Mayıs 11, 2023

The Making of a Cuckold Marriage – Chapter 2

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It was a week after our adventure with the dildo that I talked to Ethan about actually being with someone else. It’s one thing to fuck a sex toy; it’s something else entirely to have actual sex with an actual person. I wanted to make sure we had some distance from the obvious bliss he’d experienced when I used the toy that night.There was no hesitation on his part though. He was all in. He actually got hard just talking about it, and we weren’t even being naughty. Ultimately, he gave me the green light. I told him I wasn’t going to go out looking for someone, but if something happened to come along and it felt right I would go for it. He had a big smile on his face and an obvious erection in his pants. I couldn’t help but want to have a little fun with him. “Does this excite you, baby? Is your cock hard because you’re thinking of someone else fucking your wife?” I asked as I rubbed the front of his pants.“Yes. I’m sorry, I can’t help it.” Again he smiled. He was really enjoying himself. “Does it turn you on?” he asked as his eyes dropped to his hands. He was still a little hesitant and pretty clearly a little embarrassed about his desires.I answered him with a kiss. I figured it was the best way to show just how excited I was. I tried my best to strip while kissing him and yanked off his clothes too. I straddled my husband’s cock and sank down on it, letting him feel just how wet I was. “Yes,” I said when Maltepe Escort he’d filled me. “I’m excited, as I’m sure you can tell. I don’t usually get this wet.” He winced a little at that. I’d inadvertently stung him.His brief wave of shame, which I’d later come to understand was exceedingly common for cuckolds, washed away as quickly as it came over him. My guess is that being inside his wife was more than enough to compensate, especially when I began to ride him.“Does my pussy feel good,” I whispered into his ear as I moved up and down on his erection. “Do you feel how wet I am for another man? Can you tell how badly I want to feel someone else’s cock inside me?” He groaned and grabbed my ass, picking me up and putting me on my back in bed. He fucked me harder than usual and actually brought me to a fairly fantastic orgasm shortly before cumming inside me.“That was amazing,” Ethan said as he collapsed on top of me. I couldn’t help but smile as I imagined all the fun we were most definitely going to have as this new and decidedly naughty adventure unfolded in front of us.You end up seeing a lot of people on an average day in Manhattan. You do a lot of walking and you wait in line for coffee, lunch, take out, etc. That leads to lots of flirting. Some people are just killing time; some are trying to get numbers; some are trying to hook up. Honestly, I used to flirt a little. Maltepe Escort Bayan I never initiated, but I was always happy to flirt back just a little bit. Never anything crazy. Just enough to have some fun.That changed after our conversation. Once I had the green light it felt different. Suddenly, when a guy flirted with me at the coffee shop I was considering if he would be fun to sleep with. It was like being single again, only without any of the pressure to try and find a guy I actually wanted to marry. I already had that guy. I could just have fun. It was genuinely revelatory. I got a few strange looks for being so flirty while wearing a wedding ring, but New York is a big city and I didn’t really give a damn. I was having fun and I loved texting Ethan and telling him about the flirty conversation I’d just had with a guy. It never failed to excite him. I know he always secretly hoped I’d text him to offer a tale of how I’d just made out with a guy or gone back to someone’s apartment to have sex, but I never felt the urge to take it beyond flirting.Looking back, I think I was scared to actually take the leap. I hadn’t been single and on the market for a long time and it felt like a huge deal to jump into bed with a stranger. The wedding ring seemed to prevent most guys from asking for my number, but I turned down the few that were so bold. As it turned out, it Escort Maltepe was a familiar face that changed things.His name was Scott. He’s a freelance photographer and we’d worked together a handful of years ago on a project I managed. I ran into him on the way home from work and when he invited me to get a drink and catch up I felt compelled to accept the invitation. Ninety minutes and three drinks later we stepped out of the bar and into the evening air, our conversation still going.He was smart and funny and cute. There was a hint of flirtatiousness to our conversation, but not overtly so. It just felt good. I knew he was interested. He’d found plenty of reasons to touch me as we sat together at the bar and I never shied away from it. As I said, it felt good. I couldn’t help but think about the green light. I must have been giving off an air of availability, because he kissed me halfway down a mostly empty block. It was a good kiss, too. His lips were soft but insistent and they parted just a little bit. There was a tiny hint of tongue, but nothing too aggressive. He knew what he was doing. I couldn’t help but melt into him. My desire was obvious. The first kiss was followed by a second, this time with more tongue. I eagerly accepted it and offered mine. My hand went to the back of his neck and I gently played with his hair. I was totally into it.“Wow,” was all he said after we broke the kiss. I could feel his erection pressing into me. I’m absolutely certain I was wet with a level of excitement that matched his.“Yeah,” I said in reply. The chemistry was clearly there. He knew I was married though and he was smart enough not to push it. We exchanged numbers and headed our separate ways.