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The Move Pt. 01

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In all of my wild imaginations, I couldn’t have had the experience that recently happened to me.

I live near Boulder, Colorado. I’m a fit 65 year old Latino male that keeps active by taking advantage of the outdoor life offered where I live. For the past eight years I have been friends with a younger couple that live across the street from me. The first time we met, we immediately bonded as friends. He’s an executive in a manufacturing firm and she works as a store manager in retail sales. They’re both in their late 30’s and have two young daughters.

Rita (not her real name) is five feet four inches tall with blonde hair and deep blue eyes. She has an athletic figure with perky, perfect 34D tits, a narrow waist and tight stomach in spite of having two kids. Her toned legs are, as they say, to die for. She always has her nails and toenails perfectly manicured in blood red polish that is as sexy as anything I’ve ever seen on a woman. And, it seems that no matter what she’s wearing, except when she goes to the gym, she has on high heeled stiletto CFMs. The shoes she wears is a major turn on for me because they show off her sexy feet. On top of her incredible looks, she is friendly and has always been good to me, always greeting me with a hug and a kiss that leaves me lightheaded. We’re always flirting with each other, but her husband seemingly doesn’t mind or is simply oblivious to our antics.

Brad (not his real name) recently was offered a promotion in Kansas City and quickly accepted the position. He and Rita decided on new construction for a home, so she stayed behind in Boulder until the build was complete. In effect, she became a single mom as Brad shuttled back and forth between Colorado and Kansas City. I’m retired and assisted in their transition by helping Rita with minor chores and child care when she was in a pinch. The girls are well behaved and fun to be around and have grown up calling me “Tio.” That’s “uncle” in Spanish.

Naturally our flirting continued, but it never advanced beyond a hug or a kiss lasting a bit longer since her husband seemed to be gone most of the time. One evening, after a few drinks, we started making out in her living room after the girls had gone to bed, but we were interrupted by a phone call from Brad. The spell had been broken, but as it turned out, only for that night.

After nearly six months the home build was completed. In the meantime, Rita’s home had gone on the market and quickly sold with the condition that her family would remain in the house until construction was finished in KC. Brad and Rita needed to fly to KC for a final inspection and closing on their new home, but Rita’s parents had a emergency arise, and suddenly they were scrambling for childcare.

When I learned of the childcare dilemma, I volunteered to watch the girls since it would only be a daytrip and would not be much different than other times I had kept an eye on them. They left early in the morning Ankara escort and returned late in the same day.

When they got home, Rita could not thank me enough for watching the girls. I received multiple hugs and kisses that seemed to linger just a bit longer than usual when her husband was around and uncomfortably stirred my cock to hardness as she thanked me for my help.

Rita noticed the growing bulge in my pants and whispered to me, “I’m glad I caused that.”

Speechless, I had nothing to say, but the moment quickly passed as her daughters came running into the room followed by her husband. Brad was also appreciative and invited me to stay for dinner and a few beers, which I quickly accepted.

I was rattled by what Rita had told me and a bit embarrassed that my boner had pushed into Rita sufficiently for her to notice. Since Brad was home, I knew nothing would happen with Rita and decided to just enjoy the evening. Dinner was incredible, and I realized for the first time how much I would be missing this extended family of mine, especially Rita. As the evening ended I thanked Brad and Rita for dinner and told the girls good night. Brad took the girls to get them ready for bed as Rita walked me to the door.

“Thank you again for watching the girls. They really are going to miss their “Tio” being around.”

“I’m going to miss them too.”

Rita then put her arms around my neck and leaned into me and we were suddenly deeply kissing. I pulled her into me, and again, my dick pressed into her. Rita broke the kiss and said, “I’m REALLY going to miss you.” Then she pulled me into a second kiss as her hand was squeezing my cock through my jeans. The kiss ended as we heard Brad coming down the stairs from the girl’s bedroom.

Rita said, “Goodnight, I hope you can sleep.”

I left their home dizzy and horny at what had happened. I was still reeling over the events with Rita, when my phone dinged announcing the arrival of a message. I opened it and found a picture from Rita flashing her bare chest at me! My manhood was more straining than ever, so I released it and stroked until I came and splattered my phone.

Later in the evening I was still stunned. I didn’t have any idea about what would take place next, but I decided if I could I would take advantage of the situation and fuck Rita in spite of my friendship with her husband. Just then my phone dinged again. Rita had sent another picture of her, naked. I saw for the first time that she had shaved her pussy except for a small patch of golden hair in the shape of a small triangle. I immediately was hard all over again. I didn’t know what had gotten into Rita, but now I knew I would be ravishing her body soon.

The rest of the week for Rita and her family passed quickly. Brad had to leave to KC early to handle a work problem and his parents had picked up the girls and had taken them to Colorado Springs while Rita was left Ankara escort bayan to dealing with the movers. I could tell she was not happy that her husband would not be around to help with the move, but things were working out well for me. Naturally I offered my help which she quickly accepted.

I hadn’t been able to take my mind off Rita and knew this might be my only opportunity to ever get her alone with me. But helping with the movers became hard work as one task after another piled on. One room would get packed and emptied and we would patch nail holes or make minor repairs, touch up paint and finally vacuum carpets or wash hardwood floors. By the time the first day of packing came to an end we celebrated by having a drink.

Rita wanted to clean up and shower. The stakes for the evening were raised when she said, “May I please borrow your bathroom and shower? My bathroom is all packed up. I’m going to have to spend the night with you too, since my bedroom was packed, is that okay?”

My response was to take her in my arms and kiss her. Holding her I could smell her sweaty, musky scent and I was immediately hard. As we kissed, Rita forced her tongue into my mouth and then started sucking my tongue. I pulled down her sports bra and took a handful of her breast and squeezed before moving down to lick, then suck her hardened nipple.

Before I could continue exploring her body, Rita told me, “Slow down cowboy, we’ll have all night.”

We left her nearly empty house and went to mine to clean up. I was so horny I could hardly stand it. Rita was no help as her hands had reached into my pants before leaving her house. She opened my fly, pulled out my hardon and she bent down to taste oozing pre-cum leaking from my dick. She smiled wickedly as she looked at me and said, “Tasty.”

We made our way to my house and we decided it would be more water efficient to shower together. Rita got in first and adjusted the water temperature to her liking, then she invited me in. I took the soap she handed me and proceeded to lather her body from her neck to her feet. I was in a dream sliding my hands over her incredible body. From her breast, down to her stomach, washing her shaved pussy, massaging her with my hands around her firm, rounded ass cheeks and, finally, down her legs and feet. I savored the touch of her knowing this might not ever happen again. I moved to her pussy and slide a finger into her crotch and was amazed at the heat inside of her body. I found the erect nub of her clit and played with it between my thumb and fore finger as she moved closer to cumming. I dropped to my knees and placed my tongue at her opening and sucked on her clit. At the same time I placed the middle finger of my left hand at the outside of her anus and buried my finger in her. Rita screamed out as she experienced a shattering orgasm. I kept my face sucking her clit and my finger in her ass until Rita reached down Escort Ankara and pushed me away.

She was shaking as she told me, “That was fucking incredible…my turn.”

I stood up and embraced Rita feeling her wonderful naked wet body against mine. We kissed and her hand took hold of my erection and stroked me. Rita got to her knees and sucked me into her mouth. I had been poised for some time to cum, and in spite of wanting this to not stop, I exploded in her mouth with the strength of an orgasm I had rarely experienced. Rita sucked all my cum into her mouth and swallowed. She stood up and kissed me with a trace my cum transferring to my mouth.

The water poured down on us as she told me, “You better have a second wind because I want you to make love to me and fuck me, hard!”

“I promise that will be no problem.” Though I had rarely used it, I had a supply of ‘blue pills’ to help me along the way.

Getting out of the shower we dried off and dressed because Rita said she was starved. She dressed in a white T-shirt, tight jeans and her signature CFM stiletto heels. In a word she looked incredible. We decided to go a roadhouse we had visited once with her husband that served good bar food and had a band. When we arrived at the roadhouse and walked in every eye, male AND female, turned to look at Rita. I’m sure everyone was thinking “what the hell is she doing with the old guy?”

After getting seated at the bar, we ordered beers and burgers.

After a bit of time and while I was drinking a cold beer, I asked, “How are you feeling?”

“Don’t worry, I’m not feeling bad or guilty, if that’s what you’re asking. Brad should be the one helping with this move, not you. I didn’t expect to be left alone to deal with the move, so I decided few days ago that this is how I would thank you for everything you do and have done for us. You should know, or maybe you do know, I’ve always, from when we first met, wondered how it would be to fuck you and now I’m finding out. And so far, I love it.”

I didn’t want to say the wrong thing, so I said, “I’m loving it too,…and we’re far from done.”

She leaned over and gave me a quick kiss. Just then the food arrived and we dug in.

We enjoyed dinner, the beers, and each other’s company, but the sexual tension was growing. Sitting next to each other, every few minutes I would slide my hand between her legs and was astonished at the heat radiating from her pussy. Rita would return the favor by clamping down on my cock through my jeans. If people noticed we didn’t care. We were relishing every moment.

Since we had each had a couple of beers, we decided to uber home. On the way we gave the driver a little show as we made out like teenagers in the back seat. At one point I had tugged her T-shirt down and was sucking on a nipple as the driver nearly veered off the road trying to watch in her rear view mirror.

We separated long enough to pay the driver (she gave me her cell number and told me to call her whenever I “wanted to ride her.” That, as it turns out, is another story). We stumbled into my house and without breaking stride, we made a direct line to my bedroom.

[END of Part 1]

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