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The Secret Room

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There were two couches, a divan, and a big stuffed recliner, with plenty of pillows scattered about. A television and VCR were in a corner, on top of a cabinet filled with videotapes, magazines, and toys. The walls were bare and windowless; the room was in a remote area of the basement, well hidden in the large house. Only members of the family knew it was there.

Laura was sitting on one of the couches. She had only known about the room for a couple of weeks – since she had turned eighteen, as matter of fact. She was surprised to see it when her parents revealed it to her; strangely, she wasn’t surprised when she learned the purpose of the room.

Laura was waiting for somebody to show up. She didn’t think anybody was home at the moment, but it was only a matter of time. Her father would be getting off work soon. One of her brothers might drift into the house. Her mother and sister could be back any minute. Somebody was going to be coming home, and they would eventually be coming to the room, where Laura was waiting.

She was wearing a robe. Underneath she was only wearing panties, red silk panties that glowed against her skin. She lounged back on the couch, her arms stretched across some pillows, her legs crossed at the ankles. She thought about putting a tape into the VCR. She thought about getting a glass of wine. She thought about slipping her fingers into her panties. Instead she closed her eyes and waited.

Somehow Laura had known. She had never witnessed anything while she was growing up, her childhood had been perfectly ordinary and her family had seemed normal, yet she had known that something was different with them, something that set them apart. Something secret. Something strange.

Five years ago, Ben, her oldest brother, had turned eighteen. Her sister Holly had turned eighteen a year later. Two years after that, her brother Will. Something had happened to each of them on their eighteenth birthday, although Laura, at the time, was barely aware of it, and she couldn’t have guessed what it was.

Then it was her turn.

On her birthday, without any special ceremony or fuss, her parents showed her the room. They told her all about it. They told her about the things that the family had been doing. Things they shouldn’t be doing. Crazy things. Shocking things.

But somehow Laura wasn’t shocked at all.

After her parents had explained everything, they asked her if she wanted to join the rest of the family.

Laura said yes without even thinking about it.

She wasn’t sure why she didn’t think about it.

What was she doing? What was her family doing? Laura had gone to the room every night since she had learned of it. She had done things she’d never dreamed of doing. Why didn’t it bother her? Why did it feel natural? Why did it feel so good?

What was she doing?

She was waiting for her father and her mother and her brothers and her sister. She was waiting for her family. She was waiting to have sex – the most incredible sex she had ever experienced.

The door opened and Ben stuck his head into the room. He saw Laura, smiled briefly, then walked in, flopping onto the couch across from her.

They sat quietly for some time, looking at each other, neither of them moving. He was wearing a light jacket, jeans, boots – not the usual attire for the room. Ben had moved out of the house a year ago but he still showed up regularly, spending plenty of time with his family. Laura thought that he was quite handsome; he was tall, broad-shouldered, with a sly look to his face, a subtle intelligence showing in his eyes. He joked a lot, and he could be sarcastic sometimes, but he was really very gentle.

Ben watched her. She knew she was beautiful, like her mother and sister; she shared with them high cheekbones, a graceful neck, a slim but curvaceous figure. She fluttered her eyelashes at him. He smirked, and his eyes trailed down her body, following her long legs peeking out from under her robe. Laura started to feel kind of warm; she remembered the last time she had seen her brother Ben.

He cleared his throat. “I just dropped by to pick up some stuff,” he said. “I didn’t know if anybody was here.”

Laura said, “I guess I’m the only one home.”

He studied her face for a few moments. “You seem sad,” he finally said.

Was she sad? She thought of the questions she had been thinking about earlier; not sad, just thoughtful. And she realized that she hadn’t really talked to Ben since her birthday, since all the changes in her life, and she knew that if anybody had the answers it would be her oldest brother.

“Ben,” she said, “what are we doing?”

He slowly nodded. “I knew you would ask me that. Will and Holly never asked, but I knew you would have some questions.”

He crossed the room and sat with Laura. She turned to him, curling her legs underneath her. Ben draped his arm along the back of the couch, his fingers lightly touching her hair.

“You’re not having second thoughts, are you?” he asked.

“No, that’s not it at all,” she said. “Actually – why am I not having second thoughts?”

“None of us did,” Ben said. He was silent for a while, tapping his finger gaziantep escort bayan against his lips. “When I turned eighteen,” he began, “Mom seduced me.” He chuckled. “And I knew what she was doing. I mean, it was pretty obvious. She was so gorgeous, so sexy. Still is. She flirted with me, and seduced me, and we ended up having sex – and all I felt was desire. I had no guilt, no qualms. It was pure desire. She was so incredible in bed. And anywhere else we did it. I just wanted to do it with her as often as I could. I couldn’t get enough.”

“Where was Dad during this?” Laura said. She hadn’t heard this story before; all she knew was what her parents had told her, and they hadn’t given her many details.

“I thought Dad was clueless, but he knew all along,” Ben said. “It was their plan – I figured that out later. Mom eventually told me that Dad knew, and she suggested that the three of us should be doing this together. So we started doing threesomes. It was unbelievable. I would be at one end of Mom, Dad would be at the other. Or Dad would watch while I was with Mom.”

“And this was going on where, in Mom and Dad’s bedroom?” Laura asked, trying to remember what it was like back then.

“Mostly. Remember that you and Holly and Will were away at school most of the time. And we were incredibly careful that none of you kids saw us. Well, I shouldn’t say kids, Holly was seventeen, and I could see the way Dad was looking at her. You know, I’ve always thought it was funny – they were so intent on waiting until we turned eighteen. They were worried about the legal age of consent?”

“That is funny,” she said. “Why would that matter?”

Ben shrugged. “I was looking at Holly in a certain way too. But they waited until she was eighteen. On her birthday, Dad brought her into the bedroom while Mom and I were having sex. He whispered something in her ear and her clothes hit the floor. That girl is wild, you know that. She was so excited. And Dad couldn’t have been happier. Those were some amazing days. Dad and Holly. Me and Holly. Mom and Holly. And all the combinations you can imagine.”

Laura would have been fourteen back then. Had she noticed anything? Had she picked up a vibe? Maybe she had; she couldn’t have guessed that things like that were going on, but she had known something was happening.

“Will was easier than Holly,” Ben went on. “I swear he knew about it before he was eighteen, but he said he didn’t. But he must have known something. He came on like a bull, humping Mom and Holly whenever he got a chance. Hell, I thought he was going to plug me if I turned my back on him.”

Laura laughed; she could imagine Will doing that. He was unstoppable sometimes.

“So you see, none of us had any second thoughts – we were one big happy family. Although, since there were five of us, it was getting crowded in the bedroom, so Dad and I got the idea of building this room in the basement. This room,” he said, and they both looked around. “So many things have happened here. So many unbelievable nights.” He touched her shoulder. “It was tough, sometimes, keeping it a secret from you. We were all waiting for you to turn eighteen. Our hot baby sister. Then we would be complete. And we all knew you would want to join in.”

“When Mom and Dad told me about it,” she said, thinking back, “I knew I should have been surprised, or disgusted, but I wasn’t. I just got more and more excited.”

He leaned toward her, dropping his voice. “We’re different, our family. You could even say there’s something wrong with us, but look at us – we’re not like the freaks who show up on Jerry Springer. We’re healthy, we’re sane. We’re above average in almost every way.”

He moved closer to her, his arm reaching around her waist. “Take Mom – have you ever seen a more beautiful woman? Except for you, of course,” he said, tracing a finger along her cheek. “And doesn’t Holly have an incredible body? Although you have quite a body yourself, and so does Mom. I don’t think you will ever find a mother and two daughters who are so perfect.”

It was true, she had to admit; everyone in their family looked great. “And Dad, and you and Will, you guys are perfect too,” Laura said.

“That’s my point – we are prime physical specimens. But it’s not only our looks – it’s our appetites. Our sexual abilities. Could a normal person keep up with us? Do you remember last Saturday? How many people could have lasted all day like that?”

Laura shivered; she remembered. “But you make it sound like we’re superhuman.”

“We are. Our parents are. They might very well be unique in the world, and against unbelievable odds they found each other, got married. Had kids. And for whatever reason, whatever trick of genetics, we’re all more than human. We are like sexual gods. Don’t laugh!” But she couldn’t help it; he was talking crazy. Looking slightly annoyed, he grabbed her and started tickling, which made her squirm and laugh harder, and he laughed with her. When her giggles died down Ben was on top of her, his body pressing comfortably against her.

“But we are like gods,” he said in her ear. “The incest taboo escort gaziantep bayan means nothing to us. We’ve broken through, and found something extraordinary. Something fantastic. Tell me – when you have sex with Dad, what do you feel?” His hand was inside her robe. “I’ve watched you, you love it when he fucks you, don’t you? Or when Will sticks his huge dick in you, you can’t get enough, can you?” His hand was inside her panties. “Or when Mom and Holly nibble away at you, you’re in heaven, aren’t you? Hmm?” His finger was inside her, sliding into her wetness. “And me? When I make love to you, what do you feel? What’s it like when we have sex?”

“I come harder than I’ve ever come in my life,” she said, her cheeks hot.

“We’ve stumbled onto something dark and powerful here,” he whispered. “You’ll never find something like this outside the family. That’s why we do this. That’s why you want to do this. We were born to do this.”

Suddenly the door opened and their father walked in. He saw them on the couch and said, “Ben, I didn’t expect to see you here tonight.”

Ben looked up and said, “I only stopped by for a minute. I’m afraid I have to work tonight.” He dropped his voice and said to Laura, “Sorry, I really have to go. I’ll be back later, okay?”

“I’ll wait for you,” she said. Her whole body was burning.

“That’s too bad,” their father was saying. “We don’t see you enough around here.”

“I know,” Ben said, reluctantly pulling away from Laura and getting off the couch. “I’ve been busy.”

“Well, don’t work too hard.”

“I won’t,” Ben said, and with an apologetic look at Laura, he left.

Her dad had taken off his shirt and tie and was working on his pants. “Have you been waiting long?” he asked her.

Laura was lying in the position her brother had left her, her mind buzzing with what he had said. “Not long.”

Her dad was naked; he was smoothly handsome, a former athlete and still in great shape. His dick bobbed as he walked toward her. She quickly shrugged off her robe. Sitting down beside her, he ran his hands along the length of her body, his fingers sliding over her breasts, stomach, hips; she closed her eyes and trembled. He hooked his fingers under her panties and peeled them off.

“It looks like Ben got you worked up,” he said, noticing how wet she was.

“Fuck me now, Dad. Please.”

His body looming over her. Her legs wrapping around him. With a soft murmur he slid his dick into her pussy, and she grabbed his shoulders, holding him close. He quickly thrust with long, hard strokes, rocking her body, and she moaned as every nerve came alive. Gradually he stepped down the pace, a look of concentration on his face, his body pumping over her, his dick plunging into her, until he found the perfect rhythm, and she knew he could go on forever, sliding in and out, his wonderful cock, filling her up, and she suddenly came, screaming, her hips bumping his, her back arching, and he never slowed down, kept thrusting into her, groaning as she melted beneath him, her amazing father, loving her, fucking her, giving her exactly what she needed.

Her mind in a pleasant haze, she settled down for a long fuck. His strong arms on either side of her, her legs around his pumping waist – they fit together perfectly. She put her hands behind his neck, meeting his eyes. The smiles of a father and daughter; the smiles of lovers. He slowed down, paused, dipped his head and kissed her, his tongue swirling against hers, then slowly, achingly, he slid his dick back into her, and she whimpered, impaled by his shaft, his hardness sliding into her wetness, and he began thrusting again.

She lost track of the time. Energy was building up inside her, vibrating through both of them, generated by the continuous strokes of her father’s dick. She didn’t want it to end. It had to end. His face red, he sped up. She grabbed him, bracing herself. His hips pumped harder. She was shaking apart. His dick was a blur. Her pussy was overflowing. He was bucking, straining. She was shattering. He roared. She screamed. Their bodies fused. His come flooded her. They shook together, gasping, panting, wrapping their arms around each other, and Laura felt every inch of her father’s body against her, inside her; she held him, trying to breathe again, trying to see again, held him until it was safe to come back down, her mind slipping back into her body, the world slipping back into its orbit.

It was like that every time – the intensity, the craziness, the blinding white-hot orgasms, from the night of her eighteenth birthday and every night since. Why was it so damn good? Maybe Ben was right – she was born to do this. But she didn’t want to question it, she didn’t want to think about it; she just wanted to do it. She wanted to feel this way for the rest of her life.

With a groan her dad heaved himself off her, his softening dick slipping out of her, their drenched bodies peeling apart. That was when Laura noticed they weren’t alone; her mom, Holly, and Will were on the couch across the room.

They were naked. Holly was lying on the couch. Will was standing by her head, gaziantep bayan escort his dick in her mouth. Their mother was kneeling between Holly’s legs, licking her pussy. They looked like they had been there for some time.

Laura turned slightly so she could watch them. They were all so beautiful. Will, with his thick chest and big arms, his long hair nearly covering his face. Holly, with her truly amazing figure, her breasts wiggling hypnotically as she squirmed on the couch. And their mother, with her ageless body, her delicate face, her sensuous mouth, always willing to please each of her children.

Laura had to join them; she could barely move, she had just got her breath back, but she couldn’t think of anything she wanted to do more. She turned and looked at her dad; he was looking at her, which surprised her, and he nodded and gestured, telling her she could go, as if reading her mind. She struggled off the couch, her body feeling heavy, her legs like rubber. As she walked the air swirled around her, drying the sweat off her body, cooling the wetness between her legs. With each step she become more and more excited, her heart beating faster and faster, until she was standing by the couch, looking at her family, desire racing through her, and she wanted to jump right in, but she didn’t know where to start.

She went to her brother. Brushing his hair out of his face, she kissed him, her tongue going deep. She leaned against him, loving how solid he felt, her hands tracing the lines of his muscles. She moved her lips down his body, kissing his chest, tasting his sweat, his scent filling her nose. She went down further, kneeling by the couch, moving closer to Holly’s face, joining her as she worked on their brother’s dick. They both put their mouths on his shaft, their tongues wrapping around and touching, and Will groaned loudly; Laura nearly laughed, her tongue darting and lapping, sliding along his dick, tasting Holly’s lips. She met Holly’s eyes; her sister was nearly laughing too.

Laura kissed her sister’s neck, nuzzling her, feeling the soft skin under her lips. She moved down to her sister’s breasts, burying her face between them, her hands feeling small as she tried to hold them. She teased Holly’s nipples, squeezing them between her thumb and finger, ringing them with her tongue, feeling the tender flesh rise and harden. Climbing halfway onto the couch, she carefully pressed her own breasts against Holly’s, first one then the other, their nipples touching with an almost electric spark. She felt so comfortable with her sister’s body beneath her, feeling her warmth, sensing the ripples of pleasure surging through her.

She slid down to her mother. Lifting Holly’s leg and ducking under it, she joined her mom, their tongues touching as they dove into Holly’s pussy. Laura was amazed, as always, by the taste – her sister tasted so good, so much like herself. But it was a little crowded between her sister’s legs, so after giving her mother a quick kiss she moved down her mother’s body, running her hands along her back, then getting underneath her, her breasts dangling into Laura’s mouth. She sucked them for a while, feeling slightly cow-like; wondering what she looked like, she peeked over at her father, who had his dick in his hand and was enjoying the show.

Laura moved back behind her mother, running her hands over her ass. Her mom opened her legs wider and Laura slipped two fingers into her mom’s pussy. As she slowly moved her fingers in and out, as she felt her mother’s pussy getting wetter, she looked over her mother’s back, watching everything that was happening. Everybody was having such a good time. She felt so much love for her family; they were doing something extraordinary, something unbelievable, yet it was so simple – they were making each other happy. Shouldn’t every family be like that?

Suddenly, at some silent signal, everybody changed positions. Her father got up from the other side of the room. Will took his dick out of his sister’s mouth, and as Holly swung around on the couch her father eased himself between her legs. Laura stood up as Will came around and kneeled behind their mother. Laura ended up sitting on the couch between her mother and sister, her fingers in her pussy, but she didn’t feel left out; they all reached out to her as they began, each of them touching her as they started fucking. Her father put a hand on her shoulder. Her sister wrapped an arm around Laura’s leg. Her mother rested her head against her other leg. Her brother grabbed one of her breasts. She was in the middle of a pulsing, grinding mass, and she was getting hotter by the second. Her father was fucking Holly with a renewed vigor, his motion rocking Laura’s body. Her mother moaned loudly as Will pumped his huge dick inside her, her breath tickling Laura’s skin. Laura looked at each of them in turn, her eyes wide; she could feel what each of them felt, the sexual energy was flowing straight into her. It went on and on, and she came over and over, reeling, delirious; she didn’t even have to touch her pussy, the pleasure was coming from every point of her body. They were fucking each other beyond human endurance, beyond sanity, driving each other to the brink in a long marathon of sex, and just when she thought it wouldn’t stop, just when she thought her mind would break, everyone was yelling, screaming, shaking, they all came together, a long, glorious orgasm, and Laura shuddered with the rest of her family, their bodies linked, their limbs intertwined, the air steaming from the heat, the earth rumbling beneath them.