Eylül 30, 2021

The Woods Chapter 1

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The Woods Chapter 1This story is totally fictional more of a fantasyFirst time I have attempted to put pen to paper please be kindThe WoodsChapter 1The sun broke thru the early morning mist early that morning so I decided that a walk in the woods would make a pleasant change from work so a quick call to work claiming terrible stomach pains got me the day of.The drive to the woods only took ten minutes and when I got there only one other car was present,a big black merc with heavily tinted windows making it impossible to see inside but that did not matter. I set of thinking that maybe jeans and a tee shirt would still be too warm as the day was certainly going to be a scorcher .The path I decided upon took me around the back of the woods where it is the most secluded as I did not fancy meeting too many people. After about twenty minutes of wandering about enjoying the peace and quiet I noticed something or somebody in the distance so curiosity led me slightly closer and I could make out a youngish man in a jogging suit looking şişli escort quizzically at the ground,I stood for a few minutes watching him looking around in the grass obviously he’d lost something,oh well good luck to him I thought and turned to be on my way.Just as I was setting of a voice called to me Excuse me could you help I think I have lost my car keys. Well I suppose one good deed a day shouldn’t hurt so I walked across to him,Oh thanks he said my phone rang and as I pulled it out of my pocket my keys must of fallen out also and I think they must of fallen down that hole but my hands are too big to reach down it,please would you try.Bright blue eyes I thought to myself and that fragrance how unusual not feminine but close,why did I notice that I thought,anyway I said that I would definitely help if I could. As I squatted down next to this small hole in the ground only about two inches in dia John as he said his name was squatted next to me,I leant forward slightly and pushed my hand down the hole something şişli escort bayan touched my ass and slowly moved down to my balls which were easily accessible due to my position. Quickly I pulled my hand out of the hole and looked around at John who looked back at me with those bright blue eyes and said could you not reach them.Did I imagine the feeling of a hand on my ass as John just acted as if nothing had happened if I did then it was strangely a very pleasant illusion,Maybe if you laid down then you could reach further down the hole John said.Oh what do I do walk away as if nothing had happened or continue to help it did feel good him touching my balls like that and we both knew he had,shit lets go for it ,so I laid down on the ground and pushed my arm right down the hole John moved closer his head next to mine,his aftershave was like a d**g so sensual again he put his open hand on my ass and slowly rubbed me,this was my last chance to leave but no I did not want to and now he knew it.I laid there mecidiyeköy escort bayan with my legs slightly apart while John explored my ass slowly rubbing each cheek and then moving to between my legs as his hand rubbed against my balls I let out a faint gasp. Never before has a man touched me there I’m a virgin in that scence.If you don’t like it I will stop John said no it’s fine I think I replied and pulled my arm out of the hole,we looked at each other and John had a wry smile on his face. We bothed moved into a sitting position with John to my left and I glanced down at his crotch Oh I hope that is not his cock in a limp state pressing against his jogging shorts, his hand was now on the front of my leg and slowly moving upwards what am I doing I thought should I stop this now no it feels so good and nothing has really happened yet.Just as he reaches my cock area John stops and moves his hand away No I thought you cannot stop now Please don’t. But he was only moving now he knelt behind me his hands slid nuder my tee shirt slowly moving up my back to my shoulders and then down my front pausing to gently rub my nipples on the way down,my breathing started to heavier and John put his chin on my shoulder and started to blow into my ear Oh there is no turning back now.