Ekim 11, 2021

The Reluctant Mistress Guide

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The Reluctant Mistress Guide

Tips for getting what you (and your partner) want

Be confident – There’s nothing more sexy than a woman who knows what she wants. Erase your insecurities. Revel in your sexuality. Make sure he knows that you’re in love with who you are.

Tell him what you want – Your most powerful tool is your mouth. Tell him what you want him to do to please you – and do it daily. Don’t wait until you’re in the bedroom. Whisper it in his ear as he leaves home. Tuck a note in his pants pocket. Call him at work. Send him an e-mail or a text message.

Use nudity as a tool — Keep your man naked as much as possible. It heightens his sexuality and keeps him exposed. Get rid of bathrobes and pajamas. Insist that he remain naked as he get ready for work. Forbid him from wearing anything – boxers or briefs – to bed. When it comes to your body, tell him he needs your permission to see you completely naked.

Keep him smooth – Require your man to shave his cock and balls daily. If you like his behind, make him shave that, too. And make sure you inspect his work. Hairlessness makes him more vulnerable. It’s also better for those occasional blowjobs.

Touch, but don’t let him touch – Outside the bedroom, follow a hands-on, hands-off policy. Touch him frequently – a pat on the behind, a face-to-face grope of his package, a playful twist of his nipples. When he tries to reciprocate, give him the evil eye and require him to ask permission.

Ladies first – Train your man to be a gentleman. Insist that your pleasure always comes first. And if he breaks the rule, make sure there are consequences.

Make him watch – Men love to see women touching themselves. So make it a regular part of your foreplay.

Hands off – Make sure he knows that touching himself without your permission is forbidden. When he asks nicely, reward him.

Get his tongue to work – It’s all about your pleasure. So train him to be an undercover artist. Many women prefer to lie on their back with their man’s head buried in their sex. Others like to take a licking while standing – either from the front or behind. And of course, there’s the ultimate – straddling his face. Try them all.

With this ring – Cock rings (rubber, metal or leather) are a powerful tool. They are symbols of love and lust. And they can make big things happen. Some women require their mates to wear them at all times. Other slide them on before lovemaking to make him rock hard. Add a leash and you’ve got an obedient pet for the night.

Keeping him in line – When your man misbehaves – and he will – make sure to remind him who is in charge. Here are a few tied, er, tried and true methods:

o Grab him by the balls – They’re not as delicate as he would have you believe. A firm grasp and a jerk won’t hurt him badly, but it will get his attention.
o Slap his cock – Use your hand or a ruler to swat the head of his cock. It’s a guaranteed attention-getter.
o Twist or pinch his nipples – Most men have sensitive nipples. A firm twist or a pinch will have him sitting up straight.
o Bind his hands – Tie or cuff his hands behind his back.
o Put him on a short leash – Attach a leash to his cock ring. Or buy a collar to rein him in.
o Stop the action – Give him a short time out. Tell him you won’t resume play until he’s flaccid.

Make him confess – Knowledge is power. So get inside his head when it comes to sex. As you stroke his cock, make him tell you what turns him on. Demand details and descriptions. You may soon find your other hand between your legs. And when your session is over, use the new information to taunt and excite him for the next time.

In the end – The area between the scrotum and the anus can be a pleasure playground. Some men don’t like you to go there, but others will beg for it. Start out slow and watch for his reaction. Fingernails are especially nice touches. If you’re game, slip a finger in this ass. It’s guaranteed to get his attention.

Getting into the act – Role play is a fun way to explore new bounds to your relationship. And the possibilities are unlimited – teacher/student, prison matron/inmate, Cleopatra/slave, policewoman/burglar, etc.

Getting busy – All this foreplay will usually lead to sex. Remind him of the rules, ladies first. (See consequences below) And then chose the position that you like best. You don’t have to be “on top,” to be on top of the action. Tell him how you want it, slow or fast, soft or hard.

Consequences – When you mate loses control before you’re ready, there must be consequences. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

o Sentence him to a week without orgasm
o Require him to masturbate in your presence on the morning of your next date
o Spank his bare behind
o Make his lick up his mess

Sign of the times – Dominating your mate can be a way of life or an occasional treat (for you and him). The choice is yours. Whatever you decide, you can keep him on his toes with prearranged signals that tonight is the night. Invent a code word or phrase – for example, “Ms. Smith is coming over tonight.” Lay out a pair of red boxers or briefs. Send him suggestive e-mails or text messages during the day. Slip a note in his lunchbox with pre-event requirements – for example, “Don’t come home with your undies on if you know what’s good for you.”

Above all, do what you like. After all, you are in charge.