Haziran 7, 2023

The training begins

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The training beginsFMVGFA ­čśë My friend Al called round this morning. We’d been fuckbuddies off and on for a few years but the snatched hours we had had were always filled with quick, crazy, messy and dirty sex leaving┬á little time for exploration of our fantasies. Now I’d split from my long term boyfriend, Al seized the opportunity to cheer me up a little. We’d never discussed anal sex in any great depth before but we both knew that arse fucking was something he had longed to do with me and vice versa. Last night I told him I was so fed up and frustrated I felt the only thing to shake me out of it would be a serious arse fucking. This turned him on a LOT!! Al also knew that one of my favourite role play fantasies would be a dirty mechanic turning up to fix my broken down car. You can imagine my glee when I opened the door this morning to find him standing there with his dark green overalls smeared with grease..an oily rag in one hand and for some unknown reason, a starter plug in the other. “I’ve just spent the last hour tinkering with your engine…now I think you owe me a cup of tea” Al said with a cheeky wink. “Fuck the tea” I said, pulling him close to me. ” Get in here NOW and FUCK ME!!” He barely made it through the door and my hands were all over him. The dirty petrol smell was driving me wild. I unpopped his fastenings and slid my hand straight down the front of his overalls and found his cock already rigid and wet. I skimmed my fingertips across the glans and, as I nuzzled into his neck, I started smearing the precum up and down his shaft. My fist in a firm grip just the way I know he likes it.Now, as he would no doubt self confess ,he doesn’t have the biggest or thickest cock in the world but his hard ons are magnificent. Al always shaves his cock and balls before he comes over because he knows I love the feeling of his flesh slapping against my face when he skull fucks me. He always manages to hit the back of my throat this way and sometimes I can fit both balls into my mouth at the same time and with no hair to soak up the spit and cum it’s the perfect feeling as the slobber runs down my chin. Al knew that the first thing I’d want to do would be to suck him. He calls me his greedy little cock whore because I’ve often had to beg him let me taste him first. He’s a cunt that way. He likes to tease me despite ├ľdemi┼č Escort my protests. Al groaned as he extracted my hands from his pants. He knew if I continued to wank his cock he would cum quite quickly.┬á Petting my bottom lip in protest he gave my arse a firm slap. As it was morning and I had just got out of bed, I was still dressed in nothing but a pair of shorts and a vest top. Of course, my nipples were very erect and poking through the thin cotton and I could feel my bare┬á pussy throb at thoughts of things to come. Al turned me around and told me to kneel at the bottom of the stair case,┬á put my hands behind my back and part my thighs. He took a cable tie from his pocket and proceeded to bind my hands together. It pinched and nipped a little but it was bareable. I felt my shorts being pulled to one side and a cold hard object being thrust unceremoniously into my arsehole. I gasped loudly as I realised it could only be the spark plug. Al told me to stand up keeping my arse clenched tight. I stood..stumbling forward a little and tried to resist the urge to push the plug out of my arse. I was then instructed to turn around and sit on the third step, legs spread. I lowered my bottom onto the carpet and┬á felt the plug slide in a little further. I was overwhelmed with the sensation I always feel when my arse is violated. I get cold chills and goosebumps. I’ve never understood why. Maybe it’s the fear that I’ll suddenly crap myself? I took a deep breath and began to get used to the feeling. Every time I moved, the plug would burrow in a little bit more. Al stood in front of me and took his cock from his overalls. He started slowly stroking up and down the shaft, teasingly smearing precum over the tip. I felt frustrated that my hands were tied behind my back. I itched to┬á touch him. I leaned forward which meant the plug became fully embedded in my arse. I opened my mouth, surprised at how good it felt and a trickle of juices leaked from my pussy. Al shoved his cock so hard into my open mouth that my gag reflex kicked into action. I coughed and spluttered and tried to move backwards but it was impossible. Al kept his cock in my throat, not moving…not thrusting…just filling my cheeks, pressing hard against my palate. His hand clasped the back of my head and Seferihisar Escort drew me forward everytime I tried to pull away. Slowly he fucked my face until I choked. Spit streamed down my chin and Al wiped it up with his finger and reached inside my shorts. My pussy was already dripping and the touch of his finger made it ooze,soaking my shorts. When Al brushed my clit I shuddered and almost swallowed his cock. This spurned him on to hold the lips of my pussy open with forefinger and thumb,┬á his middle finger gentle caressing each side of my cunt, tentative strokes skimming my sodden hole until my deep pleading moans signalled my fast approaching orgasm. Al started to finger fuck me faster and I greedily received every brutal thrust of his cock. I came hard and fast into his palm, my cum squirting in one fast jet. When Al withdrew his cock from my mouth I was out of breath. He pulled me to my feet and marched me upstairs. The pain from the spark plug, masked by the finger fucking, now made itself noticeable with every step. It was a relief to reach the bedroom. Al guided me to the bed and told me to lie on my stomach. I lay face down..eyes screwed tightly shut. Al lifted my bottom up so that my head and shoulders rested on the mattress and the rest of my body was┬á raised and accessible. I winced as Al parted my arsecheeks. The plug was buried deep and I heard him spit on his fingers. Kneeling on the bed beside me, Al gently probed my anus. As he dug deeper, my flesh felt like it was crawling. My muscles were gripping it tightly and if he pulled it too sharply I was going to get cut.┬á He told me to take a deep breath and relax.I could feel him twisting it around and I felt cold chills again. Suddenly the plug popped out with a squelch and Al brought his palm down sharply across both holes. I felt a bit bruised but relieved that the plug was out. The slap had me instantly arousedAl used his finger tip to trace the circle of my wide open arsehole. The plug had been thick enough to have left my hole gaping. It was torture. His finger made the already sensitive hole contract and expand. The sensation was overwhelming and I began to squirm. I didn’t think that I could bare it. The soft touch of Al’s tongue soon followed. At first it caressed the soft flesh Sel├žuk Escort and then it plundered it. As he began flicking his tongue in and out of my anus I became more and more comfortable. I’d had my arse fucked and fingered before so the sensations weren’t unexpected but I’d never had it dined on so fervently as this. Al scooped his tonge between my pussy and arse delving deep into both holes, licking my cunt juices and spitting them into the other hole. My arse began to pucker again and the pain had almost subsided. Al rolled me over onto my back and pulled my shorts down over my ankles, bunched them up and lay them across my face. I could smell myself on them. The dampness and aroma excited me. He found a small metal torch on my bedside table and slowly inserted it into my arse. It was probably three inches in diameter and felt better than the plug. Al curled his fingers against my clit and started to stroke . One…two..then three fingers slipped into my moist hole. His fingers unfurled in my vagina and the moment his middle finger found the soft spongy centre of my g spot I let out a squeel and squirted. My cum dripped down my crack and lubricated the torch handle which Al was now pumping in and out. I knew he was stretching me,getting wide enough to be able to take his prick. I raised my legs and rested ankles on his shoulders desperate now to feel him fuck me. He removed the torch and with one deep plunge, sank his cock into my arse. I matched him thrust for thrust grinding my body onto him. Now he was fucking me hard and fast. I could hear his balls slap against me and I could still smell my cunt. The only thing I couldn’t do was touch him. Again and again he tore into me. Good hard savage fucking at its best. All negative thoughts of pain..of mess..were banished. His precum made my hole very wet and he screwed me over and over until he stilled, groaned and his spunk exploded into my filthiest of holes. Al collapsed on top of me sliding his hands behind my back to release the tie. His cock was still in me and I felt it go soft. He told me to take his cock from my arse and wipe the cum from it and to start masturbating. I did as asked and soon my clit was slippery again. I frigged my clit, massaging the spunk in until it was almost dry. Al added some spit and inserted two fingers into my cunt and his thumb into my arse. My arse hole yielded easily now it had been fucked and I barely felt it. I came the moment he whispered “You’re MY whore now” We lay on the bed a tad breathless and completely satisfied. We’ve resolved to continue to train both my arsehole and my cunt to take longer and thicker objects. Hopefully a sign of good things to cum ­čÖé