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The New Pills

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I sat in my Doctor’s office, shivering and in pain, a steady line of snot running from my nose and my head was pounding. The Doctor finally arrived and after checking me over gave me the news.

“Well, I know you probably feel like you’re dying but you’re not. There’s a really nasty bug going about, you’re my fourth case this week already. The good news is I have a great new antibiotic that is knocking it out quickly but you need rest and plenty of liquids.” She said.

“Thank you Ma’am, am I okay to take painkillers in the meantime?” I asked.

“Yes, here’s a couple to make you feel a little better for now, I’ve called your prescription to your usual place. Take care okay, let me know if you’re still sick after a week.” She said, giving me a couple of pills.

“I will.”

I picked up my medication and took a cab to my parents house, my younger sister answered the door, she was home for summer break from college.

“Holy shit, you look like hell!” She said, helping me in.

“Good to see you too Sis but if I look half as bad as I feel you’d be right.”

“I’d give you a kiss but you look like you have that bug my friend has, settle for a hug?” she said.


“Mom told me you’re coming, I’ve got a bed made up for you on the couch. I couldn’t find any of your stuff though, you bring clothes with you?”

“I have my pj’s and few other things, I intend to sleep and eat Mom’s amazing soup, that’s it.”

“Okay, well I’ll be in my room if you need anything, I’ve left you a pitcher of iced water on the table.”

“Thanks Clara.”

I read the schedule for my pills and set alarms on my phone, changed into my pj’s and laid on the makeshift bed Clara had set up for me. I’d moved out of my parents a few years prior and having confidence I’d be okay alone, my room had been long converted to a workout and craft room. When my Mom seen how sick I was though she’d insisted on taking me to the Doctor and had dropped me off while she went to get supplies to make me some of her legendary soup. I took my pills with another couple of painkillers and actually managed to fall asleep when the pain started to fade.

I woke up pretty abruptly, I must have been out pretty hard, Mom had a hot bowl of soup on the table and was slapping me gently on the face, her and Dad looked really worried.

“Oh good you’re alive, your alarm was going off and you were out hard sweetie, how you feeling?” Said Mom.

“Like I’ve been asleep for a year, wow, 8 hours?” I said, looking at the clock.

“Doctor Kendall said she prescribed you new medication, said it’s really effective, here I made soup.” Said Mom.

“Thanks Mom.”

I sat up and had my soup and chatted with my parents before I took my next dose of pills with more painkillers then closed my eyes. When I woke again it was morning and Clara was sitting on the chair reading a book.

“He’s alive! Your alarm just went off, those pills fuck you up huh?” She said.

“What do you mean?”

“I forgot you were here, came in half asleep and almost sat on you, spilled my cereal on your t-shirt, I cleaned it off and changed your shirt but you stayed asleep.”

“Wow, I didn’t even notice I was wearing a different one. I am starting to feel better though.” I replied.

“Well Mom said I’ve to keep an eye on you, she’s worried you’d sleep through a fire or something the way these pills are knocking you out.”

“Well thank you, sorry if I’m ruining any plans.” I replied.

“Nope, I have 3 books to read this month so is helpful actually. Sarah is coming over later but we’ll be quiet.”

I didn’t hear a thing when Clara’s friend visited, I ate a bowl of soup, showered, took my pills and next time I woke my family were all watching tv.

“Hi sleepyhead, I’ll go heat up some soup for you.” Said Mom with a smile.

I checked my phone since it was flashing and got a voicemail from my Doctor.

‘Hi Marcus, Dr Kendall here, I’ve been getting reports of my patients on that new antibiotic sleeping a little too hard if taken with ibuprofen. If you still need pain medication please switch to alternatives like Aspirin or Acetaminophen and you’ll be fine. Hope you’re feeling better, any problems give me a call.’

I put my phone down and enjoyed the soup Mom had brought me then took my Motrin to switch out with Aspirin then after taking all my meds, went back to sleep. I slept pretty well, actually had dreams but woke up to voices.

“Can I suck his cock again?”

“No Lisa, I still feel bad about yesterday.”

I kept my eyes closed. I had only met Lisa once or twice, she was pretty hot but said she didn’t like men. I was curious about her ‘again’ statement gaziantep bayan escort though.

“Pleeeease, I’ll let you sit on my face again.” Said Lisa.

“You said I could do that again anyways.” Replied Clara.

“No, I said I’d eat you.”

“For a lesbian you sure are obsessed with his cock, I don’t get you at times.”

“I’m not a lesbian, I just tell guys that to keep them away. Your brother is cute and has a gorgeous cock but I don’t want to date anyone just now.”

“I do admit his cock is nice but just feels wrong.”

“Why don’t you give him a lick so you feel better about it.”

“Um, he’s my brother!”

“He’s a sleeping man with a great cock who won’t remember a thing, don’t be so closed minded.”

“Fine but don’t you dare tell anyone.” Said Clara.

“Please, everyone thinks I really am gay, you’re the only one who knows.”

“I’ll start and you can finish him okay?”


I stayed still pretending to be asleep and took all my will to not do or say anything when Clara pulled the covers back from me and fished my cock from my boxers. She took it into her mouth and started sucking me and soon had me hard. She sucked for a few minutes, stopping only to stroke me for a few seconds then Lisa asked to take over. She took her time, almost savoring my cock and when I couldn’t hold back anymore I just breathed in harder as I filled her mouth with cum. She kept sucking until I was spent and going soft then gently tucked my cock back into my boxer shorts.

“He tastes so fucking good.”

“I think you should fuck him when he’s better, thank him for giving you 2 loads when he won’t even remember.”

“He’s too big, that thing would ruin my pussy.”

“Whatever, I’ve had bigger toys in you. Come on, I’m horny and need my pussy licked.”

I waited until they left the room before I opened my eyes. My mind was reeling, discovering my sister was bi was one thing but having been sucked by her when she thought I was out cold was another. I was glad I listened to the voicemail and switched my pain pills and wondered how far they’d take things. My alarm was due to go off in another hour, I went back to sleep and woke to a smiling Clara gently slapping my cheek.

“Morning sleepyhead, I have hot soup for you.” She said as I opened my eyes.

“Mmm, thank you. Weren’t you bringing a friend over?” I said, looking around.

“She just left, we didn’t wake you did we?”

“Didn’t know she was even here.” I said, looking into my soup.

“How much longer are you on those pills, they really put you out huh.”

“Four more days but I’m feeling much better, Doc said I have to finish the course no matter what. Am I farting in my sleep or something?” I said, Clara laughed.

“No, just worry about you big brother. I hope my music isn’t disturbing you.” She said.

“I honestly think I could sleep through a tornado with these pills.” I replied.

I managed to stay awake for a while that evening, Mom and Dad said I was looking a lot better. I took my evening dose and crashed out. After my morning dose I woke to more delights a few hours later, Clara seemed to be talking to my cock as she stroked it, it took a lot to not bust out laughing.

“Sorry I let my slut friend Lisa suck you, I’ll take care of you now.” She said and started sucking me.

This time though, once I was hard she got on the couch and straddled me, sat on my stomach for a second, then certain I wasn’t waking up, moved down and slowly fed my cock inside her. I sucked in a deep breath so I wouldn’t moan, I cracked my eye open a little to see her riding me reverse cowgirl but her ass looked incredible as she took me. I felt her cumming after a few minutes, she climbed off me, still catching her breath then knelt beside me and sucked me until I came in her mouth, swallowing every drop so I wasn’t left in a mess. Satisfied she’d licked away all trace of her she gently tucked my cock away and covered me up. She woke me up again as my alarm went off, I feigned tiredness, mumbled a thank you for my soup then wandered to the shower.

“You okay?” She said when I got back.

“Yea, just weird dreams is all, can’t wait to be off those pills.” I said then sat down.

I stayed awake long enough to chat with my parents when they got home, Mom remarked that I was looking great then after my evening dose I crashed out. Next morning, while Clara was getting my soup for my morning dose, I set my phone’s video to record on motion and actually took a few Motrin with that dose. When I woke that evening I waited until I was alone then checked my phone and sure enough, gaziantep escort bayan Clara fucked me again, climbing off to finish me off with her mouth but she made a point of checking I was out cold. With only 2 more days left on my course of pills I decided to change things.

I took my morning dose as usual but didn’t really need any pain pills, I faked taking Motrin and took a nap, pretending to still be asleep when Clara started to take advantage of me. She faced me as she rode me this time, pretty sure it was to watch my face but when she came I opened my eyes, held on to her waist and thrust up into her hard and fast until I came, my cock swelling as I emptied my balls into her pussy. The look of shock on her face was amazing, she was still mid climax when I started thrusting but I pulled her into a multiple and had her cumming hard when I filled her. She climbed off me when I was spent, a look of guilt mixed with the shock.

“You…. you came in me.” She said quietly.

“Well you were fucking me little sister.” I replied.

“No, you were supposed to be asleep, you cum in my mouth. I’m not on the pill.”

“Well we’ll worry about that later but come and shower with me, you owe me big time.”

Clara led me to the shower and stripped but could barely look at me. I got the water nice and warm and stripped off too but held her close to me before we got in, my cock actually starting to harden feeling her naked breasts pressed against me.

“I’m not upset with you, that felt pretty amazing and if you want, I’d love to do it again.”

She looked up at me, tears welling up in her eyes and noticing she was struggling to find anything to say, I kissed her softly on the lips until she started kissing me back. We showered in silence, exploring each others body with the soap and I had her sit on my lap once we’d dried and dressed.

“How long have you known, were you pretending to be awake every time?” She asked.

“No, on Tuesday my Doctor left a voicemail that mixed with Motrin or ibuprofen the new medication I was taking would knock me out hard. I was only half asleep when Lisa sucked me the second time, don’t recall the first but when you took over I was faking. I loved it, you’re a beautiful sexy woman you know.”

“But I’m your sister, don’t you think I’m a disgusting pervert?” She said, lowering her gaze again.

“Well what does that make me if I do, I loved it I really did.” I said, she finally smiled.

“What now?”

“Well since Mom and Dad will be home soon we should act normal, go get my soup.”

Clara kissed me then got up to get my soup and we were sitting normally when our parents got home.

“You look tired sweetie, you have two more days left on your pills right?” Said Mom, feeling my forehead.

“Yea, I feel much better, definitely no fever but these new pills drain you.” I replied. I spotted Clara smiling to herself.

“Okay, well I’ve made a fresh pot of soup for you, there’s plenty to last.” She said then left with Dad.

Next morning I woke to Mom home instead of Clara.

“Morning sweetie, I’ve sent Clara out to have fun, she’s been so good looking after you but I’m staying home today to take care of you. Here’s your pills.” She said, handing me my morning dose mixed with 3 Aspirin.

I tried to tell her I didn’t need the pain pills anymore but she insisted. I woke a few hours later to find my cock out of my boxers and already hard, I didn’t remember how I’d gotten that way.

“You don’t need to whisper he’s out cold.” Said Mom.

“Holy shit Janice his cock his hanging out.”

“It’s beautiful isn’t it? Steve is fucking his secretary again so I haven’t had any in months, my cousin told me about the new meds they have Marcus on, that they leave guys catatonic, as deep as general anesthetic and they don’t remember a thing.”

“But Janice he’s your son.” Said the woman, I didn’t recognize her voice.

“Do you want a fuck or not, I am going first then you can have him. I spiked his soup with Viagra this morning so he’ll be hard for hours.” Said Mom.

“Fine but I was hoping for some tongue from you, what I thought you meant when you said come over for a fuck.”

“Well if you get him to cum in you I’ll lick it out, that work?”

“Mmm, okay. I can’t believe we’re doing this though, he’s a good looking young man, I’m sure he would fuck me willingly.”

“Yes but how would I get him to, ‘hey sweetie, Mommy’s personal trainer isn’t getting any from her boring husband, come to bed and fuck her with me.’ I’m sure he’d run for the hills.”

The room went silent for a minute, I cracked an eye escort gaziantep bayan open to see why and watched them kissing and undressing each other. If I hadn’t already been hard that sight would have done it. Mom’s personal trainer was hot as hell, body of an athlete with small but really pert breasts (that mom was sucking on) and long dark hair in a ponytail. I’d never seen Mom naked before but her body was pretty hot too, no doubt from the personal trainer but I’d have put her at half the age she was. Once they were both naked, Mom had the woman suck me while she got behind her and licked her pussy from behind. A few minutes later they stood up and kissed again then Mom straddled me and took my cock inside her with one thrust.

“Ohhhh fuck that feels so good.” Said Mom as she began to ride me.

Mom took me with deep hard thrusts while the woman sucked on her nipples and before long she was shuddering as she came over my cock. She got off me then held my cock up as the personal trainer mounted me. Thankfully when she rode me, Mom was kissing her and I was able to sneak a look at the sexy woman on top of me, I couldn’t help myself for long and when she came I fought to stay quiet as my cock exploded into her pussy.

“Oh wow he just came in me.” Said the woman.

“Don’t spill it, let me eat you.” Said Mom.

The trainer got off me and laid back on the floor and Mom got between her legs and started licking her. I decided I’d never get another chance like that and being still fully hard I got up quietly, got behind Mom and pushed my cock back inside her still soaked pussy, held on to her waist and fucked her pretty hard. The trainer’s eyes went wide as saucers and Mom stopped licking to moan as I fucked her. I felt Mom cum again, took her until she was done then pulled out, she sat on the floor beside the trainer, both of them just staring at me.

“Can I have her with my eyes open now?” I said to Mom.

“You… you’re supposed to be out cold!” Said Mom.

“Yea well you’re working off old information, only works with ibuprofen and not the Aspirin I switched to. I’m not mad but your friend is stunning and I’d like to have some fun while you sit on her face.” I said.

“Well I’m game.” Said the woman, finally smiling.

Mom took a few seconds but snapped out of her trance as I got between the woman’s legs and started to fuck her nice and slow. She straddled the woman’s face and began to moan as she licked her and only climbed off when she’d cum a couple of times. I kissed the woman when her face was free and could taste Mom’s pussy on her lips. I lasted for ages the second time and was worn out by the time I came into the woman a second time.

“That was the best sex I’ve ever had, thank you.” She said to me.

“You are very welcome.” I replied, catching my breath.

“Well, I just got a text from your father saying he’s working late again which means he’s fucking his whore. Laura, you want to stay a while, help me wear this young stud out?” Said Mom.

“Oh yes please.”

We made our way to the bedroom, we’d forgotten about Clara until she appeared beside the bed, our moans so loud we didn’t hear her come in. She looked at us grinning, I was taking Laura from behind while she ate Mom and still had plenty of juice left in my tank.

“Well, looks like I’ll be relying on my toy to help me sleep, was hoping for some cock.” Said Clara.

“You knew?” Replied mom, breathlessly.

“Not the first time when I let Lisa blow him but he faked being asleep for 2 days then took charge yesterday.”

“Why didn’t you warn me?” Said Mom.

“Um, what could I say. ‘Hey Mom, careful if you try and fuck my brother, I’ve been doing him for 3 days but he knows now’..” She said with a laugh.

“Well I’m really close to cumming again, can he carry on and we can all talk about this after?” Said Laura, I continued fucking her.

“This is really fucking hot, have enough for me next sweetie?” Said Clara.

“I think so.” I replied.

A few months later I sat naked with Laura in our hot tub after a wonderful two hours making love.

“So who is it this weekend Clara right?.” She said, rubbing my leg.

“Yes, she swapped weekends with Mom so she could go to a concert next week. Mom said you’re going to see her so she doesn’t mind.”

“Yea, Clara called me yesterday, asked if I would.”

“I’m glad all this worked out, it sure is helping Janice cope with it all.”

“Well my Dad’s an idiot, I’m not sad he left. His secretary might have loaded parents but she’s nowhere near as hot as Mom.”

“And you helped me see my boring asshole of an ex husband just didn’t appreciate what he had.” Said Laura as she kissed me again.

“Well you’re stunning and amazing. Not every woman would allow me weekends away so I can fuck my mom and sister.” I replied, fondling her breasts.

“Mmm, or eat your cum from your mom’s pussy after you’ve fucked her.”

“You getting wet again.”

“Yes baby, lets get out of this water and make love again, see if we can break our record…”