupt us.”


“We will not be corru…” Dennis’s voice chokes off — from anger or fear, I do not know. He pauses and looking at his family, regains his resolve. “We will not be corrupted by you. The Lord will lend us the strength to resist you and whatever evil you shall bring our way.” He looked at each member of his family and out of long practice, they form a circle, holding hands — father facing daughter and mother facing son. “Let us pray for our deliverance.”

The family bows their heads and closes their eyes and Dennis begins to pray — first reciting the ‘Lord’s Prayer’ and then the 23rd Psalm before evoking a long prayer entreating God to give them strength. I sense that this family will perhaps be my greatest challenge, their religious faith serving as the crutch by which they will resist. escort pornoları Still, I choose to respect their efforts by remaining silent. Time is my ally here. I simply need to let nature take its course.

Dennis provides an extraordinary example of his belief in prayer, going nearly an hour before he begins to go hoarse, but already I see cracks in his family’s resolve. Long before their prayer session ends, Teddy is opening his eyes and taking quick glimpses at his scantily clad sister and mother. I am pleased to see the boy spending as much time looking at his slender, almost elfin mother as he does his more voluptuous sister. His arousal to so much bare flesh is evident in the hard-on scarcely concealed underneath his jockey shorts.

Before the end of Dennis’s prayer, Taylor too has peeked out several times, ogling the outline of her brother’s enormous cock and gazing earnestly at her father’s shorts as well. Only when their mother opens her eyes and with a frightful glare admonishes them both silently do they cease their obviously interested staring. Watching them carefully for several minutes to see that they aren’t looking anymore, Lori finally closes her eyes again, but not before letting her gaze shift down to the still erect penis barely hidden behind her son’s white shorts. There is more than anger in her eyes as she stares at his cock — there is fear and I think curiosity.

When Dennis ends with a hearty, “Amen!” Lori adds her own two cents, pointedly telling her children. “We must resist whatever temptations this person…this Creep places before us. Rely on the faith and love of the Lord and on your father’s and my guidance to keep us strong.” Her tone is both accusatory and strident and Dennis looks at her with some concern as they retreat towards the bed.

The rest of their first day with me is spent in periodic prayer and wandering in circles around the small room, exploring the alcove and discovering drink and food in the refrigerator. There is some dismay when Taylor realizes that the toilet faces outward towards the bed and she clamors for privacy with her mother instructing her husband and son to turn towards the opposing wall until she is done.

I enjoy the way both mother and father keep glancing furtively at their children, both of whom appear not as shy. Lori constantly inserts herself between her children whenever they come together and talk quietly, trying to interrupt the open stares of interest between brother and sister. Lori also watches her husband as well, scowling each time he looks at his daughter, his eyes helplessly drawn to her large breasts and her long legs.

Their first night as I dim the lights down to twilight level, Lori insists on arranging the manner in which they will sleep. She and Dennis will sleep in the middle and Teddy outside next to his father and Taylor on the far side next to her mother. Another long prayer ensues, followed by much heavy sighing as everyone tries to get comfortable, all squeezed in on the single queen sized bed. It is a tight fit and both mother and father, try to lie on their sides facing each other, bodies pressed close to allow their children more room. Even so, flesh is touching flesh everywhere.

Early in the morning, Teddy rises to use the toilet and upon his return, pauses at the foot of the bed to stare at his mother and sister. Taylor is sprawled carelessly on her back, one foot hanging off the bed and the other resting atop her mother’s toned thigh. Her panties have been tugged tight against her mound, leaving her pussy clearly outlined against the fabric. If Teddy didn’t know his sister shaved her pussy or kept it heavily trimmed, he does now. His eyes keep roving upwards to watch her breasts slowly rise and fall as she breathes. His morning piss erection that had awoken him is now replaced by an erection of arousal.

Teddy’s eyes turn towards his mother and his mouth gapes open as he realizes his mother’s bra has slipped upwards, revealing her left breast — firm and hard, an apple sized tit with a long nipple as round as a nickel. Teddy stares and almost unconsciously, his hand finds his cock and rubs it slowly through the cotton of his shorts before he slips his hand inside the waistband and strokes his shaft for almost a minute before Lori snorts and rolls over towards her daughter, making Teddy scurry back around the bed and to gingerly climb back in next to his father.

He sighs dejectedly several times, reaching down to stroke his cock before finally falling back asleep. As he tries to fall back to sleep, I am more than pleasantly surprised to see his sister, eyes apparently not as closed as it appeared, smile to herself. If anyone will serve as the catalyst for this family’s reformation, I know it will be Taylor.

The second day sees this family continue its prayer vigil amongst growing tension. Several times, Dennis and Lori will attempt to engage me in conversation, but I chose to remain escort gaziantep pornoları silent. Becoming used to the confines of their small living space, all become restless. As always, I keep the temperature ever so slightly warm — not hot enough to be uncomfortable, but enough that any physical effort will break one out into a sweat.

Teddy is the most active, prowling restlessly around the room, unable to take his eyes off his sister and his mother and unable to do anything about the almost constant erection in his shorts. Lori watches her son almost constantly, trying to limit his up close contact with his sister, quite aware that he is responding sexually to his lovely sister, but not as aware that when she summons her son to her side that he is more than content to sit and listen to her while his eyes roam up and down her petite body. Lori herself isn’t immune from these forbidden feelings. As she chats with her son, her eyes continually are drawn downwards as well, memorizing the outline of Teddy’s cock as it almost visibly throbs underneath his cotton shorts.

Lori becomes more distraught with each passing hour, running interference between Teddy and Taylor and becoming aware of her daughter almost flirting with Dennis. Her husband seems to be acting more calmly than I would imagine given these circumstances and almost seems pleased by the attentions of his daughter. Taylor constantly hovers around him, especially when her mother is occupying Teddy’s attention.

Taylor has almost a compulsive need to touch her father — quick hugs or reaching out to touch his arm or holding on and squeezing his hand while the family prays. She is constantly flipping her blonde hair over her shoulder, using the motion to capture her father’s attention, hands fluttering over and around her large, firm breasts. Whenever possible, she seems to sit next to her father, naked thighs pressing together, turning to make a point or leaning across him to speak to her brother or mother and dragging her breasts against Dennis’s arm or bare chest.

Lori scowls angrily at him whenever she notices tenting of his boxer shorts — scolding him with her eyes. At these times, Dennis usually calls for another prayer session — lasting anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour. During these times, it’s almost a game of peek-a-boo and son and daughter sneak peaks at each other’s bodies as well as their parents’ mostly unclothed forms, trying not to get caught by their mother who takes her fair share of peeks as well — mostly at Teddy, but now and again, studying her daughter’s sexy body as well.

After several whispered and heated discussions between Dennis and Lori, I notice that the prayers begin to carry a slightly different tone, entreating God to not only give them strength to prevail over me, but to strengthen their own resolve to give into evil temptation. Dennis’s calm exterior appears to be cracking ever so slightly as the day goes on. Ultimately Lori pairs off with her daughter while Dennis pairs off with Teddy, trying to occupy their attention. It fails miserably. Dennis and his son try and play a game of mental chess, but cannot keep their moves straight in their heads as both keep gazing over to the women. Taylor doesn’t help as she restlessly moves around on the bed, seeming to find a myriad of ways to keep showing off her legs or spreading them to reveal her panty clad crotch to the staring eyes across the room or stretching the kinks out of her body and thrusting her bosom outwards to devastating effect.

Lori too is restless and tries to counter Taylor’s “innocent” displays with moves of her own and although her back is to Dennis and Teddy, she is also providing a show with her tight ass and I dare say she doesn’t comprehend how each over her shoulder glance at the menfolk is in itself a sexually exciting thing, unconsciously mimicking the look a female gives a male to encourage mounting her.

By the end of the day, all are very tense, especially Taylor who has acted the innocent tease all day long. The twenty year old is well aware of how her actions have stimulated her father and brother — indeed her own actions have excited her and her now very soiled panties have an obvious wet spot over her mound. She is like a cat, stalking around the room, hungry and anxious. She eyes both her father and her brother like a scrumptious meal she’d like to devour.

Before they retire for the evening, Taylor asks her parents about using the shower. Lori is adamant about not stripping down in front of each other, saying, “All we’re doing is playing into this Creep’s hands. I’m sure he has cameras set up and he’s dying to get us naked so he can film it!”

“But, mother,” moans Taylor. “I stink. We all stink! Can’t we just shower and nobody looks at anyone?”

“Sis is right, Mom. I know I reek and think of how bad it’s gonna get when we all get in bed again tonight.” Teddy rolls his eyes. “If Dad raises his arm up, I may puke!”

Taylor giggles in response to her brother’s joke and even their father smiles. Only Lori frowns and says, “We need to stay strong and resolute and resist.”

Dennis begins to speak and then stops as if to consider his words. “We do have to stay strong, Lori, but sweetheart, I don’t think there is any harm in all of us getting a shower. The kids are right — I know I could use a hot shower.”