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Three Rounds, Who Wins?

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**~~Authors note: Still pretty new at this, so comments and constructive criticism are definitely welcome. Thanks for reading!~~**


Jane was snuggled comfortably into the corner of the couch, curled up around Rob under the cushy blue blanket Celia had offered them. Celia and Lee, Celia’s boyfriend, were similarly snuggled on the other end of the couch, under a soft green blanket.

Jane was glad Lee had suggested this particular double date; she and Lee had worked together for a few years, and had gone on a few double dates over the years, on hikes and picnics, or to local museums and then a meal out, things like that. Lee had mentioned Celia wanted to have Jane and Rob over, that she wanted to cook for them, and Jane accepted readily.

Jane was so glad that she and Rob had really made friends with Celia and Lee; making friends after college could feel so awkward, but everything was always very natural and free when they were all together. Lots of laughter, in-jokes, good food, good wine, and good feelings between them all.

The quartet had enjoyed a nice meal together at Celia and Lee’s house, steaks, salads, and roasted potatoes. Everyone had voiced high praise for the dessert Jane had brought too, homemade apple pie and vanilla ice cream.

They all decided a brisk walk was a good idea after such a luxurious meal, and off they went. Lee and Jane were avid runners, and quickly outpaced Rob and Celia. It was chilly and the sidewalk a bit icy in the January dusk, so Rob and Lee had done the gentlemanly thing and offered their arms to the ladies. Jane hugged close to Lee, and Celia to Rob, as they strolled along under the stars.

Jane could hear Rob and Celia quietly chatting, an occasional laugh escaping the pair, but she couldn’t catch what they were saying. She and Lee walked silently, enjoying the clear, cold night.

When they got back to the house, Celia suggested a movie, and they all settled in to watch. Jane cuddled into Rob, feeling happy and cozy with Rob’s strong arm draped over her shoulders, his fingers gently playing with her soft brown hair. Nothing like sitting with her friends, enjoying a lovely evening in.

Rob shifted a bit, tucking his arm a little further under the blanket, and Jane could feel his fingers tickling along her collarbone. She tried to focus on the movie, and was wondering what Rob was playing at, when he slid his fingers a little further into her shirt, down under her bra, tracing ever closer to her nipple. Jane didn’t dare look at Rob, and was trying hard to not make a sound. She didn’t mind Rob’s advances, this was honestly how most movie watching went at their house and she liked it that way, but she didn’t want to be rude to Celia and Lee.

Rob managed to silently dip his arm down a little further, possibly, just maybe, helped by Jane shifting her shoulders to make it easier for him, and his fingertips found her already hard nipple. She managed not to gasp, but she did wiggle and squirm a bit, grabbing Rob’s thigh.

“Shhhhhh, be good…” Rob whispered in her hear, quiet enough to only be heard by Jane. His voice in her ear, and the risk they were taking with their friends right there next to them on the couch, gave Jane a full-body shiver. She bit back a moan, her eyes fluttering closed as Rob thumbed across her nipple, slowly, totally controlled.

Rob quietly pulled his hand out of her shirt, and with a little stretch that almost seemed natural, settled back with his hand under the blanket, in her lap. Jane waited, hoping he wasn’t quite done. She considered turning the tables on him by unzipping his pants and torturing him a little, but wasn’t sure that she’d get away with it, since Rob was large enough to be noticeable when he was hard and freed from the confines of pants, and there wasn’t anyone shielding Rob from the attention of Celia or Lee, like Rob could do for her.

Rob shifted his arm every so slightly, up over the band of Jane’s skirt and undies, and he was in. Jane was already wet, as much from the thrill of what they were doing as the sensation of Rob teasing her. Rob’s inquisitive fingers explored her mound, tracing gently along her wet lips and circling gently, maddeningly gently, around her clit. Jane was hanging on to silence by a thread, as shivers and thrills ran up and down her body from the play of Rob’s fingers on her pussy. Her breathing was shallow, her eyes closed, her head tilted back just a bit. She’d lost all track of the movie, the couple next to them, the evening entirely. Her total focus was on pleasure and silence.

Suddenly, Jane heard a stifled groan from the other side of the couch. Her eyes shot open and her head whipped around to look. Celia had her hands under their blanket just like Rob, and was working her hand up and down in Lee’s pants. She hadn’t stopped at Lee’s groan, but she did frown.

“Lee! I told you to behave!” she chastised Lee gently, never ceasing in pleasuring him. Lee had clapped a hand over his mouth, looking briefly horrified Ankara Escort at Jane and Rob watching him, then thrusting his hips up into Celia’s hand, rolling his eyes back. Rob hadn’t taken his hand from Jane’s pussy, but he had paused his fingers. With a little laugh, he turned his attention back to Jane.

“Well, now that we don’t have to be quiet, let’s start in earnest,” Rob rasped, dipping his fingers all the way into Jane’s soaked pussy and grinding the heel of his palm on her swollen clit.

Jane gasped and let out a little moan as Rob’s fingers invaded her willing body, swiveling her hips in response to him curling his fingers inside her to reach for her g-spot. She could hear Lee moan across the couch, but was too focused on Rob to pay he or Celia much attention. Jane grabbed at Rob, seeking his mouth with hers for a kiss. She moaned into his mouth as he steadily stroked her; patience was always one of his virtues. She reached for his zipper, she had to touch him, but he used the hand that wasn’t working her cunt to stop her. He held her wrist above her head, kissing her deeply and speeding up his strokes.

Jane’s hips hitched up involuntarily as she came, gasping and moaning into Rob’s insistent mouth. Lost in the waves washing over her, she undulated under Rob’s restraining hands, ignoring the others in the room.

As she came down from her orgasm, Rob stilled his hand and moved his mouth down her neck, tracing little kisses and nips all along her throat and the bit of shoulder revealed by her shirt collar. He offered her his soaked hand, and she sucked his fingers and licked his palm clean, the salty taste making her sensitized pussy twitch.

She glanced over at Celia and Lee, just in time to see Lee grunt and shoot cum all over his shirt. His chest heaved as he gasped through his orgasm, while Celia whispered filthy things in his ear.

As Lee and Jane caught their breath, Celia and Rob made eye contact and laughed.

“You win this round,” Celia conceded, giving a last twist to Lee’s still-hard shaft before tucking it back into his underwear and zipping up his jeans. Lee groaned softly at being restrained in his pants again, looking at Celia with confusion in his eyes.

“Win?” Jane asked, looking from Celia to Rob.

“We may have made a little bet on our walk, about whose pet could be better behaved…” Rob explained with a wide smile, taking his hand from Jane’s panties and pulling her skirt back to her waistline.

“You…you planned this?” Jane asked in faux outrage. She then grinned back at Rob, and glanced over to Lee and Cecelia to see their reactions.

“I’m-I’m sorry, Miss. I did try…” Lee stuttered in apology to Celia.

“Are you up for a second round, to see if you can redeem yourself?” Celia purred, looking decidedly dangerous as she narrowed her eyes and smiled.

“Yes, yes please Miss!” Lee replied, reaching for Celia.

“Oh no, no, no, my boy,” Celia said, gently taking his wrists and pinning him back to the couch. “Listen to Rob, he’ll explain.”

“We had a slightly tougher challenge in mind for round two,” Rob interjected, “Something of a swap, if you will. We thought we’d offer the opportunity for you two to showcase your oral skills.”

“Sure!” said Lee and Jane in tandem, shifting to try to get into position to pleasure their lovers.

“Wait, patience. I said a swap, remember?” Rob said, looking from Jane to Lee, quirking an eyebrow to reinforce the question.

“A swap? Oh…OH!” said Lee, his eyes lighting up. It took Jane a little longer to understand, but looking at Celia’s gleeful face made everything click into place.

“Oh my, I…” said Jane, pausing, not quite sure. She looked at Rob, then cast her eyes down.

“This is a choice, honey, not a requirement, there’s only room for fun here tonight,” said Celia, her blue eyes crinkling into a truly kind smile.

Rob nodded, cupping Jane’s cheek gently. “Always a choice, love. Always.”

Jane considered briefly, hesitating. Her New Year’s resolution came to mind, to blow off social expectations more, particularly if they didn’t serve her well. The hell with it, she thought, why not?

“I’m in,” Jane said determinedly, looking Rob straight in the eyes.

“Good luck Lee, my girl here doesn’t mess around when she’s got that look in her eyes,” Rob laughed, taking off his shirt and settling back into the couch. He started unbuckling his belt.

“And you, you stay clothed the whole time, no touching yourself, understood?” Celia said to Lee, setting up the rules to make up for losing the first round. She whipped off her shirt and jeans in record time, leaving her bra on while revealing she preferred no panties.

Jane and Lee gave each other shy smiles as they crawled past each other on the lush carpet, easing toward the opposite partner. Jane settled in between Celia’s spread knees, taking in the sight of the beautiful dark-haired woman she was to serve. Celia threaded her fingers into Jane’s Çankaya Escort hair, giving Jane little shivers. She snuck a little glance at Lee settling in on his knees in front of Rob, noting the hungry look in his eyes as he took in the sight of Rob’s thick cock.

Jane trailed her fingers up over Celia’s belly, tracing toward Celia’s nipples still restrained in her lovely black lace bra. Jane made a mental note to ask Celia where she got it, when they were finished. She trailed soft kisses up Celia’s thighs, watching Celia’s reactions to try to find what pleased her best. Jane could hear Rob groan, and shot another quick glance over at the pair on the other side of the couch. She saw Lee roll his tongue over Rob’s cock head, then bob down to suck as much of Rob as he could into his mouth.

Celia’s hands tightening a bit in her hair brought her attention right back to her task, and she blushed with shame at her distraction, as Celia softly said, “My dear, do you want to win this race or not?” Jane wanted to win. She was determined! No more distractions.

“Miss,” Jane gasped quietly, “Do you want me to finger you?”

“No pet, I want your mouth only. Show me what that tongue and those pretty lips can do,” Celia replied, cocking an eyebrow and waiting.

“Yes Miss,” Jane said quickly, and set out to please Celia well. Her soft lips teased over Celia’s sex, planting firm kisses as she explored her way across Celia’s lips. Bringing her tongue into play, she ran her tongue tip up Celia’s soft slit, swirling quickly and lightly over Celia’s clit before doubling back and running the flat of her tongue more firmly over Celia’s wet lips and swelling clit. She repeated this up and down exploration, adding twirls and swirls on Celia’s nub as Celia’s moans grew louder.

As Jane licked and teased Celia toward orgasm, Lee was working Rob’s shaft with relish. He had Rob’s cock head in his mouth, swirling his tongue over the top and bottom, while he jerked Rob off with his hand, using a twisting motion to enhance the experience. Rob’s hands were all over Lee’s head and face, fingers tracing his jawline, feathering his hair, pulling Lee’s head a little closer to his hips.

“I’m going to fuck your face now, is that understood?” Rob said through gritted teeth. Lee nodded up at Rob without removing his mouth from Rob’s cock. Rob hated to see Jane lose this round, but Lee was good and Rob was ready. He couldn’t play favorites, could he?

Rob took hold of Lee’s hair, growling as he thrust into Lee’s willing mouth. Lee stared up at Rob with his big brown eyes, maintaining eye contact and a firm grip at the base of Rob’s cock as Rob fucked his face. Lee sucked harder, zigzagging his tongue along the underside of Rob’s cock as it pumped in and out of his mouth. Rob’s thrusting became erratic, fast, and shallower as he treaded along the edge of orgasm, finally falling over that edge with a deep groan. He came hard in Lee’s mouth, and Lee reflexively swallowed Rob’s load as it spurted into his mouth. Lee pumped his head and hand up and down a few times to milk the last bit of cum from Rob.

“Thank you, Sir,” Lee gasped as he released Rob’s spent rod from his mouth.

“You’re quite welcome. It seems you’ve won this round, Lee, my boy,” Rob said, as he tickled his thick fingers through Lee’s black hair to ease any strain he caused when he had taken hold of Lee’s head to fuck his mouth. Rob always relished the sight of a face well fucked, and Lee’s was a sight to behold. Loose, swollen lips, hair an absolute mess, panting a little, slightly glazed eyes. Rob smiled, showing his teeth. What a good boy Celia had on her hands.

“It looks like we have ourselves a tie now, round one to Jane, round two to Lee. The score remains one to one, but the question is, what will be the tiebreaker?” Rob asked, cocking an eyebrow up as he lounged on the couch. Lee stayed crouched on his knees between Rob’s thighs, hand grasped around the base of Rob’s now half-hard dick. Lee’s entire attention, and most of Rob’s, was now focused on Jane and Celia.

Jane was determined; she wasn’t going to stop just because Lee had gotten Rob off faster than her, she was better than that. She looked up into Celia’s half-closed eyes, watching her face as Jane’s hungry mouth stayed put between Celia’s soft thighs.

Rolling her tongue in an inverted V up and over Celia’s clit, Jane pursed her full lips to create a little suction, swelling Celia’s pearl even more, sensitizing it. Twirling the tip of her tongue quickly under Celia’s hood and over the slick skin of her nub, Jane watched Celia arch her back. There, that was it. That was what was going to get Celia to come. Jane moaned at the thought, which caught Celia’s full attention. The loose grip Celia had taken in Jane’s hair tightened, making Jane yelp in pleasure against Celia’s mound, as Celia ground her hips down hard against Jane’s face. Jane kept up the twirling and suction, while teasing Celia’s hard nipples through the lace with her Etlik Escort thumbs. Jane’s eyes crinkled in a smile as Celia shouted out her orgasm, grinding frantically against Jane’s mouth as she came.

As the explosion of an orgasm subsided, Jane withdrew her hands and, as Celia let up a little on her hair, Jane was able to back off just a bit, trailing her tongue lazily over Celia’s sex, not wanting to ruin the orgasm by over-sensitizing Celia, but wanting to make her pleasure complete.

“Oh my God, what a good girl,” Celia gasped, her head still thrown back, eyes still closed. Her hands had gone limp, relaxing into the enjoyment of post-orgasm glow. Jane still knelt between Celia’s legs, and she glanced over at the two delighted men on the other side of the couch. Rob practically glared at her with lust, his flag no longer at half-mast, and Lee boggled at Jane and Celia, practically drooling after watching his Miss receive such pleasure from his pretty friend.

“Thank you, Miss,” Jane said politely, blushing a bit and biting her messy lip as Celia trailed a soft hand along Jane’s cheek. She knew she probably looked like a well-sexed mess, but nobody in the room seemed inclined to complain.

As Celia caught her breath she started to chuckle, turning toward Rob and Lee. “You were saying something about a tiebreaker?” she asked, watching Lee maintain his grip on Rob’s cock, knowing Lee’s own hard cock was undoubtedly straining painfully against his jeans.

“Did you have anything in mind?” Rob replied, knowing Celia was thinking what he was thinking.

“I do, I most definitely do, though I think a check will be in order for both of us with our beautiful pets. I would really love to see you two fuck. Really fuck, truly devour each other. The catch, though, is that the first one to orgasm loses,” Celia smiled, looking Lee in the eyes as she suggested the terms of the final round.

Jane’s eyes widened at the thought, and she immediately looked to Rob to see his reaction. His bearded face had broken out into that wide, wolfy grin he’d get when he was thrilled. She could tell just from the look on his face that he loved the idea of watching Jane and Lee go at it.

Lee had by this time sat back on his heels, with his hands hesitating at the hem of his shirt, ready to pull it off. “I’m in if you are, Jane,” he offered, waiting for word from both Celia and Jane.

Jane had always had a hard time resisting Rob when he looked at her like he wanted to eat her up, and she was dying for a good, hard fuck, so her decision was swift. “Let’s do it,” she said, grinning.

“Miss, may I…?” Lee gestured to his clothes, asking Celia for permission.

“Yes, make me proud, my dear,” Celia smiled as she curled up on the couch, settling in for a good show.

The pair whipped their clothes off as quick as they could manage, giggling at their clumsy rush to undress. Lee finished first, as Jane’s skirt zipper stuck a bit, so he eased over to her and half tackled her to lay her down on the carpet. Thank heavens it was soft, Jane thought.

Lee slid his hands up to Jane’s jaw, pulling her face toward him, applying an easy but firm pressure that made her gasp in delight. Turnabout being fair play, Jane trailed her fingers up his forearms toward his hands, digging her fingernails in hard at his wrists. Lee whined his way into a grinning growl, relishing the pinching pain. Whoever won, whoever lost, this was so much fun.

They kissed deeply, tangling their legs together and rolling their hips to try to get some, any, friction going.

Both were so needy, their grinding was practically frantic. Jane pulled a hand away from Lee’s wrists and slid it between their writhing bodies, reaching for his pre-cum slicked cock. She found it and he groaned as her hand brushed past it, grasping his balls and giving them a gentle squeeze. She traced her fingers over his balls, massaging them softly.

“Oh fuck,” Lee whispered in her ear, biting her earlobe. He reared his hips back so she had enough room to maneuver his cock into her slick pussy, but she took her time, teasing his swollen tip up and down her wet slit. They both moaned in tandem. Losing patience, Jane guided Lee into her, and he hitched his hips instantly into a rhythm of slow, long strokes. One of his hands tangled into her hair, and the other moved to thumb across her hard nipple, teasing it lightly at first, then pinching and pulling.

Neither of them were paying much attention to the challenge set before them, the need to just rut was too strong. Lee picked up the pace of his thrusts, and Jane wrapped her legs around his hips, digging her heels in so she could lift her hips into him as he thrust to her. Lee’s cock head was rubbing right up against her g-spot, and she always had an easier time with a second orgasm after a first. The pressure built deliciously between them, both groaning into each others’ mouths as they raced to cum. Jane dug her fingernails into Lee’s back, as Lee held her upper arms to leverage deeper thrusts. Jane tipped over into orgasm right as Lee stroked into her hard, once, twice, thrice, as he came. They writhed together, out of rhythm as their synchronous orgasms left them without full control over their movements.