Mayıs 12, 2023

The Summer of 78. Part 1

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So there I was in my garage seated on my rolling mechanics chair working on my Harley. As I removed the last of the polish from the tank I saw a pair of shapely legs appear under a short skirt and ending in knee high vinyl boots walk up the driveway. I sat up straight and realized it was just Robin from two doors down returning from Summer school. I could not believe how much she had matured in just a few short years. At sixteen she could easily pass for a college student in her twenties. Her family had moved into the neighborhood shortly after mine and despite our age differences we became great friends much to the dismay of her parents. Her stopping by on the way home had become a regular routine for her. She would grab a Coke from the Arnavutköy escort fridge, take a smoke from my pack on the workbench and light it. Then planting her firm bottom on one of the old bar stools against the bench, we would spend ten to fifteen minutes or so chatting about whatever was on her mind, mostly questions about sex. As she talked she would swivel in her seat, allowing brief glimpses up her short skirt and a view of the dark triangle that was barley visible through the shiny pantyhose. She would eventually stub out her cigarette, walk over to me, straddle me and then lower herself onto my lap. Time seemed to stop as her lips sought mine and our tongues intermixed. Despite wearing jeans Avcılar escort bayan I could feel the heat radiating from between her legs and I’m sure she could feel my raging hard on pressing against her nylon covered mound. We shared our first kiss in this very garage shortly after her sixteenth birthday. That’s when we discovered that we had an attraction to each other.Each time she stopped over the kissing became more passionate and led to her planting herself in my lap and allowing her burning pussy to rub against the bulge in my jeans. More than once after she’d departed I was forced to removed my hard cock and jack off to give myself some relief. They were great days, but the greatest event Escort Bağcılar of that Summer would happen a few weeks after Summer school started.Robin appeared at her usual time, only now she was accompanied by her longtime school chum, Gina. She was also sixteen and like her best friend was a total knockout. Robin once told me that due to their spending so much time together the other girls at her school hung a lesbian title on them. I told her to let the others believe what they wanted as good friendships are a rare thing.Gina was a dark haired pale beauty that always dressed in the same manner as Robin except she preferred darker colors. The girls helped themselves to Cokes and smokes and then took seats on the bar stools and we chatted as I continued to work on my bike. As was placing the saddlebag on the left side of the bike, I happened to look through the spokes of the rear tire and saw the girls were holding hands. Robin had Gina’s hand in her lap and I could see just the slightest movement of Gina’s knuckles against Robin’s crotch.