Haziran 15, 2023

The Reunion – Part 2

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The Reunion – Part 2The Reunion…. Chapter 2 …with her ample soft curves firmly pinned under her warm lover she leaned up. Her mouth was desperate to entangle with his as his head lifted from her exposed breasts…. She sat up on the bed. His naked body stood before her – in no way spent from the previous time in the hallway. As she leant forward, she felt the corset strain and give way, it popped open at the back, falling forwards off her already exposed and heaving 38gg chest. forcefully he pulled it upwards infront of her, casting it away towards the wall. With one swift motion, he pushed her back on the bed, as she bounced back off the mattress her hung chest shook, her nipples hardened again.As she raised her knees, she found herself begging… pleading. She begged to be fucked, longed to feel his thick curved cock inside the folds of her soaking wetness again. He resisted. She slid her hand over her body – exposed save for the rolled up mini skirt over her wide hips. He started to wank, his hand wrapped around his throbbing meat as she slid her manicured nails over her aching pussy lips. Fixing him with a gaze, she began to circle her hardened clit, sending gaziantep escort her muscles into pulse and spreading her lips, desperately inviting him to fill her. Suddenly, she found him kneeling at the edge of the bed, he hooked his hands behind her legs and pulled her to the edge. She didn’t stop. As her long expert fingers danced over her oozing pussy, his stiff and electric tongue danced over her pussy lips. She threw her head back, spreading her soft moist thighs as wide as she could. Her right hand continued to part her lips for him as he darted inside of her and along her labia, making her squirm. Her left hand came down, stroking along his shaved head and pushing the back of his neck. She pushed it towards her, smothering his eager face and tongue with her cascade of pussy juice. A mess he had created. She felt both large warm hands under her ass, raising her woman hood up to his mouth. His tongue was crazy. On the one hand it was random, frantic, before stopping and sliding slowly and erotically over her clitty between her fingers. She couldn’t stop herself, her nipples ached, her pussy throbbed, her hand on the back of his head gripped tight.She pulled his hair, he gasps and looked up. In one single phrase – “Fuck me, you dirty bastard” she felt her desire escalate, desperate to show him she would still be his whore. He knelt on the bed, his swollen cockhead brushed her outer lips, coating it in her juices. Before he had time to settle, she brought her thighs up either side of him, crossed her legs against his lower back and pulled him into her in one swift and exquisite move. Her eyes bulged. Time seemed to stand still as his swollen cock pushed her apart, filled her, grazed every last milliliter of her pussy as it slid along inside her. She took him so deep, straining to pull him inside her. She basked in that feeling for a moment, relaxing her grip she flopped her hands on the bed, above her head. Totally exposing her heaving chest and aching nipples, he towered over her. She totally submitted, as her legs and arms fell away, his hips lost control. He began fucking her, keeping deep inside her, feeling his cock pushing against her, his pelvic bone slamming against her exposed clit between them. She lifted her legs up, she had longed for this since they had split up so long ago. She wanted him to have her – she wanted to show the burning desire to be his fuck toy had not been extinguished by anyone else. He looked down on her, biting her neck and ear as he pounded her sex over and over, his huge balls slapping off her as he rammed her pussy. She could feel him twitch, just like in her mouth minutes before. She wanted to hold on, but she couldn’t…. as he slammed into her repeatedly like a rag doll, her tits bouncing heavily between them – her toes curled. She could feel her neck plunging into deep red as her body lit up. She closed her eyes, and letting out one deep gasp from the bowls of her consciousness, she came. Wave after wave of intense spasm erupted as she gushed from her pussy enveloping his cock. She squeezed, she held, she gripped his shoulders as she came with immense force. The chain reaction was inevitable. With one final thrust into her tightened pussy, he came. A gush of warm spunk hit every part of her pussy, it mixed with her own spasm, warm for an instant, full for a moment and set of a further wave of pleasure within her as it penetrated deep inside her. He collapsed, warm, shaking, oozing, as their sex slipped around and her pussy became filled, satisfied…. If only for a short time…………