Mayıs 6, 2023

The Inheritance

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I remember meeting him only a few times in my life and that was when I was only nine or ten years old. Uncle Ted seemed like a pretty decent guy with a good sense of humour and I got along with him as well as a ten year old kid gets along with an adult he only sees occasionally, but I remember my mother and father always cutting him down after he had left. They talked about him as being a misfit, someone who was always just a little strange. Just the same I found him to be okay. Perhaps I recognised some kind of hidden kindred spirit. Perhaps he recognised it in me too because a surprise, perhaps it was even a life altering event, awaited me down the road. Anyways, Uncle Ted outlasted my parents and he died when I was thirty-nine years old. He had remained a stranger to me basically all my life so you can imagine how surprised I was when I was contacted by his lawyer and told that he had left me something in his will. A couple of weeks later I traveled out west with my wife, Elise, to meet with the lawyer to find out just what it was that was now mine. It wasn’t money, as he had apparently left all of it to various charities. What I did receive from him was a guest house, a very up-scale motel if you will, located on ten acres of land in British Columbia in a gorgeous valley located between two towering mountain ranges and overlooking a river that meandered through magnificent pristine wetlands. The property was located a few kilometres outside a small tourist town that had a constant flow of visitors summer and winter, and thus the potential for a steady year-round flow of clientele for a well-run business. The lawyer went over the financial statement for the business with me. Property taxes for a year and a small maintenance fund had been taken care of for me by him and how I would deal with the place was entirely up to me. There were no conditions. The lawyer gave me a sealed letter from Uncle Ted which I was to read once I had visited the place. We drove out to see it the following morning. The property sloped up from the road, offering a marvelous view of the valley and mountains, and the building itself was located about a hundred metres from the road. The garden surrounding the building was immaculate with some forest and numerous huge old fir trees, giving the place an aura of seclusion and privacy. The building complex itself was quite large, one story only, with the owner’s living quarters and office off to one side. We looked at the living quarters first. It was very spacious and exceptionally comfortable looking. Everything in it appeared to be almost new. It had obviously been meticulously taken care of. The rest of the place consisted of six large and very comfortable and well appointed guest rooms plus an exclusive suite which was located next to the owner’s quarters and commanded, at least what we thought to be, an exorbitant price for the night. In spite of that the books said that the suite was booked regularly. To say we were impressed with the place would have been a huge understatement. Elise and I sat for awhile looking over more paperwork concerning the business and just talking about the place and how it might fit into our lives. I remembered the sealed letter from Uncle Ted and opened it. The letter was fairly brief and basically said that the place provided him with a very good income, a marvelous lifestyle and other features that we would eventually come to appreciate. He wished us well with it. We were, what was termed at the time, a couple of ‘DINKS’ (Double Income No Kids) and our life back in Toronto was starting to wear pretty thin on us. We had done reasonably well financially in our careers but the stress of our jobs and the daily commute was beginning to tell on us. We Anadolu Yakası Escort had talked about it often at length and when we looked at our situation honestly we could see that, while our standard of living was very high, our quality of life stunk. What we had wasn’t what we thought we could look forward to as being a sustainable means, at least as far as our health was concerned, to go through life. While we were both sitting there looking around at the place and having the reality starting to sink in that it actually belonged to us we lapsed into a silence for several long minutes. We both eventually turned to each other and we had one of those life-changing moments where we simultaneously said, “Let’s do it!” Two days later we were back east and within a week we had quit our jobs and put our house up for sale. In the relatively hot housing market at the time it was going to sell soon. And then we packed up and moved west to our new life. We settled into the place quickly, learning the ropes of the business and, in the process, becoming thoroughly enchanted with the location and the comfort of our new home. Nothing seemed to be amiss, except one small thing that bugged me. There was a locked door to a room on the side of our home that was attached to the suite. There was no key to be found for it and we both assumed that it was a storage room. One night as Elise was signing in a couple of guests who wanted the suite I was sitting at my desk in our home office doing some work. I opened a drawer and was rummaging through a bunch of odds and ends when I noticed there was a key on a magnet attached to the back of the drawer. I knew immediately that it could only be for the mystery storage room. I was over to the door in an instant and after unlocking it I stepped into a dark, fairly small narrow room. When I flipped the light switch the room was illuminated in a soft, very dim indirect light. The floor was carpeted and there was a very comfortable and expensive looking leather couch and matching chair. What was odd was that they faced a wall that was glass, and there was nothing to see in it but my dark reflection and the dim room I was standing in. As I stood in the middle of the room trying to comprehend what it was about suddenly the whole glass wall was brightly illuminated and I found myself staring into the guest suite. The woman who had just checked in had entered the room by herself while the man was probably getting their suitcases from their car, and she was walking straight towards me! I made a helpless, shrugging, hands upturned gesture at her as if to say, “Sorry. I have no idea why I’m here or what’s going on.” I was in a mild state of shock as she walked right up to me. I nearly fell over backwards as I stepped back, bumping into the couch. Looking intently towards me she started to primp her hair and turned briefly from side to side, looking somehow approvingly up and down. And then it dawned on me. She was looking at her own reflection in a mirror! Of course! That was the large mirror by the bed in the suite. The entire wall of the small room I was in was one-way glass and I was standing in a viewing room designed specifically to observe what was going on in the suite! And then the man entered the suite. She turned to him and said, “It’s a lovely room darling! And look at the huge mirror next to the monstrous bed,” and with a sly tone to her voice she followed up by saying, “I think we’re going to enjoy our stay here tonight.” Then she walked over to him, threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. I was extremely uncomfortable with my situation, to say the least, and couldn’t get used to the idea that they didn’t appear to be able to see Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan me standing so close to them. And what amazed me was that I could clearly hear everything they said and even the rustling sound of their clothes as she moved her body against his. Then they broke apart and did the usual things people do when they move into a motel room. Just then, through the open door of the ‘viewing room’ behind me, I heard Elise entering our home and I went out to tell her what was going on. Before I even had a chance to speak she looked at me and alarm spread across her face. “What’s wrong? You look like you’ve seen a ghost!” “Come with me,” I said. “I found the key to unlock that storage room. You’ve got to come and see this.” “What is it?” she asked with concern in her voice and an equal look of alarm written across her face as I took her by the hand and led her into the room. She stopped short as she stepped in front of the window and immediately backed up out of sight. “Mick!”, she said in a panicked whisper. “Get away from there. What do you think you’re doing? Oh my god! They’re going to have a fit!” “No, you don’t understand,” I whispered back to her. “They … they can’t see us. It’s one-way glass. It looks to me like Uncle Ted enjoyed watching his guests!” Elise cautiously poked her head back around the edge of the window, her eyes wide. “Are you sure?” she whispered. “Well I’ve only been here a minute longer than you have,” I whispered, “but I know they haven’t seen me.” “My god! This is amazing!” she said as she slowly moved over to me and the two of us stood together, rivetted in place, watching the couple move about the room. “This isn’t right Mick. We shouldn’t be doing this. I’m really uncomfortable. We could get in a lot of trouble.” “Maybe you’re right,” I said, but before we could move away the woman, who was now standing in front of the mirror directly before us, suddenly removed her top, pulling it up and over her head, then turned and walked over and placed it on the bed. She then unclasped her bra and placed it on the bed as well, then turned back, returning to her place in front of the mirror directly in front of us! She looked to be in her mid-thirties and she had a gorgeous figure. Her breasts were full and firm and perfectly proportioned for her size. Her nipples stood out invitingly from their place in the middle of fairly large aereolas. The man, who appeared to be in very good shape and was maybe ten years older than her, walked across the room to her and took her in his arms from behind and ran his hands up over her breasts, squeezing them gently. We stood there mesmerized by what we were seeing and hearing so close in front of us, only a couple of metres away. “I can never get enough of the sight of you, you know,” he said as he continued massaging her breasts and looking over her shoulder at their reflection in the mirror.. “I’m glad we were able to get away together, even if it’s just for one night.” “It’s wonderful isn’t it?” she said, and then she turned and dropped to her knees in front of him, unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants, pulled down his fly, slipped down his boxers, took hold of his still-soft cock, moved her head forward and sucked it into her mouth. “Mmmm,” we heard her moan ecstatically through her cock-filled mouth, and as she moved her head around making slurping sounds and rolling his balls around in her hand, we could see his cock start to swell. She pulled back from him for a moment and, looking up at him, said in a most erotic and demanding hiss, “And I can never get enough of your cock. Your cock is mine for the night and I’m going to make the most of it.” By this time he was almost fully Escort Anadolu Yakası erect and his cock glistened with her saliva as she flicked her tongue around its now-swollen head then slowly took it back between her lips and into her mouth; way back until most of it was out of our sight. We could see her jaw moving as she moved her head slowly from side to side and I could imagine the feel of her tongue working its magic over his cock. “My god!” whispered Elise as she put her arm in mine and pulled herself close to me. “I can’t believe this is happening. That we’re watching this I mean.” “Me neither,” I whispered back. “I don’t want to leave. Do you?” “No,” she whispered back. “I’ve never watched a woman sucking a man’s cock before. This is incredible.” “I’ve never seen another couple going at it either.” I paused for a bit then whispered, “Elise?” “Yes?” “Are you … enjoying this? How do you feel about it?” “I’m soaking wet! Just look at what she’s doing to him.” “And I’m hard as hell ! God, what a blow-job she’s giving him!” Just when I thought he couldn’t possibly last any longer he gently pushed her away from him, leaned over, picked her up and carried her over to the bed. We stood together in total silence as he laid her on the bed, removed the rest of his clothes and her slacks and panties, and proceeded to treat her to an offering of oral pleasure. He started by kissing her deeply and passionately, then moved his attention to her breasts and finally between her legs. We watched as she writhed beneath his touch, her legs spread wide, until she came. And then he mounted her, plunging his raging hard-on deep inside her soaking cunt with one easy push. We heard every noise they made. Whimperings. Moans. Grunts. Sighs. It was all clear as a bell to us. When they finally came we watched as they relaxed and held each other and spoke of passion and love, things that no one else should have been privy to hear, but we did. We felt we were intruding into the most private part of their lives, and instead of being ashamed we were relishing every moment of it. After awhile the sexual passion returned as she stroked his cock back to life, and he fucked her tits, fucked her from behind, she sucked his cock some more and finally he fucked her in the ass on the floor directly in front of the mirror, both of them constantly glancing in our direction at the reflection of their own intimacy, and we stood there together watching and absorbing their every movement and sound. We didn’t know how long we had been there when they finally turned off the lights in the suite and we were left uncomfortably standing in a lighted room facing a dark pane of glass. “Let’s get out of here,” whispered Elise, and we turned off the light and headed to our bedroom. When we got there we sat side by side on the edge of our bed, feeling drained, a little confused but, above all, charged by our experience. Elise spoke first. “He has a beautiful cock.” I replied, “And he certainly knows how to use it. And her … the way she sucked it. And her breasts … the way they shook when he fucked her from behind.” “Yes, and the sounds they made. It was all so … so erotic.” There was a minute of silence between us as we reflected on what we had just experienced. Elise eventually broke it. “Will we do that again? Watch someone I mean?” “Do you want to?” “God yes! I can’t remember being so enthralled over something before. Or worked up. Mick, I need you to fuck me now! I really need it badly!” And we tore off each others’ clothes and had the best sex either of us could remember. The next day, after the couple had left and the room had been made up, we decided to take a good look at our find. There was a sealed envelope on the chair that we hadn’t noticed the night before. “Well, you’ve found my little secret,” it read. “There were only two people I ever shared this with and they have passed on now. If I could give one small bit of advice. I never took any pictures of anyone from this room. I didn’t want to be ever tempted to do something with them that I might eventually regret.