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The Look…of Love Son?

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I was awakened by the sound of my father’s car starting below me, it must be 7:00 am I thought as I looked at the clock, and sure enough it was, spot on.

As I watched him drive down the street I thought what would happen to his wake at 6:00am, leave at 7:00 schedule if Mum woke up horny and demanded sex?

I knew that they did have a sex life, as my sister and I had heard them at it occasionally, Dad had put on a little bit of condition, but Mum was still in ok shape, at 45, and with two kids, she still got an offer from time to time, but she wasn’t available, and let anyone who tried it know.

She was never offended when someone tried, but took it as a complement, she often said the time would come when no one would try, and that would be a sad time for her.

I know that she was in pretty good shape as one day instead of knocking, waiting, and then walking into her bedroom as I’d done for years. I knocked and walked in at the same time. I was well into the room when she came out of her bathroom naked, with her skirt in her hand.

“Shit, sorry Mum,” but as I turned to walk out she said, “that’s ok just keep your back to me and we can still talk.” I said what I’d come in to say, and then because she’d been moving around the room busily doing something, but not quite coming into my view I asked, “what are you doing anyway?”

“I’ve put a button on this skirt, my sister Jenny likes it, and as I was going to throw it out, ’cause my bum’s too big for it now, she asked if she could have it, and I said yes.”

She moved into view and had put the skirt on, “what do you think, is my bum too big for it?”

She had her hands over her breasts.

“Nah I like it tight,” I was aware that she’d just put it on and would’ve had nothing on underneath.

“Tight, tight you say, it’ll be all right until I sit down and then it’ll explode in all directions, in an instant.”

“In that case if you do wear it, there’s one thing you’ll need to be sure to do.”

“What’s that?”

“You’ll need to ensure that you’re wearing underwear.”

“Get out,” she said in mock anger pointing at the door with her right hand.

I just stood there smiling and looking openly at her now exposed, very well formed, left breast.

“Shit,” as she moved her hand back to cover it. “I think you’d better go now mister.”

“Yes ma, I’ll just pole vault out of here.”

“Pole vault, you’re a sick puppy, fancy getting turned on at the sight of your old mothers naked breast.”

We both laughed, and as I left the room I was thinking, I don’t know about getting turned on, but if she wasn’t my mother, I’d definitely jump her bones.

As she was leaving later that day with the skirt in her hand to go to Jenny’s, I said, “I hope that you’ve got something on under that skirt.”

She turned and struck a very sexy pose saying, “you mister will never, ever, ever know.”

As she walked away she exaggerated the sway of her hips and then turned around to catch me looking at her arse. “You really are a sick puppy staring at your mother’s body…again, you’ll be able pole vault out of here also.”

As she walked away she looked back and said, “love ya babe.”

“Love ya Ma,” and just before she closed the door, “Love ya arse.”


I wasn’t sure about the pervert bit but I sure did love her arse.

Now as I walked into the kitchen I knew that the odds of her wearing not much at all, underwear or anything else today, were pretty high as it was a hot day already, and only going to get hotter.

As I thought, she was in only a mid thigh length, very light robe, obviously with nothing on under it, as all of her moving parts, were moving as she walked.

She went to the sink holding a wooden spoon and I said, “it’s been a long time since you’ve greeted me with a wooden spoon in your hand.”

She smiled and said in the voice that you would use to talk to a very young child, “that’s because you’ve been a veeeeeery goooooood boy this week, but you won’t be able to keep it up, so for sure by next week the spoon will be back in action.”

I stuck out my chest, adopted a swagger and moved as close to her as I could, “oh yeah is that right? Well let me tell you it’s about time that you felt the wooden spoon on your bum for a change.”

With that I took the spoon from her, held her wrists behind her back, turned her around, and bent her over along the kitchen counter, with the side of her face pressing into it.

For a moment I worried that the shortness of her robe would mean she was exposed, it didn’t really matter though, as the only window behind her faced into the back garden, full of trees, and with a high fence.

I whacked her once on each cheek, maybe however it was just a little too hard.

She yelped, “hey buddy don’t bruise the fruit, I don’t want to have to explain to your dad why my bum’s red raw.”

“I don’t care it’s your problem not mine, anyway nobody gave a damn about my arse being red.”

“It wasn’t that often and not that escort sitesi hard.”

She seemed to be quite comfortable lying on the counter, and in no hurry for me to let her up. I had my hand on her wrists but wasn’t actually holding them.

Suddenly I had a feeling of power over her which to be honest started below my waist, I felt a stirring in my loins, as they say.

She must have seen something in my eyes and she started to get up, still with a smile on her face, “let me up love, I’ve lots of things to do this morning.”

“No, I haven’t finished with you yet, just a few more strokes and then I will have.”

I was now holding her wrists and pressing down, but she was no longer smiling as the realisation hit her that I was in control, not her. The haunted, wide eyed look on her face was one that I’d seen only once ever before in my life.


I was a little drunk at a party at our house a couple of years ago and overheard a conversation, in which mums sister Jenny was saying that she’d just found out that day, that her husband David was having an affair, and that was why he wasn’t with her tonight .

She told Mum that the first person to ask her for sex tonight, or whenever was going to have their brains screwed out, she was going to get back at him that way.

Both Mum and Jenny were very pretty ladies, not beautiful, but attractive with all right bodies. I have for a long time been aware of Jenny’s breasts, not that big, but a really nice shape, probably a B cup, not that I know much about size, anyway, more than a good handful is really a waste.

They were however a very nice shape, and so I’ve taken the odd chance over the years, and brushed against them, and as I thought she was a bit of a flirt, she never seemed to be too upset.

Most of the times it happened, I’d had a bit to drink, so maybe she put it down to that.

As soon as I heard her say that she was available to the right offer, I was aware that there may be an opportunity for me if, I played my cards right.

It was a hot night and everyone was outside eating and drinking, I waited until she went into the house to go to the bathroom, and followed her. I guess the alcohol gave me the courage to wait outside the door, and as she came out, I just put my arms around her, pushing my hips into her.

Instantly she had that very same haunted look in her eyes, that I’d seen today in my mothers eyes.

“What do you want Robbie?”

I didn’t answer but put both hands under her arse, picked her up and walked her back into the bathroom.

As she still had that look in her eyes, I wasn’t going to get too involved in a conversation with her, her feet were still off the ground, as I used my foot to close the door, took one hand off her arse and locked it behind us.

“What do you want Robbie?”

“You,” and I kissed her.

She responded at first, with our tongues meeting, and then pushed me away, “No, no way, you’re my sister’s boy, what if she found out?”

“I won’t tell her if you don’t, anyway this isn’t a boys, it’s a man’s,” as I put her hand onto my penis.

She didn’t move her hand.

I continued, “I’ve wanted you for the last 5 years, ever since I was aware of women, you know that I’ve brushed against you every chance I’ve had, and you’re less of a woman than I think you are, if you haven’t worked that out.”

She looked at me still not moving her hand, “you’re so lucky that I didn’t kick you in the balls. I knew what you were doing, I didn’t mind so much rubbing against my breast, but I wasn’t happy with you feeling my arse when people could see.”

“I must’ve been pissed.”

“I must’ve been too or I would’ve kicked you in the nuts, but I knew what you were doing all along.”

She still was feeling my penis.

I moved my head down to cover her mouth, she didn’t resist at all this time, kissing me back, her tongue again being the one to break through. Eventually she broke the kiss and said, “ok, but not here, go to your bedroom and wait for me, I’ll only be a minute behind you.”

I thought she was maybe trying to get out of it, “you might not come.”

“I’ll come, don’t you worry about that, any other time and I would have kicked your nuts in for you, but believe me buddy tonight’s the night for you. Go and I’ll be along right away.”

As I thought about what she’d said to Mum, then I knew that she’d come, and so I went up to my room.

I have the best pad that any of my friends have ever seen, it’s a fully self contained one bedroom apartment above the garage, entered by a staircase inside, but at the back of the garage, once you’re inside no one can see you.

I’d been inside for just a few seconds when I heard the bottom door close. I waited and after about 30 seconds, she walked in totally naked, and threw her clothes onto the floor.

“You’re a bit behind me why don’t you catch up?” as she launched herself at me, ripping gaziantep escort sitesi off my clothes, and then throwing them on top of hers.

Quickly, within seconds I was as naked as she. Instantly her eyes went to my cock, “mmm nice, I like them thick, after three kids it helps a lot.”

Before she let me start she said, “two things, I’m on the pill and I want you to come inside of me, also if you play your cards right, this may not be the only time we’re together, it’s up to you, ok?”

“Ok,” as I dropped to my knees and buried my face into her pubic hair, “thank god you haven’t shaved it, I like it natural, just as God intended it to be.”

To say that she was up for it didn’t quite cover it, although as the months progressed, I found out that she was always ‘up for it.’

She said nothing, only putting her hands onto the back of my head holding me to her, and in no time at all, we’d slid onto the floor, my face between her legs, with her thighs almost crushing my head, as she locked her heels around it to hold me in place, still with her hands on the back of my head.

I managed to slide my hand under her and slip two fingers inside, with my little finger after only slight resistance entering her brown hole. Not many women can resist that, and she wasn’t one of them. Soon she was moaning and writhing as my tongue and three fingers did their work.

My tongue flicking like a snakes, and my fingers probing to find those special places that are hidden away, but just have to be found, as they hold the secrets that need to be unlocked for a woman to reach the heights of ecstasy that they strive so hard for, so that after maybe three or four minutes of this she came.

She didn’t make a lot of noise at first, all of her energies were used to thrash her body, her arms, and her hips. She held her breath and bit her top lip until she climaxed, and only then, right at the end, did she call out as you would expect someone having an orgasm to do.

Afterwards her heels were still locked behind my head, and her hands still pushing herself into me, so it was easy to tell she still wanted more, which I was happy to provide for her.

She soon came again, just as wild and noisy as before. When she’d finished she said breathlessly, “come inside me, I don’t think I can go again, but I am ready for you now.”

She was very wet as I slid inside of her, and as she’d said, she was now ready for me.

She didn’t think that she could come again, but after several minutes of my slowly and gently sliding in and out of her, she’d obviously decided to explore the possibilities a little further.

As her hips started to move, and a small noise began to develop deep inside her throat, it seemed that she was well on the way to proving herself wrong.

Slowly, slowly, slowly, I went into, and then out of her. Some women like it hard, and some don’t, but I’d taken the chance that this would be what she’d like, and she did.

She was a woman who wanted it soft at first, and then hard and fast when she was at the point of release, and she was now starting to go at it hard and fast.

I knew that she was right there at the gate, all she had to do was push, and it would open wide for her to charge through, and be lifted up higher, higher, higher and higher, until she had no energy left to continue on.

She pushed open that gate and reached as high as she could go, but this time she was vocal, very vocal. I hoped that no one heard her, but wouldn’t have been surprised if someone had called the police, she was that noisy.

She seemed spent, and so I continued along inside her at a ‘nice and easy,’ slow pace again, until I was ready to release into her. She tried to respond when she felt that I was letting go, but even though I was thrusting it hard and fast into her, and I could feel her muscles trying to grab at me, she never quite got there.

She was totally spent, gone beyond recall, but she tried, oh how hard she tried to join in. Unfortunately it was just beyond her reach, even though she really was so close, and she tried so hard, but just couldn’t make it.

She then fell backwards onto the bed. Legs and arms all wide apart, gasping deeply for air. Her eyes were wild, her hair was all over her face, what had taken her a half an hour to comb and set into place, had been destroyed totally, in a half of that time. She looked a mess totally, totally destroyed.

I wasn’t that upset that she hadn’t quite reached another climax, as is meant that it wouldn’t take much for her to get there, and achieve her goal once we started again, my thrusting had been her foreplay.

I slid out, getting flaccid now, and rolled away from her slightly, as I did my hand slipped down from her breast, past her stomach, and then stopped as it cupped her mound. My thumb and index finger pinched her lips and clitoris softly and gently for about two minutes, as my long finger slid easily in and out of her at the same time, and soon her hips gaziantep escort bayan sitesi started to move.

Slowly at first, but as I moved my finger from pinching her lips, to running it along her slit, they began to move more quickly, both up and down, and then around and around and then back to up and down.

Round and round, up and down, faster, faster, faster and faster, until at last she got there, her train pulled into her station, right on time for her.

Shudders and spasms racking her body, as once again her calls were loud and primal, her fingers stretched her nipples as far away from her as they could go, as though they were elastic bands. I thought she was going to pull them right from her breasts.

She was wrecked, again, totally, completely and utterly, again gasping for air as if she’d been pulled from the water, as close to drowning as she could get.

She stayed with me for another hour, talking, kissing and touching.

To some women being able to talk with the man is as important as the act of sex itself.

After a while we made love again, and again she called out for the entire world to hear, and then afterward, went back to the party.

She left at midnight but just before she did she took me onto one side and said, “go up to your room, and have your phone with you.”

About a minute after she’d left, my phone rang, it was her, “I parked around the corner and I’m at the garage door,” she said, “come and let me in please.”

I went down the stairs totally naked, and when opening the door jumped out in front of her calling out, “da daaaaaaah” with my arms wide open.

“Da daaaaaaah yourself,” she replied adopting the same arms wide open stance.

Standing there with her clothes in her hand, she too was naked.

My mouth fell open, I was in the garage but she was out in the street.

Her mouth also fell open, but only after she’d dropped to her knees and fastened herself onto my cock.

The street we lived on was quite a busy one, and soon enough a car came along followed shortly after by a second. Both saw us at the last minute and sounded their horns. As they continued on we took no notice of them, continuing with what we were doing.

The third car was a different matter, they were going very slowly as if looking for a street number, and as soon as the driver saw us he pulled over and stopped. At first she didn’t notice but when the car door slammed shut, as the driver got out to investigate, she spun around and then looked up at me smiling, “do you want to go inside, or stay here, this might turn out to be fun?”

“It’s up to you Jenny, but as I’ve wanted you for years, I’m not sure that I want to share you with anyone else, maybe later, but not tonight.”

“Yes, maybe you’re right, but we’d better hurry or it’ll be too late.”

We made it through the door just in time, as the guy was about one second away from being able to prevent me from slamming the door in his face.

Wearing just the broadest grin, and nothing else, she leaned back against the door, “sometimes,” she said laughing, “being a bit adventurous can be fraught with danger.”

The guy was now knocking on the door saying what it was that he was going to do to her, and how much she was going to enjoy it. Clearly through the door we could hear his hard breathing as he said, “come on baby, two’s company but three’s an absolute blast, whatever your man can do to you, both of us will be four times as good.”

“Have you ever tried a threesome?” as I put my hand on the lock.

“None of your business, but as you said, maybe later, just not tonight.” To be sure that I got the message, she moved my hand from the lock, and then added, “but maybe we can use him anyway.”

Turning her face to the door she said, “what makes you think that you can do something for me that my man can’t?”

I liked the ‘my man’ bit.

“Baby, I’m big, I mean really big, I can reach places that normal men just can’t.”

“What’s your name big boy?”


Falling to her knees she said, “Well Jerry baby, I’m on my knees, and there’s a hole in the door that I can see you through, so show me what you’ve got for me, and I might just take you up on your offer.”

To add emphasis to her words she tapped on the door at the height that she was now at.

“Oh baby you won’t be disappointed, look at this, is it big or what?”

“Oh yeah, show it all to me Jerry, let me see what you can do for me,” she said to the none existent hole.

“Can you see it baby, can you see it all?”

“Yes Jerry, I can see it, just stroke it for me, that’s what I really want to see, more than anything else that turns me on like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve got my face against the door, just at the right height for you, and what I want you to do is to mark me.”

It was obvious that not only was she turning Jerry on, but that Jenny’s temperature was rising as well. As she knelt there she was pulling her nipples as far as they’d go, they were obviously very, very sensitive.

Soon the sound of his fist hitting the door as he jerked off was heard, and then after only a short time, “huh, huh, huh, arrrrgh, fuck,” as he came.

All the time that he was jerking off, Jenny was encouraging him saying, “come on big boy let me have it,” and “yes big boy mark me, I want to be marked, I need to be marked”