Mayıs 15, 2023

The view

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The heavy door closes behind me with a click and a dull thud. I slide the Do Not Disturb latch into place – no interruptions. You are sitting on the edge of the bed, knees crossed. You frown and take an exaggerated look at your slim wrist watch, but the smile that plays across your dark red painted lips tells me that you’re not really cross. As I move across the room towards you I quickly appraise your outfit; professional looking business suit, with a tailored jacket that emphasises your slim waist and accentuates the curves of your full breasts and your hips. The suit looks black but as you move closer I see it is dark navy. The hemline of your skirt is just above the knee and your legs are beautifully displayed in black nylons and three-inch heels. Under your jacket I see a business-like, crisp, white shirt with the top couple of buttons undone to reveal just enough of your cleavage to make a feminine statement but not enough to detract from your status. I lean down to kiss your cheek, but you stand, throwing your arms around my neck, my hands reaching around your waist to pull you in gently. “Hi gorgeous,” I manage, my voice cracking slightly. “Hi to you too,” you whisper. “Glad you came because I have a gift for you.” You smile mischievously. “Great!” I reply, surprised and intrigued. “What, might I ask?”. You push up on tiptoes and lean in close to whisper into my ear . “Me. On my knees. Doing something very, very naughty to you.” “I can’t wait!” I feel a twitch in my tight shorts. You slip your jacket from your shoulders and let it fall to the floor behind you. I walk towards the large picture window and reach for the curtains. “STOP!” I turn towards you, puzzled. You walk over to the window and start to unbutton my shirt. You start to sway your hips seductively, as though about to start Çekmeköy escort a sexy strip-tease. I watch as your fingers move to your own neckline and start to unfasten a button on your shirt. Then another as you sway to an unheard song. I reach towards you and urgently, roughly grasp your upper arms. “Wait. For goodness sake. What are you doing? What if someone sees? Have you been drinking? What do you think you are doing?” I can hear the shock in my own voice as I protest against this wanton performance. You smile, wickedly. “Don’t worry. I haven’t been drinking at all. Not a drop. It’s just…” your voice trails off. “What, baby?” I ask. Your eyes are fixed on the patent leather of your shoes. “Part of me…. I want people to see us. Just this once. The thought of it…the danger….it makes me so wet”. You reach up and kiss me gently on the mouth, your tongue escaping and snaking softly between my lips. “Please,” you whisper into my open mouth. I pull you to me and return the kiss, but nervously looking down to the street for the enquiring faces that will surely be looking at us. Nobody even glances. I release your arms and you begin to move again, your fingers opening button after button until there are no more. Your fingers then release your cuffs and you shrug your arms from the sleeves and let the white cotton fall in a crumpled heap on your jacket. Beneath your shirt you are wearing a lace bra with the faintest hint of pink. The fine lace cups are straining to contain your ample breasts and your nipples are hard as little pebbles and protruding through the weave tantalisingly. Your hands move slowly over your breasts and your thumbs ease under the top edges of your bra to brush your nipples suggestively. You squeeze them between your thumbs and fingers Gebze escort bayan and your mouth opens with a short and breathy gasp. I watch, mesmerised, as you push your gorgeous tits together augmenting your deep sexy cleavage. Then your hands trail lingeringly over your stomach to your waistline. I glance outside again but not a single face is turned in our direction. And I find myself suddenly very aroused. You swivel lightly to the left and unbutton your skirt, then I hear the sound of your zip. As if in slow motion your skirt slides over your hips and thighs and pools at your feet. You step from the fabric puddle, your heels making a metallic click as you move towards me, the lust in your eyes burning brightly. My eyes linger on your sexy body and I see that you are wearing matching, very skimpy pink panties and a pink garter belt which is holding up your black lace-top stockings. “I want to do something really naughty to you now. Really bad…” You cast your eyes down, then in a whisper you add, “really…slutty.” I know you hate that word. It demeans. It dehumanises. But it seems that today it fits you like a glove.As I watch you lick your lips you look back up at me, somehow emboldened by that last word. “Tell me what you are going to do. Tell me in detail.” My voice feels confident but inside I am trembling with anticipation. You smile and your delicate, nimble fingers set to work on my black leather belt. “OK. I am going to take your cock out, then get down on my knees to lick and suck as much of it as I can. And when I think you can’t stand any more I am going to take you as deep in my mouth as I can and suck you until you fill my mouth with your tasty cum. Then I will swallow it all down while you watch me. How bad is that?” I am momentarily shocked Escort Şerifali by your words. I have never heard you speak like this but I realise I have always wanted to hear you talk dirty to me; the evidence is my cock is now hard as rock and straining for release. “Yes, baby, that really is very naughty indeed. I am so looking forward to watching you do it.” You slowly pull the belt from its loops and drop it behind you on the growing pile of clothing. Your hands grasp my thighs and you lower yourself to your knees and my right hand falls instinctively to stroke your cascading hair. Your agile fingers release my button then slowly draw the zip down and let my trousers fall around my ankles. I watch your mouth move close to my hard cock, still imprisoned in my tight underwear. Your left hand slides between my thighs and your nails rake gently across my balls. Your right hand is sliding lightly over the front of my underwear, massaging up and down the length of my erect shaft. You squeeze gently then move both hands to my waistband and begin to slide the shorts over my hips. As they drop past my knees my cock springs forward towards your mouth and you move your lips achingly close to the glistening throbbing head, raising your eyes to me. “Tell me what you want. Tell me what I should do,” you breathe softly. I glance down to the busy street, just five stories below us, abruptly recalling we could be the main attraction. Not a single observer. I find myself oddly disappointed. “Take me in your mouth. And suck me. Please. I need you.” Your lips part and I watch as your tongue softly licks and probes the very tip of me. I feel light-headed as I watch you tease me. Your hand closes lightly around my shaft and I feel the delicious tightness as you draw back my foreskin to fully expose me to your darting tongue. I gasp as I feel your tongue lap at the sensitive spot on the underside of my swollen head. I know that you are barely touching me but I sense that you could make me come even with this exquisite light touch. You stare intensely at the hard length at your lips, deep in concentration.