Mayıs 24, 2023

This Was New

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Big Tits

Oh shit. I hadn’t considered this aspect of it. Hadn’t even thought about it. Well, it was different. Karen, my wife, had wanted a threesome for months. We had been married for five years and even when we were dating, I knew she was sexually overheated. She wanted it three times every day. Sometimes more. Clark, one of my closest friends, was the guy she chose. He and I had been friends since high school. It took me a minute to agree to it but once I finally brought it up, he said, “Fuck, yes.”It was awkward once we figured out positions and all that. Oh, I forgot to mention, she wanted her pussy filled with both our cocks. It took some getting used to. His cock would pop out and rub against my balls or my asshole. Mine would do the same. I would have to squirm my hand between everyone and try to reinsert it. Before that, I had never ever thought of touching another man’s cock. Can’t say that anymore. I touched it and balls and everything. Hell, it was hard and slick with Karen’s excitement. I knew she was enjoying it. Her moans and quiet obscenities gave that away. Just as I was getting used to the idea of my cock pressed against another, sliding back and forth, it happened. Yeah, this is the part I was talking about. He came. My eyes popped wide open. I don’t know why I was so surprised. Her pussy was already wet, but now it was a hundred times wetter in there and a thousand times warmer. It ran down my shaft and my balls. His cum coated my asshole. I think I like it.