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The Lessons Ch. 20

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This is chapter 20 of a series. If you like this story, I encourage you to read earlier chapters as they can help understand characters and context. Please note that this particular chapter concerns themes of incest (among persons of adult age). If you find this to be offensive, then you should avoid it. In any case, please do provide feedback. I would be happy to hear your suggestions for how to improve it or for additional stories you would like to be developed.

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Jack Peters was enjoying the fact that his daughters had decided to spend some time with him (see Chapter 15). He had been divorced now for a few years and missed the quality time with his children. He was a successful college professor, due in large part to his unusual but quite effective methods of student discipline. However, his wife, Barbara, had left him in large part because she could no longer tolerate his unique methods of training. She suspected that he had at times crossed the line with some of his female students. Even if he hadn’t, she still was not happy to learn that his methods included nudity and even sexual activity. She knew that he must be obtaining some sexual pleasure at work, at least voyeuristically, if not actually having sex with one or more of his much younger college students. In any case, she felt that he did eventually cross the line with her, attempting to apply his methods of discipline within their own marriage. She was not about to submit to spankings or public displays of nudity. They separated quite a few years ago, and she filed for divorce three years ago.

The years apart though had helped to heal the wounds. She had to admit that she did miss him. She would at times even look back fondly at some of his sexual “escapades.” In addition, it had been difficult raising their three daughters on her own. Soon after he left, it became apparent to her how much she had relied on him to maintain discipline within the family. Nevertheless, she had won custody of the children, or at least he hadn’t fought her in that regard. When they had separated the children stayed with her while he found a new place to live. He would often visit though. Barbara and Jack both wanted the relationship to remain strong with the girls. The girls missed their father tremendously but he acceded to Barbara’s desire to have the girls stay with her. He did not try to win custody when she eventually filed for divorce. By that time all were at least in their late teens.

The three daughters, Allison, Anne, and Tricia, were now old enough to make their own choices. The oldest, Allison (20 years old), would soon be attending college herself, perhaps even at Templeton where her father taught math and geography. She had put off applying to college, being uncertain what she wanted to study, or even whether she wanted to go. Anne (age 19) still lived at home, complaining that she could not yet afford to move out, not having any regular employment. The three girls decided that it would be fun if they all stayed with their father one last time, as soon they were likely to be moving out. At least that was likely for Allison and perhaps Anne.

Mr. Peters was delighted. Each had occasionally visited him but none ever stayed long and never had the whole group stayed together. It just wasn’t the same, no longer living as a family unit. He missed the morning breakfast, the evening dinner, the trips, and everything else that affirmed that they were a family.

Anne was perhaps especially happy to be visiting; at least, she had a special, secret agenda. She wanted to talk with her father about something that had become a significant source of conflict with her mother. She was finding her mother to be very old fashioned. She was thinking about getting implants.

Anne wanted her father’s opinion largely because she expected that he would not object. Her dad was more sophisticated and well traveled than her mother. After all, he was a college professor. He knew how times had changed, and how many girls her age were getting implants. If father was agreeable then perhaps her mother would eventually see the light. She could, of course, simply ignore the objections of her mother.

She was old enough to make her own decisions, but she really didn’t want to create a family conflict over this. Besides, she was still living with her mother. Defying her with respect to a decision such as this would make day-to-day life awkward, to say the least. And, perhaps most of all, she would need some financial help from at least one of her parents to cover the costs.

Anne approached her father one evening when they were alone. Allison and Tricia had gone shopping. Allison had promised to help Tricia buy more “grown-up” clothes, as Tricia liked to call them. Tricia was the youngest of the three and very jealous over Allison’s sexy nightgowns and lingerie (see Chapter 15). She was still wearing pajamas. Allison offered to help her find something more suitable to her age, although pajamas escort reklamları were actually fine at any age. So, Allison agreed to help Tricia find some more sexy things to wear, and the shopping trip gave Anne the time she needed to be alone with her father.

“Daddy, can I talk to you about something?”

He put down his book. “Well, sure kitten.”

“Well, um, this is a little difficult to talk about. It’s a little personal.”

He set the book aside to give her his full attention. “Honey, you can talk to me about anything you wish.” “Don’t say anything about this to Allison or Tricia. I don’t want them to be poking their noses into this, although, they will find out about it eventually, at least hopefully they will.”

His curiosity was getting piqued. “Cross my heart. Our secret it will be.”

“Well, um, daddy, I know I was being silly the other night, but I’m serious now. I mean, I really did want your opinion about this.”

Mr. Peters now had an uneasy feeling, recalling their prior discussion (see Chapter 15).

“I was thinking that perhaps it would be good for me to get breast implants.” She then sat up in her chair, grinned, and proudly thrust out her chest, accenting the point of her proposal.

He did not give her the reaction she expected. “Are you serious? What on earth for?”

Anne looked quizzically at him. His question seemed to have a rather obvious answer. “Because I want them to be bigger.”

“Honey, have you spoken to mother about this?”

Anne scowled. She crossed her legs and tapped her foot in the air in nervous annoyance. “Yes I have and she is completely closed-minded about it. She said no way would she support it but don’t you think that is just a little old-fashioned? Lots of girls are getting implants these days and it’s really not dangerous and the costs are now much lower than they.” He cut her off.

“Kitten, I’m sure all of those things are true but I’m afraid that this is one time I will have to agree with your mother. And, frankly, I just don’t see the need for it.”

“Daddy, I didn’t think you, of all people, would say no.” She looked plaintively at him. “Why are you being so unfair?”

“Honey, for one thing, your breasts right now are perfectly lovely. In fact, aren’t they already larger than average?” He was probably right about that.

It wasn’t that Anne didn’t like her breasts. She would agree that they were attractive. She did feel that they had a real nice shape, as well as a nice size. But, “I want to be a model.”

Mr. Peters laughed. “Kitten, large breasts could even be a problem for a modeling career.”

Anne nervously tapped her knee with her fingers as she wondered whether to tell him. She bit her lip. The silence was awkward. She would have to tell him. She was hoping that she could have avoided this but if she didn’t tell him then he would not appreciate why her breasts needed to be larger.

She said quietly, “I want to be a glamour model, daddy.”

His eyes widened in surprise.

“Now daddy, don’t get mad or anything. It’s a perfectly acceptable career. You can make lots of money. You meet lots of interesting people.”

“I imagine you do,” he replied sarcastically.

“I’ve already made contacts. I’ve been working at the Oasis for the past few months. It’s been.” He cut her off again.

“You’re working at a strip club?!”

She hadn’t planned on telling him that; it just slipped out. “Oh daddy, don’t tell mother! She would be so terribly upset about that. I just couldn’t let her know. That’s why I’ve been saying that I don’t have a job. If I said that I did, then she would probably want to come visit me at work or something.”

“But, honey, a strip club?”

“Oh pooh, father. It’s not like you have never been to one yourself.”

She was right about that. He had been to a few, including the Oasis, although not in the past few years. He only went to clubs out of town, concerned about the potential conflicts of interest that might arise. He could imagine one of the students who got a bad grade trying to embarrass or even blackmail him.

Anne continued her argument. “A few of the dancers are even students from your college. Pam says she knows you (see Chapter 19). If one of your high class college students can do it, why can’t I?”

Mr. Peters could feel himself getting excited. The thought of Pam stripping for him was a nice fantasy. He imagined that she would be very, very good at it. But, that was precisely the sort of entanglement that worried him. It was an unspoken secret that some Templeton girls were working there. If the Student Disciplinary Board discovered this, they ran the risk of being suspended. Mr. Harrington, the Chair of the Board, would be incensed. Mr. Peters did not himself object. He felt that what the girls did off campus was their own business. However, this was another reason for not ever going to the club himself. He could at gaziantep escort reklamları least deny that he knew that Pam was working there. He wondered who else was working there. He thought again of Pam, or one of the other students, giving him a lap dance.

Anne took his silent thought as a sign that he was weakening. She pressed on. “I wouldn’t do it forever.” Actually, she was hoping that she would be successful enough that she could do it for quite some time. As long as her figure held out, she figured she could make a great deal of money, and a lot of it tax-free. “Just long enough to save enough money for college, like Pam is doing. I’m not spending the money on clothes or stuff like that.” That wasn’t entirely true but she was saving the bulk of the money for college. Saving for college was always a good argument to use with her father.

Mr. Peters broke free of his thoughts, more like fantasies, of the strip club, and turned the conversation back to the breast implants. “Sweetie, I can understand that very large breasts could be helpful for that type of work but, really, your breasts are fine; no, in fact, they are even excellent for, you know, um.” He said the next two words a bit more quietly, “exotic dancing.”

“You don’t know that father. You hardly looked at them the other night.”

“Honey, I saw all that I needed to see. In fact, let me share this with you.” He hesitated to say this but he did feel that she needed some reassurance. “I thought your breasts were the spitting image of those I’ve seen on a very successful exotic model.”


He didn’t really want to tell her who, as it admitted to a number of things, but he realized that having said that she closely resembled a model he knew that she would not quit until she found out who it was.

“She actually even shares your name. She’s an internet model: Lovely Anne.”

Anne now had her father on the defensive. “Daddy,” she teased. “You look at dirty pictures on the internet?”

“She doesn’t do those type of pictures, not that I know of at least. I mean, I wouldn’t know if she did.”

Anne giggled at his apparent discomfort. “What kind of pictures does she do, daddy?”

“They’re just, sort of, well, they are, you know, naked pictures, yes, naked pictures, a little enticing to be sure, but nothing over the top.”

Anne smiled at him. “Does she show everything?”

“Sometimes, yes, but not always. I haven’t seen that many. It’s not like I’m a regular member of her website or anything.” He noticed what she was doing. He regained the offensive. “This isn’t about me, Anne. This is about whether you should go through major surgery just to make your breasts bigger, when in fact they are already quite large.” “You think my boobies are large, daddy?” She knew they were a pretty good size, but she didn’t want to let him off the hook so easily.

Mr. Peters was getting red in the face. “I’m not going to discuss this any further. Not right now. I want you to think about this for awhile, think about what I said. We can discuss it later.” He picked up his book and pretended to be resuming his reading. He was actually trying to compose himself. He was feeling rather agitated. This talk of breasts, Pam providing lap dances, Lovely Anne, Anne’s own breasts; it was too much at once. He needed some time to collect his thoughts.

Anne crossed her arms and looked sternly at her father, but it was evident that he was not going to look up. He kept his eyes focused on his reading. She eventually got up from her chair. “Oh pooh!” she said, and stomped out of the room.

Mr. Peters was glad for that. He could feel the anxiety slip away as soon as she left. His heart had even been pounding. He eventually was able to relax. He leaned back in the couch and got his attention again focused on his book concerning the history of the second world war. He was still early in the text, the Day of the Eagle, where the Germans begin their air bombardment of England in preparation for a possible invasion. He delved into the text, eventually forgetting about Anne.

Over an hour passed, relatively peacefully. Anne interrupted him only a couple of times, and each time it was just a brief, innocent inquiry. She even asked if she could look through the library in his office to find a good book to read. That was promising.

However, the project Anne was working on wasn’t really so innocent. “Hi daddy!” she cheerfully exclaimed from the steps that led to the guestroom.

Mr. Peters reluctantly took his eyes away from the book (by now he was into Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of Russia; he never realized how many lives were lost in that battle). “Anne! What is all that?”

Anne was standing on the last step. She was wearing a cream-colored blouse, cuffs rolled up (but just once), and a plain, wide brown tie. He recognized the tie as one of his own. The knot was a very large square and it was not pulled gaziantep escort bayan reklamları tight. It was like a quarter undone, hanging loosely around her neck. She was also wearing a thick green plaid skirt that was well short of her knees, and nylons. Her long blonde hair was done in two long, loose (not braided) pigtails, held up by large topside black scrunchies, along with two long straight bangs.

“Don’t you recognize me?”

It then hit him. She was dressed just like one of Lovely Anne’s photo shoots. He had to admit she had put together a pretty impressive imitation.

“It wasn’t hard to find her on my computer, but it did take awhile to find a shoot that I could copy. I had to keep looking until I found one with the right clothes. And you see, I did my hair just like her. The scrunchies weren’t a problem. Neither was the blouse. I did have to borrow one of your ties though. You don’t mind do you?”

“Uh, no, no, that was fine.” He certainly didn’t mind her borrowing a tie but he wasn’t at all sure that he understood the point of this. He wanted to ask but Anne wasn’t giving him much opportunity as she was speaking rather quickly.

“The skirt was the hardest thing. I had to keep searching for different shoots until I found a skirt like one of mine. That took a while. And, my goodness daddy, she doesn’t seem to have much clothes on most of the time.” She teasingly waved a finger at him. “I’m not so sure I approve of your visiting her sites, but, look, I even have a big red book just like her. I got that from your office. Now we can study together!”

She skipped across the living room and returned to the easy chair that sat across from him. She flopped down and pretended to be looking in the book. She was sitting just like Lovely Anne.

Anne sat up, crossed her legs, opened the book and looked at him plaintively, “Daddy, do I really have to study?”

Mr. Peters laughed. He really had to give her some credit. She was reproducing one of Lovely Anne’s poses. “Well, no, Anne, I suppose not, particularly since you are reading a guide to home repair.”

She scolded him. “Now don’t spoil it for me, daddy. I worked hard at this. Ok, so I don’t have to study anymore.” She thought for a second, decided what she should do next. “Yes.” She sat back in the chair, lifted up a good portion of the ends of her loose pigtails by her finger tips, smiled, and asked, “Do you like my hair this way?”

“Your hair does look real cute that way, Anne, but.” Anne then spread her legs a bit, giving him a little, very little, peak at her panties, just like Lovely Anne did. “Now Anne, don’t carry this too far. It was a good joke. You’ve had your fun with your father. Yes, he has looked at risque web sites. You’ve made your point.”

As he was speaking she turned her body so that she was facing to her left. She then lifted her skirt up high enough so that her entire right leg and thigh were exposed. “See, daddy, I even have on thigh high nylons, just like your girlfriend.”

“That’s very funny, and she is not my girlfriend, obviously. Now put that skirt down.”

She climbed onto the chair so that she was sitting on her knees, facing to her right. Her hands rested on the cushioned arm of the easy chair. “Maybe she’s not your girlfriend, but I bet she is your pretend girlfriend.”

“That’s not funny, Anne. Now you show more respect. I am your father you know.” She got out of the chair entirely, turned around, and leaned down into the chair, her arms and head resting on the chair back, her bottom raised in the air.

Mr. Peters recognized that pose. It was one that he had liked in particular.

She looked back at him with a mischievous smile. “Maybe I deserve a spanking, daddy.”

“You keep this up and you certainly will deserve one, and I’m not talking about any sort of playful spanking.”

She stood up straight and turned to face him. She grasped the ends of a pig tail in her left hand, cocked her hips and head, and rested the index finger of her right hand on her lower lip, like she was thinking about something. It was one of Lovely Anne’s poses, but his own Anne was in fact thinking of something, ‘What comes next? Oh, yeah.’ The next one was a bit risky.

Mr. Peters also knew what was coming next, or at least he had a good idea. “I think that was enough, Anne.”

Anne lifted up the front of her skirt. She didn’t recreate this pose entirely accurately, because she did want to tell him that “Bestest of all daddy, I even have on Mickey Mouse panties. Do you like them?” She looked down at her panties. “See, there’s Mickey on the front. I did have to borrow them from Tricia. I don’t have any like these myself but I bet they might be good for work. I’m afraid though that these are too small, although the tightness does have some advantages.”

Mr. Peters had to agree, at least quietly to himself, that the tightness was helpful in better detailing the outline and shape of her pussy. The outline of her camel toe was very clear. But, this was now going too far. “Put your skirt down, Anne, and I mean it, right now.”

Anne turned a bit to her right and showed him a view from the side. “And they aren’t thongs either. Lovely Anne had Mickey Mouse thongs.” She looked quizzically at her father. “I wonder where you get Disney thongs? Do you think they sell them at one of their theme parks?”