Nisan 24, 2023

The Spy Who Pegged Me

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My morning commute was the only part of my day where I could enjoy a little peace and alone time.

The last few months at home had left me feeling smothered and stressed out as my wife was getting excited for our 1 year anniversary party. Don’t get me wrong; I love my wife. And her family connections are the only reason I was able to land a job at Freeman-Jones Industries here in DC; the leading defense contractor in weapons development and research. Its a very high paying job, and quite a prestigious position. I owe her everything. But she can be a lot to spend time with when I just want to unwind, de-stress, and just be myself. I’d recently been away on a business trip to Los Angeles and I couldn’t remember the last time I’d had that much fun, or the last time I’d slept that well.

I pulled into a parking lot by a coffee shop near my office and walked in, ordering my daily drink as I slowly sifted through the first rush of morning emails. I smiled softly at the barista as she placed my coffee order down on the counter. I grabbed the cup and walked out the door before crossing the street to my usual park bench. I began to absentmindedly scroll through the scores from last night as I heard the wood creak on the bench behind me. I didn’t budge as I continued to scroll through my phone and sip my coffee. Then I heard a firm, feminine voice from behind me.

“Hello David…. Don’t turn around. Don’t speak. Just keep looking at your phone.”

I immediately froze, a chill jolting through my body as my fingers uncontrollably shook against the touchscreen. I took a sip of my coffee as I tried to not lash out in any way. ‘What the fuck is happening?’ I think to myself.

“I’ve been quite a fan of yours David, for a while now. I have a little secret of yours. You’ll need to see me later tonight to keep it that way. How about at the National Gallery of Art? Meet me in the East wing, where the East Asian art is. Come alone. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” I answer, my mind racing uncontrollably as I watched the woman walk away. I could only see a wide-brimmed sun-hat, a long tan trench-coat, and black heels poking out beneath as I sat there on the seat, shocked. ‘What the fuck??? What the hell was she talking about?’ I thought to myself, fumbling with my coffee as I stood up and made my way into the office. ‘Did she…. Know? Did she see?? There’s no way. I was extra discreet’

It was supposed to be another normal day at the office, but the stranger in the park had me completely thrown off all day. I sat in the office staring blankly at my screen until my brother in law came knocking on the door. “Hey Dave, got a minute?” He asked, stepping inside and closing the door. Id always dreaded my interactions with my brother in law. I could tell he felt his sister had settled by marrying me. I could tell he felt I was unimpressive and undeserving of his sister. I had never been a compelling physical presence. I’m 5’5″ and 165lbs, not particularly toned or muscular in any way. All of her male relatives stood at least 6’2″, with several of them making sure to leave me feeling

“What all do you have planned for the anniversary?” He said as he took his phone out and typed away absentmindedly. “Or, what has Chelsea planned for the occasion. I’m sure she’s been more plugged in than you.” He said as he closed his phone.

“It’s on Friday.” I say, pretending to type an email on my computer as I attempt to match his disinterest. “It’s at our house, at 7. Just bring whatever you’d like to drink, but we’ll have a bar cart ready.”

“Sweet. Still weird to see her as ‘Chelsea Stevenson’ on Facebook. Doesn’t even feel real.” He says as he opens the door and leaves the office. I watch him leave and return to work doing nothing. I watch the clock move, incapable of focusing on my work as a sense of dread shrouded over me all day.

As 5PM hit, I collected my things into my bag and made my way over to the art museum. I could feel my heartbeat racing as I struggled to keep my focus on the crosswalks, pedestrian lights, and crowds around me. I walk into the museum, grabbing a map to find where I needed to go. With twilight breaking outside, the East Wing had lost a lot of the natural lighting that kept it bright. I wandered the dark rooms, peeking my head around rooms, not quite sure of who I was looking for. She had a trench coat, but nothing else I could identify her by. I paused in front of a Chinese painting from the 1600s, pausing as I looked up at it. The room was quiet, until I heard the faint sounds of heels clicking along the floor. The sounds grew louder, and as I turned around I saw a woman approaching me in a trench coat, with the same sun hat holding a satchel off to her side.

“Hello David, I’m glad you came.” She said, pausing next to me as she removed her hands from her pockets. I tried to make out her face, but the long brim hid most of her face with the shadows from the museum hall. Her stern voice failed to give any accent off. ‘Who is she?’ In her heels she stood taller uşak seks hikayeleri than me, maybe at 5’10” as I looked up at this mysterious woman.

“Okay, I’m here. What do you have? What’s this so-called secret you’re keeping?” I ask, my voice quivering as my eyes dart up and down her body, around the room, and back at the painting. I feel my heartbeat race, as my fear mounts that she knows about the one thing I thought I’d be able to take to my grave.

“Remember how I said I’m a fan of yours? Your little production didn’t disappoint.” She slowly dropped her satchel from her shoulder, lowering it down as she reached inside and pulled out an envelope filled with photos. She slid them out and one by one I felt my heart drop to the floor as my mind went blank. These were definitely of me. And they were of my trip to Los Angeles.

My trip to Los Angeles had been very productive, and to celebrate I’d had some drinks at the bar with coworkers of mine. This was the first time that I’d felt like a contributor with my team. After everybody else had left, I’d stayed at the bar, pondering my triumph and how I should celebrate it. You know, do something I would only get the chance to do here in LA. In a moment of weakness, my phone found it’s way to an escort listing and I’d made the phone call. But this wasn’t a normal incall in her hotel room. I paid this woman to peg me. To finally break my anal cherry that my wife had so resolutely refused to break herself. Id met her in a hotel room and thought the meetup was discreet, secure, and unchecked. I was wrong.

The photos presented to me were undeniably of me. And undeniably of me taking a strapon cock in my ass. It appeared as if the photographer was taking photos from a building across the street, the camera catching the action through the window with no blinds covering it. How could I be so stupid? The woman flipped through the photos one by one, almost teasing me as she held them out in the open for what felt like an eternity each. One of me riding the dildo, one of me on my knees sucking the dildo. In the next one, we’re doing doggy style on the floor.

I hung my head in shame, covering my face with my hands as I tried to hold back tears. I could see my life ending before it even began. Surely the marriage was over. I’d be fired before the divorce proceedings even began. Without my wife I’d have no home. No career. Just a prompt firing on my resume. “What… what do you want from me?” I ask.

“We want information you have access to. It’s really a simple arrangement. You deliver us information regarding your new project you’re helping develop… and we’ll make sure these photos never exist. Seems pretty fair, doesn’t it?” She said, placing the photos back into the envelope and hanging her satchel from her shoulder again. “You’ll need to see me by tomorrow night. 9 PM at the latest. I’m staying at the Willard Hotel. You can find me by telling the receptionist you’re there to see ‘Chelsea Stevenson,’ seems like a reasonable enough story.” She said as she turned around, her heel clicks echoing throughout the museum hall as I stood there in complete silence. I felt the immense shame of my actions, the dread that my life was about to be ruined. How the hell was I going to sneak ANY classified information out of the office? That was DEFINITELY illegal. I feared I was interacting with foreign agents for sure, and that handing them over any information would be akin to treason.

But, without my situation as it currently was, what was my life? If I returned and spilled the beans to anybody at work, I’d certainly never be allowed on any project of this magnitude. With any corporation. I’d be a schmuck. A giant loser. I couldn’t bear to face the consequences of that, and who would even find out it was me anyway. If I was smart about it.

The next day, I nervously paced around the office, attempting to monitor the departures of my superiors and project partners as I tried to ensure I could be alone to extract the data.

After my brother in law closed up for the evening, I managed to sneak down onto the secure computer lab down in the basement. My ID card was enough to get me into the door, and I told the guard that I was just down there because I’d left an app up that I didn’t want to be compromised. We’d been working on a long-range missile system, something that could be fired from smaller platforms than you’d normally need. It would revolutionize naval warfare. I managed to extract some design portfolios from filing cabinets, some research documents on the feasibility of the system, and even some memorandums on what had failed and what had succeeded in our testing efforts. I quickly copied the folders onto a CD drive and extracted it before the guard managed to notice anything. I left the office and made my way on foot to the Willard Hotel. I was dressed for the occasion just like any other work day. I was wearing khaki pants, brown leather shoes, a white button up shirt, with a blue sports coat that I carried over my shoulder. On my walk over I called my wife, saying that id run into car troubles and was taking it to a shop, and that id hopefully be on the road home soon.

My heart raced dramatically as I entered the lobby of the hotel. The bustle and activity in the lobby made me incredibly nervous. After all, I was carrying some incredible sensitive material here. What if somebody recognized me? I kept my head down and hurried to the receptionist, my head still hanging in shame as I let out a deep sign and said “I’m here for Chelsea Stevenson.” This was just the final gut punch in all of this. A constant reminder of my failure. The receptionist smiled and said “Room 1901. The elevator is over there to your left.”

I hit the button on the elevator, and soon I was standing alone in a quiet hotel hallway. I stood there, frozen in fear. I couldn’t believe I was about to do this. Trade away precious secrets just to save my marriage? Just to preserve my own precious secret? I turned to my right and made my way down to the end of the hallway, taking a heavy breath as I knocked on the door.

As I knocked, the door swung open and I was greeted by two large men dressed in all black. They quickly motioned for me to enter the room and quickly frisked me, finding my CD in the bag and asking “is this what we asked for?”

“Yes.” I say, my head hanging in shame. I take a deep breath and look up as I feel them pull away from me. The room is a suite, with the living room area containing a couch, love seat, coffee table, and doorway to a balcony. To the side was a small kitchenette with a dining table. I could see there was a bedroom through a doorway, and a woman emerged from the doorway after one of the men said “he’s clear ma’am.”

She turned through the doorway and stood there, facing me. I could finally see her face. She was an Asian woman, possibly in her mid 30s, with long hair that she’d dyed to be a more light brunette color. She had pale skin, soft brown eyes, and stood with an air of confidence as she rested a hand against the doorframe, leaning over as she looked at me. She was wearing a white button up blouse, with a black skirt and stockings that displayed toned, fit legs. She was strikingly beautiful, she kept a refined demeanor as she slowly walked towards me, her heels still helping her tower over me as I finally could look at her face. “Who are you?” I asked.

“You can call me Michelle, why don’t you take a seat on the couch over there while my associates look through what you’ve brought for me.” She takes my arm and walks me over to the couch, and we both sit down together as she looks over at the two men at the kitchen counter loading the disc onto the computer. “You’ve made the right choice David.” She said, resting her head on her hand as turned and looked at me. “I think we’ll both walk away from this feeling like we got what we wanted. I’ll get the information I need. And you’ll get to keep your life the way it is. Don’t worry about this getting traced back to you. We’re very discreet, unlike some other people in this room.” She said, smirking at me as she spoke.

I couldn’t lie, something about her acting disappointed made me shake a little. Maybe it was the more formal, business-like outfit she was wearing. Or maybe it was the stern way she spoke to me, how confidently she controlled the room. I just sat there silently, hoping that I’d gotten them enough and that I could just go home. Then, the men closed the laptop and gave her a thumbs up.

“Thank you gentlemen, you can leave us now.” She said coolly, her head turning back towards me as the two men departed the room with the laptop. “See, now wasn’t that easy? I believe I owe you these.” She said, reaching over for her satchel on the floor and handing me the envelope. “There they are, yours to keep and use as you wish. Was she very good?”

My heart jolted as I heard her ask that. “Umm… uhhh… I don’t really know how to

Respond to that.” I said with a stutter, my face blushing brightly as I shoved the envelope into my bag. “I think I should go now.” I said as I stood up.

“Why leave so soon? I haven’t even given you your reward.” She said, crossing her legs as I watched her heel dangle from her foot. “Sure, you got the pictures, but don’t you wish you could also get a little payment? A little reward for being so helpful?”

I stood there, knowing full well I needed to get the hell out of there. A cash reward was exactly the kind of thing that could get me caught. How else would I explain where I got so much money from?

“I’m sorry Michelle, but I can’t take a cash reward. It’s just not smart, I’m already in deep shit. Which I’m sure you know.” I say, turning around and heading towards the door.

“It’s not a cash reward, why don’t you just give me ten seconds, I’ll go fetch it for you.” She said, standing up and strutting into the bedroom as I stood there waiting by the door. What on earth could she possibly have? I might as well see, how much worse could any of this get?

I could hear the heels clicking on the bathroom tiles for a moment, and as the sound quieted she soon reappeared standing in the bedroom doorway again. Only this time she was different. She was fully clothed still, blouse, skirt and all. But her skirt seemed to be holding something back, and she softly swayed her hips and I watched as a the tip of a realistic dildo popped out past the base of her skirt. She pulled her skirt up, displaying an entire strapon set. Black leather straps, her realistic dildo. It was a pale skin dildo, with balls to match. It just have been seven, maybe eight inches in length. She leaned her arm on the doorframe, and with her free hand reached down and held the base of her dildo. “See, not a cash reward at all.”

I stood in complete shock, incapable of moving or speaking. My eyes were perpetually locked onto the dildo, the way she looked with her hand wrapped around it. I watched as she began to stroke it, and I manage to stutter out “I… I really…. Don’t think i should…” i said, but my actions betrayed my words as I felt my bag drop to the floor. She walked over to me, standing over me as she looked down at me.

“I believe in truly rewarding my informants, letting them know just how appreciated they are.” She said, and I felt her soft hand softly caress my jaw as her thump rubbed my cheek. “You’ve been very good for me David, but you’ve been very bad too. And you need to be taught a lesson.” She said, and I felt my legs almost give out beneath me as I felt her take control of me. Her sultry voice chastised me as I felt my own hands reached and grab her hips. “Yes Michelle, I’ve been… very…. bad.”

I knew I was making another mistake. I knew I was being an idiot. But i also knew that I’d never had a woman present herself to me like this. Talk to me that way, to hold my face in her hand, tower over me like this. Her hand pulled my face up towards hers, and I felt her soft lips meet mine. I felt myself standing up on my toes, and this realization made my heart flutter for a moment. I could feel her dildo poking at my stomach as our bodies pressed against each other, and I felt my own cock begin to bulge in my pants as her free hand reached down and held my ass cheek.

She parted her lips from mine, and pulled away as she took my hand in hers and lead me over to the couch. She said down as she kept me standing above her. “Go ahead David, why don’t you strip down for me. I want to see that body for real now, not just pictures.” She said, her hand wrapped around her cock while the other one rested along the top of the backrest.

I instinctively began to unbutton my shirt, my eyes looking down to hers for encouragement as my fingers fumbled with the buttons. I eventually managed to slip my shirt off of my body, and I let it fall to the floor as my pants soon followed. I stepped out of them, removing my socks and shoes and throwing everything to the side of the room. I stood there in front of her, my naked body on full display. My 5″ cock erect and standing at attention.

“Wow…. you look even better in person.” She said, her hands reaching out and grabbing my waist, moving down to my ass and legs. Her soft touch was intoxicating, her words of encouragement weakening my inhibitions as I felt her spin me around to see more of my body. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me, as I felt her fingers trace along my back. She stood back up, standing to my side as she kept one hand on my ass and the other on my stomach. She began to kiss my neck, lick behind my ear, and then slowly turned me to face her as she kissed both sides of my neck.

I began to let out soft moans. Higher pitched than I was normally accustomed to. There was something about the way she controlled the situation. Something about the way she spoke to me. It changed the way my body reacted to her lips and touch. I felt her dildo poke my now bare stomach, and I looked down momentarily to notice just how much bigger her dildo was than my cock. “Holy fuck Michelle” I whispered and soon I heard her whisper back.

“I’ve been looking at those photos non-stop, I knew I had to have you.”

I let out a gasp as I pulled my body closer to hers, and her hands met my ass again. I stood back up on my toes, my lips finding hers as I felt myself becoming increasingly eager to be hers. Our lips moved in sync together, her tongue exploring my mouth before finding my own. As our lips parted she took my hand and said “come along, are you ready to learn that lesson?”

I quietly followed as she guided me into the bedroom. There was a king size mattress there, and she pushed me down onto the mattress, standing over me as she stood there with her hands on her hips. “I’m going to teach you how this really goes. You don’t need to learn this from some cheap whore. You need a woman to show you how it’s done.” She said, and slowly dropped to her knees and situated herself between my legs. She grabbed my hips and pulled me to the edge of the bed, and right as I looked up I saw her lips wrap around my cock. I heard her let out a deep moan as her hands softly held my thighs up.