Mayıs 14, 2023

The rose

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Our 25 th wedding anniversary was couple of months away and Lori had planned out a week long vacation for both of us.   I had been asking Lori to let me replace her diamond ring with a new one and Lori would never let me.   I called my younger brother who owns a jewelry store and asked him to make a new diamond ring that looked more or less the same but had slightly bigger and better quality diamonds.   Lori normally took her ring off when she went for her shower everyday and my plan was to switch her old ring with the new prior to our anniversary day.   I told Lori, “For our anniversary, I am going to get you a gift and you will not even know about it.”   “Steve, I know I am not getting anything…is that your plan?”   “Well…that is for me to know and for you to find out”   Lori paused for a minute and said, “Hmmm…that means I will have to be just as creative and surprise you.”   That night Jenna my eldest sister called since her daughter Dana had gotten into lot of trouble.   Dana was divorced twice and she was only 28.   Jenna wanted to see if I could give her a job for a month.   I have been a life insurance agent for many years and it so happened that my assistant had quit couple of months back and it had been hard for me to find a replacement.     I told Jenna, “You need to talk to Lori and see if she would be agreeable.”   It also meant that Dana would have to find a place to stay or worse yet stay with us.   I knew Lori would kill me if I even suggested esat escort bayan that.   I let Lori and Jenna figure out the details so that I was not caught in the middle.   After the call Lori said to me, “Oh my god…I really feel bad for Dana…she is in lot of trouble…I should speak with Jack to see if he can help.”   Lori worked in a law firm and Jack was one of the attorneys.   Dana and her second husband had accumulated lot of debt and her husband had used Dana’s name for some illegal money transactions.   Now, Dana had some criminal charges to deal with.   A month later, Dana started staying with us and quite surprisingly Lori was fine with it.   The first two weeks Dana did not come to work much as she spent most of her time with Lori to deal with her legal issues.   Then finally, at the end of the third week Jack was able to get all the issues completely resolved and from then on I saw a big difference in Dana’s demeanor.   Dana started paying attention to her work, she paid more attention to her looks, she would smile, laugh and talk a lot to me both when she rode with me in the car and at work.     Our anniversary vacation was a week away and it was Sunday night when I called Jenna to tell her that Dana had to go back to stay with her when we left for our vacation.     Next day, I noticed Dana was wearing a fairly short skirt and a sleeve less top.   I did not want to comment anything since Lori did not say anything either. Escort etimesgut   My office is basically one large room with the entrance in one corner, diagonally across is my desk in one corner, Dana’s desk in the third corner and a restroom in the forth corner.   That morning when we got to work, I called Dana and said, “I need to tell you several things that you need to take care of today while I am gone to meet some of my clients.”   Dana swiveled her chair around and sat facing me as I started going over the list and was making sure Dana wrote everything down carefully.   Just then the phone rang and it was one of my clients that I was supposed to meet that day.   As I was talking to my client I noticed Dana had her legs apart with one leg on top of a box that was on the floor next to her.   I was getting a clear view of her pussy as she was not wearing any panties.   Dana was looking down doodling on her note pad and did not see me staring at her pussy.   Dana had a curvy body and she always attracted attention since she carried herself quite well.   I finally left the office and for the rest of the day kept thinking about Dana’s pussy.   I returned to the office in the evening to pick up Dana to go home.   She started going over the list to tell me what she had done.   I was looking at some papers that she handed me and Dana came and stood so close to me where my elbow was touching her breasts.   I casually pushed my elbow against her breast etlik escort and Dana did not move or show any reaction.     The next day was somewhat disappointing since Dana wore shorts and a T-shirt.   Again, all day she tried to get close to me and make physical contact.   The day after that, Dana wore a short jean skirt and I was hoping she was not wearing any panties.   During the day Dana would swivel her chair around to talk to me and I could see her pussy much better since her skirt was much shorter.   Several times, I even went to her desk and pulled up a chair and sat close to her to talk.    I would casually put my hand on her thighs and rubbed it up and down.   Dana acted quite normal.   The next day my wife called Dana at work and they decided to first meet for lunch, do some shopping and then go to the spa.   Lori came to pick Dana up at noon and then dropped her off at 3pm .   I returned to the office back at 4pm and it was raining really hard.   When I walked in none of the lights were on and since we had lots of windows we had enough light in the office to see around.   Dana said, “I have been sitting in the dark for almost 20 minutes…the power went off.”   We sat for few minutes and then I asked Dana, “So did you end up spending all the money that you had earned over the past few weeks?”   Dana laughed, “Oh no Steve…the most expensive thing I bought was a cami set.” I did not understand what she meant, “So what is a Cami set?”   Dana pulled it out of her bag and said, “This is a Camisole set.”   Before I could even react, she got from her chair and said, “Well…we are not doing much right now so let me wear this and you can tell me what you think.”   Before I could respond, Dana headed to the restroom to change with her bag.