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The Prodigal Son Ch. 02

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The Homecoming:

The second day of my return home began with waking up in bed with the beautiful blonde I had been fucking all night. She was gorgeous in the light of the early morning sun peeking through the partly drawn curtains, with her hair spread over the pillow and her naked body stretched out displaying all her wondrous assets.

I carefully extricated myself from her recumbent form and struggled to reach the bathroom without disturbing her. I quickly ran the shower and luxuriated in the heat for about ten minutes before I washed myself all over and dried off ready for what lay ahead. I suppose the night of passion had been a form of denial about what I had to deal with. I walked back into the bedroom as Sally-Anne was rousing from sleep. I must admit I was sorely tempted to jump back into bed with her and continue on from where exhaustion had over taken us, somewhere around 04:00hrs but I resisted and instead found my discarded clothing and slowly dressed as she watched me through lustful eyes. “Are you sure you don’t want to fuck my pussy again?”

I leaned over the bed and kissed her slowly and ardently. “Sorry, I would love nothing better than to continue to satisfy this beautiful body of yours, but I need to get back to my hotel room and get ready for the rest of the day. I can’t keep putting it off.”

“Will we see each other again?” Her voice trembled as I stepped away.

“There are a lot of variables at the moment.” I grunted. “I could well be on my way later today if things don’t work out. But if I am made welcome at home I most certainly want to see you again.”

“Good luck then.” She moaned. “I don’t want to lose you now that I’m just getting properly acquainted with your big cock.”

I finished dressing, blew her a kiss and hurried down and out of the front door. The roads were empty and I was quickly back at the hotel, finding only a very sleepy Night Porter in Reception. I picked up my room key and strolled upstairs, feeling his eyes watching my back. I unlocked my door and simply collapsed on the bed and fell asleep.

I had arranged for a wake-up call at 08:00hrs, so when the harsh ring of the telephone penetrated the fog in my head I acknowledged the call from Reception and lay still for a few minutes, reliving the past hours in my mind, hardly able to believe my luck, but then what I had to do that day intruded into my brain and I realised that I couldn’t stay day dreaming any longer. Reluctantly I got to my feet and pulled off the clothes I’d fallen asleep in; I walked into the en-suite and ran another hot shower to clear my head and freshen myself up for what lay ahead.

Breakfast was the usual hotel repast and I opted for the Continental option with orange juice and a pot of coffee. Refreshed in mind and body by 09:00hrs I used my smartphone to find the location of the address that Tess had given me the previous afternoon; it appeared to be about six miles away on the eastern outskirts of the city, not far from the M4 motorway but well into the green belt. I picked up a complimentary copy of The Times and skimmed through the sections that interested me most before deciding that I had prevaricated long enough and should be on my way to face whatever would be waiting for me at my parents’ house.

The local rush hour was mostly over and I made good time following my GPS directions from my SatNav in the car. The road turned out to be a small cul-de-sac with no more than half a dozen large houses separated by large gardens and hedges that provided a degree of privacy for the occupiers of the houses. From a quick external view it looked as Mum and Dad had prospered over the eighteen years since my abrupt departure. I presumed that my Dad’s engineering firm had been doing good business. “Good luck to him,” I thought. I wasn’t jealous of his success, I knew him to be a hard working guy with strict rules that he couldn’t or didn’t forgive me breaking. Maybe time would have mellowed him somewhat!

Finally I had to get out of the car to find out what lay ahead of me. I walked along the drive to the front door and rang the bell. There was a pause, then a shout from somewhere upstairs. The door opened and I found myself facing a young woman dressed in a short black tight skirt, white blouse and an apron. I guessed from the outfit that she was the maid, “Must be doing well then.” I thought to myself as I let my gaze travel over her attractive figure.

“Is Mr or Mrs Robertson in please?”

“May I say who is calling, Sir?” She sounded from her accent as though she could be Spanish or Italian; she certainly had the Mediterranean skin colouring. She also blushed very prettily as she noted my gaze.

“I’m calling on a security matter.” I replied, not wanting to give my identity away before we were face to face and I could judge the level of my reception. The young woman disappeared down the hall and I could hear low voices from what I presumed was the kitchen area; followed by the reappearance of the maid and an older woman dressed in a red gaziantep bayan eskort sun dress and white heels. I immediately recognised my mother although she had changed somewhat, but as she got closer I could see the changes were for the better. She had a sense of maturity that hadn’t been there when I left. I estimated that she must be about 57 years old now, but she looked about 40; her hair was shoulder length and a darker shade of brown than I remembered and her figure looked more curvaceous than my memory recalled. She obviously didn’t recognise me; hardly surprising as I had become an adult since she had last set eyes on me and I had obviously changed and matured a lot physically.

“May I help you, although I should tell you that we already have a security system installed.” She looked puzzled as she gazed at me. She was trying to work out who I was; I could see that she knew me from somewhere but wasn’t sure where or when.

“Hi Mum.” I said softly, watching her reaction closely.

“D..D..David?” She staggered slightly and grabbed hold of the door frame to steady herself. “I…” She was gasping for breath and I thought a brief second that she was going to faint but instead the next thing I knew she had thrown herself in my arms and was sobbing against my chest. I stroked her hair and cradled her in my arms as she pressed herself against me weeping unashamedly until she finally gathered herself together and looked up at me.

“Is it really you, darling?” Her voice was soft and trembling as she held me close. “Have you come back to me? I didn’t recognise you; you’ve changed so much.” She put her hand up and touched my cheek, stroking it gently as if to reassure herself that I was real.

“Yes Mum, it really is me. Sorry it’s taken me so long.”I held her tightly round her waist, savouring the pleasure I got from just being near her again.

“Oh darling don’t worry about that. You’re here now, my boy’s come home.” She began to sob softly again and I could feel her whole body trembling

“Well, hardly a boy, Mum. I’ve done a lot of growing up since…” I stopped, unable to say what I wanted. “How’s Dad, will he be happy to see me? I don’t want to upset the happy home if he still hasn’t forgiven me, but I just wanted to see you all again.”

“Oh baby,” Mum teared up again, “I’m afraid your father died four years ago; he had a heart attack at work and they couldn’t save him.”

It was my turn to tremble as Mum gave me the unexpected news, my father had always seemed to be the picture of good health. “Oh Mum, I’m truly sorry.” I held her close again to comfort her. I could feel her generous curves hugging me and I felt my cock stiffening of its own volition. She breathed more quickly as she felt me grow and she shivered.

“God, you still get turned on by your family, even after all this time.” She whimpered. I immediately became worried that she was still upset by the situation of my leaving, but she giggled softly and rubbed her body against mine. “Forgiven but not forgotten,” she whispered. “Let’s go into the lounge and sit down; we’ve got so much to catch up with. I can’t wait to hear about what you’ve been doing all this time.”

She pulled me along the hall and into a spacious lounge that was almost twice the size of mine. “Come and sit with me.” She tugged me over to a large sofa and we sat close to each other, still in bodily contact. She turned her head towards the door and called “Sophia!”

The young girl who had answered the door appeared. “Si Senora?”

“Could you make us a pot of coffee please dear.” She smiled. “By the way this handsome hunk is my son David. He’s been missing for nearly eighteen years. Isn’t he lovely?”

“Mum, you’re embarrassing me and Sophia.” I stood up and shook her hand. “Hello Sophia, I’m delighted to meet you; and my friends call me “Robbie”.”

“Muchas gracias, Senor Robbie.” She smiled and blushed as she bobbed a slight curtsy and left for the kitchen.

“Since when have you been called “Robbie”?” She pulled me back onto the sofa and cuddled up to me.

“Oh it goes back to my time in the Marines. There were a couple of guys in my intake called David, so I got christened “Robbie” to stand out from the crowd.”

“I like it; it goes with your rugged features. I can’t believe how much you’ve changed; you’re so much more assured than when you left. It suits you; but I should’ve guessed you were military from your haircut.” She looked worried for a moment. “Are you still in the Marines?” She was almost purring with pleasure as she held me close; so close that when I looked down at her I could see straight down the front of her low cut dress to the swell of her large soft breasts. God, I could feel my cock stiffen and I realised that I was getting aroused by my own mother.

“No, I left the Service after twelve years; I decided I’d done enough so now I run my own Security and Protection Company.”

“Were you injured at all?” She sounded gaziantep eskort bayan anxious. “I take it you were sent to war zones?”

“Yeah, a couple of injuries, but nothing more than a few hospital visits.” I brushed her fears aside. “Considering I spent time in Afghanistan and fighting sea pirates I got off very lightly. My present profession is far more sedate.”

“Can you show me where you were wounded?” Mum was insatiable in catching up with all my past. She was definitely being all motherly in her concerns for my well-being.

“I’ll show you the ones that don’t compromise my private parts.” I laughed as I pulled my shirt up and over my head, dropping it onto the sofa beside us. I turned to face away from Mum so that she could see my back.

“Oh my God,” she put her hand over her mouth. “What are all those scars?”

“Result of being not careful enough.” I grinned. “Don’t worry; it looks far worse than it was.”

“How did it happen? It looks painful.” She suddenly leaned closer and kissed the scars and I could feel her lips trembling as she moved slowly over my back.

“No, not painful, I just don’t often go shirtless in public. It was an IED in Afghanistan; I was checking out a path and missed the damn thing, but luckily some of the device misfired so I got these instead of a body bag. I’ve still got some of the shrapnel in a box at home as a memento.” I felt wetness on my back and turned to find Mum crying. I put my hands either side of her face and lifted her head as I bent down and kissed her on the lips. She moaned in her throat as our lips met and it seemed that time stopped for both of us.

We were brought back to reality by a discreet cough from the door and we broke apart to find Sophia standing in the doorway with a tray and coffee cups and pot. “Thank you Sophia,” my mother wiped her eyes and pointed at the table to set the tray down. I could feel Sophia’s eyes watching me as I pulled my shirt back over my head and tucked it back into my slacks. She slowly turned and walked back to the kitchen, glancing back over her shoulder as she caught me watching her hips swaying in an erotic motion.

Mum had composed herself a little more as Sophia left and she managed to pour two cups of coffee without spilling a drop. “There you are darling,” she held my hand as she passed the cup over with her free hand.

We sat close together slowly drinking our beverage and trying to not reflect on the kiss and the feelings stirred in both of us. “That was unexpected darling.” Mum whispered, “Do you mind if we do it again; we have a lot of kisses to catch up on?”

“I was hoping you’d want to.” I cupped her chin and turned her face to me. We kissed again and this time the slow pressure of our lips turned into a frenzy of tongues as we let our lusts overcome the taboo relationship that had been missing for so long.

Mum broke away, her breathing heavy and fast, and she slid the top of her dress off her shoulders and let the material fall to her waist. She was bra-less, exposing the heavy tits that I had felt pressed against my chest. “Touch me, baby. Kiss mummy’s tits; they’ve been neglected for so long and need a lot of loving attention.” Her voice was shaking as she pleaded with me.

“I used to dream of this as a teenager.” I said just before I took her nipples in my mouth in turn, sucking each one tenderly until they were hard as bullets. She squashed my face into her soft flesh and held me there until I was gasping for air. “You were in my mind as I masturbated at night. I sometimes heard you and Dad fucking, it sounded so dirty and sexy, and I always wished it was me with you instead.”

“I’ve missed you so much darling; I wish I’d known you had all those dirty incestuous thoughts about me.” She moaned softly. “Mummy didn’t want you to leave.”

“Well Dad was about to erupt with rage; I thought it best. He said some pretty unpleasant things that made it clear I wasn’t welcome.” I protested.

“I know, but we did catch you and Elizabeth naked in bed fucking like rabbits. Your father felt you had broken the house rules and he didn’t want the two of you having an incestuous affair under his roof.”

“What about you? Did you agree with him at the time?”

“Actually I was more impressed with the size you were shoving into your sister’s cunt; it looked a lot bigger than your father’s. I got wet just looking at it and it was a pity you had to get dressed.” Mum’s eyes glinted with a hunger that was more than a mother’s love.

“Are you wet now?” I chuckled, catching my breath after my near bosom suffocation.

“Why don’t you slide your hand under my dress and find out. At the same time I can discover if your erection has grown with the rest of you.” She was giggling like a teenager now, creating a great disturbance in her magnificent mammaries that had my cock twitching. I did as she had suggested and placing my hand on her knee I slid it up under the hem of her crumpled eskort gaziantep bayan dress, revelling in the softness and smoothness of her skin, until I reached what felt like the silkiness of material between her thighs. She sighed with a deep contentment as she parted her thighs to allow my fingers access to her wet crotch. “Hmmmm,” she moaned, “that feels nice. It’s been so long since anyone played with me.”

“So I’ve got a repressed nymphomaniac to deal with as soon as I return home.” I chuckled as Mum’s hands unzipped my flies. I stood up to enable my slacks to drop to the floor round my ankles. My boxers followed immediately and my mother gasped as my prick sprang out from my groin at maximum length.

“You’ll be dealing with one very satisfied nymphomaniac in about an hour’s time once I’ve orgasmed on this lovely taboo hard flesh.” I sat down again as she put her hands round my shaft and slowly wanked my cock. I reciprocated and stroked her pussy between her parted thighs.

“It seems you didn’t share Dad’s view of incest.” I groaned as she used her fingers to squeeze my ball sac. “Should we take this upstairs, we don’t want Sophia finding us in flagrante delicto.”

“Sophia won’t mind, she often shares an intimate moment or two with me when I get horny.” I was pleasantly shocked at finding out more and more about my mother than I had ever suspected before I left, information that was causing my dick to need some action very soon before I had an orgasm from just thinking about it. “And I get horny – a lot,” She added as I slipped my fingers inside her panties and reached the source of her wetness, “Especially when my pussy is played with.” She lifted her butt up off the couch and I managed to get her crunched up dress and silk underwear over her hips to free up my access to her hungry cunt. A quick insertion of two fingers had her screaming with desire, arching her body to get as much of my digits inside her she could manage.

“So mummy wants her son to fuck her brains out then?” I whispered wickedly in her ear as she frantically stroked my dick. “She wants what her daughter had all those years ago?”

“Ohhhh baby, mummy wants you to fuck her so hard. Make me your slut and cum in my pussy. I’ve been so long without a cock.”

I waited no longer. I pulled my fingers out of her drenched pussy and fed them into her mouth so that she could suck them clean as I moved between her spread thighs and planted my cock head in her wet hot cunt. “All the way, darling, mummy wants all of you inside her.” We were too aroused to wait any longer; our lust was overwhelming us both.

“Oh god Mum,” I hissed, “I’ve always wanted to find out how it felt to fuck you. You feel fantastic; I’m not going to last very long.” I thrust the whole length into her hot wet pussy and launched a full blooded assault on her body, my cock aching to pump her full of my semen and fill her with the product of lust. She responded by digging her nails into my back as I plunged into her, her cunt clutching my prick and letting our bodies express our incestuous hunger for each other. True to my word I felt my spunk surging up from my balls and blasting out of my cock into my mother’s clenching sex tunnel. The explosion of semen was deep in Mum’s body and I kept pumping load after load until I was completely spent.

Mum was crying, her rolling orgasm matching each of my sprays of thick cum, until I whispered “God, that was awesome; I’ve never cum so hard.” She wrapped tightly me with her arms and legs and sobbed into my neck as her convulsions subsided and we lay gasping for breath from our hot-blooded sex.

“Welcome home, baby.” Mum giggled. “Now I know what I’ve missed over all those years.”

“Is that a welcome into your house or into you?” I smiled.

“Oh you are definitely welcome in me any time you want, as long as you give me repeat performance of what we’ve just experienced. You blew my mind with the way you fucked me, it was so fierce and powerful. I love it.” Mum relaxed her grip and lay beneath me with her legs spread wide and my semi erect cock still firmly buried deep in her juicy pussy. “I wish we’d found out how much we could love and enjoy each other before your dad kicked you out; we’ve lost all that time we could have had making love with each other.” She was sobbing softly.

“We’d have had to cope with dad being around though.” I said thoughtfully. “And Beth” I added nervously, wondering how Mum would react.

“Your father wouldn’t have been too much of a problem, he was always too engrossed in his business; I only got fucked on the rare occasion that he felt randy, so there would have been plenty of occasions where we could have fucked each other. As for Beth, I don’t know how that would have worked out; she wouldn’t speak to your father for nearly two years after you left.”

It was then that I decided to address the elephant in the room. “How is Beth?” I asked slowly, aware that I could be on thin ice; it was probably the wrong thing to ask when I’d just fucked our mother, but I couldn’t wait any longer.

“You’ll be able to ask her yourself, darling.” Mum’s eyes were gazing up at me with a look that was enigmatic to say the least. “She still lives with me and should be home after four o’clock.” A look of fear mixed with hunger had replaced her first expression. “I hope that she won’t hate me too much for letting you fuck me.”