Mayıs 31, 2023

The Wedding Party – For the Groom

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There was a wedding party we went to near Worthing. One of Scott’s guy friends was getting hitched. We assembled at the hall beside the wedding venue. It was a good enough space for assemblies but all it had then was a table in the inner side. It was late in the afternoon and the wedding was to be in the evening.

Scott’s group, guys mostly were gathered around the table. Some brought drinks which we shared. The groom was there in his shirt and dress pants but not yet his coat. There was light banter as to his getting hitched. The group was teasing him on all kinds of stuff about getting married.

He told the group we shouldn’t be mean to him. In fact, he said, we should sympathize as he missed out on his stag party the other night because of some family emergency.

We all felt sorry for him. Then a friend suggested that we give him a proper send off. Someone asked how that could be done and Scott said it is possible if any of us girls were willing to do it. After some discussion, I got voted for it. Their reason being I won’t be staying on as I am a foreign grad student whereas the rest of them will even be seeing Ankara escort and interacting with the wife. It was decided that I was the logical choice.

And they started to head for the exit bringing the drinks with them and essentially clearing the table.

The groom looked at me and started to undress. He said, “I can’t spoil my clothes so it is best that I take them all off.” He striped himself naked. I took off all of mine as well and dropped our clothes on the floor. He then helped me up onto the table.

He positioned me so that my butt was almost at the edge of the table. He spread my legs wide such that they were parallel to the table’s edge.

He shoved his cock in. I uttered an, “Uhhh.” He asked, “Do you like that?” I licked my lips and whispered, “Very much.”

He said, “Shit! You’re a slut! And I thought you looked so innocent.” And he started to pump his cock in and out my cunt. I leaned back a bit and supported myself with my arms a bit behind me so my body was at angle to the table.

I told him loudly, “Suck my breasts as you fuck me!”

“I’ll cum easily Ankara escort bayan and you’ll have a very wet cunt to deal with.”

He sucked my breasts as he continued ramming my cunt. He growled to me, “I like very wet cunts.” I said, “Good, because I’m cumming!” And I did.

He then went down on me to eat my cunt and suck off my juices. As I placed my legs on his shoulders, he lifted my bottom so I get to move my butt off the table’s edge and rest it better on the table. I was lying down on the table with my legs on his shoulders. He was bent over me while standing and eating my cunt. He licked and sucked my clit and cunt with so much enjoyment, it made me so horny. I would lift my butt off the table so my cunt can meet the thrusts of his tongue. I would also beg him, “Suck my clit, please. I want your tongue on my clit!” He told me, “Play with your breasts while I suck your clit,” as this turns him on. I did and gasped and moaned to his eating of my cunt. I came hard twice.

He then pulled me off the table, flipped me over so my body was resting face down on the table while Escort Ankara I was standing on the floor.

He started to fuck me from behind. He was ramming his cock into my cunt very fast. I felt like he had an urgent need. He kept saying, “You cunt! You are such a good fuck!” And I told him with full of lust, “Because I want to be fucked by big cocks like yours,” and that seemed to make him hornier. And he would fuck me harder.

He told me, “Cum before me, I want to spray mine it on your breasts.”

I told him, “I’m cumming!”

As soon as he felt the last wave of my orgasm, he flipped me and pulled me towards him so he can spray his cum on my breasts. He then sucked on my nipples. I told him, “I’m sensitive, I might cum again.” So he continued to suck my breasts. I got hold of his hand and placed it in my cunt so he can finger me as I played with my clit. And then I felt it exploding. I orgasmed several times one immediately after the other.

I kept begging him, “Don’t stop! Please, don’t stop!!”. But he did. He said, “You’re such a good fuck, so horny, and I really want more.”

“I’d like to stay more but I need to leave now for my wedding,” and smiled

As he was tucking his shirt he said, “I don’t want to have a boner while waiting for the bride,” and he laughed.

He put his clothes back on as I went to the loo for a bit of clean up. We attended his wedding and left shortly after.