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The Visitors

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The VisitorsI heard the crash as the three men pushed through the door and locked it behind them. I raced to the forier and froze. The largest of the group held my wife from behind, one hand over her mouth, the other rubbing her breasts through her blouse as she struggled. The others met me as I entered, each with a pistol in hand.”We know you won’t do anything stupid,” said the wiry blond teenager, as he smiled over his shoulder at my wife. His black partner stared at me with glazed eyes, the gun shaking in his hand. I stood in silence, terrified of what might come next.My wife’s captor was huge, probably 6′ 7″ tall and well over 300 pounds. He wore a T-shirt cut off just below the chest, revealing bulging abdominals to match his thick muscular arms. He spoke with chilling coolness and intelligence. “Be quiet, behave yourself, and both of you will make it through this.” He walked my wife forward, the others moving me toward the living room at gunpoint.”These are the rules,” he explained. “You will both do exactly as I say, no arguments, no objections, no mouth at all. You will not attempt to escape, nor will you notify anyone of our presence. My friends and I will be staying with you for a while. We don’t want to hurt you, but we most definitely will if we must. Do you both understand me?” He stared through me as he waited for my response. “Yes,” I mumbled. Turning my wife to face him, he looked into her eyes, waiting. Shaking and sobbing, she looked back at him and nodded her head, afraid to speak.The others stood on each side of me now, guns still drawn, enjoying the situation. The teenager couldn’t have been over 18. He was clean-cut, with those “bad boy” good looks, but his face boasted an unnerving sadistic grin that said, “Don’t fuck with me!” The young black was obviously high on something. He was looking around the room, gun pointing in all directions as he tried to maintain his balance.His words were even and blunt, “Bring me your husband’s clothes.” My wife looked confused, not knowing what to do. “Chris,” the leader toned. Immediately the teenager brought his gun to my head and cocked it. “NO! NO! NO! OK! OK!” my wife pleaded. The giant smiled down at her and waited. She walked to me, shaking, head down, paralyzed with fear. Slowly she unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off my shoulders. Dropping the shirt, her shaking fingers were on my belt buckle when we heard, “I SAID BRING THEM TO ME!” Startled, she picked up the shirt, walked to the monster, and offered it to him. Taking the shirt, he immediately dropped it on the floor. “That’s much better, continue.”My wife continued to undress me, shoes, socks, jeans, and finally my underwear, obediently delivering each piece to him.He had removed one of my shoestrings, which he now handed back to her. “Tie this around his balls. Use a slip knot.” She returned to me, knelt down and slipped the string behind my scrotum. Needing several tries, she finally made a slip knot and snugged the loop around my balls. They immediately applauded and laughed at her success as she rose, crying. “You will not cry” he warned. Seeing the threat in his eyes, she pulled herself together, trying to maintain. “Give the end of the leash to Chris” he commanded. Carefully she found the long end of my “leash” and placed it in Chris’s hand. “Good girl! Now come here.”She walked to him, looking at the floor, afraid to face him. “Look at me.” She slowly raised her head until she was looking up directly into his eyes. “Give me your panties” he stated. Immediately she began sobbing, “No, no, please don’t do this, please, please.” He glanced at Chris, and I felt a bolt of pain as Chris jerked the string and held it tight as he returned the gun to my head. I screamed and tried to get away, but he gripped the leash even tighter and the pain worsened as the noose strangled my testicles. I was in agony, brought to tears by the searing pain, as Chris laughed and David, the young black, eyed me with fascination. “Oh god, please don’t hurt him! OK, OK! I’ll do whatever you want, please stop!” my pretty wife begged. “He will stop when you obey” her future master answered. Quickly she stripped off her jeans, then peeled her panties down her slim muscular legs. Still deafened by my screams, she placed the white cotton bikinis in his hand. As he accepted her offering, the pain stopped. “You will both learn very quickly how to make the best of this situation, and also that punishment is swift and effective. It’s a practiced skill that we know well.”Look at me.”My wife again looked up into his cold eyes, afraid to glance away. “You have beautiful legs, slim and firm. I think Chris and David agree.” David’s eyes were fixed on her legs and Chris grinned and nodded his approval. “You enjoy having men look at your body, don’t you?” Chris pulled slightly on my leash in anticipation of the wrong answer. She saw in the commanding eyes of the huge man what her answer was supposed to be. “Yes” she said softly. I knew she was being forced to answer this way, but my stomach sickened when I heard her reply. “Would you like to show us more of your body? Would that excite you?” I lurched, but was quickly controlled by Chris’s restraint. She began to lower her head in shame. “LOOK AT ME” he repeated. Her eyes were again fixed on his as she answered, “Yes”. Chris and David added their encouragements to her response.She was standing before them wearing only her bra and blouse which hung to her upper thighs. “Would you like to remove your blouse for us? Would that excite you?” “Yes” she replied. My gut wrenched again. “You may beg me to allow you to remove your blouse,” he teased. Shaking, half naked, she swallowed hard Escort bayan and answered,” Please let me take off my blouse.” He smiled a wide smile and nodded. I watched my wife undo the crisp cotton shirt, finally reaching the bottom button. She looked up at him, hoping to stop. Not finding it in his eyes, she slid the collar over her soft, smooth shoulders and pulled each delicate hand through the cuffs. Again she held it out as an offering, remembering to do as she was told. He took the blouse and again discarded it on the floor.She was now naked except for her bra. His eyes traveled up and down her body in admiration. It was the first time I had wished she were not so gorgeous. From the back, Chris, David and I could see her firm tight ass and every inch of her incredible barbie doll legs. The front view was reserved for him, as he took in her flat belly, firm tanned thighs, and her slightly raised mound, revealing a tight slit under a sparse covering of dark pubic hair. “You are very beautiful” he whispered as his eyes again met hers. She stood there, shaking, afraid to look away, humiliated beyond imagination.”What would you like to ask me now?” he teased again. Chris tightened the noose around my balls and I let out a yelp. She had learned the game and had been reminded of the consequences. There was only one correct answer.”Please let me take off my bra.”Hoots and cheers rose from both Chris and David, who seemed to be coming down from whatever he was on. My wife seemed to be in shock, partially removed from the events taking place in our own living room. “Does it excite you to think about how showing us your tits will make our even harder?” Again, the only acceptable answer.”Yes”My mind was coming apart.”Then by all means, show us your breasts, if you want. I’m sure your husband won’t mind, and we would love to see them.”She reached around to undo the back, allowed each strap to fall from her bare shoulders, and placed the final piece of clothing in his hands. His eyes lowered and were fixed on her exposed breasts. I knew what he saw. Round, full, and firm, they were like the breasts women pay for, only hers were very real. She was one of the few women I had ever seen that could trim and shape her body with endless aerobics and a finely tuned diet, yet still retain the fullness of her slightly upturned breasts. He knew he was seeing something rare and was taking his time appreciating it.Chris and David were impatiently waiting to see what their leader saw, but seemed to know better than to protest prematurely. They were shifting slightly from side to side to try to get a better view. “Wouldn’t you like to show the boys what beautiful breasts you have?””Yes.””I think that we excite you so much that you don’t even want your husband over there to see your naked tits anymore, right?” Tears rolled down both cheeks as she struggled to give the right response.”Yes.”Again, I knew she had to give the answer he expected, but I wondered if I could ever recover from what I saw and heard. One at a time, he allowed the others to circle in front of her to look at my wife’s totally naked body. She was told not to turn around, to keep me from seeing her “best parts”. It was soon obvious that they all had noticeable erections. I was shocked to see that Chris, although not physically the largest of the three men, had an erection that was so large, that the tip of his penis protruded slightly from the top of his faded jeans. It sickened me to see my wife glance down at it when it was his turn to look at her.After the ‘inspection’, the leader placed his hand on her chin and directed her eyes to his. “You will shower, then make yourself as beautiful as possible. That means makeup, hair, the works. While we are here, you will keep your cunt shaved, baby smooth. You have 45 minutes. If you are late, or if we are not satisfied that you look your best, your husband will lose a testicle. This is not an idle threat. I have some medical training and have done this procedure before. If you are very late, he might lose both, not a pretty future for him or you. Return to me, here, naked, in 45 minutes. Do you understand?” Taking all this in, trying to remember all of the details, she managed a quiet “Yes.”As she turned toward our bedroom, he took her arm and again pulled her chin up to his gaze. “Oh yes, please take these.” He fished two capsules from his pocket, one white, one red. Pulling her chin down, he opened her mouth and placed them on her tongue. “Close and swallow please.” She did as she was told and, after several tries, succeeded in swallowing both pills.Minutes seemed like hours as we waited for my wife to reappear. While David explored the rest of our home, Chris removed the laces from my other shoe, tying it to my leash to increase its length. Their leader was quiet. Sprawled on the sofa, arms outstretched, he seemed to be meditating, or in some kind of trance. He was so still, his massive, well-muscled body resembled a larger-than-life sculpture. As I looked at him, there were short periods when his face seemed to lose all detail, as if just that part of him would go out of focus for a few seconds, then return, sharper than ever. Just as strange was the eerie silence during the wait. No one spoke, although frequently Chris would suddenly stare at his leader’s face for several minutes, then continue to extend my leash.Shortly after she left the room, he explained that the capsules my wife had obediently ingested were a “cocktail” he had recently invented. One pill was a revolutionary hormone therapy, the other a new anti-depressant. When taken together, they created an insatiable sexual Bayan escort appetite and also caused all inhibitions to vanish. “A real slut-maker!” he promised. I doubted the extent of its effect, assuming he was exaggerating to make me more uncomfortable.Just as I began to worry that my wife’s deadline would soon pass, she returned. She circled the room and stopped directly in front of her new master. I could not believe what I saw. She was naked, as ordered. Her dark silky hair hung to her shoulders, just caressing the velvet olive skin. Her eyes were wide but calm, emphasizing the deep blue that radiated from them. Her impressive body, slim and hard, made her jutting breasts even more pronounced. Everyone’s eyes were drawn to the amazing sight between her legs. Shaved bare, her normally tight slit was swollen to three times its normal size. Her inner labia were bright red and so engorged that they protruded obscenely. Her cunt had unfolded itself, opening so widely that every detail normally hidden was put on display. Her clitoris hung in full view and visibly throbbed as the tip extended and retreated in time with her pulse. She was so wet that her fluids had made her inner thighs slick and shiny. I then noticed her nipples were hard and distended, like large pencil erasers attached to those firm heaving breasts. She was breathing heavily, and already a sheen of perspiration covered her trembling body.Smiling, he reached up from his seat and began to lightly stroke her tight belly. She immediately gasped, then closed her eyes and allowed him to continue. As he stimulated her, he watched with satisfaction as her pussy continued to swell and throb, flowing even more freely than before. After a while, he spoke.”Who owns you now?””You do,” she whispered.”Your mind and your sweet body?””Yes, it’s yours.””Do I excite you more than your husband?””Yes,” she said without hesitation.He suddenly stopped, but her body continued to sway gently back and forth, expecting more. “Spread your feet,” he ordered. She instantly moved her feet apart. “Now bend over and put your hands on my shoulders.” She leaned toward him as he sat and supported herself on his thick shoulders, resting her head on the left one. From behind her, we could see her open pussy centered between two perfect ass cheeks as she bent over. Through her legs, we could see her breasts hanging and swaying as she clung to him and panted. The sight again sickened me. Seeing her clutching another man and panting like an a****l in heat was just too much.He reached up and took her nipples, one in each hand, and began to roll them between his fingers. She let out a short quiet moan and her hips moved as if trying to find relief. His hands traveled slowly down her body, stroking her belly, then her inner thighs, always coming close to her steaming pussy, but never giving her the relief she needed. Chris had forgotten about my leash (or thought the threats were no longer necessary) as he and David watched my wife’s pussy from behind with fascination. As the huge man stroked and stimulated her body, her cunt was now alternately sucking and grasping, in obscenely rhythmic spasms. Her juices ran down the insides of her legs, making wet spots on the carpet. They began to masturbate as they watched her lose all control.Finally he turned his head and whispered in her ear, smiling at me as he spoke words only she could hear. “Yes, please, fuck me,” she moaned. “Would you like your husband to come over her and fuck you?” “No… I… want you… not him,” she managed between deep, heavy breaths. I vomited, assaulted by this ultimate humiliation. They were all laughing at me, sitting in my own puke. My head was spinning. The scene became almost unreal. The loud laughter, my humiliation, my two captors still masturbating as they watched their leader play with my writhing, panting wife while she begged him to fuck her. I started to pass out, when David suddenly grabbed me and slapped me hard across the face to bring me around. “No you don’t, we’re not gonna let you miss the best part!”Please, don’t make me watch anymore,” I begged. “YOU WILL WATCH BITCH!” boomed a voice in my head. It was the leader’s voice, but he was smiling at me as I heard the words. My fear increased tenfold as I realized he was more than he appeared to be. How did he put the words in my head? They were more than words, as if he was willing me to obey.Again the details of his face became uncertain. My head began to throb, then his message leaped into my brain.”WATCH NOW, AS I TAKE YOUR WIFE FROM YOU AND MAKE HER MINE!”His hands went between her legs. With one hand he spread her cunt open, exposing it even more for my benefit. With the other hand, he grasped her twitching clitoris and began to roll it between his forefinger and thumb. My wife moaned loudly as her ass pumped up and down, trying to speed her relief. She had torn away part of his shirt and was sloppily sucking and licking his immense neck and shoulder. He entered her mind one more time.”SAY IT!”The words washed over her like a giant wave, first cold, then warm and comforting. A connection was broken, another formed. She was taken.”Oh God, fuck me, fuck me please, I don’t care about him, cut off his balls, kill him, I don’t care, I’m yours, cum in me, rip me open, take me, own me, FUCK MEEE!!” He was satisfied with her surrender. “Own me” were the words he waited for. He began to tap the end of her clitoris with a remaining free finger. It sent her over the edge. She screamed and clawed at him, ripping his shirt to shreds. Collapsing into his lap, she tried to wrap her strong legs around his waist, pumping her cunt Escort up and down against his concealed erection. Liquid poured from her steaming pussy as it twitched and spasmed. Her slender arms were now around his neck, her mouth glued to his, her tongue as far down his throat as she could thrust it. Her thrashing and moaning must have lasted over two minutes. She finally collapsed in his arms, whimpering and gasping for breath.Chris and David immediately stopped masturbating, staring at their leader’s face. “My friends are ready for you,” he whispered. “Go suck them dry.” Still under the effects of the d**gs, she was ready, no, desperate for any kind of sex. She saw David first and was dripping at the idea of taking a black cock into her mouth. Dropping to her knees in front of him, she cupped his balls in her hands as she sucked the head of his cock into her mouth. I could see her rubbing and tugging at each of his egg-sized testicles with her slim fingers while she tried to take his long black snake into her throat. Before long, the entire length of his 10 inch dick disappeared into her waiting throat, her chin and nose buried in his dark kinky pubic hair. He stopped stroking, keeping his cock buried as deep as it would go. I watched as my wife continued to contract her mouth and throat, gripping and milking all 10 inches. Very shortly David’s face winced as he began to pump semen down her throat. She moaned softly, gulping and swallowing every drop he delivered. She continued to suck the remaining drops of cum from his body for several minutes, remembering her master’s orders. When he couldn’t take any more, he finally pushed her away. Grinning at me, he said, “Man, I’ll bet she could live on cum. We’ll be sure to keep her well fed!”Chris was waiting for his turn. He had been close to orgasm half a dozen times, but was saving his load for what he must have known was coming. His cock was amazing. It must have been 14 inches long and at least 3 inches thick. My wife’s eyes widened as she grasped it with both hands and began to run her tongue over the huge purple head. As she fingered and stroked the massive shaft, she tried in vain to get the entire head into her hungry mouth. Giving up, she continued to lick and suck while she pumped the shaft with both hands. Her tongue probed the opening of his cock, making him gasp with pleasure. The idea of having this thing inside her made her cunt flow again, making another small puddle on the carpet beneath her. The others made lewd remarks, joking about what a slut she was at heart. Laughing, Chris pulled my leash closer, so that my face was only inches from my wife as she slurped and licked. Her eyes met mine, then she looked up at Chris, sucking even faster. “Why don’t you pump it for her so she can play with herself,” he ordered. She jumped at the chance to play with her soaking pussy and immediately put both hands to work, keeping her mouth attached to the end of his cock. A sharp jerk on my leash made me scream with pain. I had no choice. Placing my hands on his thick cock, I started to pump as my wife continued to suck. I had never touched another man’s dick. The revulsion added to my humiliation as the others joked and laughed.Soon I could see his stomach start to shake, and I knew the end was near. My wife was near orgasm herself, moaning louder as her fingers flipped her clit back and forth. Her moaning excited Chris as the vibrations traveled from her throat to the sensitive head of his giant penis. With a sudden grunt, he started to cum. My head exploded with the words, “DON’T STOP! PUMP EVERY DROP OF HIS SPERM INTO YOUR SWEET LITTLE WIFE’S THROAT!” Mindlessly, I pumped his cock harder and faster. I could feel the steady stream of semen surging through the shaft while my wife swallowed in large gulps. I knew that the cum was filling her mouth faster than she could possibly ingest it. It continued to flow as I pumped and pumped. She had already swallowed an incredible amount of semen and more was on the way. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It wasn’t human. Finally she began to choke and the thick liquid spilled out of the corners of her mouth onto her chin and face. Continuing to gag as the cum flowed, she moved his cock from her thirsty lips to try to swallow the excess in her mouth. Cum spurted in a steady stream, onto her face and hair. She knew not to turn away, and let the hot stream flow down her face, now coating her breasts and belly, I couldn’t stop milking his huge dong, mechanically continuing what I had been willed to do. The semen continued to flow! It now completely covered my wife from chin to crotch. As she rubbed her cunt, her fingers began to push the sticky mess into her vagina. She started to moan again as her hips bucked against her frantic fingers. She was cumming, I was still pumping, and the semen was still spurting!She was still trying to take large gulps of it, returning her full lips to the bulbous head as often as she was able. When she couldn’t take any more, it resumed covering her from head to crotch as she stuffed more of the excess into her cunt. She finally fell onto her back, writhing in ecstasy. She shoved handfuls of cum into her cunt with one hand, while scooping the goo from her face and tits into her mouth with the other. She thrashed and moaned for several minutes before finally collapsing spread-eagled on the floor. His cock spurted its last few drops onto her panting body and I stopped pumping.The cheers and laughter that followed made the pounding in my head unbearable. My wife lay in a pool of cum, completely soaking the carpet. Semen covered her face and body. The thick paste slowly oozed from her cunt and mouth as she tried to recover. The laughing grew louder, sounding like a crowd of thousands. The last thing I remembered before losing consciousness was my wife’s face as she took the leader’s balls in her mouth, her delicate fingers dancing deliberately over his thickly veined cock.