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The Sneaky Brat

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“Oh, fuck me, I swear that asshole is gonna be the death of me,” I whined, walking into my bedroom. “At least I can take a dip in the pool,” I said, undressing.I got naked and fished out my bikini.”I can’t wait; I’ll have the pool to myself,” I said, slipping into the bottom.I put on the top as well and then made my way out towards the back door. I felt relieved that I’d finally get to relax in my pool.Although, I opened the back door, but twitched. “Oh, you sneaky brat, Darcie. Are you fucking kidding me? You’re having sex back there in my pool again?”My skin cringed, and I wiped my forehead for a moment, too, covering the indecency.Then I peeked back out there. “Well, this isn’t gonna work; how can I relax in the pool with them there? Darcie, just because you live next door and you’re Chloe’s best friend doesn’t mean you may use our pool as your own personal sex place. And you’re naked too, you skank. I can’t see your boobs, but that’s clearly your bikini by right there; that guy’s swim trunks too. You stupid…”I was mad, but I couldn’t look away from them for some reason. I saw the guy’s left side as he had his body angled back with his feet in the pool.”Well, you know how to take a dick; I’ll give you that, Darcie, but that still doesn’t excuse you from pulling this shit. What the fuck is with this guy, though? He’s not rubbing your head and not giving you constant eye contact either; what’s with that? I’m not gonna get my answer, but you’re a focused dicksucker. You don’t seem worried you might get caught, but of course, your guy isn’t watching for anyone. I’m right here like seventeen feet away looking through my storm door, and I even want to let my hand into my bottom now,” I explained, before a gap where I grabbed my cellphone. “Now I got my picture, and I guess that’s why I can’t look away: you’re hot, Darcie. I can only see your boyfriend and his cock as you keep covering and uncovering it, but even just seeing your bare shoulder is hot. The first two times I caught you, I didn’t book myself a seat, but in my defense, this time, I needed a moment to comprehend you doing this again. It appears you’re making him go nuts now; he’s rubbing his face and jiggling a bit too. That’s typical when you have your legs in the pool and sit on the cement too. You’ve already gone this far; I’ll be nice one last time and let you finish him off. I have no idea how long your brunette, twenty-something boyfriend has before he bursts, but shit, if the signs say anything, he’s going to explode soon. Now, you even have me playing with my pussy too, Darcie; I hope you’re happy.”I rubbed it up and down with my bottom still on too, all the while, I couldn’t look away from the sexy black-haired beauty making her man feel good, even though he clearly wasn’t appreciating her, though.”Oh, Darcie, I have to cum now; let me shoot your face, you sexy lady.”My eyebrows immediately rose. “Wait for a minute, he doesn’t rub your head or give you much eye contact, and you’re willingly taking his load on your face?” I asked, watching.He spurted out four different shots, but then I yanked my hand out. “Fuck this,” I whined, before opening the door. “Really, again, Darcie?” I asked, strolling out there somewhat quickly.”Oh, shit,” the guy griped, yanking his swim trunks.He put them on and just took off.I watched him skedaddle, but then I glanced back at Darcie. “What the hell, Darcie? Haven’t you learned your lesson yet?”She wiped her face. “I’m sorry, Angie,” she apologized, standing up with me.I got the view of her naked body, and I had to jolt, but she was too nervous to notice.”I don’t know what I’m more pissed off about; you pulled this again, or fucking someone that would take off on you like that. What the fuck, Darcie? You’re giving that guy a blow job, the one that takes off on you when you get busted? He wasn’t even standing; he just says ‘Oh, shit,’ grabs his swim trunks, and flees the scene?” I said, checking her out. “And after I say that out loud, that’s my ruling: I’m more pissed off that you got involved with that asshole. Yes, it happened that fast; you’re a beautiful young woman, and that guy is way too good for you if he pulls that horseshit. I even got the evidence now; I got a picture of you.””Okay, I’m sorry again, Angie; I just happened to let it slip that I had sex with my last boyfriend back here, and there was no talking him out of it,” she explained, closing the gap. “Please don’t call the cops; I know you Ankara bayan escort said you would last time, but don’t call the cops, Angie. I’ll do anything,” she begged, bringing her hands together.I viewed her as she was desperate, and I couldn’t help but look at her tits and bush again. I licked my lips and shuddered a bit too. I certainly got an idea, but of course, it wasn’t like flipping a lightswitch.”I won’t play the ‘I’m your daughter’s best friend’ card, but is there anything I can do for you? I admit I was wrong; I’ve done it three times now, but is there anything I can do?””Do you mean anything I want, Darcie?”She calmly dropped her hands. “Yes,” she nervously answered.I closed the gap between us, and she covered her boobs with both arms. “What are you doing, Angie?”I bit down on my bottom lip, but then I brought both hands to the back of my top. “Have you ever been with a woman, Darcie?” I pondered, undoing it.”What, no, don’t take off your top, Angie,” she objected, grabbing my hands. “I’m not a lesbian, and you’re married.””I know,” I made clear, taking off my top. “You’re in a bind and have me curious too, Darcie. Chloe and Al don’t need to know everything, so what’s it gonna be?” I pondered, pushing down my bottom as well. “Just spend some quality time with your best friend’s mom, or deal with consequences; it’s your call. Feel free to look at me too; I don’t mind.”She bit down on her bottom lip and viewed my nude figure as well. I surely knew she liked what she saw despite she wasn’t a lesbian. Nevertheless, she was still quite turned off by me pushing her.”So, what’s it gonna be, Darcie?” I pondered, bringing my hands towards her tits. “May I?”She bit down on her bottom lip, but nodded.I calmly pushed my hands on them. “Oh, nice and solid, you sucked your boyfriend’s cock for him by my pool? He should be eating you out every day; he’s clearly the lucky one, or at least, as I would hope. You should drop that fucker like an anchor.””Well, you have nice hooters too; may I touch yours?””Yes, they won’t bite,” I answered, massaging hers.She slowly made her way over to them and felt mine. “Oh, and yours are nice and meaty feeling. Tender meat, I mean.””Good save,” I mentioned, before leaning to her. “May I kiss you?””And you swear you won’t turn me in to anyone?””Yes, I’m horny MILF, not a monster,” I made clear, before kissing her.We kissed each other marginally to start with, but after ten seconds, I parted my lips. “How was that?””Okay, I guess.”Then I grabbed her hands and escorted her back into the pool. We got in the deep end, and I had her go against the back wall. It wasn’t exactly comfortable, but she seemed more than ready for something to happen.I pushed myself on her and let out boobs come together somewhat too. I had her moaning and jiggling around a bit, but she couldn’t keep eye contact. She bit down and licked her bottom lip several times, and I just relished seeing her deal with it.Then I kissed her again, and I had her twitched even more. Needless to say, after a few more kisses, I had her moving her hands to my neck and pushing her lips on mine even more. We also enjoyed feeling each other’s melons as well, even underwater.After a few minutes, I parted my lips. “I thought you didn’t like ladies.””Don’t be like that, Angie, be cool.””Fair enough,” I added, pushing her up a tad, so her breasts were barely above water.I looked at her and let my tongue out to her left nipple. I never licked one before or had done anything with a woman, but she pegged my interests, and I did kind of have her back against the wall, literally and figuratively.Nevertheless, I immediately got her to feel my head and look at me with a lusty face. I found myself more than turned on from licking her nipples. They tasted how mine did, as in the literal taste was just flesh, but of course, it was the human mind that made it taste so much better.”Okay, I’ll admit it, I don’t hate this, but I’m still not a lesbian.”I failed to stop to address that, but focused myself on tasting more of those nipples. I had her securely against the wall and grabbed both of her bosoms somewhat tightly. So, I had her licked up and down, and I worked out my fantasy.I mostly let my tongue go up and down on each nipple for a few minutes as I found my heart racing. It nearly felt like someone injected me with adrenaline, but I was still moving slowly. Even with us staying steady, I still had Escort bayan Ankara drops of sweat coming down my forehead.We still had the sun shining on us, but still, we were both being naughty that day. I implored her not to give that fucker that ditched her a second thought, but still, I thought of her as cheating too. It made the experience hotter, so we locked eyes, and we had fun.I had her twitching somewhat and pulling my hair, but I didn’t mind. Whether she liked it or not, I found a weak spot she didn’t even know she had it seemed. I had my own desires to work out at that opportunity, so we used each other.”Feel my pussy too, Angie.”I grinned as much as I could and granted her wish. That was all the proof I needed to prove what I already knew. Nevertheless, it was still refreshing to hear it, so I felt her twat in the cold pool water and found myself vibrating.I felt her kicking around too, so I found her pleasure center and pounced on it. I looked at her as much as I could, but with the sun, water and sweat, I had to close my eyes from time to time. It didn’t bother her, though; she loved the pleasure endlessly.She had to angle her head back, too, and pull my hair more as well. That only showed me I was filling the pleasure meter for her. I licked both of those nipples as much as I could and loved it more and more with every passing second too.As I saw the results, I couldn’t help it. Maybe I was cheating, but I was regretting it at that moment. I didn’t even question myself; I just did it and didn’t look back. Needless to say, if she did have a different reaction, I might have stopped myself.Although, she was pulling my hair and rattling around too; so I got the result I wanted and worked out my urges as well. I rubbed my hand all over her pussy and felt her hair as well, so I was rather set on giving and receiving then.She failed to give me any other sign that she wasn’t enjoying herself, and in fact, told me she loved it. I only licked those nipples, but didn’t let them in my mouth. I surely didn’t want to just fuck the shit out of her, but take some baby steps even if this only happened once.”Fuck yes, Angie, you have magic fingers and a great tongue too. Damn, I didn’t know you had a thing for me.””I just always wanted to fuck a woman, and then you decided to be naked in my pool sucking your boyfriend’s cock,” I reminded her, coming up with her. “So, here we are, woman,” I stated, before kissing her again. “If you didn’t want this to happen, you could’ve ran, but had shit to deal with, though. Your twat is in water, but I still feel your juice coming out.””Well, a hot MILF is touching it.””Are you flattering me?””I guess,” she muttered, before leaning down to my boobs.I had to take my hand off her slit, but she grabbed my tits and looked up at me again. From one second to the next, she began licking my nipples as well. I kept her supported against the wall so she could keep her tongue going.I looked at her with the lustiest yet, pained look I could muster. I couldn’t even put the pleasure into context exactly; it just felt so good that it hurt. Even though the brat claimed she never did it before, she made it clear she liked it in the first twenty seconds.”Oh, you horny and naughty young lady, you’re making me feel good now. You knew it right away, didn’t you? Having a woman makes you feel good is better than a guy?”She nodded and pressured her a bit harder as she made me animated me, so to speak. I tried not to scream and not push her back too much. I wanted her to be comfortable, so I did my best, but of course, I was in uncharted waters.She kept her hands on my tits just with my nipples uncovered. She licked my nipples just as I did for hers, going up and down slowly. She alternated roughly once a minute, too, and surely made my snatch leak while still in the water.I attacked her with my breath, but she didn’t mind. She just released her own likes, it seemed, and I more than willing to let that happen. We kept the intimacy up with constant eye contact, and I caressed her head nonchalantly too.It was new to me, but oh so sweet too. I kept the somewhat aggressive push on my nipples, and that indeed compromised me holding her. Nevertheless, she still pulled the passion out of me too. I didn’t know what all I’d do with it after we were done, but I knew I’d never forget this.”Oh, yes, get that nipple good, Darcie. I watched a few videos online before, Bayan escort Ankara and nipple licking was always a turn-on for me. Ladies, just do it so much better than guys. Women know how they liked to be pleased.”She nodded again and even moved my tits back and forth a bit too. I couldn’t be sure if she were faithful to her word that she had never been with a woman before; she definitely had me wondering. I didn’t press her and just enjoyed it.Half the pleasure was that eye contact she gave me when she just made me feel good. I felt tingles throughout my body, even though it was still mainly in the cold water. She even took my right nipple into her mouth and made me angle my head back too.I heard her giggling somewhat, so I had to look right back at her again. “Having fun then?””Yes, sexy lady,” she complimented me, coming back up to me again.She wrapped her arms around me and made out with me like I was her lover. I couldn’t be sure what was truly after, expect exciting passion. Once again, I gave her just that, and her being my daughter’s BFF didn’t hurt either.I felt it in her, and it only told me it was there before, but I found the right spot to dig. With her pushing herself on me so hard too, and practically advancing her lips so hard, it made my head lean back too; it became clear, she must have had a thing for me whether she knew it or not.After a few minutes, she abruptly pushed my lips off hers and leaped up onto the ledge. “You’re the most dazzling MILF I’ve ever seen; now get yourself some young adult pussy. You know I’m legal, so get it.””Yes, skank.””Hey, if I have to be nice, then so do you,” she made clear, shoving my face to her muff. “Don’t be scared; it’s only a slit.”I wanted to respond to that, but I had that very cherry to deal with then. I felt the brat’s hair and lips on my face, so before I could eat Darcie out, I had to get over the shock of feeling her there. Once again, it felt so good that it hurt.Although, after a moment, I grabbed her thighs and began kissing them up towards her snatch. I looked up at her, but she didn’t look back. I saw her preparing herself for the pleasure to come, it seemed.I shimmied and prepped myself as well, but after a moment, I let my tongue out. I gave those wet lips a good lick from bottom to top and got her to jiggle. That was the response I wanted, but she gave me more by rubbing my head with one hand.I still didn’t have any pussy-eating experience, but I still had a passion for working out on her as well. I tasted her juice, still with water all over her pussy, but it was still sweet as cherries. I tasted it and certainly couldn’t stop.I still didn’t go crazy on her, but I still made it clear that I liked it. Not only did I lick those wet lips, but I rubbed my face on them as well. I failed to think back to what I saw before in porn and just wooed her the way I thought she’d like.”Just like that, you’re cheating… well, I won’t call you a harlot, but something.””Just don’t let this slip to anyone, and you may call me that; it’s true now.””Fine, ” she moaned, plopping her other hand on my head. “Harlot, now lick that cunt as hard as you can and get that juice too. Keep that face between my legs until you get the job done. I might have been naughty, but so are you. You can’t half-ass this job; you wanted to fuck me, so fuck me.””I am, woman, now shut up,” I ordered her, pushing her legs apart more.I closed my eyes and let my heart lead me as I began licking her slit as hard as I could. The results came immediately as I felt her hands pressuring my head quite hard. I couldn’t be sure if I were better than that dumbass that ditched her, but I was hopeful.Needless to say, my tongue went in between her lips and made her jiggle even more, but I certainly didn’t try to bite off more than I could to chew. I wanted my first time with a woman to go off well, but of course, I knew there’d be some hurdles to jump, though.I licked her lips all over several times and had her juice still coming out too. I felt it all leaking out, but I didn’t try to drink it all. I just reveled in the fact that I was making her feel good. I wasn’t sure how much she or I could take, but I wanted to find out.I kept my palms on her thighs and ate her out, still just using the passion I got from her. I already thought she was a sexy and wonderful young lady despite her misdeeds with my pool, so she had some big points working for her that way too.”Oh, if you like this, Angie, maybe I’ll have to defile your pool more often. I can pay the price.”I nodded and pushed my tongue into her pussy.”Oh, yes, Angie, just like that. Let that tongue roam around in there, and fuck me as you mean it. I’m your daughter’s best friend, and you’re cheating, remember? So, you better pull out your ‘A’ game.”