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The Plan

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WARNING: If you are not 18 or older, please leave this page immediately.

Incest—a word that has extreme negative connotations. The image that most often comes about when the word is mentioned is that of a father forcing himself on his daughter. Any forcible sex act, especially done by a parent to a child, should result in the parent being punished in legal and non-legal ways.

This is a fantasy of consensual incest between adults. It is intended for adults who are interested in reading about consensual sex between relatives. If this offends you, do not continue any further.


“How often do you masturbate?”

“Heidi!” Maria exclaimed.

“Well?” the Latina persisted.

“Aren’t you getting a little personal?”

Heidi backed off for a moment.

Soft sell, she rebuked herself. This one is going to need some gentle prodding. She is not as aggressive sexually as you are. Remember the plan, continued her own mental dialogue.

Heidi was aggressive sexually. She was, 44, Dominican, 5′ 9″, curly long brown hair with blonde streaks, facially looked a little like porn queen Alicia Rio in the 90s, and possessed large breasts and flaring hips, both measuring 38″. If she had a nickel for every cat-call or times she thought about sex, she’d be on her third Ferrari.

“Maria, hon, all I am saying is you need to be good to yourself. It’s been almost a year since the divorce, not to mention the years of separation. And unless you’re keeping stuff from your best friend—yours truly—you haven’t been dating which means you aren’t getting any. And if you’re not doing it with someone else, you’re doing it with yourself and to yourself.”

The Italian brunette, who bore a striking resemblance to actress Courtney Cox, was in the kitchen removing coffee cups and dishes from the dining cabinet. She stopped in mid-motion at hearing the comment. She shot a slightly angered glance to her girlfriend through the archway which lead into the living room where Heidi was reclining on the sofa. Maria knew she was right but she hated to admit it. If she lost her hands, she’d loose her sex life. It had been that way since splitting from her ex. She definitely didn’t want a relationship, at least not now; she didn’t want to get her hurt again. Yet, she did have needs.

During the years of separation, she was able to block out sex by throwing herself into work, and caring for her son. But when her son moved out to the university, and the divorce became final, she could no longer block out The Need. Her hand hands took care of The Need 3-4 times a week. She didn’t like a vibrator or dildo. She just let her hands and fingers work their enchantment on her alluringly firm and curvy 41 year old 5′ 11″ cougar body. She would manually satisfy her 36DD tits and sensitive nipples, while swaying her 35″ hips against the bed sheets. In fact she just recently started enjoying tasting herself. Her fingers would ply open her slick, engorged pussy lips, slipping between them, entering into her most desirous and eager opening…pumping slowly at first, and then rapidly while her other hand massaged her large, eager breasts and yearning, hardening teats. She then would remove her cream-covered fingers and quickly put them into her mouth to taste her own tart wetness…licking, sucking. Time seemed to stand still for Maria as she slowly savored her own liquid essence. Sometimes when she self-pleasured, she would remove her sticky digits from between her luscious spread thighs and rub the juices on her erect nipples and puffy areolas. She would then cup that tit and bring the glistening peak to meet her out-stretched tongue and tenderly lick it. She would then provide the same pleasure to the other breast and nipple.

Maria discontinued looking at her friend and turned around to reach upward for the Folgers. Heidi caught this action out of the corner of her eye and watched. Maria’s suit skirt was raised as she stretched upward and inadvertently flashed her thighs. The Latina’s tongue instinctively and quickly wetted her lips. Heidi definitely liked men and the hardness they brought, but she had no hesitations about “pitching for the other team” occasionally. She often enjoyed the touch…the kisses…the caresses…the licks…the sighs…the taste…of another woman. Occasionally she fantasized about seducing Maria and making sweet Sapphic love to her friend. She could hear Maria, as the Dominican mouth, hands, and tongue roamed that sumptuous Italian body, hesitate strongly at first then meekly, then sighing and appreciatively saying, “Oh yes!”

The sudden sight of her girlfriend’s thighs and the previous sexual images and sounds of Heidi’s personal fantasy, initiated the start of moistness in her panties. This brought her mind back to reality. As much as she wanted to jump her friend, Heidi maintained control.

“The plan. Stick with the plan. There will be time for loving Maria later.” Heidi smiled as her friend soon walked toward her with two cups of gaziantep bayan escort ilanları coffee.

The two women were great friends for over twenty years. They worked as office administrators for two separate attorneys in the same firm. This Thursday evening they had dinner together after work and returned to Maria’s for coffee and homemade Italian pastries.

As the two women enjoyed the coffee and pastries, Heidi offered a suggestion. “You know my boyfriend?”

“Yeah. You told me a little about him. He’s Italian and good looking. Gio is his name, right?”

“Right. I didn’t mention that he’s 23 and hung like a horse.”

Maria’s became shocked. “Twenty-three?! He’s old enough to be your son!”

“Well, he’s not my son. He’s young, gorgeous and besides having a cock that’s just a little over 8 inches—yes I measured it—he has a tongue and mouth that eats me out like a buffet dinner.”


“Oh for Pete’s sake, Maria! Stop with that ‘babe in the woods’ routine. I remember you in college—you weren’t exactly spending Saturday nights at the campus library. And considering that dream you had earlier this year—”

Maria’s face became even more shocked. Why would her best friend bring up the illicit dream she had after promising not to mention it again? “Heidi, you said you never would speak of that again!”

The Latina’s tone softened. “I know and I am sorry if you’re hurt. I didn’t mean to. But you are in a major social funk. Actually it’s a sexual funk. Maria, you are a MILF. You’re attractive in the face, you have a killer body. Shit–you look like a famous actress! You have an incredible personality. You’re a gorgeous, desirable woman who should be good to herself and get laid…re-laid and parlayed…by a stud. And what better stud is there for us 40-somethings than a handsome, 20-something guy? So many 20 year olds love an older woman. I can tell you that from personal experience with Gio.”

Maria was quiet. Then spoke: “Maybe you’re right.”

“No, I know I am right!” Heidi stated emphatically. She in turn became quiet, letting all her words sink into her friend’s head. She continued.

“Let me speak with Gio. See who he knows.”

Maria’s eyes were doe-like. A small grin appeared on her face. She remained silent.

“Don’t worry, hon. We’ll get you what you need. And fast!” She, also smiling, leaned in to hug Maria. The two women wrapped their arms around each other.

Mmm, her tits are just as big and soft as mine, the Dominican silently summarized.

Heidi let three days go by without mentioning anything about this conversation to Maria. Heidi wanted her friend hungry…sexually hungry, actually sexually starving. At the office, the Latina kept the conversation strictly work-related. When Maria called at home, she didn’t answer. The next day she would apology to Maria and explain, in a hushed voice that Gio was “playing Postman”, giving her “a special delivery.” Then the next night Heidi turned it up a notch and phoned her friend.

Maria saw Heidi’s number on the caller id. She picked it up on the second ring.

“Hi,” she happily greeted, deep down wondering what progress her friend had for her.

“Hi, Maria,” Heidi replied in a husky tone, then began to breathe heavily.

The Italian instantly became alarmed. “Heidi, what’s wrong?” Over the receiver the heavy breathing became interspersed with soft sighs.

“Heidi, are you ok?”

“Ahh, ewww, I am more than ok. I am absolutely perfect,” she exhaled into the phone.

Maria’s concern became confusion. “Heidi, what’s going on?”

“Ah, ahhhh, oh yes! Stick your tongue in it. Stick your tongue in it!” Shock overtook the Italian’s facial expression and her mouth was open, aghast.

“Ohhhhh, Maria, honey, Gio’s eating me out.”

Maria was at a literal loss for words.

Heidi heard the silence and grinned to herself. She picked up her erotic exhalations. “Ooohhhhh! Aahhhhhh!”

The Italian was finally able to croak out a quivering protest. “Heidi. Um, I am not so sure I should be hearing this. Why, er, why did you call while Gio’s with you?

Heidi ignored the expected the objection. “Ohhh, girlfriend. His tongue and lips are all over my sopping cunt. He feels like he wants fuck me with his face! Ay, ayyyyyy! Ay mi hombre! Que bueno! Me come! ME COME!! ” (Oh! Oh, my man. How good! Eat me. EAT ME!)

Maria collapsed in the recliner in her bedroom. Her tongue immediately took a swipe over her upper lip. Then she gently bit her lower lip. She felt a warm sensation between her legs. She cradled the phone in the right crux of her neck so that her hands instantly reached up under her t-shirt for her braless breasts. Her hands cupped each bountiful tit and gave them a needed, caring squeeze.

“Si, Gio! Come tu mammi! Ay! Yes, oh! Eat your mammi!”

Maria began rubbing the flats of her hands and fingers over her exuberant gaziantep escort bayan ilanları nipples. She stopped a few times to pinch the enlarging teats…while her girlfriend continued being eaten out over the phone. The Italian removed her right hand from under the shirt and brought it to her mouth, frantically licking the palm and fingers. She hurriedly returned it back under the T-shirt and maddeningly rubbed the slobbering bottom of her hand across both nipples and areolas. Her left hand did the same thing. Her right hand had lifted the t-shirt over her breasts, bearing the quaking mammaries to the cool night air and adding to the sensation of her saliva rubbings.

Like a pizza maker, she kneaded her breasts. She did so lovingly, but urgently. The saliva had dried up, but it was sense of her own touch, inspired by this X-rated call, that had her piercing blue eyes rolling up into her head as she soared to carnal pleasure. The warm sensation between her thighs turned into an ache. She caressed each breast, then pressed the two together. Caressed, then pressed…the soft and fervent pair. Next she could feel the fingers moving across the bumpy surface of her areolas. Then they split apart around the point of each of her swollen nipples. She was gentle in pinching the erase-like nubs. Maria felt like she was in delirium.

Heidi returned the phone to her ear. She could hear soft whimpers through the earpiece. “Maria, are you playing with yourself.”

The whimpers continued a few more seconds, then were followed by a brief and labored, “Yes.”

Heidi immediately thrusted her sopping sex into her lover’s face. “Maria is playing with herself!” she announced to Gio. The young stud looked up over Heidi’s public mound, his face smeared with her liquid love, and smiled heartily. He mouthed “What is she doing exactly?”

“What are you exactly doing?” inquired the Dominican, at the same time she gently pushed his face back down into her gushing twat.

“Playing with my breasts and nipples,” she hissed. Moisture in her cunt doubled.

“You’re playing with your breasts and nipples,” she repeated for her man. This caused the 23 year old to shove his left index and middle fingers into Heidi’s pulsating pussy. She responded.


Maria was startled, “What happened, Heidi?!”

“Oh, sweetheart, what Gio just did,” she teased, without giving full disclosure.

“WHAT DID HE DO?” the Italian practically screamed as her hands rubbed, weighed, and massaged her enflamed breasts non-stop.

“He–” The Latina was genuinely going to tell her friend what her lover did, when he did something additional and immediate.


Heidi was stammering her reply. “Gio, Gio stuck two fingers in me…when I told him you were playing…with… with your breasts and nipples. Then, then he began licking at my clit.” The Dominican’s breathing was arduous.

Maria’s eyes were enlarged and blinked several times at the pornographic explanation.

“What?” Heidi asked Gio.

“Ohhhhhh! He wants you to play with your pussy now while he eats mine!!”

The Italian lunged like a caged animal off the chair, dropping the cordless phone in the process. She was in heat now…white hot, sexually charged heat. In all the times she masturbated, she never felt like this. She surmised it was due to this call. She felt an arousal like never before. Her fingers flew to her belt buckle and in almost nanoseconds her belt was opened as were the jeans, which were heaved down her long, tapered legs in one swoop along with her damp panties. She anxiously stepped her bare feet out of the bundle, removed her t-shirt, picked up the phone and sat back down in the recliner, naked. She adjusted the chair so it leaned as far back as possible, and swung her ankles over the arm rests, splaying herself open like a centerfold. She put the phone back into the crux of her neck, and laid the palms of her hands onto the inside of her sexy thighs.

“Sorry about that. I dropped the phone to get out my jeans and t-shirt. I am totally nude with my legs wide open.”

“Rub your cunt, baby,” Heidi seductively commanded, “Rub it while Gio licks my clit.”

Maria lowered her right hand first onto her pubic mound, her palm sliding through the small amount of trimmed black pubic hair and downward to the hot, moist opening.

“Uhhhh,” the Italian exhaled.

“Does it feel good?” her girlfriend inquired in between her own panting.

“It sure does. It feels awesome!”, she cooed. “Ah. Oh! Tell me what Gio’s doing now.”

“Oooohhhhhh! He’s thumbed open my pussy lips and is lapping at my clit.”

Maria’s fingers began stroking her own cuntal petals. Up and down…down and up her digits slid along the pink, glossy lips, careful not to delve into the frothy crevice. At least not for now. Occasionally they moved circularly over escort gaziantep ilanları the ecstatic labia, and then returned to an up and down stroke. The hand and fingers, now covered in her dripping sauce, went upward toward her face. The Italian’s mouth encased around all the syrupy fingers except the thumb, slowly pulling them out. She then stuck the dewy thumb into her mouth and continued relishing in her feminine flavor.

While she licked off her own secretion, her other hand descended to the blazing, aching gash and administered the same type of treatment: finger tips and the bottom of fingers gliding along the drooling, heated sex lips in northerly, southerly and circular motions…continuing not to slip into the sweltering hole.

“Mmmmm,” purred Maria. She could smell her own heady, sex scent. It titillated her. She could also feel her nectar leak out, smearing her thighs and the recliner upholstery. She moved her rear deeper into the chair, and deeper into the oncoming wetness.

Heidi, lost in her own ecstasy, realized her friend was still on the phone pleasuring herself. “Oh, baby. I’m sorry. Gio is doing such a number on my cunt. I’m flooding the bed like Niagara Falls.”

“Me too, sweetheart. All over my recliner.”

“You’re playing with your pussy?!”

“Si, senorita. Playing with myself. Ahhhhh! Tasting myself!.” The Latina’s eyes widen when she heard a slow slurping sound. “Now,” Maria continued “I am fucking myself!” At which the Italian sent her left middle finger into her pulsing, sopping wet slit.

“Gio! Maria is fucking herself!” she joyfully announced.

Her young stud responded by tongue lashing her upturned clitoris. His tongue action was one of determination…and pure animal fever. He always loved eating out his mamma sita. She WAS a hot–smoking hot–MILF. But this: feasting on her cunt while her equally hot cougar friend is on the phone listening and masturbating, brought the young man to an unknown level of lustful excitement.

The divorced beauty’s middle finger had gotten into a steady rhythm, in and out…out and in, of her fiery, overflowing vagina. Her fingering was like a Texas oil rig on steroids. The more she fucked herself, the more she moaned. It seemed like it was a race between Maria’s groans and the squishy, sucking reverberation from between her spread legs.

“Ahhhhh! Oh! Ahhhh! Yesssss!”

“Oh that’s it, Gio. That’s it! Oh you’re so fucking good!

Each woman could hear the other’s delight. But each woman was lost in her own world.

Maria’s cunt was a swamp, drenched completely in the continuous release of her juices. It was also a swamp that was on fire…raw, primal fire. She hurriedly brought the creamy digit to her pouting mouth and sucked off her own ambrosia. Her other hand, in the meantime, instantaneously went to work rubbing the mons heatedly. Her hand and pussy needed each other. They wanted each other. Energized fingers hurriedly strummed the puffy labia. The middle finger slid into the sweltering, frothy opening and pistoned like there was no tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Heidi was being orally ravished by Gio. His lips still planted around her electrified snatch while he steadily fluttered his tongue against the excited clit. His entire face, and mouth had been covered in so much of the her sap, along with his throat which was happily treated to the descending liquid. The Dominican was now bouncing her generous hips up and down on her bed.

Maria’s wailing intensified. “I’m going to cum! Oh yes! I’m going to cum, Heidi.”

“Me too, sweetie. Ugghhhh!”

On one side of the telephone conversation, the finger fucked faster. On the other side, the tongue flayed insanely.

The Italian peaked first, by less than a minute. “Aaaahhhhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhh! Ohhh!”

Her friend then joined her with “Aaaayyyyyyy, papi! Ayee, Siiiii! Aaaayyyyyy!”

As the two cougars eventually returned from their respective orgasms, their individual breathing became regular. Each felt a magnificent after-glow. Maria spoke first.

“That was WONDERFUL!”

“Yes it was, wasn’t it?”

“Oh, thank you for calling, Heidi.”

“You’re welcome. But don’t thank me yet. Thank me after Saturday night. That’s going to be the night.”

“Really?” Maria squealed. “Gio found someone?”

“Ah-uh. Really nice guy. In his early 20s, handsome, and built like a Greek god.”

“Ohh. Sounds very nice.”

“Sleep well, my love,” Heidi hushed.

“You too. See you tomorrow at work.”


The two exchanged short kisses over the phone.


Saturday night Heidi picked up Maria and brought her back to her place. When the two entered the house, the immediate scent of French vanilla hit Maria. It was a light smelling incense, yet slightly pungent. She smiled at her friend who was locking the door.

“French vanilla? Mmm. How did you know I liked French vanilla?”

“You’re always drinking that flavored coffee at the office. I just put 2 and 2 together. Now go on in the living room.” The sound of the Italian’s 3 inch black pumps clicked along the wood hallway until she got onto the rug in the living room. She sat down on the sofa.

The sound of clicking in the hallway returned, from Heidi’s stilettos. She walked in after her friend.

“Do you want anything to drink?”

“No, I am good. I am good.” There was a touch of apprehension in her voice.