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Three couples go on a date

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After renewing my friendship with Stephanie, I was excited to tell Lexi about her. Lexi knew about my threesome with Stephanie and her brother, but they’ve never met before. Lexi and I meet in college about the time Stephanie moved out of town and started her new life with Steven. Lexi wanted to finally meet her, so I agreed to arrange for all of us to get together. Stephanie was happy to hear about the chance to meet Lexi and Jerrod and told me there’s several great night clubs in town, so we decided on a night out clubbing.

We drove up to Stephanie and Stevens’s the next weekend. We got there early afternoon and had a relaxing get-to-know-each-other BBQ. Stephanie and Steven were really open with all us about their relationship and how they’ve managed to create a life together as a happy swinger couple. Jason and I talked about our “semi-open” relationship and the approved friends-with-benefits we have, Lexi being one of mine. Lexi also delighted us with her past being a dancer/entertainer/sex-worker and her current relationship with her ex-boyfriends cousin. Jerrod just seemed to be mind-blown a bit soaking it all in (LOL).

Stephanie and Steven invited us to spend the night so we wouldn’t have to driving home late. We had packed outfits for the night and the weekend so after we were all well acquainted, we started to get ready for the club. Lexi wore a sexy tight strapless purple tube dress with matching heels. Stephanie wore a hot red flowy mini-dress with a plunging neck line, almost down to her bellybutton. I decided to wear one of Jason’s favorite outfits of mine, a semi-sheer black long-sleeved bare midrift top and leatherette mini-skirt.

The guys all looked very nice as well. Jason was in a pretty baby blue dress shirt and tan dress pants. Jerrod wore a bright red silky shirt and white slacks, he looked to “boogie”. And Steven wore a sharp black dress shirt and black dress pants. We were all a great looking group and ready to hit the town.

The nightclub Steven recommended was a fantastic club. Steven said it was known as a good place to meet swinger-friendly people, both singles and couples. The music was great, the bartenders were amazing and lots of hot looking people. We walked in and worked over to a semi-private booth where we could chat and still hear ourselves over the music. A very sexy waitress came over and took our orders for drinks, I think they were a little pricey but strong so that was fine.

After a short while, Stephanie pulled Jason up to dance. Lexi and Jerrod followed them to the dance floor. As Steven and I sat Keçiören Escort Bayan and watched, he told me the threesome we had was their first ever. He said they had always been very appreciative of me for helping make it such a memorable night, then leaned in and kissed me. I started to kiss him back, but quickly looked out the corner of my eye towards Jason and Stephanie. I could see her seductively dancing against him kissing him too. He had her in a big embrace kissing her as much as she was kissing him. I had a feeling the night was taking an interesting turn.

As Steven and I kissed, I let my hand slide over his crotch under the table. I could feel him growing harder as my hand stroked softly over his cock. We kissed for quite a bit, teasing him every minute of it till Jason and Lexi came back to the table. Steven and I hadn’t noticed them switch dance partners, but now saw Stephanie and Jerrod making out on the dance floor. I asked Jason if he liked kissing Stephanie and he grinned with a cheesy smile. Without stopping stroking Steven’s cock, I reached for Jason’s crotch with my free hand and felt him hard as a rock.

As I turned to look back at Steven, I found him and Lexi now kissing and Steven with a hand down her dress groping her tit. I turned again to kiss Jason, still stroking both he and Steven under the table. Jason whispered in my ear he wanted to fuck Stephanie, I told him I wanted to watch him fuck her.

It wasn’t long before Stephanie and Jerrod came back to the table to join the rest of us. Stephanie sat in Jason’s lap with her dress hiked up high enough to let Jason reach up under to rub her pussy and wiggles her ass on his bulging crotch. She shouted, “My turn” and started kissing me. Jerrod and Steven were now both groping Lexi’s tits and she was loving it. It wasn’t much longer than this that we decided to continue the night back at Stephanie and Steven’s place, also I think we were close to being kicked out of the club.

Back at their place, we sat on the long curved sectional sofa in the main living room with some music playing in the background. The kissing and fondling soon started back up again. Stephanie and I picked up where we had left off at the club, deep in each others arms, kissing like we did, that one night long ago. I wasn’t really paying attention to what the others were doing, I just assumed we were all having some kind of fun. That’s when I felt someone come up behind me and grab my ass. I expected it to be either Jason or Steven, but was intrigued to hear Lexi over my shoulder asking if Escort Eryaman she could join us.

Lexi looked at Stephanie and said Amber loves to be the center of attention and winked at her. Stephanie smiled and said coyly, “I remember”. Lexi knows she can always take the lead with me and how much I enjoy it. Lexi pulled my top off over my head, exposing my tits and perky nipples. Stephanie quickly reached for them and pinched them as she twisted. I must have moaned loudly, Lexi ordered me to moan more like a whore. I did my best to comply.

Lexi spanked me playfully and commanded I remove my skirt and told Stephanie she should get naked too. In mere moments, all three of us were naked and kissing one another, each playing with an others hard nipple. Suddenly we could hear one of the guys muttering. “give’m room, give’m room” and all three of them move the coffee table and other furnishings to clear a spot in from of the sectional and laying out a blanket.

All three of us giggled as we feel on to the floor, still holding to each other, kissing and sucking on any and all available body parts. The guys each took a spot on the couch to relax and watch, each one with a rigid hard cock and playing with themselves.

It wasn’t long before we worked into the triangle shape needed to allow each of us to be simultaneously licked and be licking. I was licking Stephanie, she was sooo wet and juicy, different than what I had remembered, but sweet none the less. She writhed on my tongue as I teased her ass with my fingertip. With one had she reached back and pulled her ass for me, enticing me to finger her further. I was happy to do so.

With Stephanie in my mouth, it meant she would be licking Lexi and Lexi licking me, which I could tell by the way she sucked on my clit. She knows how wet that makes me so she can easily finger me as she wanted. The more she fingered me, the more I moaned like her dirty whore. My moans must have had quite an effect on Stephanie, each time I moaned, she would shiver and her juices would seep out into my mouth. The sweet taste of her pussy only made me moan more, my moans encouraging Lexi to fuck me harder, making me moan louder. Lexi’s fingers deep in me and my tongue down Stephanie’s pussy and my finger in her ass, the build up was sooo amazing and intense, I we all came together.

Just at the moment I was able to catch my breath, I heard one of the guys bemoan that he needed to cum so very bad. I looked up, still in a bit of a haze, my lips soaked in wetness, and declared, “Let me suck your cock.” Almost as Sincan Escort Bayan quickly as I said that, I felt a thick cock slide in my mouth. Instinctively, I began sucking it, sloppy and deep. As it was being pumped in and out, I looked up to realize it was Jerrod fucking my mouth. It wasn’t a lengthy blowjob, he was already hard and throbbing, he just needed a push over the edge, a cum slut to drain his balls.

He groaned as his cock pulsed and erupted. I happily gulped all the cum he could offer me. I even smiled at him as I milked his cock for a few last drops. Finally getting an opportunity to look around the room again, I was thrilled to see Stephanie crawled up between Jason’s legs sucking his cock. His back arching as he came, gripping her long wavy hair, holding her down in his cock till he was completely finished. And Lexi licking Stevens balls with cum on her face. I guess we put on a great show for the guys. Stephanie and I licked Lexi’s face, had to clean up that mess (giggling). I kissed Stephanie again, and again tasting cum on her tongue, recalling the first time I did.

We all took some time for a breather, and to re-hydrate. Playfully flirting and teasing each other, Lots of kissing and groping until Steven got up and said he wanted to fuck Stephanie one good time before bed as they walked off together hand in hand. I looked a Jason and told him I wanted him to do the same with me. We said our goodnites to every one and retired to the guest room that had been made up for us. Lexi and Jerrod made use of the foldout in the sectional.

Throwing me on the bed, he immediately bent my legs up to my shoulders and buried his cock into me with one hard single thrust. Jason was uncontrollable that night, his testosterone must have still been pumping. His cock was hard and I could feel it pulsating deep inside. He didn’t stop fucking me till he came twice, the first time was fairly fast, but the second too so long. The whole time I was cumming on his cock over and over, I couldn’t stop. All my orgasm became one long continuous orgasm. Even after he finished and left me leaking his cum, I was still twitching and moaning. I am going to love being a swinger with him if that’s the way he gets afterward, hehee.

We finally calmed down enough to feel the effects of the alcohol and the lateness of the night. We fell asleep cuddled together.

In the morning, we showered and got dressed. I was 11 am be the time we all woke up and got ready. All six of us went out for brunch. We talked about how much fun it was to finally find others that were as sexually open as we were. We toasted to new friends and to new swinger partners and to any future endeavors we may partake.

I hope to write soon about more fun times we have. Life gets kinda busy at times, but I enjoy sharing with my Lit fans, kisses till the next time.