Haziran 10, 2023

The masseuse wore pigtails and short summer skirt

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The masseuse wore pigtails and short summer skirtI had just finished my work out in the crummy gym near my job and I was feeling sore.I was all sweaty too,even though I had taken a shower.It was upstairs from an even crummier massage parlour,where it was well known that “extras” were available.Well, I had never paid for sexual services in my life,and I wasn’t starting now.But as I walked past the door I could see there was a new girl on the desk.And fuck she was hot.She was Chinese,which rarely did anything for me,but this girl was H.O.T.She was wearing a school girls uniform,even though she looked about 21.but she had the top 3 or 4 buttons open,and she had huge tits almost escaping.I wasn’t sure if they were real,but they were real sexy.She was wearing a half cup red bra that left nothing to the imagination.She had her hair in pig tails which made her look about 16,and she was sucking seductively on a lollipop.I felt my cock twitch.I must have been staring without realizing because she looked up and asked me if I liked what I saw in a real sexy voice,and then giggled.I replied that I was fine,and she replied,” You mighty fine, big boy.You want massage ? I love you, long time! “,and she giggled again at her own corny joke.I stood there,and felt my cock grow even harder.I seen her name tag said Candy,yeah right I thought.I told her I had no money İstanbul Escort on me,so declined the offer.She told me I could have a 15 minute freebie,,as the owner of the gym,owned the massage parlour too. I knew Paul,the gym owner was always bragging about how much action he got downstairs,so it made sense.I thought he meant cock though,as he was very camp.But each to there own.And he was very muscular,a benefit of owning your own gym,and maybe steroids.So I accepted,but told her I only wanted a massage.I almost regretted it when she came out from behind the desk.She was wearing a very short tartan skirt,and wool stockings up to her knees,and killer high heels.She looked down at my very noticeable bulge and told me I would get a great rub down.She showed me to a backroom,and told me to strip down and get ready,and relax.I went in to the almost bare room and quickly removed all my clothes even my boxers,just in case,and lay down on the massage table,placing my head in the cushioned head place.The lights dimmed and some soft relaxing music came on.I waited, for Candy.Then I heard the door open,and I heard soft footsteps walk over to me.I could hear a bottle being opened,and soon I felt oiled covered hands rub my back in slow circular movements.It felt nice,as I felt the hands go lower,to just above my ass.I was İstanbul Escort Bayan about to say just a massage please when they went back up to my shoulders.This was repeated several times,and I was becoming very relaxed,even my boner had turned to a more comfortable semi,which suited me fine.Then I realized that the hands had gone lower and lower until my ass was being rubbed,then quickly back to my back,and then shoulders.I didn’t bother saying anything.I wouldn’t be tempted,and it was nice anyway.Then,after my ass got a longer rub,I felt the hands gently spread my legs.I obliged,and the hands rubbed my legs.From the bottom,to high up.Then back down,and up higher.I sighed,it was very relaxing and….whoops ! The hands had brushed my balls very briefly.My damn cock twitched again.The the hands were gone again to my back.This happened two more times until it no longer seemed like an accident.I moved slightly to straighten my cock,but the hands got there before me,quickly taking my cock and pulling it down instead of up.So I’m now lying there naked,legs spread,hard cock visible,getting my arse massaged.The hands moved around my arse cheeks pulling them apart,no doubt exposing my hole.Sometimes the thumbs would blatantly rub my hole,almost pushing in.It felt great,my cock was almost a little sore now from Escort İstanbul being hard for so long without attention.I moved again to get comfortable but again the hands were too quick for me.I felt my cock being taken in two oily hands,and being massaged.It was heavenly.Then it was only one hand rubbing my cock,the other massaged my arse,and my hole.I felt a finger gently rub my hole.Then It was going in,a tiny bit at a time.It was so relaxed,and the finger started so slowly,it barely hurt.And the little bit of pain was good pain,all the while my cock still being slowly wanked off.How I didn’t cum straight away I will never know.Soon I was being finger fucked furiously while my cock was pulled.I came so hard I actually screamed ! After a few seconds I put my head up to thank candy for an incredible wank,but I was alone.I got dressed somewhat light headed.I realized my free 15 minute quickie had taken at least 45 minutes.I would have to cum back again for a repeat session,but pay whatever it cost.And I’d tip her too.Maybe, I thought as I opened the door,maybe I’d even ask Candy out,I thought.She was back behind the counter looking as heavenly as before.I was grinning like a Cheshire cat.”Thanks babe”, I said,”That was magical””No problem”,she smiled back.She told me there was a staff room down the hall with a sink if I needed to wash up.My hands wear a little oily so I walked down and opened the door.Paul the gym owner was there,washing his hands.Gym massage owner, I realized.”Hiya Paul”,I said.”That was a magical massage I just got”, I beamed.”Aw thanks”, he said,still washing his oily hands.”Magic hands “,he said,grinning.”Magic hands”.