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The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 52

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Chapter 52

Cynthia’s Tales — Part 3

During the summer break months in Regal Bay, the weather was usually very beautiful, and the college population that remained spent the days on the beach, the boardwalk, or enjoying the golf club’s amenities, in addition to the nearby Majestic National Forest. For those that remained, there was always something to do.

For Cynthia Price, she enjoyed presiding over her Intra-Generational Sexual Interaction seminar during the first six weeks of the summer break. However, by mid-July she was ready to enjoy some time away from Regal Bay. During this period every year, she and her son would schedule a vacation together. Most years they would enjoy a cruise, and this summer would be no exception. It would be different, however, in that David would soon be leaving Regal Bay for a career opportunity in Portland. Cynthia had booked them a trip to Greece, and a week-long cruise among the islands on the MSC Musica.

Sailing out of Venice, Italy, the MSC Musica was one of the MSC Cruise Line ships. The 8-day journey would see mother and son enjoy themselves, and each other, inexhaustibly. They had flown to Italy and boarded the beautiful white luxury liner Monday morning, the first week of August. For the first time, Cynthia had reserved a suite for their voyage. She had previously thought that spending the extra money on a larger place to sleep aboard a cruise liner was a waste, since most of the time you were out of the cabin doing things. But with the growing pleasures she was receiving from spending intimate time with her son, a larger, more comfortable suite was in order. On the Musica, the suites were situated high on deck 15, the Cantata deck. Their suite was located port side on the bow, directly below the Solariums at the top of the ship. The Aurea suites included a balcony which gave an extraordinary view of the sea. In addition to a comfortable sitting area, the bathroom was furnished with a hot water jet tub, though not large enough for two.

The first night on board, Cynthia and David made love twice, once before dinner and once before falling asleep together. The next morning, they enjoyed sex in the shower after Cynthia took care of her son’s “morning wood” with a lengthy blowjob in bed as the morning sun blazed in through the balcony windows. The rest of that day was spent enjoying the amenities of the ship, the wonderful view of the Adriatic Sea, as well as a brief shore excursion into Brindisi, Italy. Mother and son again met up for dinner, and then a lengthy fuck-session in their cabin before enjoying the evening in the dance club.

During an afternoon layover in Katakolon, Greece, on their third day, Cynthia and David enjoyed the sun on the beach for a few hours, with many of the liner’s guests. Cynthia soon found her son with his familiar hand-held video camera in hand, aimed her way. She enjoyed the secret life of an amateur internet porn star, and didn’t mind having the camera aimed her way, even in public.

“We’re here on the beach in beautiful and sunny Greece,” David began narrating as he moved about her. “There are absolutely gorgeous women all around,” he said as he panned across the near-by bodies. “Woman of every age, shape, and race, all sunning themselves here on this wonderful beach.” He slowly came back to his mother, lying prone on the large cruise-line logo emblazed beach towel. He held the view-finder on her round, nearly naked rump, the globes tanned and glistening with the oil he had rubbed on just minutes before. With the lens directed on his mother’s golden form, he slowly eased to his knees beside her in the warm sand.

“Here we find a stunning beauty enjoying the sun. May I ask your name?”

Cynthia turned her face towards David and smiled. “I there. I’m Cynthia.”

“Hello, Cynthia,” David replied, and began to pan down her body once again. Her well-tanned flesh offset the tangerine colored two-piece bikini, which was cut high up her hips. She had wedged the backside up her ass-crack like a thong to ensure a better, all-over tanning of her well-rounded ass. Her usually dirty blonde hair had been colored a more golden for their vacation, and was now highlighted with bleached tips. It was pulled back in a ponytail that lay to her left, away from her face. Even in her mid-forties Cynthia could turn heads, and had been for the first three days of their cruise. She had been wearing the raciest outfits on board that she had packed, and had already purchased several others yet to try out. She had shed her bra shortly after boarding in Venice (thanks in no small part to her son wanting a quickie before they left port), and hadn’t worn one since. Her nipples had remained hard and prominent throughout the trip and drew the attention of every passer-by. Cynthia just loved the sight of growing bulges in Panama shorts and swimming trunks as guys twice her age down to half would get excited at the very sight of her thick nipples leading the way where-ever she went.

“It looks like you’re getting escort hikayeleri a good tan going. Why don’t you roll onto your side for me, let the camera get a good look?” David enjoyed directing his mother when the camera was on her, and she likewise enjoyed her part in their roll-playing. Cynthia grinned for him, licked her lips ever so slightly, and then rolled onto her side to face him and the camera, giving David a full-on view of her ample cleavage, barely contained within the bikini top. The fleshy globes swung down across her chest heavily as she settled upon her side and elbow, still grinning into the camera’s lens.

“Do you like what you see?” she teased.

“Oh, hell yes,” he replied.

Cynthia’s eyes went lower and she responded, “I can tell you do, judging by the growing bulge I’m seeing.” David moved the camera to follow his mother’s eyes to his groin. Sure enough, the bulge at the front of his Panama shorts very apparent. He grinned and wagged his eyebrows at her.

Again, David panned the camera along his mother’s full length, and told her, “You look so hot, like a girl half your age, Cynthia,” he complimented, using her name as he often did in a public setting. “I’ll bet you look even better without that suit on.”

His mother smiled widely and replied, “Keep it up and I’ll have to take you to the cabin do to you some very naughty things.” David laughed and gave his crotch a quick squeeze as his mother looked on and licked her lips. He then stood up and slowly walked around to the other side of her, holding the camera in focus on her hips as he swung around to take in the sight of her well-rounded, smooth buttocks. Cynthia looked back across her shoulder and asked, “See anything you like?”

“I don’t see anything I don’t like,” David replied. With that said, Cynthia rolled up to her knees and began to gather her things up. She didn’t need to say anything else. They were done on the beach.

Now on her feet, she stepped into her sandals and pulled the beach bag over her shoulder. “Are you coming?” she asked the camera-man.

“Not yet!” he laughed, and then shut off the camera.

Back on board the Musica, mother and son were back in their cabin suite in less than ten minutes. Cynthia had retrieved the cold bottle of Champagne from the mini-bar that they had started on earlier. With the bottle in one hand and a flute glass in the other, she crawled into the center of the cabin’s big, queen-sized bed. She filled the flute with the sparkling, golden liquor as she watched David move quickly about the cabin. He had retrieved the camera’s tripod from his luggage and now had the camera ready and plugged into both the wall outlet to insure a good power source as well as the laptop computer to insure a good recording. He set it up near the foot of the bed, aimed in his mother’s direction. He adjusted the lens to a wider angle setting before he nodded to his mom, letting her know that he was now recording.

Cynthia faced the camera and slowly, seductively sipped down part of the Champagne. “Well. I see you’ve followed me into my cabin, you naughty boy!” She then went forward to her elbows, licking her lips as her heavy breasts, still encased in the flimsy bikini top, settled into the mattress. Cynthia was in full form now and began to play to the camera, telling those that would soon be watching the recording, “I am so fucking hot for cock, the beach always makes me so fucking horny, and I just can’t wait for my big, handsome son to get finished fucking around with the camera equipment and get into bed with me!” That last was more a directive towards David than to the camera.

David watched from behind the camera as his mother rolled seductively across the big bed onto her back. She lifted her legs straight up and then slowly let them fall to either side while still looking into the camera. Her crotch, barely covered by the bikini, was on full display for that moment. She then rolled to her side, finished off the Champagne in a gulp, tossed it to the carpeted floor, and rolled onto her elbows and knees, this time with her rump towards the camera. She humped her hips twice and the raised her ass high, begging over her shoulder towards the camera, “I just have to have a big, fat cock pound me like the dog I am!”

Cynthia again rolled onto her side and David moved out from behind the tripod to the bed’s side. He pushed his blue and white Panama shorts down and stepped out of them while climbing into the bed. Kneeling, with his rigid cock now out and aimed directly at his mother, David crawled towards her and told her, “Is this what you’re begging for, Mom?”

“You fucking know it! Give me that big, fat cock, David,” Cynthia said as she reached for his crotch. She wrapped her fingers around her son’s nine-inch cock and then gave it a quick tug to pull him closer. She then purred ever so slightly as she leaned further in towards her son’s manhood. Once in range, and paying attention to the gaziantep escort hikayeleri camera’s angle, she said, “There’s nothing better, ladies, than having your son’s cock in your mouth. Believe me. I’ve been sucking on my son’s big dick for years!” She ran her tongue out to the base of his shaft and then licked slowly up the full length until his purple knob was resting on her tongue. She moaned, looking first up into his face, and then with her eyes rolled towards the camera, she opened wide and dropped her mouth down the length of her son’s cock.

“Oooohhh, Mom!” David moaned as his mother’s mouth gobbled him down. David quickly pulled his t-shirt up and off as his mother began to noisily suck upon is cock. The noise was for the camera, obviously, as were her vocal moans and whispered admiration of his size and girth. David had heard it all before and knew his mother was playing to those that would be soon wanking off while watching his latest downloaded movie.

Cynthia let his cock slip from her lips slowly and then turned towards the camera once again. With David’s cock-head slowly stroking across her cheek, she told her audience, “Incest is truly the best, ladies! Especially incest with your son! Who better to teach all of the wonderful things you want done to you?” She opened her mouth wide, flicked her tongue out, and slowly went down the full length of David’s manhood once again. She began to work back and forth along his length, her eyes closed now, as she enjoyed the taste and texture of David’s familiar cock.

David looked down upon is mother’s bobbing head, her golden-blonde ponytail wagging back and forth in time with her head as she sucked his cock to full, throbbing hardness. She had already begun to suck his pre-cum up through his long shaft. Her fingers cupped his balls and tickled his perineum with her lengthy nails. As she sucked him, David smacked his mother’s ass a couple of times. The smack of his hand upon her nearly naked flesh was quite loud in the bedroom. So too were her delighted moans. A ship’s horn sounded in the background in that moment, adding to the atmosphere.

“I love it when you smack my ass, David,” she sighed after letting his cock slip from her lips for a brief moment. Cynthia didn’t let her son’s cock free too long, however, and quickly resumed sucking after he smacked her once again across her wide ass.

“I love it when you suck my big cock, Mom,” David replied, more for the audience that themselves. “Keep sucking and I’ll keep smacking.” He slapped at her ass again, alternating his hands as he went. None were very hard, just very audible. Again, playing to the camera.

David let his mother give the camera a good five minutes of cock-sucking before he insisted it was time to change things up. They had made enough home movies together now to know how things needed to move along, and Cynthia went with anything her son suggested. David tugged at the bikini top strings and released the cups. Cynthia gave her son’s cock one long, loving slurp, and then rolled her knees under her. David began to push her bottoms down as Cynthia resumed sucking his cock noisily. She lifted first one leg and then the other as her son removed her bikini. Now fully nude together, mother and son settled down to give each other, and those that soon would be watching and enjoying at home, an exciting time.

David rolled away from his mother’s vacuuming mouth to lie on the bed. He settled his head upon the pillows and took his cock in hand, stroking his mother’s saliva along the full length as he watched her re-position herself. Cynthia straddled David’s thighs and then crawled forward to drop her heavy tits into contact with his face. David captured one of her thick nipples between his lips while simultaneously stroking his cock-head through her wet, clean-shaven slit. Cynthia moaned as her son’s cock slipped through her labia and positioned itself at her opening. She didn’t hesitate to lower her hips and accept her son into her vagina once again. She moaned and he hummed into her breasts as her pussy engulfed his full, thick length in a single, smooth decent.

“And now we can add Greece to the growing list of places my son and I have sinned!” Cynthia smiled to the camera, adding a lip-lick as punctuation before beginning her rise and decent upon his manhood.

Both mother and son knew that the camera would have a magnificent view at the action taking place on the big bed. David had his legs splayed far apart and Cynthia followed suit. She hooked her feet across his thighs and began to rock her hips. David’s cock started to stroke in and out of her pussy with short thrusts that had her juices flowing quickly. David picked up his own pace and soon was fucking up into his mother’s body with long, deep strides that had her moaning and the bed squeaking. All for the sake of the camera.

David held his mother’s hips tight as they fucked. Cynthia demanded he smack her ass from time escort gaziantep hikayeleri to time, and David obediently complied with his mother’s wishes, often with a “Yes, Mom!” or “As you wish, Mom.” In turn, she would remind those watching that she was indeed fucking her own son, calling him by his name at times, as well as shouting “Fuck me, boy! Fuck your mother good with that big, strong dick!”

At times Cynthia would settle upon his lap and while lightly stroking his face, she would ask, “Do you like fucking you own mother, David? Do you like your mom’s pussy wrapped around your fat cock?” Mostly, it was for the camera, but David knew she meant every word, every question, and every demand. Cynthia loved fucking her son, whether there was a camera watching or not.

Cynthia climaxed not once, but twice riding her son’s fat cock in the classic Cow-Girl fashion. She reached back and stroked his heavy balls with her long finger nails, lightly scratching at the wrinkled sack between his legs. The bed vibrated beneath his spine as his mother rode through her latest climax.

“God, that’s so fucking good!” Cynthia nearly shouted as she enjoyed the final spasms of her orgasm. Her son’s cock, wedged high inside her, throbbed and radiated heat, drawing her climax out just a bit longer. She loved the way he could make his dick twitch inside her, as he was doing then. She grinned down at him with sparkling eyes.

With the completion of her latest orgasm, Cynthia spun around upon her son’s cock, never letting it free of her dripping cunt, to face the camera. She leaned back and resumed bouncing upon his shaft, giving David room to reach around to take hold of her heavy tits.

“Yes, David! Squeeze mommy’s titties!” she purred as she rode him. “Pinch my nipples, honey! Oh, yes! Just like that!” She held her hips in place and David began to ram upward into her for several seconds, hard and fast. His heavy scrotum bounced and slapped against her slit as he pistoned upward. A couple of times he popped free and Cynthia quickly stuffed his cock back inside her. After a few more thrusts she settled once more onto his full length and began to roll and twist her hips, enjoying the feeling of having his cock filling her completely once again.

Cynthia leaned forward, towards the camera, and while licking her lips, she began to slam her hips up and down on David’s lap. She looked back around her shoulders and told her son, “When you cum, baby, I want to feel it all over my ass.” David was already drawing close and the demands of his mother just spurred him on. Just a few moments later, David grunted and pulled out of his mother’s quivering pussy just as his load began to blast off. His seed arched out and splashed down upon is mother’s tanned, sweat-glistening ass cheeks. He tugged his cock, sending his remaining load out to stripe his mom’s butt, all for the ever-recording camera.

After feeling her son’s semen splash across her flesh, Cynthia rolled off him and found a good enough angle to give the camera a view. She took hold of her son’s spewing cock and guided it to her mouth, where she lapped up the last of his hot cream down.

“Ooooohhhhhh, mom!” David groaned long and deep as his mother sucked at his ever more sensitive knob, until he had to push her away. Cynthia rolled away from her son and with a thick drop of his cum leaking from her lips, she crawled toward the camera.

Taking it in hand, she drew the camera lens up close and with cum-smeared lips she smiled. “Take it from me, ladies. Nothing tastes better than fresh, creamy semen straight out of your sons’ tap! Bye, for now!” she whispered, and then shut the camera’s power off.

“Damn, that was fun!” Cynthia exclaimed as she rolled from the bed and stood looking out at the passing seas. She pulled open the balcony door and stepped out, fully aware that she was naked, with her son’s cum dripping down her ass. Public nudity had never bothered her, and being and exhibitionist at heart, Cynthia enjoyed having others see her. She gave the balconies to either side of theirs a quick glance, but saw nobody. It was warm and humid, though a breeze caressed her flesh as the ship sailed away from Katakolon.

Returning to the interior, Cynthia reminded her son, “Dinner’s about to be served. We’d better be getting cleaned up and dressed.” She was already heading for the bathroom. David watched as she passed, admiring the energy she had, even at her age. He also felt, and not for the first time in recent weeks, a building regret at his imminent leaving. He loved his mother in several ways, and knew that he would ache for her as much as she would for him.

Half an hour later, David and Cynthia were seated at a large, round table with two other couples. One, an older German couple they would learn, were on their anniversary cruise, having been together forty years now. As it turned out, the Schulte’s, Marlotte and Rudolph, had a suite next door to Cynthia and David. The other couple was of Cynthia’s age, in their forties, and were from Italy, enjoying a vacation won through the Italian lottery. They spoke little English, and David ended up spending most of the evening conversing with Marlotte, seated beside him, while his mother talked across to Rudolph, all the while stroking David’s groin under the table. The topic of why Cynthia appears much older than David never comes up.